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Also Known As: Died: August 7, 1999
Born: February 20, 1945 Cause of Death: heart attack
Birth Place: Beaumont, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Dirt Merchant (2002) as Detective Harry Ball
Kurt Merchant, known to his friends as "Dirt," loses his mailroom job at a record label and ends up getting a position delivering summons papers. When he is instructed to give a "notice to appear" to Johnny Decay, a well-known rock star, he gets excited. However, when Dirt arrives at Johnny's home,
King is Alive, The (2000) as Ashley
Stranded in the heat of a barren African desert, eleven bus passengers shelter in the elements of an abandoned town. As rescue grows more remote by the day and anxiety deepens, an idea emerges: why not stage a play. However the choice of King Lear only manages to plunge this disparate group of trave
Operator, The (2000) as Vernon Woods
Gary Wheelan, a womanizing, adulterous thirty-something Dallas attorney, finally gets what he deserves when his verbal assaults provoke a telephone operator to systematically to ruin his life. This operator, he quickly learns, was the wrong woman to offend. The operator, who calls herself "Shiva," g
Diplomatic Siege (1999) as Stubbs
A career diplomat and a computer expert attempt to thwart Serbian terrorists holding 37 hostages in the American Embassy, while a time-bomb ticks away in the basement.
Arthur's Quest (1999) as Trent
A contemporary update of Mark Twain's classic tale in which Merlin transports young King Arthur into modern day America. When Merlin comes back ten years later to retrieve him, he finds a hip 15 year-old Arthur who does not believe Merlin, nor does he want to return to the past.
Heist (1998)
A musician turns to the con game when resources are low.
In God's Hands (1998) as Captain
Three surfers tour the world in search of the ultimate wave. When one of them is killed by a wave in Hawaii, his friend jumps on a plane in order to surf that same wave in Mexico.
Brown's Requiem (1998) as Cathcart
Ex-LAPD cop Fritz Brown accepts a simple surveillance job only to be lured into a world of arson, corruption and pornography.
Back in Business (1997) as Ryker
Less-than-brilliant cops take on crooked police. Two undercover pals team up for drug stakeout duty.
Underground (1997) as Captain Hilton
A detective risks all to capture the man who murdered his partner.
Bombshell (1997) as Donald
Buck Corgan works for Nanolab, a company trying to develop a cancer-fighting nanotechnology-based drug. When he realizes the project is flawed, Buck urges his boss Donald to delay the product's launch. Buck is ordered to launch the product nonetheless, and not worry about whether it is ready or not.
Assault on Dome 4 (1997) as Chairman
A lawman from Earth must prevent a psychotic killer from taking over a small planet and constructing the ultimate weapon of destruction. One of the scientists trapped on the planet is the wife of the detective, Chase Morran.
Steel Frontier (1997) as General Jw Quantrell
Following an apocalyptic explosion, a colony of survivors forge a new life from the ashes in a town called New Hope. The rebirth comes to an end when an armada of outlaw ex-soldiers ride in out of the desert and take New Hope by force. All hope is lost until a lone gunman ambles into town and the only thing faster than his wit is his draw.
Snide and Prejudice (1997) as Goering
At an asylum called the Temporal Displacement Foundation, the rise of Hitler is played out by the inmates. The resident physician, Dr Cohen encourages his patients who believe they are important Nazi figures to act out their fantasies. The therapy sessions show Hitler consolidating his power by ass
Fifth Element, The (1997) as General Munro
A cab driver in the 23rd century finds himself battling an evil force during an apocalyptic war as he tries to secure a mysterious "fifth element."
Evil Obsession (1996)
When a supermodel receives several notes written in crayon from an obsessed fan, she begins to fear for her life and hires a well-known private investigator to protect her from a serial killer.
Precious Find (1996) as Sam Horton
Three prospectors and a beautiful claim jumper race to the outer reaches of the universe in an all-out fight to raid the galaxy's richest and most dangerous goldmine.
Pterodactyl Woman From Beverly Hills (1996) as Salvador Dali; Sam
A woman in Beverly Hills turns into a pterodactyl when a colleague of her husband's,a paleontologist, casts a long-distance spell on her while on a desert dig.
American Strays (1996) as Otis
It's a time-honored tradition in the American West that madness and malevolence fit into normal, everyday life, along with big guns, big cars and the open road. "American Strays" is made up of three stories related by time, place, and attitude. In one story, Dwayne, a vacuum cleaner salesman leaves
Killing Jar, The (1996) as Dr Garrett
Fragments of a man's shattered memory rip apart his life as he tries to piece together the clues to a brutal murder he stands accused of.
Dominion (1995)
Six friends arrange for a week-long camping trip and are air-dropped in a designated sector of wild timberland where they good-naturedly set up camp and head out the following morning when they spot fresh animal tracks. All is well until they chance upon a deep ravine and slowly venture across a ten
Sketch Artist II: Hands That See (1995) as Larry Welber
A police sketch artist collaborates with a blind rape victim, in an effort to come up with an exact portrait of her attacker.
Virtual Assassin (1995) as Nassim
In the year 2012, an ex-cop finds himself trapped in a hi-tech research facility that has been taken over by new age thieves known as Cyberjacks. Now he must stop them from stealing the ultimate computer virus and holding the world hostage.
Nature of the Beast (1995)
Two men, both hiding a deadly secret, are on a murderous rampage through the desert. One is a thief, the other is a killer - the only question is which one is which?
