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Also Known As: Died: August 4, 1973
Born: July 7, 1901 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Profession: Producer ...


Director (feature film)

Brothers of the West (1938) as Director
Lost Ranch (1937) as Director
Sky Racket (1937) as Director
Orphan of the Pecos (1937) as Director
Shortly after Brand kills Gelbert, Tom Rayburn arrives on the scene and is accused of the murder. Escaping, he goes after Doc Mathews, the man that can prove his innocence. Brand is also after Mathews and intends to keep him from testifying. But Mathews is a ventriloquist and this will lead to Brand's downfall.
Amateur Crook (1937) as Director
Jerry Cummings (Forrest Taylor), a mining engineer, has pledged a large diamond on a short-term note to a pair of crooked loan sharks, Crone (Monte Hale) and Jan Jaffin (Jack Mulhall), and heads for Mexico. His daughter Betsy (Joan Barclay), posing as a jewel thief called Mary Layton, is working to keep the crooks from absconding with the jewel, and her efforts are hindered greatly by an artist, Jimmy Baxter (Herman Brix), who thinks she is a crook and Crone and Jaffin the good guys.
Obey the Law (1933) as Assistant Director
Deception (1932) as Assistant Director

Producer (feature film)

The Loners (1972) as Executive Producer
How to Succeed with Sex (1970) as Executive Producer
Angel, Angel, Down We Go (1969) as Executive Producer
The overweight debutante daughter of the world's wealthiest couple falls in with a gang of tripped out, skydiving pseudo-reactionary pop stars, who take their beliefs of the American ideal to profoundly impossible heights.
A Time To Sing (1968) as Producer
A singer hides his love of music to please his restrictive guardian.
The Young Runaways (1968) as Producer
Three teenagers face hardships after running away from home.
For Singles Only (1968) as Producer
John Saxon, Lana Wood, Mary Ann Mobley, Mark Richman, Ann Elder, Chris Noel, Marty Ingels, Milton Berle. This typically tacky Sam Katzman sex comedy about the comings and goings of swinging singles in a California apartment complex is notable for the musical appearances of Cal Tjader, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Lewis and Clarke Expedition, The Sunshine Company and the Walter Wanderly Trio with Talya Ferro.
The Love-Ins (1967) as Producer
A former college professor becomes a cult''s Messiah and sexually preys on its young women.
Riot on Sunset Strip (1967) as Producer
A police captain is caught between his legal obligations and his moral compass.
Hot Rods to Hell (1967) as Producer
A family traveling through the desert is set up by a teen gang.
The Fastest Guitar Alive (1967) as Producer
When the Civil War ends, Confederate spies have to return the fortune they just stole.
Hold On! (1966) as Producer
Rocket scientists consider naming a space ship after Herman''s Hermits.
When the Boys Meet the Girls (1965) as Producer
A wealthy playboy gives up partying to help a Nevada farm girl make her ranch a success.
Harum Scarum (1965) as Producer
An American film star is kidnapped in the Middle East.
Your Cheatin' Heart (1964) as Producer
Legendary country-western singer Hank Williams uses alcohol to deal with the pressures of fame.
Kissin' Cousins (1964) as Producer
A singing military officer gets mixed up with his look-alike hillbilly cousin.
Get Yourself a College Girl (1964) as Producer
A music publisher courts a student songwriter at a ski resort.
Hootenanny Hoot (1963) as Producer
Television producers discover country/western music at a small-town college.
The Wild Westerners (1962) as Producer
Don't Knock the Twist (1962) as Producer
A TV executive tries to create a musical special to save his network.
Twist Around the Clock (1961) as Producer
A struggling music producer tries to turn the Twist into a national obsession.
Pirates of Tortuga (1961) as Producer
The Enemy General (1960) as Producer
Van Johnson, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Dany Carrel, John Van Dreelen, Francoise Prevost. O.S.S. agent Van Johnson struggles with his conscience when he is ordered to smuggle the German general who killed his girl friend out of Nazi occupied France and into London.
The Wizard of Baghdad (1960) as Producer
In ancient Baghdad, a genie helps a prince and princess occupy the throne instead of the evil Sultan.
The Flying Fontaines (1959) as Producer
After military service, a trapeze star fights to rebuild his career and his love life.
The Last Blitzkrieg (1959) as Producer
During the Battle of the Bulge a German leads a squad of American saboteurs.
Juke Box Rhythm (1959) as Producer
A princess visiting New York gets mixed up with rock musicians.
Going Steady (1958) as Producer
Two high school students keep their marriage a secret until the girl gets pregnant.
Life Begins at 17 (1958) as Producer
A spoiled rich boy makes a play for a 16-year-old whose sisters shot down his advances.
The World Was His Jury (1958) as Producer
An ambitious defense attorney fights to clear a sea captain whose negligence caused a deadly wreck.
Crash Landing (1958) as Producer
The passengers and crew of a trans-Atlantic flight prepare for a crash landing at sea.
The Man Who Turned to Stone (1957) as Producer
Mad scientists steal the life force from reform school girls.
Escape from San Quentin (1957) as Producer
Calypso Heat Wave (1957) as Producer
New management drives off a record label''''s biggest star.
The Tijuana Story (1957) as Producer
(Dra ''57,BW). Rodolfo Acosta, James Darren, Robert McQueeney, Jean Willes, Joy Stoner, Robert Blake, Paul Newlan. Mexican newspaperman Rodolfo Acosta wages a one-man war against a powerful crime syndicate in this inspirational melodrama based on a real-life incident and narrated by the original reporter who broke the sensational story, Paul Coates.
The Giant Claw (1957) as Producer
A giant anti-matter bird invades the Earth's atmosphere.
Zombies of Mora-Tau (1957) as Producer
Sailors try to salvage a sunken treasure guarded by zombie seamen.
The Night the World Exploded (1957) as Producer
A seismologist discovers a new element that could destroy the world.
Don't Knock the Rock (1957) as Producer
A disc jockey fights prejudice against rock ''''n'''' roll and the kids who dance to it.
