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Also Known As: Died:
Born: November 28, 1923 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Jack and the Beanstalk (2010)
A fairy tale character who is about to flunk out of fairy tale school, Jack must perform a heroic deed by Monday or fail miserably, just like his father before him. Anxious to make good, Jack sells his C.O.W. (Computer of Wonder) for a handful of magic beans and a mysterious book that records his a
Sympathy for Delicious (2010)
Delicious D, a paraplegic DJ, lives on Skid Row. The night after an unsuccessful visit to a faith healer, Dean wakes up with a strange sensation in his hands and soon realizes he's acquired the ability to heal almost anyone with a single touch. Dean doesn't know what to make of his newfound powers -
Trail of the Screaming Forehead (2007)
After a meteor crashes down on the idyllic town of Longhead Bay, the townspeople become possessed by wriggling alien foreheads. It's up to sailors Big Dan and Dutch to save the earth from forehead domination.
Pursuit of Happyness, The (2006)
Chris Gardener is a family man struggling to make ends meet. Despite his valiant attempts to help keep the family afloat, the mother of his five-year-old son, Christopher, is buckling under the constant strain of financial pressure. No longer able to cope, she reluctantly decides to leave. Chris, now a single father, continues doggedly to pursue a better-paying job using every sales skill he knows. He lands an internship at a prestigious stock brokerage firm, and although there is no salary, he accepts, hopeful he will end the program with a job and a promising future. Without a financial cushion, Chris and his son are soon evicted from their apartment and forced to sleep in shelters, bus stations, bathrooms, or wherever they can find refuge for the night. Despite his troubles, Chris continues to honor his commitment as a loving and caring father, using the affection and trust his son has placed in him as an impetus to overcome the obstacles he faces.
Superman Returns (2006)
Superman--born on a planet which has long since died--has been raised by adoptive parents on the Kent farm in Kansas. The young boy Kal-El is renamed Clark Kent, and though he has grown up among humans, he is not one of them. Under Earth's yellow sun, he can do two things humans can only dream of, but to co-exist with them he must live a dual life as mild, unassuming Clark Kent, secretly transforming into the Man of Steel when the world cries out for him. But now, the world's crises have gone unheeded for five long years since Superman's mysterious disappearance. Without him, crime has risen in the city of Metropolis and beyond; that's not even counting the future destructive acts of Lex Luthor, who has been sprung from prison with the specific intent of using Superman's technological secrets for his own personal gain and glory. Lois Lane, star reporter for the Daily Planet and the love of Superman's life, has moved on since Superman left without a word. She has even won a Pulitzer Prize for her essay, "Why the World Doesn't Need Superman." Lois has other issues to contend with--she is now engaged to the editor's nephew and has a young son to look after. But for Superman, the long search for his place in the universe ends back at the Kent farm, among the only family he has ever known. His destiny lies in Metropolis, where one look in Lois's eyes tell him that this place, among the flawed but ultimately good people of Earth, is his true home. And with Lex's plan coming to fruition mere hours after his return, the world will never need Superman more than it does now.
Mulholland Dr. (2001) as Wally Brown
Along Mulholland Drive nothing is what it seems. In the unreal universe of Los Angeles, the city bares its schizophrenic nature, an uneasy blend of innocence and corruption, love and loneliness, beauty and depravity. A woman is left with amnesia following a car accident. An aspiring young actress finds her staying in her aunt's home. The puzzle begins to unfold, propelling us through a mysterious labyrinth of sensual experiences until we arrive at the intersection of dreams and nightmares.
House on a Hill, A (2001) as Sy
Harry is an irascible, aging architect trying to achieve the dream of building his masterwork. A wealthy young couple has commissioned Harry to design and rebuild a house he once owned that had burned down. Though reluctant at first, he eventually takes on the assignment and develops a new sense of
One Last Flight (2000) as Gramps
Young Ray bonds with his grandfather, thanks to a model airplane that always gets the pair in trouble. But when his parents consider putting the former pilot in a nursing home, Ray surprises Gramps with a present -- one last chance to get behind the controls of an old prop plane.
