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George Barbier

George Barbier



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Also Known As: Died: July 19, 1945
Born: November 19, 1864 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Her Lucky Night (1945) as J. L. Wentworth
Blonde Ransom (1945) as Uncle William [Morrison]
Week-End Pass (1944) as [Commander "Pops"] Bradley
Hello Frisco, Hello (1943) as Col. Weatherby
Thunder Birds (1942) as Col. Cyrus P. "Gramps" Saunders
A veteran flyer and the youngster he''''s training fall for the same girl.
Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) as Erlanger
A musical portrait of composer/singer/dancer George M. Cohan. From his early days as a child-star in his family's vaudeville show up to the time of his comeback at which he received a medal from the president for his special contributions to the US, this is the life- story of George M. Cohan, who produced, directed, wrote and starred in his own musical shows for which he composed his famous songs.
Song of the Islands (1942) as Harper
A cattle baron''s son falls for the daughter of a South Seas businessman.
The Magnificent Dope (1942) as [James Roger] Barker
Dwight Dawson, who runs an unsuccessful success school, stages a contest to find the biggest failure in the USA, for publicity value when the "dope" takes his course. But winner Tad Page is contented with his idle, lazy life and threatens to convert Dawson's other students to his philosophy. Dawson captalizes on Tad's attraction to Claire Harris to win him over; but will Tad find out Claire is really engaged to Dawson?
The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942) as Dr. Bradley
An acerbic critic wreaks havoc when a hip injury forces him to move in with a midwestern family.
Million Dollar Baby (1941) as Marlin
A young innocent's surprise inheritance causes problems with her poor but proud boyfriend.
Week-End in Havana (1941) as Walter McCracken
A ship company employee, Jay Williams (John Payne), is sent to Florida where one of the company cruise ships is stuck on a reef off of the coast. He obtains waivers from all of the passengers with the exception of Nan Spencer (Alice Faye), a department store salesgirl who wants her vacation NOW, not later. Jay is instructed to take Nan to Havana and set her up in the best hotel and keep her entertained. She visits a night club where the star attraction is Rosita Rivas (Carmen Miranda), and meets Rosita's worthless manager, Monte Blanca (Cesar Romero), who makes a play for her. Trouble also comes in the form of Jay's fiancee, Terry McCracken (Cobina Wright Jr.), when a romance develops between Nan and Jay.
Marry the Bo$$'$ Daughter (1941) as J. W. Barrett
Young man from Kansas (Edwards) goes to New York to work for his tycoon-hero (Barbier). His superiors won't listen to his ideas about business, but the boss and his daughter (Joyce) do.
Repent at Leisure (1941) as Robert Cornelius "R. C." Baldwin
A newlywed tries to keep her husband from learning she''''s the boss''''s daughter.
Sing Another Chorus (1941) as Mr. [Arthur] Peyton
The Return of Frank James (1940) as Judge
The legendary outlaw''''s brother eludes the law to avenge Jesse James''''s murder.
Village Barn Dance (1940) as Uncle Si
News Is Made at Night (1939) as Clanahan
Remember? (1939) as Mr. McIntrye
A bickering couple takes an amnesia potion so they can re-discover each other.
Smuggled Cargo (1939) as C. P. Franklin
S.O.S.--Tidal Wave (1939) as Uncle Dan Carter
Wife, Husband and Friend (1939) as Major Blair
A husband and wife train to be opera singers.
Tarzan's Revenge (1938) as Roger Reed
Tarzan saves Elenor from the evil grip of ruler Ben Alleu Bey.
Hold That Kiss (1938) as Mr. [J. Westley] Piermont
Romance blossoms when a man and woman each think the other is rich.
The Adventures of Marco Polo (1938) as Kublai Khan
Classic biography of the Italian explorer and his journeys to China.
Hold That Co-Ed (1938) as [Major Hubert] Breckenridge
While running for governor a politician aids a needy college by plotting to assure victory for their football team. Though to be a parody of Huey Long and his machine.
My Lucky Star (1938) as George Cabot, Sr.
The son (Romero) of a department store owner enrolls the store's sports clerk (Henie) at a university to use her as an advertisement for their fashion department. She falls for a teacher (Greene) and gets expelled.
Thanks for Everything (1938) as Joe Raines
Promoters (Menjou and Oakie) set up a radio contest to find the average American (Haley) and use him to sell food, apparel and notions. All goes well until he falls in love with a girl (Whelan) who upsets things.
Little Miss Broadway (1938) as Fiske