Utah Blaine (1957) as Producer
Cha-Cha-Cha Boom! (1956) as Producer
A talent scout tricks a legendary Latin music star into recording for his label.
Rumble on the Docks (1956) as Producer
The leader of a New York street gang gets involved with mobster.
The Houston Story (1956) as Producer
A Texas oil driller schemes to steal millions of dollars in oil.
Uranium Boom (1956) as Producer
Ex-lumberjack Brad Collins (Dennis Morgan) and mining engineer Grady Mathews (William Talman) find uranium in the Colorado badlands. While Grady guards the claim, Brad goes to register it in town, where he meets and marries Jean Williams (Patricia Medina.) Returning to the claim, Brad learns that Jean was once Grady's fiancee, which is not a big stretch of the arm of coincidence in Sam Katzman's Clover Productions. Grady, as one would expect, is somewhat put out and leaves the mine in Brad's hands, while he hooks up with a confidence man and engineers a scheme to break the back of Brad's somewhat rapidly-created mining empire.
The Werewolf (1956) as Producer
A scientific experiment turns an innocent man into a bloodthirsty monster.
Blackjack Ketchum, Desperado (1956) as Producer
Howard Duff, Victor Jory, Maggie Mahoney, Angela Stevens, David Orrick, William Tannen. Retired gunslinger Howard Duff is forced to strap on his sidearms once more when cattle baron Victor Jory starts his strong arm tactics.
Miami Expose (1956) as Producer
A police detective uses the only witness to a gangland murder to smoke out the mobsters.
Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956) as Executive Producer
Space invaders attack Washington D.C.
Inside Detroit (1956) as Executive Producer
Rock Around the Clock (1956) as Producer
A music promoter decides to get into the new world of rock music.
Chicago Syndicate (1955) as Producer
An accountant single-handedly tries to take down a powerful mobster.
Pirates of Tripoli (1955) as Producer
A pirate tries to help a deposed Arabian princess reclaim her throne.
Devil Goddess (1955) as Producer
Johnny Weissmuller guides Professor Blakely (Selmer Jackson) and his daughter Nora (Angela Stevens) into forbidden Kirundi land, home of the fire-worshipers, in search of missing scientist Ralph Dixon (William M. Griffith). In addition to finding Dixon worshiped as a fire god, they uncover a treasure of sapphires, rout a party of renegade whites and Johnny rescues Nora from flaming death on a ritual altar just before a volcano erupts molten death.
Masterson of Kansas (1955) as Producer
Sheriff Bat Masterson joins forces with Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday to save a rancher framed for murder.
Jungle Moon Men (1955) as Producer
Priestess Oma is forever young in this Jungle Jim knockoff of "She" or the La of Opar stories from "Tarzan". The Jungle Jim type is played by Weissmuller using his own name.
Duel on the Mississippi (1955) as Producer
Teen-Age Crime Wave (1955) as Producer
Juvenile delinquents pull a young innocent into their crime spree.
Creature with the Atom Brain (1955) as Producer
A gangster enlists a mad Nazi scientist to create an army of atomic zombies.
New Orleans Uncensored (1955) as Producer
It Came from Beneath the Sea (1955) as Executive Producer
A giant octopus attacks San Francisco.
Seminole Uprising (1955) as Producer
George Montgomery, Karin Booth, William Faucett, Steve Ritch, Ed Hinton. Army lieutenant George Montgomery is assigned to retrieve a tribe of Seminole Indians who fled their Florida reservation and headed for Texas in 1855.
The Gun That Won the West (1955) as Producer
A cavalry attempts to establish a chain of forts in the Sioux Indian territory while simultaneously avoiding a war.
The Crooked Web (1955) as Producer
Drums of Tahiti (1954) as Producer
An American living in 19th-century Tahiti gets involved in intrigue against the French colonial government.
Jungle Man-Eaters (1954) as Producer
The Miami Story (1954) as Producer
Barry Sullivan, Luther Adler, John Baer, Adele Jergens, Beverly Garland, Dan Riss. Inspired by a U. S. Senate investigation, this documentary-styled melodrama pits a reformed gangster (posing as a Cuban racketeer) against a Miami syndicate chief. This Sam Katzman production features an introduction by Florida Senator George Smathers.
Cannibal Attack (1954) as Producer
Johnny Weissmuller, acting under his own name, fights enemy agents who are trying to steal cobalt while disguised as crocodiles.
The Law vs. Billy the Kid (1954) as Producer
The young outlaw tries to go straight.
Battle of Rogue River (1954) as Producer
A U.S. agent is caught between Oregon settlers and the Indians.
The Saracen Blade (1954) as Producer
Ricardo Montalban, Betta St. John, Rick Jason, Carolyn Jones, Whitfield Conner, Michael Ansara. A 13th century revenge drama set during the time of the Crusades in which a commoner exacts justice for the murder of this father by Count Siniscola and his son. Directed by William Castle ("The Tingler") and based on the novel by Frank Yerby.
Charge of the Lancers (1954) as Producer
A soldier masquerades as a gypsy to rescue his best friend from the enemy.
The Iron Glove (1954) as Producer
A Scottish adventurer infiltrates the court of George I to prepare for a revolution.
Jesse James vs. the Daltons (1954) as Producer
A young gunslinger, rumored to be the son of Jesse James, sets off in search of his legendary father and joins the Dalton Gang. Originally show in 3-D, this western programmer was directed by William Castle (he became well known for his gimmick horror films like "The Tingler").
Lost Planet, The (1953) as Producer
Dr. Grood (Michael Fox) has succeeded in winning control over the planet Ergro as the first step in his desired conquest of the Universe. Reporter Rex Barrow (Judd Holdren), his photographer Tim Johnson (Ted Thorpe), Professor Edmund Dorn (Forrest Taylor) and his daughter Ella (Vivian Mason) are all captured by Grood, who plans to make use of the professor's knowledge. With the help of the professor's inventions, Rex is able to free Ergro of Grood's domination, while Grood is sent on an endless voyage into space.
