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The Heavenly Body

The Heavenly Body(1944)

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The Heavenly Body An astronomer's neglected... MORE > $16.95
Regularly $19.99
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In Bandello, California, just outside Los Angeles, noted astronomer William S. Whitley is about to make scientific history for his discovery of a new comet. Although Bill's young wife Vicky is supportive of his work, she has grown weary of his long, odd hours and yearns for companionship. Consequently, Vicky agrees to visit Mrs. Margaret Sibyll, an astrologer recommended by her nosy next-door neighbor, Nancy Potter, even though she knows that Bill would disapprove. After briefly reading Vicky's astrological chart, Mrs. Sibyll predicts that "something important" is soon going to happen to her. Later, at home, Vicky tells Bill that because of her astrological "aspects," he can no longer kiss her on Tuesdays. Bill explodes at Vicky's involvement with Mrs. Sibyll, but is unable to dissuade her. Two weeks later, Vicky shows up at Bill's mountaintop observatory to inform him that she is leaving him for a "man who really loves" her. Vicky reveals that, as Mrs. Sibyll has predicted that she will meet her "dream" man within two weeks, she wants to make herself available to for him now. Bill manages to make light of the situation until Vicky moves out of their bedroom. Infuriated, Bill takes up residence at the observatory and attempts to concentrate on a lecture he is scheduled to deliver about his comet. Two weeks later, just before midnight, Vicky calls Bill at work and reveals that, as her dream man has yet to appear, she has decided that Mrs. Sibyll is a fake. Relieved, Bill races home, but before he arrives, Vicky meets Lloyd X. Hunter, the handsome neighborhood air raid warden. Although Lloyd, a former foreign correspondent, fits Mrs. Sibyll's description of Vicky's dream lover to a tee, Bill is oblivious to his wife's interest in the warden. Later, however, Vicky tells Bill that Lloyd is "the one." The next day, Lloyd returns to the Whitleys' to pick up a bag he left and is stunned when Bill reveals Vicky's plan to make him her second husband. Lloyd at first agrees to Bill's suggestion that he change his route to avoid Vicky, but soon returns to confess that he intends to pursue her. Later, a frantic, distracted Bill leaps from his co-worker Professor Stowe's car on the way to his comet lecture. Stowe is about to deliver the lecture himself when Bill shows up at the observatory, gleeful because he is convinced that, through a ruse, he has separated Vicky and Lloyd. As he is about to start his lecture, however, Bill looks through a small telescope he uses to check up on Vicky and sees that she has unexpectedly gone to their mountain cabin, the same place to which he sent Lloyd. Bill carries on with his lecture, which he delivers while an image of Whitley's Comet is being projected on a wall, but becomes almost incoherent when, through the telescope, he spies Vicky and Lloyd meeting at the cabin. Afterward, Bill rushes to the cabin and finds Lloyd seranading Vicky with Bill's guitar. Insisting that she came to the cabin to get away from Lloyd, Vicky tells Bill that their meeting is further proof that they are destined to be together. The next day, Bill gets the idea to steal Vicky's weekly horoscope before she reads it and replace it with one that predicts his imminent doom. An anxious Vicky calls Mrs. Sybill to confirm the prediction, unaware that Bill is with the astrologer, threatening to destroy her office if she reveals his subterfuge. Bill then intimidates Mrs. Sybill into maintaining her silence by implying he knows about some illegal activity in which she is involved. As hoped, Bill's dire "prognosis" delays Vicky's abandonment and fills Lloyd with jealousy. Even after the teetotaling Bill becomes drunk with a Russian dog groomer, whom he is passing off as his doctor, Vicky is sure he is going to die. Then, just as Bill starts to write his will, Vicky is summoned by Mrs. Sibyll, who reveals that she had been hording canned goods but has "come clean" with the ration board and now wants to set the record straight regarding Bill. At the Whitleys', Lloyd tells Bill about Mrs. Sibyll's call, and sure that Vicky will be furious with him, Bill leaves home. To Lloyd's dismay, Vicky is instead touched by the lengths to which Bill has gone to win her back and breaks with Lloyd. After three weeks, however, Bill is still missing, and Vicky leaves for Reno to get a divorce. On the way, she stops at the observatory and takes a nostalgic peek through Bill's telescope. To her surprise, she sees Bill walking outside their cabin and dashes off to reunite with him.