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Red-Headed Woman

Red-Headed Woman(1932)


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  • red headed woman

    • kevin sellers
    • 3/5/16

    Very similar to "Baby Face." Woman uses her sexuality to rise in a man's world. Unfortunately, it's about half as good. And this holds true in all facets; writing, directing, lead performance. Give it a C.

  • A Classic.

    • P. B. Collins
    • 9/12/14

    Jean Harlow is amazing in this wild story. My favorite moment has her coming down the main street of town, triumphant, in full Hollywood glamour with a matching white Borzoi in the front seat of her expensive car. Superbly paced film, full of unexpected, sometimes shocking ("Do it again, I like it!") moments. The ending is nothing less than a scream. There was only one Harlow, a great natural comedienne. Tragic that she died so young, only 26 years old.

  • You'll Fall For One Too!

    • Bruce Reber
    • 3/26/13

    You hear a song at the opening; some of the lyrics go "You'll fall for a red-headed woman". Jean Harlow has one of her best roles as the woman the title describes, Lil (Red) Andrews, a tramp from "the wrong side of the tracks" looking to climb the social ladder of a midwestern town by seducing and sleeping with nearly every man that can help her get to the top. Because RHW is in B&W it looks like Harlow still has her platinum blonde hair. I remember one line spoken by Red-"It's just as easy for a girl to go out and get a rich man as it is for a poor man to find a girl". The rest of cast is good too - Una Merkel, Chester Morris, Lewis Stone, Henry Stephenson, Leila Hyams and in one of his first roles, Charles Boyer. RHW IMO is one of the best of the pre-coders!

  • one that sucks you in

    • Amy
    • 10/27/11

    I saw this late at night when I couldn't sleep. Thought an old black and white would do it. Boy, I stayed up watching the whole thing. I had to see what Lil was gonna do next. I found the VHS tape on ebay. One day I decided to watch it. Hubby came in and decided to leave after watching 15 minutes of a boring black and white. He got pulled in too. I say give old movies a chance.

  • I was surprised....

    • Jenine
    • 5/7/11

    To see bad reviews on here! So what if it wasn't your typical "good always beats out evil" story, it was still enjoyable! Hoping to catch this again soon!

  • Red-Headed Woman

    • Joseph Fischer
    • 3/8/11

    This movie snuck up on me and smacked me up side the head. I had never seen a pre-code movie before and was expecting the usual moralistic arc. What a surprise! Here was a character who set out to get ahead by using her sex appeal to ruin as many lives as possible, against their wills and despite their better judgement. Wisdom, prudence, and maturity availed nothing against her relentless onslaught.I kept waiting for a come-uppance. but it never came. Crime pays! Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool and a sucker. God lied to you. Commit adultery! Bear false witness! Covet thy neighbor's spouse! Kill if they get in the way! It always works!It fascinates me that the screenplay and original story were both written by women, and that women especially love this movie. It must be sweet revenge for all the abuse they usually suffer from men. Even the theme song celebrated this triumphant **** of Babylon. Maybe it had something to do with the disillusionment of the Depression--nothing had worked out as promised, so what's the use? Had there been a rating system this would have been a PG-13 at best.

  • Enjoyable

    • laura j
    • 2/2/11

    I usually will not watch a movie again once I havre seen unless it is really good. I found this movie to be one of them. I enjoy these pre-code movie and this one is no exception. If you like Jean Harlow movies then this one is not to be missed. It looks like it is playing again soon, so try to catch it if you have not seen this movie already.

  • Must-See for Harlow fans

    • NJeagle
    • 11/21/10

    This is absolutely a must-see for all Jean Harlow fans. Previous posts notwithstanding, this picture demonstrates why Harlow is considered by many (including me) to be one of the most beautiful actresses in the history of Hollywood. Numerous close-ups and a parade of slinky gowns show off her considerable physical assets. The way she vamps through a story that could only have been told in pre-code Hollywood shows off her impressive acting chops as well.