Prince of Pirates (1953) as Producer
A prince fights to free his people from his older brother''''s oppressive rule.
Jack McCall, Desperado (1953) as Producer
Wrongly accused of treason, a Civil War veteran tries to clear his name.
The Pathfinder (1953) as Producer
George Montgomery, Helena Carter, Jay Silverheels, Walter Kingsford, Rodd Redwing, Elena Verdugo. British scout George Montgomery exposes French plans to gain control of the Great Lakes Region during the French and Indian Wars of the 18th century in this adaptation of the James Fenimore Cooper novel
Savage Mutiny (1953) as Producer
Jungle Jim fights enemy agents to help move natives from a nuclear testing site.
The 49th Man (1953) as Producer
A U.S. agent investigates a subversive group suspected of smuggling nuclear weapons.
Serpent of the Nile (1953) as Producer
Cleopatra seduces Marc Anthony into helping her conquer the world.
Siren of Bagdad (1953) as Producer
An Arabian magician takes on a corrupt sultan to help a beautiful princess.
Conquest of Cochise (1953) as Producer
A cavalry major tries to prevent an Indian war.
Sky Commando (1953) as Producer
A tough flight commander risks his life to spy on the enemy.
Target Hong Kong (1953) as Executive Producer
Slaves of Babylon (1953) as Producer
(Adv ''53). Richard Conte, Linda Christian, Maurice Schwartz, Michael Ansara, Terrance Kilburn. This is William Castle''s version of the classic Bible story in which the Israelites free themselves from the oppressive rule of Nebuchadnezzar. Julie Newmar makes a brief appearance as a specialty dancer in this typically tacky Sam Katzman production.
Flame of Calcutta (1953) as Producer
Denise Darcel, Patric Knowles, Paul Cavanagh, George Keymas, Leonard Penn. The daughter of a slain French official wages guerrilla war on Prince Jehan, the man responsible for her father''s death. This Sam Katzman production is set in India circa 1760.
Fort Ti (1953) as Producer
Killer Ape (1953) as Producer
Jungle Jim is accused to the murder of a native who has been providing a mad scientist with innocent animals to be used in his experiments. The killing was actually committed by a ferocious "Man-Ape" that is terrorizing the jungle.
Valley of Head Hunters (1953) as Producer
In the 12th of the "Jungle Jim" series from Sam Katzman's production unit at Columbia, Jim (Johnny Weissmuller) is assigned to accompany a government agent into the interior to get the native's approval for copper mining. Unknown to Jim, Arco (Robert C. Foulk), also wants approval but for oil, not copper. Arco and his henchies make a series of raids on the villages which he is able to blame on Jungle Jim.
Prisoners of the Casbah (1953) as Producer
A typical Sam Katzman sand-and-sandals saga that is better than his later "Harem Scarum" only because this one doesn't have Elvis Presley. Gloria Grahame is the princess, Turhan Bey is the Captain of the Guard and Cesar Romero is the oily villain who has his sights set on Gloria and her father's throne. Romero and his henchmen cause Gloria, disguised as a boy (what a waste!), and Turhan to flee to the Casbah, where they plot to strike back at Romero.
Blackhawk (1952) as Producer
Based on a successful comic book that began in 1941, the Blackhawks were seven flyers who banded together during WW II to fight the Nazis. After the war, they continued to fight evil where ever they find it. In this movie, they are battling a group of spies and saboteurs bent on destroying democracy. The Blackhawks foil a succession of plots, with a cliff hanger ending in each episode.
Thief of Damascus (1952) as Producer
A young man assembles a band of adventurers to take on an evil sultan.
King of the Congo (1952) as Producer
Based on the comic book character "Thun'Da, King of the Congo," a Tarzan imitator, whose only comic of any value is the first one rendered entirely by cult artist Frank Frazetta, this was Columbia's 48th serial and the seventh and last serial starring Buster Crabbe. Crabbe plays U.S.A.F. Captain Roger Drum who shoots down an unidentified plane whose pilot was bound for Africa to deliver a message to a subversive group. Drum takes his place, makes the flight and crashes in the jungle. The rock people, led by Princess Phi (Gloria Dea, not Gloria Dee as shown by some sources), rescue him and take him to their temple. The subversives, led by Boris (Leonard Penn), appear and Drum rings a temple gong in alarm, and its sound crumbles the walls, burying him in debris at the end of Chapter One, "Mission of Menace." Chapter Two, "Red Shadows in the Jungle" finds Drum being proclaimed Thunda, King of the Congo, by the natives but is still mistrusted by Princess Phi and her assistant Nahee (Neyle Morrow), still miffed that he rang the wrong gong. This goes on for 15 chapters before Thundra reunites the Rock and Cave People and clears the jungle of all the villains with Russian names.
The Golden Hawk (1952) as Producer
Male and female pirates join forces against a corrupt Caribbean governor.
Voodoo Tiger (1952) as Producer
Jungle Jim helps an attractive research writer for the British museum clear up the mystery of a tiger cult in Africa while thwarting art thieves and bringing to justice a Nazi war criminal.
A Yank in Indo-China (1952) as Producer
Last Train from Bombay (1952) as Producer
An American diplomat is accused of murder during an Indian civil war.
California Conquest (1952) as Producer
A wealthy landowner leads the fight to leave Mexican rule and make California a state.
Jungle Jim in the Forbidden Land (1952) as Producer
The famed explorer leads an anthropologist to a lost civilization of giants.
Brave Warrior (1952) as Producer
Jon Hall, Christine Larson, Jay Silverheels, Michael Ansara, Harry Cording. Set in Indiana just prior to the War of 1812, this western drama follows government agent Jon Hall as he attempts to expose the perpetrator of recent Indian insurrections.