Thirteen Days (2000) as George Ball
As viewed through the eyes of a presidential aide, an inside look at the intense high stakes battle that raged within the U.S. government -- between the Kennedys, the CIA and the Pentagon -- as the world stood at the brink of nuclear war. The true story focuses on how President Kennedy, his brother Bobby, and the U.S. government responded to the discovery of offensive nuclear weapons in Cuba--and the life-or-death tug-of-war that ensued between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. during those thirteen days of crisis in October 1962. The political saga moves from battles in the White House to the skies above Cuba, where U.S. planes dodge Soviet fire; to the high seas, where a showdown between the U.S. and Soviet naval ships threatens to trigger war; to the massive military preparations that presage war.
Any Given Sunday (1999) as Christina'S Advisor
The biggest battle for the NFL''s Miami Sharks is not with the other teams, but within the Shark''s own ranks as aging star quarterback, Jack "Cap" Rooney, and battle-weary coach, Tony D''Amato, go head to head with young players and new management who are more concerned with big money and the star-making potential of television than the ethics of the game or the health of its players.
My Last Love (1999) as Phil
After battling cancer for a number of years, successful attorney and single mom, Susan Allen, faces the reality that the disease is back. While Susan struggles to resolve long-festering issues with her parents and quell the anger and sadness that has affected her 12-year-old daughter, Carson, she me
Girl (1998) as Father
A young woman leaves the suburbs behind and falls in with Seattle's underground rock scene searching for sex and true love.
Universal Horror (1998) as Interviewee
A look back at the movies and monsters that turned Universal into Hollywood''''s house of horror.
Apt Pupil (1998) as Victor Bowden
Todd Bowden is learning about the Holocaust in high school, and recognises an old photograph of a concentration camp officer as an old man in his neighborhood. He confronts the man, Kurt Dussander, with his knowledge. Obsessed with the atrocities Dussander committed during the war, Todd begins to bl
Behind Enemy Lines (1997) as Tv Reporter
An ex-marine and his crew conduct a rescue raid to try and save a captured buddy in the clutches of a power-mad general in postwar Vietnam.
Always Say Goodbye (1997) as William Tager
Photographer Nick Evans is a womanizer who has yet to find a reason to settle down. Clothing designer Anne Kidwell has him perplexed. He actually wants a second date with her. As the two begin to see more of each other, Anne comes to the realization that Nick is incapable of true commitment.
River Made to Drown In (1997)
When he learns he is dying of AIDS, Thaddeus, a wealthy middle-aged lawyer sells all his property and goes to visit an old friend, Allen, a struggling artist and former street hustler. Allen's life is thrown into chaos by the arrival of Thaddeus as they return to the streets to help out some old acq
Up Close and Personal (1996) as Tom Orr
Tally Atwater is one of the most trusted figures in the nation. A familiar and comforting face to the millions of network TV news viewers who invite her into their homes every day, Tally is an articulate, sophisticated and charming newscaster. But she didn''t start out that way. A onetime waitress and casino craps dealer named Sallyanne, from Reno, Nevada, she pursued a dream with nothing but ambition, raw talent and a homemade demo tape. Going from smalltown weathergirl to prime-time network anchor, her meteoric rise to prominence is aided and abetted by Warren Justice, a brilliant, older newsman who becomes her mentor and lover. As their relationship grows, so too does Tally''s celebrity, to the point where her popularity begins to eclipse his.
Bonanza: Under Attack (1995) as Robert Stuart
Television movie based on the movie "Bonanza: The Return" (November 28, 1993 on NBC) and the "Bonanza" TV series (1959 to 1973 on NBC). The Ponderosa Ranch offers sanctuary to a once-notorious, now reformed outlaw Frank James, who is being relentlessly pursued by an unscrupulous Pinkerton detective.
Congo (1995) as College President
An expedition to a mysterious expanse of unexplored Africa unexpectedly brings primatologist Peter Elliot and Travicom Project Supervisor Karen Ross to a place where human greed and the laws of nature have gone berserk. Unlikely partners, Peter is the guardian of Amy, a remarkable gorilla he wants t
Nixon (1995) as Bill Rogers
The controversial president struggles to maintain his integrity and sanity in a shifting political landscape.
Piranha (1995) as Governor
A private eye inadvertenly triggers a nightmare when she lets loose a population of ravenous, genetically altered piranha into a community's river.
