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Ellen Barkin

Ellen Barkin


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Also Known As: Died:
Born: April 16, 1954 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Bronx, New York, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Cobbler, The (2014)
A man who repairs shoes is able to metaphysically step into the lives of his customers.
Very Good Girls (2013)
A friendship is tested when two best friends fall in love with the same man.
Hands of Stone (2013)
The true story of how welterweight boxer Roberto Duran lost his title to Sugar Ray Leonard after forfeiting their last fight in the eighth round in 1980.
His Way (2011)
The colorful life and times of former music agent turned film producer Jerry Weintraub.
Operation: Endgame (2010)
After their boss is assassinated, a battle erupts among factions of government spies in their underground facility.
Shit Year (2010)
A once renowned actress, Colleen West, becomes unhinged as she confronts life at the twilight of her career. Haunted and desperate, she plummets into an affair with Harvey, a much younger actor who she met while doing a small play.
Twelve (2010)
A high school dropout-turned-drug dealer's life sours when his cousin is brutally murdered and his best friend is arrested for the crime.
Chameleon, The (2010)
When a disoriented young man is picked up by French police and positively identified as a long unsolved missing-person case, the reunion with his family is bittersweet and fraught with suspicions about whether or not he really is their prodigal son. The case worker struggles with the sense that some
Happy Tears (2009)
Two dutiful daughters return to the house they grew up in to visit their aging father. The sisters end up not only monitoring their father, but are forced to take a closer look at their own not-so-perfect lives.
Brooklyn's Finest (2009)
During seven fateful days, three disparate police officers find themselves hurtling inextricably toward the same fatal crime scene and a shattering collision with destiny.
Ocean's Thirteen (2007)
What are the odds of getting even? Danny Ocean and the gang would have only one reason to pull off their most ambitious and riskiest casino heist--to defend one of their own. But they're going to need more than luck on their side to break The Bank. Ruthless casino owner Willy Bank never imagined that the odds were against him when he double-crossed Danny Ocean's friend and mentor Reuben Tishkoff, putting the distraught Reuben in a hospital bed in critical condition. But Bank miscalculated--badly. He may have taken down one of the original Ocean's eleven, but he left the others standing and, worse for him, gave them a shared purpose: to take Bank down on the night of what should be his greatest triumph--the grand opening of his new casino, appropriately named The Bank. Their strategy is twofold. First they will ruin him financially by turning the tables on the precept that the house always wins. But that's just money. The knockout punch will be to Bank's personal pride and joy: his reputation as the only hotelier who has earned the Royal Review Board's Five Diamond Award on every single one of his hotels. The plan is elaborate, dangerous and damn near impossible--but there are no limits when it comes to one of their own.
Trust the Man (2005)
Rebecca, a successful actress and her Mr. Mom husband, Tom, have two kids, a virtually nonexistent sex life, and a marriage counselor who is too baffled by the pair to offer any real help. Rebecca's slacker younger brother, Tobey, has been dating the exasperated Elaine for eight years but can't seem
Palindromes (2004) as Joyce Victor
A fable of innocence: thirteen-year-old Aviva Victor wants to be a 'mom'. She does all she can to make this happen, and comes very close to succeeding, but in the end her plan is thwarted by her sensible parents. So she runs away, still determined to get pregnant one way or another, but instead find
She Hate Me (2004) as Margo Chadwick
Harvard-educated biotech executive John Henry "Jack" Armstrong gets fired when he informs on his bosses, launching an investigation into their business dealings by the Securities & Exchange Commission. Branded a whistle-blower and therefore unemployable, Jack desperately needs to make a living. When
White River Kid, The (2001) as Eva Nell La Fangroy
The mismatched duo Broth Edgar and Morales Pittman drive across Arkansas selling "socks for God" allegedly made by blind children. Their money mission is interrupted when they are held hostage by "The White River Kid," a legendary serial killer, and his fiancee diner waitress Apple Lisa Weed. Along
Someone Like You (2001) as Diane Roberts
A late-night TV talent booker develops theories as to why her recent relationship didn't work out.
Crime and Punishment in Suburbia (2000) as Maggie Skolnik
A teen girl is raped by her stepfather. Her boyfriend kills the father. She falls in love with another guy, which angers the now ex-boyfriend.
Mercy (2000) as Catherine Palmer
A small circle of people involved in rough sex and bondage begin dying one by one at the hands of a killer. The homicide detective assigned to the case soon finds herself heading into a dangerous world of murder, abuse, cross-dressing and sadomasochism.
Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999) as Annette Atkins
The local boosters of Mount Rose, Minnesota proudly invite you to watch as their annual celebration of civic pride, wholesome achievement, teenage innocence and spirited camaraderie all go up in flames over the course of one nasty, back-stabbing beauty contest. The story probes the heart of a small Minnesota town where a fictional teen beauty pageant has unleashed a fury of ladylike behavior. Here in the hallowed American heartland--amidst the cow fields, pork sausage factories and Lutheran churches, going after the tiara is not just a fairy-tale dream: it's all out war. Everyone involved in the contest--mothers, daughters, boyfriends--knows only one thing counts and it isn't talent, physical fitness, current events or sportsmanship. It's being Number One, "yah, you betcha!" Because in Mount Rose, you win any way you can.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) as Waitress At North Star Cafe
Journalist Raoul Duke and his lawyer Dr Gonzo drive from LA to Las Vegas on a drugs binge. They nominally cover news stories, including a convention on drug abuse, but also sink deeper into a frightening psychedelic otherworld. As Vietnam, Altamont and the Tate killings impinge from the world of TV
Before Women Had Wings (1997) as Glory Marie Jackson
Television movie based on Connie May Fowler's book of the same name. Miss Zora, a kind-hearted black woman with a sad past, offers comfort and a safe haven to Bird Jackson, a sensitive young girl who is coping with the cycle of alcoholism and abuse that began with her father's suicide and its devast