Purple Heart Diary (1951) as Producer
Revenue Agent (1951) as Producer
Captain Video (1951) as Producer
Fury of the Congo (1951) as Producer
Jungle Jim aids the women of a tribe whose men have been enslaved by a narcotics gang to hunt down a sacred zebra-like animal, called the Okongo. This animal is the source of a powerful drug that the gang intends to exploit. Some of Jim's obstacles include a leopard and a giant desert spider.
When the Redskins Rode (1951) as Producer
In 1753, Colonel George Washington (James Seay) and frontiersman Christopher Gist (John Ridgely) are proudly introducing their protege, Delaware Indian Prince Hannoc (Jon Hall) to Williamsburg, Virginia society. French spy Elizabeth Leeds (Mary Castle) romances Hannoc, hoping to swing the Delawares to the French side in the impending colonial war. Hannoc saves Washington and his men from a French trap during a peace mission. When Hannoc's father, Chief Shingiss (Pedro de Cordoba), comes to Williamsburg to sign a mutual defense pact with the British, he is murdered by French spies. Hannoc and Indian maiden Morna (Sherry Moreland) unmask Miss Leeds as a spy just as war breaks out, with Washington and his troops besieged at Fort Necessity.
Jungle Manhunt (1951) as Producer
Jungle Jim searches for a famous football player lost in the jungle.
A Yank in Korea (1951) as Producer
A tough sergeant has to teach a hotshot young soldier how to be a team player.
Hurricane Island (1951) as Producer
A captain assists Ponce de León with the search for the Fountain of Youth.
The Magic Carpet (1951) as Producer
A dethroned ruler becomes a masked avenger to win back his throne and his ladylove.
Mysterious Island (1951) as Producer
The story begins in 1865, during the Civil War, when Captain Cyrus Harding (Richard Crane), prisoner of the Confederates, escapes in an enemy baloon with war correspondent Gideon Spilett (Hugh Prosser); Jack Pencroft (Marshall Reed), a sailor; Herbert "Bert" Brown (Ralph Hodges), Pencroft's adopted son, and Neb (Bernard Hamilton), Harding's black servant. A sailor with an adopted son and a servant in jail with his master is rather mysterious in itself. Hey, move on, it's a Katzman serial from Columbia. The baloon drifts in space for days and finally lands on a desert island. Also landing, in a better aircraft, is Rulu (Karen Randle, a former Miss Oklahoma in the Miss America pagent), a visitor from Mercury who seeks a radio-active material that will enable her to manufacture an explosive that will destroy the world or, at least, the portion known as Earth. Since it is in the 1860's and she has a spacecraft that will make the journey from Mercury to Earth, and all of the earthlings are riding horses or walking, her problem with Earth is none too clear, other than possibly hacked about not winning the Miss America contest. Harding and his hardy crew fight 15 chapters of battles against the island's natives, some passing-by pirates led by reliable Gene Roth, and Rulu and her Mercury henchmen, wearing the same headgear that "The Spider" wore in two previous Columbia serials, indicating the costume department went overboard on black headcoverings with spider webs on them earlier in the decade. Harding and his men are frequently aided by Captain Nemo, a man of mystery in charge of the only submarine (the Nautilus) around at the time other than the "Monitor" and the "Merrimac." Rulu, who also has the power to put grown men into a trance and does so a couple of times, including the native chief and all of his warriors, finally has enough of all the problems, but has gathered up enough "radio-active" material to at least destroy the island and does so.
Roar of the Iron Horse (1951) as Producer
Atom Man vs. Superman (1950) as Producer
Columbia's 43rd serial finds Lex Luthor (Lyle Talbot), secretly the Atom Man, blackmailing the city of Metropolis by threatening to destroy the entire community. Perry White (Pierre Watkin), editor of "The Daily Planet", assigns Lois Lane (Noel Neill), Jimmy Olson (Tommy Bond) and Clark Kent/Superman (Kirk Alyn)to cover the story. Luthor invents a number of deadly devices to plague the city, including a disintegrating machine which can reduce people to their basic atoms and reassemble them in another place. But Superman manages to thwart each scheme. Since Kryptonite can rob Superman of his powers, Luthor decides to create a synthetic Kryptonite and putters about obtaining the necessary ingredients: plutonium, radium and the undefined 'etc.'(in order to keep viewers from trying this at home.) Luthor places the Kryptonite at the launching of a ship, with Superman in attendance. He is exposed to the Kryptonite and passes out. Superman is taken off in an ambulance driven by Luthor's henchmen, and he is now under the control of Luthor. Superman is placed in a device, a lever is pulled, and the Man of Steel vanishes into "The Empty Doom." With eight chapters remaining, the odds are high he will return. Most of chapter 7 is a repeat of the origin story from chapter 1 of Columbia's first "Superman" serial, and this serial also finds a way to work in stock footage from Ken Maynard's 1936 "Avenging Waters," minus ol' Ken and his hoss Tarzan.
Pirates of the High Seas (1950) as Producer
Two ex-Navy buddies travel to a tropical island to help search for a fugitive Nazi and a fortune in diamonds stolen by him during WWII, and encounter multiple dangers at the hand of a gang also seeking the treasure for the island's corrupt governor.
Chain Gang (1950) as Producer
A reporter gets a job as a prison guard to document inhuman conditions.
Tyrant of the Sea (1950) as Producer
Last of the Buccaneers (1950) as Producer
When one of his lieutenant''''s attacks an American ship, Jean Lafitte has to elude the U.S. Navy.
Captive Girl (1950) as Producer
Jungle Jim fights to save a young innocent from treasure hunters and a witch doctor.
Pygmy Island (1950) as Producer
Jungle Jim searches for a female Army captain who's gone missing.
Mark of the Gorilla (1950) as Producer
Jungle Jim tries to stop a Nazi band masquerading as apes from retrieving a golden treasure.
State Penitentiary (1950) as Producer
A man wrongly accused of a crime must decide between getting involved in a prison break, or remaining in jail until his wife can prove his innocence.
Chinatown at Midnight (1950) as Producer
Hurd Hatfield, Jean Wiles, Tom Powers, Ray Walker, Charles Russell, Jacqueline De Wit, Benson Fong, Ross Elliott. Caught in the act of stealing some antique vases, a thief murders two Chinese men and sets off a manhunt in Chinatown.