Companion, The (1994) as Peter Franklin
Set twenty years in the future, androids are commonplace and used to cook and clean. Gillian Tanner, a successful romance novelist, plans to begin and complete her next novel in the solace and comfort of an isolated mountain cabin. Her friends persuade her to obtain the services of Geoffrey, an andr
Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love (1994)
Based on the series of theatrical films following the adventures of a group of "nerds." This telefilm depicts the impending wedding of nerd Booger Dawson.
Kiss Goodnight, A (1994) as Sam
A young woman's life goes from bad to worse when she is seduced by the wrong man.
Staying Afloat (1993) as George
An ex-millionaire operates as an undercover agent from his yacht off the Florida coast.
Walton Thanksgiving Reunion, A (1993) as Assistant District Attorney Al Sampson
A television movie based on the series, "The Waltons," which aired on CBS from 1972 to 1981. Set 20 years after the final series episode, the Waltons assemble for Thanksgiving in 1963 and reflect on how the assassination of President John Kennedy has affected them.
Absolute Strangers (1991) as Dr X
A husband struggles to keep his pregnant, comatose wife alive by deciding to allow the termination of her pregnancy. His decision faces vociferous legal and moral opposition, in a case that ultimately ends up in the U.S. Supreme Court. Based on a true story.
Lies Before Kisses (1991) as Arthur Bennett
A woman's perfect life begins to fall apart when she learns that her husband, a wealthy publisher, has been accused of murdering a prostitute.
Unborn, The (1991) as Dr Richard Meyerling
A woman, charmed by a diabolical specialist in the fields of fertility and genetics, agrees to an in-vitro fertilization and soon begins to experience increasingly harrowing "complications" with her pregnancy.
Spirit of the Eagle (1990) as Narration
A group of adventurers travel West to settle during the early 1800s, and a son saves his father's life with the help of a pet eagle.
Rich Men, Single Women (1990) as Mr Mccabe
Three women team up with the common goal of marrying millionaires. While attempting to convince these potential mates that they are the stuff of any man's dreams, the schemers learn whether money can really buy love.
Drug Wars: the Camarena Story (1990) as Aide
A three-part miniseries based on the events surrounding the 1985 abduction and murder by drug traffickers in Guadalajara, Mexico, of Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, a U.S. agent of the Drug Enforcement Agency. His death helped expose the underworld of South America's drug cartel and its influence on powerf
Shattered Dreams (1990) as Charles O'Donnell
Based on the true-life story of Charlotte Fedders, a battered wife of a prominent Washington official who found the courage to end the cycle of domestic violence by getting out of the abusive relationship.
Closer, The (1990) as Ned Randall
Heeding a doctor's warning, an aggressive salesman retires, then finds that his new situation could prove more hazardous than his previous one.
Thanksgiving Day (1990) as Averill
During a family gathering at Thanksgiving, the head of the family dies during the meal, leaving the family to cope with his funeral, their neighbors, their bills and -- worst of all -- each other.
Vital Signs (1990) as Dean Of Students
A doctor guides seven student doctors through their third year of residency at a Los Angeles hospital. Marriages collapse and colleagues fall in love, but it takes a dying cancer patient to make the medical students realize what really matters in life.
Willies, The (1990) as Jenkins
While trying to scare each other by telling bedtime horror stories in a tent, Michael, Kyle and Josh recount a variety of tales of a fat KFC-eating woman eating a fried rat, an old man dying in a haunted house, an old lady putting her poodle in a microwave, a nerd feeding his teacher and school bull
Heart of the Deal, The (1990)
The arrival of two mysterious strangers, and their unusual proposal, forces a complacent accountant to reevaluate his priorities.
Girlfriend From Hell, The (1989)
When Carl is set up on a date with the socially awkward Maggie, it's a disaster; and that's when things get really bad. Maggie gets suddenly possessed by a demonic spirit that transforms her into a sexually aggressive wild woman. She uses her powers to cause devastation, decimate Carl's friends, the
Roommate, The (1988)
When a young man advertises for a roomate he gets much more than he bargained for.