  • One of the Best Pre-code Films

    • Janette
    • 11/20/10

    I fully enjoyed this film Jean Harlow was very good and so was the supporting cast. I though Chester Morris' role could have been stronger, but I guess the screenwriter wanted Jean to really be the most imporant character of the film, which she was.I am surprised that people that watched and reviewed this film found it so offensive. What was good about pre-code Hollywood was that they portrayed real life characters and situations. Many of the films were not fairy tales unlike later Hayes-code films which were unrealistic. When watching early films, we should keep in mind that these films represent some of Hollywood' finest endeavors even when we do not like the subject matter.I hope TCM continues to show this film and other pre-code films.

  • Whoops...disregard previous post, please...

    • Jaemes
    • 11/19/10 that a couple days have passed, I realize I shouldn't have sounded off like that. Yes, the movie is absolutely shocking in the way it shamelessly depicts the 'the worse your character flaws are, the better off your life will turn out', and everybody else be damned and suffer greatly for it as no justice ever comes of it. But still, I said some unkind things about Jean Harlow, which was in such poor taste. I am ashamed; she was obviously very effective in the role, which is what you want in an actor! I was disappointed in Chester Morris' character, as I think he was so under-rated as a professional; his comedic timing and dead-pan delivery as 'Office Boy' in 'The Gay Bride' with Carole Lombard and Nat Pendleton is truly one of the funniest and finest performances I've ever seen. The contrast here was just sad to me, but again, my objectivity got away from wasn't the same role or character, so duh....Also, most everything I've seen written by Anita Loos I've liked, and this just knocked me over. I just did not find it funny or endearing in any way, shape or form. But that is no excuse for the appalling way I blasted it without even considering the obvious.I'm embarrassed, and I apologize. I really dislike trolls and general internet jerks that type cruel ridiculous things online because they hate themselves, and/or have no life, but would never have the courage to say these things to a persons' face...I feel like I've acted THAT poorly. Never again. I swear, I generally pride myself on thoughtful and somewhat intelligent remarks the few times I've posted on the internet, and fail to understand the web troll mentality....not sure what came over me. Eek! :-/

  • I love Chester Morris, but....

    • Jaemes
    • 11/17/10

    .....this movie is AWFUL. Not due to his acting. It glorifies manipulative, gold-digging, lying shrews whom get away with everything just short of murder. Literally. Whom the hell do these @$$holes think they are, that the world owes them a living, regardless of the destruction caused? And why would anyone want to make a movie like this? Sickening; I've been treated many times by other women like I was just like this character, based on nothing but my looks, and now I can almost understand why the stereotype was perpetuated in the first place! It makes me nauseous...Jean Harlow? If this is what she acted like, then yuck; no better than Tara Reid of today's gross 'actresses'. Not even good-looking, which is why they have to employ such under-handed and cheap tactics, I'm guessing. I like smart, classy dames (like his wife), or at the very least, the old sanitized-Hollywood ending of 'happily ever after', or at least getting what they deserved!Really TCM? I've had at least a dozen pre-records on my PVR of GOOD movies turn out to be NOT what was posted in your guide in the last few months, and on top of it, you show dreck like this?

  • I was shocked...shocked!

    • Joe Fischer
    • 6/11/09

    I sam the movie at 2:00am one morning completely flatfooted with no prior knowledge of it. I kept expecting the Harlow character to get her commuppance in the usual Hollywood fashion...and it never happened! In the course of an hour and a half, she got away with premeditated serial homewrecking, adultery, blackmail, libel, and attempted murder! She was last seen driving off into the French sunset in a custom limosine with a rich aristocrat and a hot chauffeur, planning her next conquest and laughing her ass off. Crime pays after all! I was more disturbed by this blindsiding sucker-punch of a movie than by thirty years of hard-core pornography. I still am! No wonder they began enforcing the Hayes code--this was an open invitation to go out and do likewise!

  • Red Headed Woman

    • Wendy Winkler
    • 1/30/08

    This is my favorite Jean Harlow movie. She is great in it. Una Merkel is also great. There is one scene concerning a certain photograph that made me laugh out loud. This is one of the best precode movies.

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