Cody of the Pony Express (1950) as Producer
Barbary Pirate (1949) as Producer
Donald Woods, Trudy Marshall, Lenore Aubert, Stefan Schnabel, John Dehner, Joe Mantell. Major Tom Blake (Donald Woods) travels to Tripoli to unmask the traitor who is selling information about U. S. boat shipments to sea pirates. Joe Mantell went on to achieve fame and a best supporting actor nomination as Ernest Borgnine''s best friend in MARTY.
Manhattan Angel (1949) as Producer
The Mutineers (1949) as Producer
Bruce Gentry (1949) as Producer
The Lost Tribe (1949) as Producer
Jungle Jim fights to protect an African village targeted for exploitation.
Batman and Robin (1949) as Producer
Antisocial Prof. Hammil's Remote Control device, which enables the user to take over any motor vehicle within 50 miles (!), is stolen by The Wizard, black-hooded mastermind, and his gang. Batman and Robin (who drive about in a standard convertible) must prevent the Wizard from obtaining diamonds, needed as fuel for the device, and rescue magazine photographer Vicki Vale from periodic perils. Where is the Wizard's base, reached only by remote controlled submarine? Which of several suspicious characters hides beneath the Wizard's hood?
Triple Threat (1948) as Producer
Mary Lou (1948) as Producer
Glamour Girl (1948) as Producer
I Surrender Dear (1948) as Producer
Brick Bradford (1948) as Producer
Congo Bill (1948) as Producer
Jungle Jim (1948) as Producer
The famed explorer tries to protect a lady scientist searching the jungle for a polio cure.
The Prince of Thieves (1948) as Producer
Robin Hood (Jon Hall) aids Lady Marian (Patricia Morison) and her brother (Michael Duane)to rescue the latter's betrothed Lady Christabel (Adele Jergens)from her father's house where she is being forced into a marriage against her will. The father recaptures his daughter and kidnaps Marian in the bargain. Robin gathers all of the merry men and a couple of grouches and routs the father's soldiers and slays him and his nephew. Friar Tuck (Alan Mowbray) then performs a triple wedding uniting Robin and Marian; the brother and the now-fatherless Christabel; and Little John (Walter Sande) and a handmaiden named Maude (Robin Raymond.)
Racing Luck (1948) as Producer
Last of the Redmen (1947) as Producer
Vacation Days (1947) as Producer
Sea Hound, The (1947) as Producer
Columbia's 34th serial production starring Buster Crabbe, the Serial King himself, who had the lead in five from Universal and two for Columbia, was based on the radio serial,("Captain Silver's Log of) The Sea Hound", heard on the Blue Network 1942-44,on Mutual 1946-47 and, briefly on ABC in 1948, and also the comic book (six issues across four years) that had little demand in 1945-49 and not much now among Golden Age collectors, with Crabbe, playing Captain Silver and getting more money for it than producer Sam Katzman paid for the rights to use the character, and some claim the copyright owner may have paid Katzman to use the character. Captain Silver (Buster Crabbe) and his friends---Jerry (Ralph Hodges) and seagoing cowboy Tex (Jimmy Lloyd) and a chinese inventor named Kukai (Spencer Chan) ---are cruising through tropical waters, between California and Catalina, aboard the "Sea Hound" when they pick up an SOS from the yacht "Esmeralda." Silver sails to Typhoon Cove and finds the yacht under attack by "pirates." Aboard the attacked craft are Ann Whitney (Pamela Blake), yacht owner Stanley Rand (Hugh Prosser) and Vardman (Pierce Lyden.) Silver and crew beat off the attackers and he learns that Ann is searching for her father, John Whitney (Milton Kibbee), who vanished into the jungle during a search for a fabulous treasure of Spanish gold. Later, Silver discovers the "pirates" are in the employ of a sinister master-criminal known as the Admiral (Robert Barron.) Using a map in Rand's possession, Silver locates the treasure chest when he descends to the ocean floor in a diving suit, but finds it empty. 14 water-logged, none-too-thrilling chapters later, Silver locates the treasure, rescues Ann's father and puts an end to the Admiral and his henchmen, including Rand and Vardman who veteran serial-watchers had an eye on as far back as chapter 1.
Little Miss Broadway (1947) as Producer
Judy Gibson (Jean Porter), upon leaving finishing school, goes to meet her relatives, whom she believes to be wealthy and socially prominent. Actually, ther are penniless Broadway characters and, in order to avoid Judy learning the truth, they take possession of a Long Island mansion owned by a thief presently doing time in Sing Sing. Judy arrives with her fiance Dick Nichols (John Shelton) and his father (Douglas Wood), an industrialist who tries to sell worthless stock to Judy's family in order to bolster his shaky fiancial status. They give him $200,000, part of the stashed loot they found belonging to the home-owner thief. The latter escapes from prison. Complications arise. Jerry Wald and his band provide music for Jean Porter's singing, and pert-'n-pretty Porter, as usual, carries the show.
Sweet Genevieve (1947) as Producer
Two Blondes and a Redhead (1947) as Producer
Socialite Cathy Abbott (Jean Porter) is working in the chorus of a Broadway show instead of being enrolled at an exclusive girl's school as her parents (Regina Wallace and Douglas Wood) think. When the show closes, she brings two of her chorus friends, Patti Calhoun (June Preisser) and Vicki Adams (Judy Clark), home with her. In addition to trying to make her friends acceptable to the snooty society of which her family is part, she is also being blackmailed by a rival. She and her two friends win over the blue-bloods with a couple of chorus routines, and she discloses she will be marrying the butler, Tommy Randell (Jimmy Lloyd), rather than the pompous Freddie Ainsley (Rick Vallin).