Wall Street (1987) as Lynch
Eight Is Enough: A Family Reunion (1987)
A television movie sequel bringing together the Bradford family from the ABC series "Eight is Enough" (1977-81). In the film, the family gathers together to celebrate Tom Bradford's fiftieth birthday. Abby and youngest son Nicholas prepare the house for the big celebration. One by one, the other bro
Hardbodies 2 (1986) as Logan
Invaders From Mars (1986) as General Wilson
Jagged Edge (1985) as Andrew Hardesty
When a wealthy publishing magnate is accused of murdering his heiress wife, a high powered attorney is called in to defend him. She succeeds and the two fall in love. Then she grows suspicious that she helped acquit a guilty man.
Return of the Living Dead, The (1985) as Frank
A horror parody of George Romero''s "Living Dead" trilogy based on a story by John Russo, who coauthored the script to Romero''s original film and shares story rights. Set mostly in a medical supply house owned by Burt (Clu Gulager) and run by Frank (James Karen), the movie details the events of a night in which an experimental nerve gas pioneered by the military leaks and brings the dead back to life.
Latino (1985) as Colonel
Sam's Son (1984) as Mr Collins
Michael Landon''s semi-autobiographical sketch of his earlier life. It''s the story of Gene Orowitz, a high school student struggling with his identity, who finds success as a javelin thrower on the track team.
Poltergeist (1982) as Mr Teague
Evil spirits abduct a suburban family''s daughter causing chaos and havoc.
Time Walker (1982) as Wendell Rossmore
A university's newest acqusition is a sealed Egyptian sarcophagus. It is opened to reveal what appears to be a mummy, but is in fact, an extraterrestrial alien who is in suspended animation, and is covered with a dormant fungus. When student Peter Sharpe x-rays the mummy, he finds some crystals that
Day the Bubble Burst, The (1982)
Chronicling various personal stories surrounding the 1929 stock market crash, this adaptation of the best-seller by Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan-Witts had a curious TV history. Originally announced in 1978 as a four-hour movie to be called "The Day America Died", with a stellar cast of TV personalit
Take This Job And Shove It (1981) as Loomis
Frank Maclin is given a project by his corporate bosses, to revitalize the run-down brewery that they recently acquired in his hometown. Frank has become a success with the company and is not eager to move back to the town in Iowa he left ten years before, so he wants to make the changes quickly and leave. But things are complicated when his orders to increase productivity mean betraying the workers, and he doesn''t have the heart to do it.
Violation of Sarah McDavid, The (1981) as Dr Spandler
Idealistic young teacher, attacked in her classroom, decides to buck the system in an attempt to make schools safer, over the advice of her principal who, unwilling to rock the boat, tries to gloss over the hazardous conditions.
Portrait of a Rebel: Margaret Sanger (1980) as Untermeyer
A fact-based story about that controversial crusader for women's rights.
F.D.R. -- The Last Year (1980) as Admiral Mcintire
Jason Robards, who was seen as Leland Hayward initially only the night before, starred as a dying Franklin Delano Roosevelt in this dramatization of Jim Bishop's book, and garnered an Emmy Award nomination as Outstanding Actor. This production, taped rather than filmed, also brought a Supporting Act
Once Upon a Family (1980) as Alvin Heller
Another "Kramer vs. Kramer" variation (with two kids instead of one) has Barry Bostwick as a father trying to make it as a single parent when his wife (Maureen Anderman) walks out on him and the children.
Jazz Singer, The (1980) as Barney Callahan
Against his traditional father's wishes, the son of a Jewish cantor becomes a pop singer.
The China Syndrome (1979) as Mac Churchill
A television newswoman stumbles onto deadly secrets at a nuclear power plant.
Institute For Revenge (1979) as Power Broker
A sophisticated computer named IFR (the film's title is its nickname) supervises an organization dedicated to correcting wrongs against the defenseless and assigns human operatives to track down the evildoers and bring them to justice nonviolently. This fanciful pilot was for a series that never mat
Topper (1979) as Fred Korbel
This updating of the screwball classic about two brand new angels, a carefree rich couple on earth who have a devil of a time getting into heaven stars Kate Jackson and her then-husband Andrew Stevens (who also were the film's executive producers) in the roles played in the 1937 original by Constanc
Ordeal of Patty Hearst, The (1979) as Psychologist
The Patricia Hearst story -- through the eyes of FBI Special Agent Charles Bates -- from her abduction on February 4, 1974, until her capture nineteen months later.
Capricorn One (1978) as Vice President Price
The government fakes a Mars landing then sets out to kill the astronauts involved.