An orphan adopted by show people helps them fight off a nasty landlady.
Sweethearts (1938) as Benjamin Silver
Bickering husband-and-wife stage stars are manipulated into a break-up for publicity purposes.
It's Love I'm After (1937) as William West
A squabbling stage couple gets mixed up with an amorous fan and her jealous suitor.
Hotel Haywire (1937) as I. Ketts
On the Avenue (1937) as Commodore Caraway
A new Broadway show starring Gary Blake shamelessly lampoons the rich Carraway family. To get her own back, daughter Mimi sets out to ensnare Blake, but the courtship is soon for real, to the annoyance of his co-star, hoofing chanteuese Mona Merrick.
A Girl with Ideas (1937) as John F. Morgan
Waikiki Wedding (1937) as J. P. Todhunter
A laid-back marketing man for a Hawaiian pineapple company enjoys his life in the tropical paradise until a beautiful woman arrives on the island and turns his life upside down.
Spendthrift (1936) as Uncle Morton Middleton
The Preview Murder Mystery (1936) as Jerome Hewitt
The Milky Way (1936) as Wilbur Austin
A mild-mannered milkman stumbles onto a career in the boxing ring.
Early to Bed (1936) as Horace B. Stanton
Three Married Men (1936) as Mr. Cary
Wife Vs. Secretary (1936) as [J. D.] Underwood
A secretary becomes so valuable to her boss that it jeopardizes his marriage.
Princess Comes Across (1936) as Captain Nicholls
A Brooklyn girl masquerades as a princess to land a Hollywood contract.
The Crusades (1935) as Sancho, King of Navarre
King Richard the Lionhearted launches a crusade to preserve Christianity in Jerusalem.
Millions in the Air (1935) as Calvin Keller
McFadden's Flats (1935) as Mr. Hall
Life Begins at 40 (1935) as Col. Joseph Abercrombie
A small-town newspaper publisher champions a young man who may have been jailed wrongly.
Broadway Gondolier (1935) as Hayward
A taxi driver travels to Venice and poses as a gondolier to land a radio singing job.
Old Man Rhythm (1935) as John Roberts, Sr.
A business leader goes back to college to keep an eye on his playboy son.
Here Comes Cookie (1935) as Harrison Allen
Hold 'Em Yale (1935) as Mr. Van Cleve
Many Happy Returns (1934) as Horatio Allen
Gracie Allen (Gracie Allen) assumes the "management" of the shop owned by her papa Horatio Allen (George Barbier), turning it into a radio station and then an aviary---with the usual Gracie Allen logic---while distracted Papa is trying to get younger daughter, beauty contest winner Florence (Joan Marsh), married before she can head to Hollywood and get into the movies. The story moves to Hollywood, where, with Gracie around, kidnappers get kidnapped and the chatter between her and George Burns (George Burns)even takes a few satirized shots at Filmland, in addition to their usual unusual routines. Guy Lombardo, top-billed on the ads and posters with Burns and Allen but not the cast listings, and dance team Frank Veloz and Yolanda, fill in where needed between the cracks of the mostly on-the-fly plot, and they don't seem to be taking their gigs all that seriously either. Burns & Allen Radio fans, the few of us that still remember "Radio", will love it,while others are likely to give it a "say what" or 'duh", especially if they were raised on television comedy of the past 20 years.
Journal of a Crime (1934) as Chautard
Before she can confess to shooting her husband''''s mistress, a woman succumbs to amnesia.
Elmer and Elsie (1934) as John Kincaid
She Loves Me Not (1934) as J. Thorval Jones
Curly Flagg, Philadelphia nightclub dancer, witnesses a murder and runs away to avoid being held as material witness. Landing in Princeton, she hides out in a college dorm, decked out in men's clothes and haircut by students Paul and Buzz. Soon, converging on Princeton are: 1) publicity men for Buzz's dad's movie studio; 2) Paul's irate fiancée Frances; 3) killer Mugg, who wants to rub out Curly. By the time they arrive yet another girl is after Paul: Midge, the dean's daughter.
The Cat's-Paw (1934) as Jake Mayo
Naive Ezekial Cobb, brought up by his missionary father in China returns to America to seek a wife. Corrupt politicians enlist him to run for mayor as a dummy candidate with no chance of winning. Their plan backfires as he wins and embarks upon a reform crusade.
College Rhythm (1934) as J. P. Stacey
Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen (1934) as Mac Cready
The Merry Widow (1934) as King [Achmed II]
A prince from a small kingdom courts a wealthy widow to keep her money in the country.
Ladies Should Listen (1934) as Joseph Flamberg
The switchboard operator in an apartment building falls in love with a businessman who lives in the building, whom she has gotten to know only over the phone. When she discovers that the man's current girlfriend is actually part of a scheme to swindle him out of some mineral rights he owns, she devises a plot to save him and expose the con artists.