Vigilante, The (1947) as Producer
Columbia's 33rd serial (made between "Jack Armstrong" and "The Sea Hound") was based on the character that first appeared in "Action Comics" No. 42, who was a radio singing cowboy who doubled as a crime-fighting, motorcycle-riding crime-fighter with a pre-teen Chinese boy, Stuff, as his answer to Batman's Robin, although Stuff ran a lot or errands that Robin didn't have to do since the Dynamic Duo had Alfred the Butler (both versions) to do those. In the serial version, Stuff became a white, draft-age sidekick played by George Offerman Jr.(and we are still looking for any film made in the 30's and 40's that this actor was billed as the incorrect George Offerman rather than the correct George Offerman Jr), which fit right in with the costume changes that Columbia tagged The Vigilante character with; a snappy-brim fedora and a Montgomery Ward catalog white Gene Autry- style shirt instead of the large flat-brimmed hat and double-button blue shirt he wore in the comic books. The nose-chin covering bandana is about all that survived the comic book to screen transfer. They also changed Greg Sanders, the Vigilante's alter-ego from a radio troubador to a western film actor and miscast Ralph Byrd in the role (they could have held John Hart over from the previous serial who would have fit the role better) as a government agent known as the Vigilante investigating the case of the "100 Tears of Blood", which are rubies sought by a gang led by the unknown (ha!)X-1 and the mysterious Prince Amil Hassan (Robert Barron.) While not the worst of the Katzman-produced serials, the best thing about it remains Ramsay Ames, coming toward or going away from the camera.
Freddie Steps Out (1946) as Producer
Chick Carter, Detective (1946) as Producer
Hop Harrigan (1946) as Producer
High School Hero (1946) as Producer
Junior Prom (1946) as Producer
Betty Co-ed (1946) as Producer
A fore-runner and a semi- slight version of "Take Care of My Little Girl" from Sam Katzman, but pert-and-pretty Jean Porter had a knack for making Katzman's pictures look better than they were. Here, she (as Joanne Leeds), interrupts her carnival singing career to enroll as a freshman at Upton College. She quickly encounters the snobbery of the sorority girls because of her background. But the sorority is reorganized on democratic principles and she is invited to join, although it is never made too clear why she would want to join this group of airheads anyway.
Son of the Guardsman (1946) as Producer
Mr. Muggs Rides Again (1945) as Producer
After having been framed by gamblers, Muggs is barred from riding in horse races. Snce he can no longer race, he takes up a collection so Ma Brown, who owns the horses won't have her stable foreclosed on. However, one of the gamblers involved in the frame falls for Ma Brwn's daughter, and decides to come clean and confess to the police about the frame. The other gamblers hear about it and set out to shut him up and discredit Muggs and Ma Brown once and for all.
Come Out Fighting (1945) as Producer
Brenda Starr, Reporter (1945) as Producer
Trouble Chasers (1945) as Producer
Jungle Raiders (1945) as Producer
Docks of New York (1945) as Producer
Glimpy finds a necklace next to a dead body in an alley. His discovery leads to the gang getting mixed up in murder, intrigue involving a European royal family, and a killer who is after the necklace that Muggs has and will stop at nothing to get it.
Who's Guilty? (1945) as Producer
Block Busters (1944) as Producer
Crazy Knights (1944) as Producer
Three of a Kind (1944) as Producer
Million Dollar Kid (1944) as Producer
The East Side Kids set out to reform a rich boy and round up a gang of punks.
Return of the Ape Man (1944) as Producer
While on an Arctic expedition, two scientists find the frozen body of a prehistoric caveman. They bring him home to their laboratory, but decide that in order to fully utilize (and control) him, they must transplant a more developed brain into the caveman.
Voodoo Man (1944) as Producer
Dr. Richard Marlowe uses a combination of voodoo rite and hypnotic suggestion to attempt to revivify his beautiful, but long-dead wife, by transferring the life essences of several hapless young girls he has kidnapped and imprisoned in the dungeon beneath his mansion.
Bowery Champs (1944) as Producer
Copy boys Muggs and Glimpy investigate a murder. They locate the ex-wife of the murdered man and become convinced she is innocent. They hide her from the police while they investigate.
Follow the Leader (1944) as Producer
After they get home from the army, Muggs and Glimpy learn that Danny has been jailed in connection with a warehouse robbery. Knowing that he couldn't have done it, they set out to discover the real robbers. Suspicion falls upon Spider, a new member of the gang whom Muggs has taken a dislike to.
The Ape Man (1943) as Producer
Conducting weird scientific experiments, crazed Dr. James Brewster, aided by his colleague Dr. Randall, has managed to transform himself into a hairy, stooped-over ape-man. Desperately seeking a cure, Brewster believes only an injection of recently-drawn human spinal fluid will prove effective. With Randall refusing to help him, it falls to Brewster and his captive gorilla to find appropriate donors.
Spotlight Scandals (1943) as Producer
Ghosts on the Loose (1943) as Producer
A gang of street toughs take on Nazi spies.
Kid Dynamite (1943) as Producer
A boxer is kidnapped by gamblers to keep him out of a big fight.
Clancy Street Boys (1943) as Producer
A small-time tough enlists his gang mates to impress a visiting uncle.
Mr. Muggs Steps Out (1943) as Producer
Muggs, ordered by a judge to get a job "or else", is hired by a society matron as the chauffeur for her wacky family. An engagement party is thrown for the family's daughter, and the rest of the gang is hired as servants for the party. However, a valuable necklace disappears during the festivities, and all the gang is blamed for the theft.
The Corpse Vanishes (1942) as Producer
A mad scientist kills brides and uses their glands to keep his wife alive.
Bowery at Midnight (1942) as Producer
A college professor hides a life of crime behind volunteer work.
Let's Get Tough! (1942) as Producer
Too young to enlist, a gang of street kids try to solve the murder of an Allied agent.
Mr. Wise Guy (1942) as Producer
A group of delinquents tries to clear a man framed for a gangster''''s murder.
'Neath Brooklyn Bridge (1942) as Producer
The Bowery Boys come to the rescue of a young murder suspect.
Smart Alecks (1942) as Producer
An attempt to raise funds for new baseball uniforms gets a group of boys mixed up in crime.
