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Soon after mining engineer Michael Lambert takes a job as a truck driver in a small town, he loses control of his truck and crashes it into an automobile. The accident results in the owner of the damaged car, miner Jeff Cunningham, taking Michael to court. Just as Michael receives a ten-day jail sentence, though, a mysterious stranger, barmaid Paula Craig, steps forward to pay his bail. Upon his release, Michael goes to the La Paloma Café, where Paula works, and he drinks until he becomes unconscious. Noticing that Michael bears a resemblance to bank vice-president Stephen Price, a married man with whom she is having an affair, Paula decides to use him in their scheme to embezzle $250,000 from Stephen's wife. As part of Paula and Stephen's plan, Michael's "accidental" death will be made to appear as that of Stephen's so that a police investigation will be averted. Soon after he awakens from his drunken stupor, however, Michael is hired by Jeff, who has struck a vein of rich soil, and makes plans to leave town. Later that day, when Paula learns about Michael's job offer, she calls Stephen and instructs him to thwart Jeff's loan deal so that Michael cannot start his new job. Stephen then puts the first part of the embezzlement scheme into place when he places $250,000 of his wife's money in a safety deposit box in his bank, under Paula's name. Stephen and Paula then rehearse the rest of the plan by driving to the cliffside location where, at right moment, Paula, sitting in the backseat of the car, will strike Michael on the head with a wrench. The car will then be sent over the cliff to make it appear as if Michael had died in an accident. When the time comes for the actual murder to take place, though, Paula, seeing that Michael has drunk himself unconscious again, carries out her own scheme and kills Stephen instead. Later, when Stephen's autopsy report shows that he was killed by a blow to the head received before his car went over the cliff, Paula succeeds in convincing Michael that he killed Stephen in a drunken brawl. Although Michael is prepared to confess to a murder that he does not remember committing, Paula insists that he keep quiet about it for fear that she will be implicated. Michael soon begins to suspect that Paula killed Stephen when he learns from Jeff, who has been arrested for the murder, that his loan was quickly denied when Stephen received a strange phone call. Michael vows to get Jeff released within a day and begins searching for evidence to prove that Paula is the real killer. This he accomplishes with a clue about the phone call from Stephen's secretary. Now certain that Paula killed Stephen, Michael sets a trap for her at the safety deposit box where the stolen money is stashed, and she is caught red-handed trying to retrieve it.