Turn Back the Clock (1933) as Evans
A middle aged working man gets to relive his life and make himself wealthy.
Mama Loves Papa (1933) as Mr. Kirkwood
This Day and Age (1933) as Judge Maguire
Sunset Pass (1933) as Judge
Love, Honor and Oh, Baby! (1933) as Jasper B. Ogden
Tillie and Gus (1933) as Captain Fogg
Tillie and Augustus Winterbottom are thought to be missionaries when they arrive to find Phineas Pratt trying cheat the Sheridans out of her father's inheritance, including a ferry franchise and a boat. The only way to keep the franchise is to win a race against Pratt's boat.
Under the Tonto Rim (1933) as Weston
Hello, Everybody! (1933) as Mr. Marshall
The setting is a farm. Kate Smith and Sally Blane play sisters; assorted relatives live with the sisters, but everyone at home, and in the whole town, depends on Kate to hold everything together. The power company wants to build a dam which will require flooding many of the farms; Kate is holding out; if Kate sells, everyone else will sell; if Kate refuses, the rest of the town will refuse as well. Randolph Scott meets Kate's beautiful sister, Sally Blane, at a dance. Randolph Scott, as it turns out, is an agent for the power company. Kate thinks he's just using Sally; Sally believes that he truly likes her. Randolph comes to the farm and appears to woo Kate. Kate remains unconvinced about selling out, but falls for Randolph.
A Lady's Profession (1933) as James Garfield
The Phantom President (1932) as Ronkton
Too bad for presidential hopes of banker T.K. Blair; his party feels he has too little flair for savoir faire. But at a medicine show, the party bosses find Blair's double: huckster Doc Varney. Of course, they scheme to make Varney T.K.'s public spokesman; at first, he even fools Blair's girlfriend Felicia, providing a romantic complication. As election eve approaches, the conspirators face the problem of what to do with Varney...who has difficult decisions of his own to make.
The Broken Wing (1932) as Luther Farley
Madame Racketeer (1932) as Warden Waddell
One Hour with You (1932) as Police commissioner
Both members of a married couple fight the temptation to stray.
Million Dollar Legs (1932) as Mr. Baldwin
A small country decides to enter the Olympic Games to raise money for their soon to be bankrupt home.
Evenings for Sale (1932) as Heinrich Fischer
Skyscraper Souls (1932) as [Charlie] Norton
A ruthless financier will stop at nothing to control a 100-story office building.
No Man of Her Own (1932) as Mr. Randall
A card sharp on the run falls for a beautiful librarian.
Strangers in Love (1932) as Mr. Merrow
No One Man (1932) as Alfred Newbold
The Strange Case of Clara Deane (1932) as Richard Ware
The Big Broadcast (1932) as Mr. Clapsaddle
The manager at a local radio station puts on a singer (Bing Crosby) who is immediately a hit with his listeners. The problem is that the young singer doesn't seen to be too serious-minded about his career, which becomes a matter of concern for the station management.
Girls About Town (1931) as Webster
24 Hours (1931) as Hector Champion
The Smiling Lieutenant (1931) as King Adolf XV
A misfired flirtation lands a young lieutenant married to a princess instead of the one he loves.
Touchdown! (1931) as Jerome Gehring
Football coach Dan Curtis is eager for his small college team to win at all costs. However, he has a change of heart when a player is severely injured by playing when he should have been resting. Finally, Dan's school confronts its arch rival and Dan must decide how badly he wants the boys to win.
The Sap From Syracuse (1930) as Senator Powell
Ginger Rogers plays an heiress on a cruise to Europe being pursued by a day laborer mistaken for a prominent mining engineer. During the cruise, he foils two crooks try to get rid of Ginger.
The Big Pond (1930) as Mr. Billings

Costume-Wardrobe (feature film)

Monsieur Beaucaire (1924) as Costumes
When M. Beaucaire, a handsome barber, catches the Duke of Winterset cheating at gambling, Beaucaire exacts Winterset's cooperation in sneaking Beaucaire into a great ball, disguised as the Duke de Chartres, and to introduce him to the beautiful Lady Mary. The disguised barber successfully pulls off the masquerade and is soon the toast of society. But Winterset is embittered at having been blackmailed so, and he sets out to destroy Beaucaire if he can do so without revealing his own duplicity.

Cast (short)

Cinema Circus (1937)
In this short film, various celebrities take part in a circus performance.

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