Black Dragons (1942) as Producer
A cabal of American industrialists, all fifth-columnists intent on sabotaging the war effort, are methodically murdered by the malevolent Monsieur Colomb. It is only until detective Dick Martin is assigned to the case that everyone's true motives and identities are revealed.
The Invisible Ghost (1941) as Producer
Flying Wild (1941) as Producer
When he gets a job at an aviation plant, a street tough stumbles onto an enemy spy ring.
Bowery Blitzkrieg (1941) as Producer
An East Side Kid is saved from a life of crime when he becomes a Golden Gloves champ.
Spooks Run Wild (1941) as Producer
A group of delinquents on their way to summer camp get stuck in a haunted house.
Zis Boom Bah (1941) as Producer
Straight Shooter (1940) as Presented By
That Gang of Mine (1940) as Producer
A street tough tries to land a job as a jockey.
East Side Kids (1940) as Producer
A street tough searches for evidence to get his brother out of prison.
Pride of the Bowery (1940) as Producer
In search of a boxing camp, a street tough mistakenly signs on with a conservation group.
Boys of the City (1940) as Producer
Street kids sent to a better environment in the country get caught in a haunted house.
Texas Wildcats (1939) as Presented By
Outlaw's Paradise (1939) as Presented By
Code of the Cactus (1939) as Presented By
The Fighting Renegade (1939) as Presented By
Framed for murder six years earlier, Bill Carson is now El Puma the leader of a Mexican gang. Looking for the man that framed him, he finds his onetime assistant Magpie who recognizes him and hires him to escort a scientific expedition. But once again he is framed for murder when the Professor is killed with his knife. Magpie then heads out to bring in his former boss.
Trigger Fingers (1939) as Producer
Brothers of the West (1938) as Presented By
Six-Gun Trail (1938) as Producer
Lightning Carson Rides Again (1938) as Producer
Shadow of Chinatown (1937) as Producer
Released both as a 15-chapter serial and as a condensed feature version (for theatres that didn't use serials) which means that all of the cast and crew would one day be credited in some sources with a misleading extra film appearance added to their filmographies even though they only worked on (and got paid) for one performance or job. The story (serial and/or feature) deals with the plotting of a European importing firm to put Chinese trade competition in a west coast Chinatown - city unnamed, but it's by the bay and it isn't Oakland - out of business. Their representative, Sonya Rokoff/The Dragon Lady (Luana Walters), a beautiful Eurasian girl, hires Victor Poten (Bela Lugosi), a mad Eurasian chemist and inventor and an equal-opportunity racist who hates both Chinese and White races, to aid her. Poten, by means of his infernal inventions and underworld henchmen, conducts successful raids on the Chinese merchants and also successfully eludes the people hunting and investigating him. Those include newspaper reporter Joan Whiting (Joan Barclay), her sweetheart Martin Andrews (Bruce Bennett as Herman Brix), Willy Fu (Maurice Liu), Martin's servant, and police Captain Walters (Forrest Taylor) and his detectives. After narrow escapes from death in the form of bombs, poison-traps, infernal machines and some hand-to-hand, five-on-one scuffling in Chinatown's underworld, Martin finally captures Poten just as he is about to indulge in a little wholesale killing by poisoning the wine served at a Chinese merchant's banquet.
Cheyenne Rides Again (1937) as Presented By
A lawman poses as an outlaw, steals $10,000 from a cattle thief, then promises to return the money if he can join the gang--while finding a way to expose them.
Million Dollar Racket (1937) as Producer
Mystery Range (1937) as Supervisor
Cheyenne Rides Again (1937) as Supervisor
A lawman poses as an outlaw, steals $10,000 from a cattle thief, then promises to return the money if he can join the gang--while finding a way to expose them.
Blake of Scotland Yard (1937) as Presented By
Sir James Blake has retired from Scotland Yard so that he can assist his niece Hope and her friend Jerry in developing an apparatus they have invented. Sir James thinks that their invention has the potential to prevent wars, and plans to donate it to the League of Nations. But a gang of criminals led by the elusive "Scorpion" steals the device, and Blake and his associates must recover the invention and determine the identity of the "Scorpion".
Mystery Range (1937) as Presented By
Feud of the Trail (1937) as Supv and pres
Lost Ranch (1937) as Producer
Orphan of the Pecos (1937) as Presented By
Shortly after Brand kills Gelbert, Tom Rayburn arrives on the scene and is accused of the murder. Escaping, he goes after Doc Mathews, the man that can prove his innocence. Brand is also after Mathews and intends to keep him from testifying. But Mathews is a ventriloquist and this will lead to Brand's downfall.
Flying Fists (1937) as Supv and pres
Hal Donovan (Bruce Bennett as Herman Brix) gets into a fight with ex-heavyweight champion Slug Cassidy (Guinn Williams) at a lumber camp in the north woods. Slug takes a bad beating and he and his trainer, Spider (Fuzzy Knight), urge Hal to become a professional boxer. Soon, "Chopper" Hal proves to be a natural and is beating all comers. He meets Kay Conrad (Jeanne Martel), who is struggling to support her father (John Elliott), an ex-fighter invalided for life in the ring, and her young brother Dickie (Dickie Jones.) Kay hates everything connected to the sport, and Hal keeps her ignorant of his profession. But Slug and Spider tell the Conrads of Hal's identity as "Chopper" Hal, and Kay breaks off the engagement while Hal takes to the open road. Hal, now a tramp, picks up odd jobs where he can find them and one of them leads him to a training camp where he meets Slug and Spider with their new fighter Lion Lee (Jimmy Baker). He also meets Kay and learns that her father is in desperate need of money. He accepts Spider's offer to fight Lee, on the condition that he take a dive in the third round. Kay learns of this and begs Hal to fight an honest fight if he is determined to fight. He tells Spider that he'll fight Lee on honest terms and the match is on.
