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The Crowd

The Crowd(1928)

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  • When will you show it again!!!

    • Holly
    • 4/22/19

    The best movie ever made!!!

  • the crowd

    • kevin sellers
    • 2/24/19

    Like all great silent films the moments of greatness (i.e. the excursion to Coney Island, a child's sudden death) alternate with melodrama that is truly cringeworthy, like the scene where...are you ready?...a son's love magically transforms a dad and husband from an irresponsible charming failure into a productive member of society. And speaking of society, the film's title is misleading. Far from being a study of impersonal, urban forces as "The Crowd" would suggest, this film is very much in the tradition of The Individual and his or her power of Free Will. Maybe if Vidor had made it a year later, after the Great Crash, it would have been different. Still, there is no denying the power of Vidor's camera (i.e. the shots of the dehumanizing corporate office that many later directors, from Sturges to Wilder, would borrow from) nor the expressiveness of Eleanor Boardman (AKA Mrs. King Vidor) as the hapless wife. Give it an A minus.

  • Not as thrilled with film as other reviewers

    • Chris
    • 10/19/17

    The Crowd has exceptional parts - the first few 10 minutes are fantastic and the somewhat critical view the film takes of our protagonist I enjoy much for its sharpness and forthrightness. But then it falls into a formulaic premise (a little after the honeymoon and meeting with the in-laws which already show a reliance on tired tropes) - he finds a patient wife who encourages then only tolerates his dreams of being a big man and there are very typical scenes of the ups and downs of domestic life.. The original of the metaphor of the machine-like conformity of the crowd is then diluted by well-acted but somewhat trite domestic melodrama (the scene of how the wife reveals she is pregnant is a good example of this --- the fact they could not title the word pregnant is very telling of the times and ridiculous prejudices). After it sags somewhat in the middle due to the overly pat domestic scenes, it picks up again with great touches of irony with the father's reaction to his loss (I love the scene where he tries to hush the world as fire trucks tear down the road) and later is forced to take on a job he derides earlier in the film when he was quite comfortable in his desk job and the closing scene is wonderful case of gentle irony. And yes the scene of the father (protagonist) over the bridge with his son is done extremely well as well as the ending. So for these reasons I give it 3 stars. Again there is some cinematography that does have earn its moniker as a classic but the story itself is not on the same level and thus prevents it in my view from being a top classic but close to being one. Is it required viewing? Definitely some of it for the cinematography and some of the story structure but not all of it. Worth seeing but aside from particular clips I would not go running to see it again as I would a movies such as "Singing In The Rain", The Cabinet of Dr. Calgari", "Night of The Hunter" , and others (oeven "Night of the Iguana".

  • The Crowd

    • Dashiell B.
    • 12/11/12

    A heart-breaking drama about a painfully ordinary man. Murray, who unfortunately died 8 yeras after this film, shines as the hero in the story who goes through the pains & joys of married life. From start to finish, director Vidor makes every scene stunning, particularly in terms of cinematography. An excellent film about an ordinary man. I give it a 4.5/5.


    • hannah
    • 1/21/12

    This silent movie was so touching and heartfelt that no words were needed and that's what makes it so unique. I give it 5 stars.

  • The Crowd

    • Mark Sutch
    • 4/5/11


  • Too Bad 'Talkies' Came Along...

    • Dan Grissom
    • 12/13/10

    If this late period silent movie was any indication of what silent movies would have become it's a shame 'Talkies' came along! What a fantastic piece of cinema. I was mesmerized by this movie from start to finish. Anyone who says they can't sit through a silent movie needs to view this outstanding movie!

  • Wow, what movies were meant to do......

    • Elizabeth
    • 3/12/10

    watching this gave me a feeling of being in that time period.....was so interesting from his co-workers, and their mixed personalities, to the meeting of his future wife. We at first got the feeling she was shallow, but that couldn't be further from the truth. She was Strong Woman. Interesting to get a glimse into the working girl of the time too. This actress did such a superb job, wish she could see today how much we value her, and all the performances.His part was that of a childish man, but so charismatic, surprising he didn't go on to become a big star. I saw where he had been an extra, chosen to play this starring part, wow. And later , it appeared, comminted suicide in a dramatic way.Such a drama in itself.I don't know enough about silent films to know if there are more films with Eleanor, but will look for her. What a natural actress, who won our hearts.And did this director always put out excellent movies? This has stayed in my mind much more than contemporary films, that can "go in one eye and out the other", formula, trite, way too Hollywood produced, lighting, music, etc.Thank you for playing that, I was rivited by this example of realArt Form.