Mad Dog Time (1996) as Rita Everly
It begins with the buzz: "Vic's getting out." Vic is the boss of bosses, capo di tutti, but he's been out of commission--locked up in a mental institution. His chief enforcer, "Brass Balls" Ben London, has been keeping an eye on the operation in his absence. He's a motor-mouthed overdose of testoste
Fan, The (1996) as Jewel Stern
He is the one they look for when the Klieg lights blaze, the one whose picture hangs on the wall. His presence hits them like a drug. He is the light and the glory, a reason to live... even die. They are the untold millions whose adoration translates into magazine covers and multi-million contracts. They are the sea of faces rendered invisible by distance, blurred together by their sheer mass, known only in the collective as 'the fans.' For all fans, the rules are unspoken but crystal-clear: you don't get too close to your heroes. But one fan, Gil Renard, is about to bend those rules. The stellar career of his idol, Bobby Rayburn, means everything to Gil. It is the filter through which he's viewed his own life, distilling it into something better. While Bobby's star appears to fall, Gil's own life spirals downward until he has nothing left but the prospect of returning his idol to his former glory, even if it means stepping out of the shadows of fandom and into his own dark center stage.
Bad Company (1995) as Margaret Wells
An out-of-favor CIA agent infiltrates an industrial espionage ring and is seduced by its female mastermind.
Wild Bill (1995) as Calamity Jane
Biopic about famous gunslinger Wild Bill Hickock.
Unzipped (1995) as Herself
An effervescent look at the fashion world as seen through the eyes of internationally renowned designer Isaac Mizrahi. Film chronicles the evolution of Mizrahi's fall 1994 collection, from his early moments of inspiration (blending elements from "Nanook of the North" and TV's Mary Richards) and culm
This Boy's Life (1993) as Caroline
Adapted from Tobias Wolff's autobiography, about his life with his mother and his overbearing stepfather, in the 1950s.
Into the West (1993) as Kathleen
Story about an unsettled widower and his children whose lives are transformed by their attachment to a horse.
Man Trouble (1992) as Joan Spruance
The story of two ill matched lovers - a cantata singer and an attack dog trainer.
Mac (1992) as Oona
Story about a man trying to realize his American Dream: to succeed at the work he cares about and to work with the people he loves.
Switch (1991) as Amanda Brooks
A male chauvinist dies and is reincarnated as a woman, thereby forcing him/her to endure the same sexist behavior he practiced as a man.
Sea Of Love (1989) as Helen
A New York police detective falls in love with a suspect in a murder he is investigating.
Johnny Handsome (1989) as Sunny Boyd
A cop is on the trail of a gangster who has undergone plastic surgery.
Clinton and Nadine (1988) as Nadine Powers
An odd couple (a smuggler of exotic birds and a prostitute) are caught in the midst of a criminal conspiracy that includes murder, fund diversion, and gun-running to the Contras.
Made In Heaven (1987) as Lucille
Mike Shea left his small Pennsylvania town and to move to California. On the way, he rescues a woman her children from a river, dying in the process. After arriving in heaven, Mike falls in love with a girl named Annie, but she has to return to Earth and inhabit another body in order to earn her wings. Desperate to be with her, Mike is offered a deal: He can return to Earth and find Annie, but neither will remember each other, and they have thirty years to re-connect.
Siesta (1987) as Claire
A woman wakes up with blood all over her and a bad case of amnesia. Through the use of flashbacks from the last few days, she pieces together the events.
Big Easy, The (1986) as Anne Osborne
Down By Law (1986) as Laurette
A pair of petty thiefs/losers end up in a jail cell with an Italian tourist. In a strange twist of luck, the three manage to escape and wander the backwoods in search of what to do next.
Desert Bloom (1986) as Starr
Act Of Vengeance (1986) as Annette Gilly
A television movie about Jock Yablonski, the United Mine Workers official whose battle for his union's Presidency brought him into deadly conflict with union boss Tony Boyle. The true story describes Yablonski's raw, courageous stand which runs afoul of Boyle, who orders the murders of Yablonski and
Terminal Choice (1985) as Mary O'Connor
Terrible Joe Moran (1984) as Ronnie
James Cagney made his TV-movie debut, and did his first television acting in 25 years, playing a wheelchair-bound former boxing champion whose long-estranged granddaughter, an aspiring writer, pops back into his life, at first searching for money to help her ne'er-do-well boyfriend get off the hook
Princess Who Had Never Laughed, The (1984) as Princess Henrietta
Princess Henrietta is the daughter of a stern king, who has been humorless since the death of his fun-loving wife several years before the tale begins and therefore has banned fun and laughter throughout his kingdom. Under the tutelage of a solemn governess and a straight-laced tutor, the sad Prince
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The: Across the 8th Dimension (1984) as Peggy Priddy; Penny Priddy
Genius scientist and adventurer Buckaroo Banzai does battle with some aliens that are unleashed after a high-speed car experiment opens another dimension.
Harry & Son (1984) as Katie
Daniel (1983) as Phyllis Isaacson
Tender Mercies (1983) as Sue Anne
An alcoholic country star stranded in a small town finds love.
Enormous Changes at the Last Minute (1983) as Virginia
Three separate stories about women and men trying to cope with their relationships with each other, parents and children.
Eddie and the Cruisers (1983) as Maggie Foley
A new album sparks rumors that The Cruisers lead singer might still be alive.
Diner (1982) as Beth
A group of friends who hang out in a Baltimore diner face the problems of growing up.
Parole (1982) as Donna
Boston parole officer James Naughton and a troubled young parolee (newcomer Mark Soper) who had been doing 1-to-15 for armed robbery, are the protagonists in this prospective series pilot about the day-to-day activities and personal life of a fictional P.O.. It was filmed in 1980 on location in and
We're Fighting Back (1981) as Chris Capoletti
Inspired by the exploits of New York's Guardian Angels, which began as a band of streetwise young people who formed an anti-crime subway patrol and went on to gain a national reputation and units in major cities around the country, this film unites three New York City youths as leaders of a citizens