Amateur Crook (1937) as Producer
Jerry Cummings (Forrest Taylor), a mining engineer, has pledged a large diamond on a short-term note to a pair of crooked loan sharks, Crone (Monte Hale) and Jan Jaffin (Jack Mulhall), and heads for Mexico. His daughter Betsy (Joan Barclay), posing as a jewel thief called Mary Layton, is working to keep the crooks from absconding with the jewel, and her efforts are hindered greatly by an artist, Jimmy Baxter (Herman Brix), who thinks she is a crook and Crone and Jaffin the good guys.
Sky Racket (1937) as Producer
Phantom of the Range (1936) as Supervisor
A man has died leaving a fortune somwhere on his ranch. Brandon and his cohorts think a map is hidden in a picture frame. But when they bid on the picture at the auction, newcomer Jerry Lane outbids them. He also buys the ranch so they place their housekeeper there to get the picture. And then to keep Jerry out of the way, they frame him for murder.
Two Minutes to Play (1936) as Supervisor
Taming the Wild (1936) as Presented By
Madcap society girl June Bolton (Maxine Doyle) has a talent for trouble. Trying to evade a subpoena in connection with one of her misadventures, she winds up in jail and has to be bailed out by the family attorney, Dick Clayton (Rod La Rocque). But June is soon in trouble again, this time involved with a mob boss (Bryant Washburn) and a shady lady (Barbara Pepper). Exasperated by his wealthy client's reckless escapades, Clayton determines to quit... until he realizes he has fallen in love with the little madcap.
Two Minutes to Play (1936) as Presented By
Rip Roarin' Buckaroo (1936) as Supervisor
Tyler, a boxer whose career ends after he loses a fixed fight, winds up with a job as a ranch hand. When his new boss gets involved with a crooked fight promoter, Tyler winds up back in the ring with a chance to vindicate himself.
Taming the Wild (1936) as Supervisor
Madcap society girl June Bolton (Maxine Doyle) has a talent for trouble. Trying to evade a subpoena in connection with one of her misadventures, she winds up in jail and has to be bailed out by the family attorney, Dick Clayton (Rod La Rocque). But June is soon in trouble again, this time involved with a mob boss (Bryant Washburn) and a shady lady (Barbara Pepper). Exasperated by his wealthy client's reckless escapades, Clayton determines to quit... until he realizes he has fallen in love with the little madcap.
Rio Grande Romance (1936) as Producer
Rip Roarin' Buckaroo (1936) as Presented By
Tyler, a boxer whose career ends after he loses a fixed fight, winds up with a job as a ranch hand. When his new boss gets involved with a crooked fight promoter, Tyler winds up back in the ring with a chance to vindicate himself.
Silks and Saddles (1936) as Presented By
Kelly of the Secret Service (1936) as Producer
Phantom of the Range (1936) as Presented By
A man has died leaving a fortune somwhere on his ranch. Brandon and his cohorts think a map is hidden in a picture frame. But when they bid on the picture at the auction, newcomer Jerry Lane outbids them. He also buys the ranch so they place their housekeeper there to get the picture. And then to keep Jerry out of the way, they frame him for murder.
A Face in the Fog (1936) as Presented By
Cast members of a show at the Alden theatre are being terrorized by a hunchback killer known as the Fiend, using frozen bullets, and two have been killed. Newspaper reporters Jean Monroe (June Collyer), drama editor, and Frank Gordon (Lloyd Hughes), accompanied by a dumb photographer, Elmer (Al St. John) are on the story. Jean receives a note from Ted Wallington, the star of the play,"Satan's Bride", to meet him. From him, she learns the note was a fake, the lights go out and the Fiend strikes again as Wallington slumps to the floor dead. Peter Fortune (Lawrence Gray), the author of the show, who has helped the police solve previous cases, agrees to assist on this case, but insists on working alone. Jean and Frank have taken rooms at the Globe Hotel, where Reardon (Jack Mulhall), an actor, is also a resident. A telephone message for Frank turns out to be a ruse in the hopes of getting him out of the hotel. Reardon suggests calling the police but, while phoning, his finger is holding the receiver hook down. Meanwhile, Elmer calls Frank and the reporter is dumbfounded to hear his phone ring while Reardon is apparently talking to Police Captain Davis (John Elliott.) A fight ensues and Reardon escapes. This gives the hunchbacked terror a chance to slip in the room to make another attempt on Jean's life, but the shot misses. Fortune has some pictures of Reardon donning the Fiend's flowing robe, and Reardon is taken into custody. During an re-enactment of the Wallington murder, Reardon is killed and another theory is exploded. Frank discovers a cigarette case, belonging to Fortune, and his investigation reveals the Fortune's brother had been killed in a fire in a theatre owned by Cooke and Baker, the producers of the show.
Silks and Saddles (1936) as Supervisor
Danger Ahead (1935) as Presented By
The Brand of Hate (1935) as Supervisor
Danger Ahead (1935) as Supervisor
Tombstone Terror (1935) as Supervisor
Big Calibre (1935) as Supervisor
Intent on avenging his father's murder, Roy Neal and his sidekick Rusty find themselves in the border town of Gladstone where Neal is mistakenly arrested for the robbery of a mail truck. After escaping, Neal joins up with pretty June Bowers whose father has apparently also been murdered. Neal, suspecting two of the town's leading businessmen of being the murderers, tries to flush them out before the sheriff can lock him up again.
Hot off the Press (1935) as Presented By
Western Justice (1935) as Supervisor
Bars of Hate (1935) as Supervisor
Fighting Coward (1935) as Producer
Bars of Hate (1935) as Presented By
Hot off the Press (1935) as Supervisor
A Demon for Trouble (1934) as Supervisor

Film Production - Main (feature film)

The Moth (1934) as Production Manager
His Private Secretary (1933) as Production Manager
Dick Wallace wants to marry a minister's grand-daughter but his father, who wants him to get work on his company's business, is opposed. She takes a job with the company to prove she's okay.
The Big Race (1933) as Production Manager
The Ship of Wanted Men (1933) as Production Manager

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