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Also Known As: Died: April 8, 1996
Born: June 13, 1918 Cause of Death: heart attack
Birth Place: Foreacre, Oklahoma, USA Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

Last Ride, The (1989) as Director
A cowboy dies with one last wish.

Cast (feature film)

Evening Star, The (1996) as Arthur Cotton
After her daughter Emma's death, Aurora Greenway raised her grandchildren in her devoted, but overbearing way. The results are mixed and she knows it. Still plugging away at thankless parenting, she battles with 18-year-old Melanie and prods the older brothers Tommy and Teddy, but they all regard he
Ben Johnson: Third Cowboy On the Right (1996) as Himself
An unusually detailed look at one of Hollywood's long-time leading character actors, Ben Johnson--the epitome of the Western man. Part-Irish and part-Cherokee, the rugged Oklahoma native worked as a cowboy from age 11; Johnson arrived in tinsel town in a carload of horses, as a wrangler delivering s
Ruby Jean and Joe (1996) as Big Man
An aging rodeo performer picks up a young black girl hitchhiking through the backroads of the Southwest. During their time together, they form a strong friendship. Although they have to confront the disapproving eyes of those around them, their unique relationship changes each other's lives forever.
Legend of O. B. Taggert, The (1995)
A former train robber tries to recover some stolen gold and must battle his selfish sons.
Bonanza: Under Attack (1995) as Bronc Evans
Television movie based on the movie "Bonanza: The Return" (November 28, 1993 on NBC) and the "Bonanza" TV series (1959 to 1973 on NBC). The Ponderosa Ranch offers sanctuary to a once-notorious, now reformed outlaw Frank James, who is being relentlessly pursued by an unscrupulous Pinkerton detective.
Angels in the Outfield (1994) as Hank Murphy
A foster child believes that his luck will change if his beloved California Angels can win the pennant. Meanwhile, the last place team's manager is trying to turn the club around and save his job. He gets help from an angel named Al who miraculously leads the club to the playoffs.
Bonanza: The Return (1993) as Bronc Evans
Television movie sequel to the NBC western series "Bonanza." The Ponderosa Ranch is in trouble, and it's up to the next generation of Cartwrights to battle the unscrupulous businessman who plans to desecrate the land by establishing a strip-mining operation.
Radio Flyer (1992) as Geronimo Bill
The story of two young brothers who escape from the harsh realities of life and abuse by their stepfather through fantasy.
Chase, The (1991) as John Laurienti
Based on the true story of a dramatic police pursuit of bank robber Mark Taylor in 1988. The police and a helicopter news team joined together in Denver on a deadly chase that claimed the life of one officer.
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (1991) as Jessie Dalton
A family drama involving an aging cowpoke's attempt to repatch strained relationships with his father and former girlfriend.
Back to Back (1989)
Two brothers attempt to clear their father's name.
Cherry 2000 (1988) as Six Finger Jake
In the near future, E. Johnson, a mercenary living in The Zone, a post-industrial desert wasteland, is contacted by a yuppie named Sam who is seeking help to replace his Cherry 2000 sex robot, which recently suffered internal meltdown. Together, they set out to find the replacement Cherry clones, wh
Dark Before Dawn (1988) as Sheriff
The farmers versus corporate America.
Stranger on My Land (1988) as Vern
A television movie about a Vietnam veteran's fight to keep the government from seizing his ranch for the expansion of a nearby missile base.
Trespasses (1987) as August Klein
Let's Get Harry (1986) as Mr Burck Sr
An American engineer (Harmon) on loan to Colombia, is taken hostage and held for ranson. His brother, Corey and friend, are among a group of men lead by Shrike (Duvall) to go deep into the jungles of Colombia to rescue Harry and an American ambassador.
Wild Horses (1985) as Bill Ward
A former rodeo champion loses his job on an assembly line and goes to Wyoming to herd mustangs. There he finds a new love and encounters corrupt government officials.
Red Dawn (1984) as Mason
When the Soviet Union and Cuba invade the United States and paratroop into a small mid-western town, a group of teens band together to fight off their occupiers.
Champions (1983) as Burley Cocks
Tex (1982) as Cole Collins
Tale of two American teenagers growing up in the Southwest who are trying to make the right decisions with little parental guidance.
Shadow Riders, The (1982) as Uncle Jack Traven
In this Western from Louis L'Amour's library of sagebrush sagas, Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott, brothers on opposite sides in the Civil War, return home to find that their younger brother, Jeffrey Osterhage, their two sisters, and Elliott's sweetheart, Katharine Ross (his subsequent real-life wife), have been abducted by a ragtag band of renegades led by Geoffrey Lewis, a rebel officer unable to accept the Confederacy's defeat. Their plan is to exchange the prisoners for guns and ammunition from arms merchant Gene Evans so that they can continue to fight against the Union. Much of the same cast and crew worked previously on the two-part adaptation of L'Amour's "The Sacketts" (1979). One of the now-rare TV Westerns, it was cited for special recognition at the first TV-Movie Awards from the Locarno Film Festival in 1983.
Terror Train (1980) as Carne
Hunter, The (1980) as Sheriff Strong
During his long career, bounty hunter Ralph "Papa" Thorson has caught over 5,000 criminals. Now, while he is working on apprehending fugitives in Illinois, Texas and Nebraska, he himself is being hunted by a psychotic killer.
Grayeagle (1978) as John Colter
John Colter has devoted his life to tracking down Grayeagle, the Cheyenne brave who kidnapped his daughter. But eventually he learns that there was an honorable idea behind her abduction.
The Swarm (1978) as Felix
Killer bees extend their territory into the U.S., with devastating effect.
The Greatest (1977) as Hollis
Muhammad Ali risks his championship status by speaking out against the Vietnam War.
The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1977) as Captain J D Morales
A small Texas town is terrorized by a hooded serial killer.
Savage Bees, The (1976) as Sheriff Donald Mckew
A swarm of killer bees from South America threatens New Orleans at the height of the Mardi Gras weekend. A neat little thriller that won an Emmy in the category of Film Sound Mixing.
Hustle (1975) as Marty Hollinger