  • The Crowd (1928)

    • Brad
    • 2/20/10

    The Crowd moved me on an emotional gut level that hits almost too close to home. Very watchable, I was too wrapped up in the story to notice the special camera angles until later. Wishing it was available on DVD; I was still thinking about this film days after first viewing. Both main actors should have gone on to star in a series of films, their on-screen chemistry is perfect. Some scenes make you ache, others make you eternally grateful for Eleanor Boardman's character Mary Sims. James Murray nails this performance...

  • The Crowd (1928)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 7/24/09

    This silent gem is one of the greatest films of all time. It is brilliantly directed by King Vidor, and is filled with amazing imagery. The acting is sublime. A one of a kind and unforgettable film. Outstanding in every way.

  • Very realistic, simple, and powerful

    • Rosemarie Buton
    • 6/4/09

    I was very moved by this film and by its realism. The direction and camera angles were wonderful, and the performances were very powerful It is sad that Murray had a tragic end, the end his character narrowly avoids. Eleanor Boardman seemed very modern; she looks a bit like an older Jodie Foster. She was really the strength in the piece, as Murray was vulnerable and almost childlike at times. The soore also complimented the film beautifully.

  • The Crowd

    • Jenny
    • 6/4/09

    It's a shame James Murray never went on to do another film roll as big as this one. The terrific chemistry between him and Eleanor Boardman was what kept me interested, along with that glorious musical score too of course!

  • The Crowd

    • Kathie Molyneaux
    • 6/4/09

    I missed the first 20 minutes, but was very engaged for the remainder of the film. I usually don't watch silents, but I found this one to be fresh and innovative (our modern filmmakers could learn something from the cinematography in "The Crowd"). The score was really fantastic-it gave me a real feeling for, not only the emotional atmosphere in the story, but also the era in which it takes place. I thought the acting of the two principle characters gave this simple story punctuation and relevancy.

  • Great Musical Score

    • PaulG
    • 6/3/09

    As with other comment, happened on film and the score drew my attention - a Debussy, Gershwin, Rosza mix - beautiful. Film scenes and quality also very good and gives great feeling of that time.

  • A Must See

    • Laura B
    • 1/10/09

    Expected just the usual run of the mill silent film, but was I suprised. Different from the rest and must be seen. Story was riveting and the music score was really good because it kind of melded with each scene. If I had to sum it up in one word I would say DELIGHTFUL!.

  • Perfectly scored

    • W. David Lichty
    • 5/22/08

    THE CROWD may be the best late-scored silent film, in terms of the music I mean. The score handled moments and subtleties marvelously. It wasn't a generic nostalgia piece, but a real score for that specific movie. Aaahhh! Too often silents are scored generically, with only the thought of conveying what any score might sound like for any silent of a certain type - comedy, drama, what have you. The music actually levels out the dramatic build, rendering any viewing a monotonous wash of mere nostalgic imagery. It's the second most annoying common thing about how silent films are so frequently presented (second to the ubiquitous habit of running them at the wrong speed, always too fast).I'd only intended to watch the opening of THE CROWD when it ran one late night in December, but the music was so delightfully right that I went 45 minutes before realizing that I still needed to go! It sounds like Christopher Caliendo is approaching this like a film score. It sounds like a rare, valuable treat.

  • Do not miss this one

    • Mary Melinda Kinnaird
    • 2/20/08

    The Crowd is an unforgettable film that is not to be missed. I like silent movies, and this is one of the best films I've ever seen, silent or not. I hope it comes to DVD soon because no one should miss this movie. The story, the acting, and everything is top-notch. Even though it was made in 1928, it still holds up today and is a grand film. Do not miss this one.

  • A must see movie!

    • Bill
    • 12/14/07

    What a fabulous piece. I applaud TCM for airing this movie, and feel lucky that I happened to stumble upon it. Elanore Boardman and James Murray turn in strong performances in this King Vidor masterpiece. I will look for this movie to be aired again.

  • Great movie!

    • Margery
    • 12/6/07

    I tend not to watch silent movies but was drawn to "The Crowd". Seeing the old pics of New York City, Coney Island, Niagra Falls was great and to learn they were filmed(in the city especially) incognito was even more reason to enjoy it. The photography for 1928 was quite amazing and gave you a glimse of life in the 20's, knowing my parents lived those hard years too.

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