F.I.S.T. (1978) as Andrews
A small-time union member trades his integrity for power within the organization.
Opening Night (1977) as Bell Boy
After viewing the accidental death of a devoted fan, a famous actress re-examines her professional and personal relationships.
Something For Joey (1977) as Dr Wingreen
A dramatization of the true-life relationship between 1973 Heisman Trophy-winning football star John Cappelletti and his brother, Joey, stricken with leukemia. Director Lou Antonio and writer Jerry McNeely both received Emmy Award nominations.
Gathering, The (1977) as Bob Block
A crusty businessman, facing his last Christmas, makes an eleventh hour attempt to pull together the family which he shattered by allowing them to become second to his work and which he left years earlier. The Emmy-winner as Outstanding Special of 1977-78, with nominations also going to Maureen Stap
Mary Jane Happer Cried Last Night (1977) as Dr Sutterman
Child abuse is the subject of this film dealing with a deeply troubled young mother whose serious psychiatric problems lead her to take them out on her daughter. Editor Kenneth R. Koch received an Emmy Award nomination.
All The President's Men (1976) as Hugh Sloan'S Lawyer
Two Washington Post reporters investigate the Watergate break-in that ended Nixon's presidency.
Amazing Grace (1974) as Annenberg
Grace is a feisty old lady who lives in the ghetto. Grace campaigns for ex-convict Moses Gunn during his run for mayor, and with her help, he wins and cleans up a corrupt administration.
Rivals (1972) as Child psychiatrist
When a woman remarries, her new husband and her 10-year-old are jealous of each other. Life is difficult, but things take a deadly turn when the boy decides that he can solve their problems by kiling his step-father.
Hercules in New York (1970) as The professor
Hercules leaves Mount Olympus and heads for Earth, where he becomes entangled with wrestling promoters and the mob.
I Never Sang for My Father (1970) as Old age home director
When his mother dies, a grieving son is torn between his demanding father and his need to live his own life.
Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster (1965) as Dr. Adam Steele
When an atomic war on Mars destroys the planet¿s women, it¿s up to Martian Princess Marcuzan and her right-hand man Dr. Nadir to travel to earth and kidnap women for new breeding stock. Landing in Puerto Rico, they shoot down a NASA space capsule manned by an android. With his electronic brain damaged, the android terrorizes the island while the Martians raid beaches and pool parties.

Cast (special)

Buster Keaton: So Funny It Hurt! (2004)
Documentary that focuses on comedian Buster Keaton''''s years at MGM.
Buster Keaton: Genius in Slapshoes (1995) as Interviewee
Biographical documentary of silent film star and comedy pioneer Buster Keaton.
Coach Retrospective: Mary Hart Goes One-on-One With "Coach," The (1994) as James Armstrong
Coach Hayden Fox accepts an invitation by entertainment reporter Mary Hart to go one-on-one with her and take a look at the highlights of his life during the past six years.
Wild Jack (1989) as Stepfield
A three-part action-adventure series for "The Magical World of Disney" about an Alaskan wilderness guide who is suddenly thrust into an urban environment and charged with running a multi-million-dollar publishing empire.
Have You Ever Been Ashamed of Your Parents? (1983) as Mr Fairchild
The story of Fran Davies, a teenage girl who is forced to reevaluate family relationships and the meaning of self-pride when her father loses his job and her mother accepts a position as cook in the home of a wealthy friend.
Me and Ducky (1979) as Carol'S Father
Pilot episode for a proposed series about the lives of Carol Munday and Cidra "Ducky" Hopnagel, two glamorous teenage girls attending "San Francisco High School."

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Love On The Edge (1999) as Brad Peters
Shadow Of Doubt (1998) as Norman Caloway
Billionaire Boys Club (1987) as Mr Fairmont Sr
A miniseries about the Billionaire Boys Club, consisting of wealthy young investment partners led by Joe Hunt, who was convicted of murdering a fellow investor whom Hunt felt had swindled him.
Blind Ambition (1979) as Earl Silbert
The Watergate crisis as viewed by John Dean and his wife Maureen, based on their respective personal accounts, and distilled into an eight-hour drama with all of the political figures of the day parading by. Sheen, whose gamut of political portrayals has run from Robert Kennedy (in "The Missiles of

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