Cynical policeman Phil Gaines is investigating the case of a dead porn actress/stripper whose body was found on the beach. Things are complicated when the dead woman''s father decides to conduct his own investigation.
Breakheart Pass (1975) as Nathan Pearce
A U.S. Marshall tries to bring in a captured outlaw during a treacherous train ride.
Bite the Bullet (1975) as Mister
Cowboys compete in a grueling horse-riding marathon.
The Sugarland Express (1974) as Captain Tanner
An ex-convict springs her husband from prison to keep their child from being adopted.
Locusts (1974) as Amos Fletcher
Strikingly similar to the short story chiller "Laningen and the Ants" (filmed by Paramount in 1953 as "The Naked Jungle"), this tale has a menacing swarm of locusts advancing on the midwest, forcing a young World War II pilot, discharged as unfit to fly, to attempt to conquer his personal terror and
Red Pony, The (1973) as Jess Taylor
Peabody Award-winning color remake of the 1949 movie from the Steinbeck novella -- here without the Billy Buck character -- telling of a turn-of-the-century California farm family and the attachment of their sensitive young son to his horse after being unable to establish an understanding with his g
The Train Robbers (1973) as Jesse
A bandit's widow enlists a famed gunman to return the gold her husband had stolen.
Runaway! (1973) as Holly Gibson
A suspense thriller about a bunch of weekend skiers (familiar TV faces all) who sweat out a harrowing journey down a mountainside in a runaway train. Theatrically, in Great Britain, this film was titled, cleverly, as "The Runaway Train."
Blood Sport (1973) as Dwayne Birdsong
A high school athlete is torn between the ambitions of his father, who wants him to get a football scholarship, and those of his fanatical coach, whose obsession with winning leads him to treat his players like cattle.
Kid Blue (1972) as Sheriff "Mean John" Simpson
A western satire in which the counterculture visits 1902 Dime Box, Texas.
Junior Bonner (1972) as Buck Roan
An aging rodeo rider tries to deal with his dysfunctional family.
The Getaway (1972) as Jack Beynon
When a bank robbery goes bad, an ex-con and his wife take it on the lam.
Corky (1972) as Boland
An arrogant stock-car racer ignores his family.
something big (1971) as Jesse Bookbinder
Joe Baker has a dream. He wants to do 'something big.' When he needs a Gatling gun to accomplish this, he seeks out a black marketeer. The price he wants for the gun? A woman! So Baker kidnaps a woman off of the stagecoach, only to find that she is the wife of the commandant of the local Cavalry detachment. Things get further complicated when a girl named Dover McBride shows up. She has come to force Baker to marry her and return east, as he promised to do four years earlier.
The Last Picture Show (1971) as Sam the Lion
Changing times take their toll on high schoolers growing up in a small Western town.
Chisum (1970) as James Pepper
A cattle baron enlists Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid to help him fight a land war.
The Undefeated (1969) as Short Grub
After the Civil War, ex-Union Colonel John Henry Thomas and ex-Confederate Colonel James Langdon are leading two disparate groups of people through strife-torn Mexico. John Henry and company are bringing horses to the unpopular Mexican government for $35 a head while Langdon is leading a contingent of displaced southerners, who are looking for a new life in Mexico after losing their property to carpetbaggers. The two men are eventually forced to mend their differences in order to fight off both bandits and revolutionaries, as they try to lead their friends and kin to safety.
The Wild Bunch (1969) as Tector Gorch
A group of aging cowboys look for one last score in a corrupt border town.
Will Penny (1968) as Alex
An Oregon ranchhand finds that his mountain cabin has been appropriated by a woman and her son.
Hang 'Em High (1968) as
A mysterious drifter survives a lynching then goes back for revenge.
The Rare Breed (1966) as Jeff Harter
A brave woman tries to breed her English bull with western cattle.
Major Dundee (1965) as Sergeant Chillum
Cavalry misfits cross the Mexican border to destroy an Indian outpost.
Cheyenne Autumn (1964) as Trooper Plumtree
A reluctant Calvary Captain must track a defiant tribe of migrating Cheyennes.
One-Eyed Jacks (1961) as Bob Amory
An outlaw seeks revenge on the old friend who betrayed him.
Tomboy and the Champ (1961) as Uncle Jim
Ten Who Dared (1960) as George Bradley
Based on Major John Wesley Powell's own journal, adventure yarn depicting the perils encountered by Powell and nine boatmen in successfully navigating three small craft down the treacherous Colorado River for the first time in 1869.
Fort Bowie (1958) as Capt. "Tomahawk" Thompson
Cavalrymen have to attack their own fort when it''''s taken by the Apache.
Slim Carter (1957) as Montana Burriss
Hughie Mack, a not so nice western singer, is discovered by Clover Doyle as the next movie cowboy hero. His name is changed to Slim Carter and a promotional buildup begins. Leo Gallaher, an orphan boy wins the contest to spend a month with Slim. Leo is a good influence on his cowboy hero. Clover sees the good and more in Slim. Montana Burriss is Slim's double.
War Drums (1957) as Luke Fargo
A white trader and an Apache chief fall for the same woman.
Rebel in Town (1956) as Frank Mason
A man hunts down the bank robber who accidentally killed his son.
Simba (1955) as Kimani
A European family gets caught between English colonists and African rebels.
Shane (1953) as Chris Calloway
A mysterious drifter helps farmers fight off a vicious gunman.
Wild Stallion (1952) as Dan Light
A horse hunter pursues a white colt that ran off when his parents were killed.
Fort Defiance (1951) as Ben [Shelby]
A Civil War veteran returns to his hometown to avenge his brother's death.
Wagon Master (1950) as Travis [Blue]
Two wandering cowhands sign on to help a wagon train headed for Utah.
Rio Grande (1950) as Trooper Travis Tyree
A cavalry unit located on the Mexican border must control Indian uprisings.
3 Godfathers (1949) as Member of posse
Three outlaws on the run risk their freedom and their lives to return a newborn to civilization.
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) as Sgt. Tyree
An aging Cavalry officer tries to prevent an Indian war in the last days before his retirement.
Mighty Joe Young (1949) as Gregg [Johnson]
Showmen try to exploit a giant ape raised by an orphan.
Badman's Territory (1946) as Deputy
A sheriff and a newspaperwoman take on a band of outlaws invading the Oklahoma panhandle.
Bringing Up Betty (1919) as Theodore Morton
The Oakdale Affair (1919) as Clem Burton