Producer (feature film)

Letters to Juliet (2010)
While in Verona, Italy-the city where Romeo first met Juliet-- a young female aspiring writer answers a 50-year-old love letter that sets her on a romantic journey of the heart that changes her life forever.

Cast (special)

Culture Shock (2000) as Narration ("Hollywood Censored: Movies, Morality & The Production Code")
Documentary that explores classic works that have been controversial -- and explores their current relevance. Featured in Mark Twain's novel, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"; Manet's painting, "Olympia"; Hollywood movies, censorship and the Production Code of the 1930s and '40s; and jazz in the
Inside the Inferno (1999) as Narration
Documentary about firefighters, including: the Carter family of Montgomery County, Maryland; a veteran firefighter in Chicago; and firefighters in Australia, Hong Kong, and Northern Ireland.
Blockbuster Entertainment Awards (1997)
Live presentation of the third annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, honoring the American public's favorite stars of motion pictures, home videos and music.
67th Annual Academy Awards, The (1995) as Presenter
A live presentation of the 67th Annual Academy Awards Presentation, honoring achievements in motion pictures released during 1994.
American Film Institute Salute to Jack Nicholson, The (1994)
A presentation of the American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award to actor Jack Nicholson.
Murder Ink (1983) as Ellen Gray (Guest)
The story, set in New York City, follows the adventures of Laura Ireland, an avid mystery fan and owner of a bookstore called Murder Ink, who helps her husband, a police detective, solve baffling crimes. In the pilot episode, Laura attempts to solve a case involving a missing $100,000 and a girl who

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