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Born Reckless (1959) as Technical Advisor
A saloon singer falls in love with a free roaming rider and tries to change his lifestyle.
Around the World in 80 Days (1956) as Animal handler
A Victorian gentleman bets that he can beat the world's record for circling the globe.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Fort Apache (1948) as Stunt rider
An experienced cavalry officer tries to keep his new, by-the-books commander from triggering an Indian war.
California Gold Rush (1946) as Stunts
The stagecoaches on the line owned by Colonel Parker (Russell Simpson) are being robbed and the drivers killed, so The Duchess (Alice Fleming), sends for Red Ryder (Bill Elliott as Wild Bill Elliott). Businessman Ernest Murphy (Joel Friedkin), and his gang of outlaws that include the whistling Chopin (Dick Curtis), gets hold of the letter that the Duchess wrote Red and hires the Idaho Kid (Wen Wright) to waylay him. But Red gets the drop on Idaho instead, and then poses as him and joins the gang. Murphy, realizing that Red isn't the man he hired, frames Red for stealing an ore shipment. Little Beaver (Bobby Blake) helps Red escape from the Sheriff (Tom London) and his posse, and they set about to track down the gang.

Cast (special)

Legends of the American West (1992)
A two-part documentary that explores the reality behind some of the famous lawmakers and lawbreakers of the American West, such as Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Wyatt Earp, as well as Native Americans Geronimo and Sitting Bull. The portraits include historical re-enactments, archival photos and drawin
Ride a Northbound Horse (1987) as Will Parker
A "WonderWorks" presentation about Cav Rand, a young boy newly orphaned, who sells the family belongings so he can buy a horse and join a cattle drive. When the horse is stolen by a crooked peddler, he becomes a cook in the cattle drive and, along with his new friends, outwits the peddler to get his

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Darklings, The (1999) as Josh Bradshaw
Dream West (1986) as Jim Bridger
A three-part miniseries about John Charles Fremont, the American adventurer, the free-spirited woman who impelled him to dare undreamt-of feats, and the young nation they helped to shape. The story begins in 1839 when Fremont is chosen to lead the trek into the Oregon Territory with the help of Kit
Louis L'Amour's The Sacketts (1979) as Cap Roundtree
A traditional sagebrush saga based on two novels by Louis L'Amour, the foremost Western author on the contemporary scene, and the first dramatized for television of the seventy-four he has written (eleven are about the Sackett family). This four-hour movie focuses on the three Sackett brothers in Ne

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Wild Times (1980) as Doc Bogardus

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