Future Shock (1994)
A deranged psychiatrist applies virtual reality technology to probe the minds of three unsuspecting patients.
Companion, The (1994) as Ron Cocheran
Set twenty years in the future, androids are commonplace and used to cook and clean. Gillian Tanner, a successful romance novelist, plans to begin and complete her next novel in the solace and comfort of an isolated mountain cabin. Her friends persuade her to obtain the services of Geoffrey, an andr
Cabin Boy (1994) as Big Teddy
En route to a luxury ocean cruise, an insufferably snide, spoiled rich kid mistakenly boards "The Filthy Whore," a dilapidated fishing trawler populated by a crew of scurrilous old salts who immediately enlist him as their menial cabin boy.
Dark, The (1994) as Buckner
An adventurer tracks what could be the last creature still alive from the Lower Jurassic period. Also intent on finding the dinosaur is a mysterious government agent who is determined to kill the creature and anyone who gets in his way.
Radioland Murders (1994) as Bernie King
As a radio station is about to go on the air in 1939, mishap and murder ensue.
Hong Kong '97 (1994) as Simon Alexander
Hong Kong's last day under British rule. Reginald Cameron, is a classy, dashing gentleman and corporate assassin for Sherwood Industries. He is about to make his final hit before the People's Republic of China makes his line of work impossible in Hong Kong. On orders from Sherwood, Cameron's going t
Last Ride, The (1994) as Sheriff Rudy Morgan
An ex-con bronco rider who falls in love with an unpredictable outlaw women named Scarlett.
Savage Land (1994)
Set in the 1870s, a frontier family fights to survive after being robbed by desperados.
Art Deco Detective (1994) as Jim Wexler
A satire featuring a detective who gets involved with the CIA, on the trail of a nuclear terrorist in L.A.
Knight Rider 2010 (1994) as Jared
Set in 21st century in the southern California desert, two brothers on opposite sides of the law join forces to seek revenge on their father's killer.
Showdown (1993)
After being beaten up by bullies, a new student is taken under the wing of the school janitor, who trains him to defend himself.
Striking Distance (1993) as Detective Eddie Eiler
Tom Hardy is a maverick cop who''s not afraid to rock the boat in pursuit of a sadistic serial killer. Demoted to river patrol after suggesting the killer may be a fellow police officer, he initiates an unauthorized investigation.
Rio Diablo (1993) as Jake Walker
A bounty hunter helps a man rescue his wife, who has been seized by bank robbers.
Brain Smasher... A Love Story (1993)
A swimsuit model is dragged into murderous intrigue after receiving a blood red flower known as the "Red Lotus" from her botanist sister. Unbeknownst to her, the Lotus is the key to the future of the world; whoever eats it will become all powerful.
Precious Victims (1993) as Jimmy Bivens
A young mother is accused of murdering her two daughters after she claims that both of them had been kidnapped on two separate occasions. Based on a true story.
Scanner Cop (1993)
A series of cop killings has the LAPD running scared. They have no clues, no evidence and no leads. Their only hope to stop them is a young rookie with a secret power to read minds--and blow them away!
Time Runner (1993) as Neila
A courageous space captain escapes a brutal alien attack and must travel back in time from 2022 to 1992 in a desperate attempt to change what lies ahead.
Nemesis (1993) as Maritz
Set in 2020, a futuristic cyborg story about an American intelligence agent who must stop cyborgs from replacing human leaders.
The Player (1992) as Joel Levison
A rising producer tries to cover up the accidental killing of a screenwriter who was stalking him.
Black Magic (1992) as Tom Mckay
A young man is tormented by visions of his dead cousin who attempts to warn him to stay away from a witch capable of casting deadly spells.
Overkill: The Aileen Wuornos Story (1992) as Bruce Munster
A story based on the life of Aileen Carol Wuornos, the first convicted female serial killer in the United States.
Wishman (1992) as Statton Jack Rose
The story of a lost genie in search of his bottle.
Return to Frogtown (1992)
In the old west of the future, Texas rocket rangers defend a mutant reservation known as Frogtown.
Ultimate Desires (1991) as Wolf
A murder mystery in which a public defender unwittingly finds himself up against a secret crime organization.
Another 48 Hrs. (1990) as Ben Kehoe
Upon his release from prison, Reggie Hammond is coerced by Jack Cates into helping him track down an elusive, and deadly, drug lord.
Enid is Sleeping (1990) as Trucker
A woman accidentally kills her sister and tries to dispose of the body.
Mom (1990) as Nestor Duvalier
A blind serial killer, with a penchant for pregnant women, bites a kindly woman, turning her into a blood-hungry monster.
Street Asylum (1990)
A city is terrorized by a police force gone mad.
Desperado: The Outlaw Wars (1989) as Grimes
The fourth of NBC's "Desperado" television movies which continues the adventures of roving cowboy Duell McCall. McCall, on the run and framed for crimes he didn't commit, returns to Bisbee, Arizona, to discover that Nora has given birth to their son. Sheriff Campbell offers to clear McCall's name on
Mutator (1989) as David Allen
A newly hired night-shift guard at a genetic research plant battles a litter of monsters born to a genetically engineered cat.
Tango & Cash (1989) as Courier; Requin
After being set up by the Mafia, two rival policeman are forced to ban together to free themselves, and clear their names.
Red Scorpion (1989) as Krasnov
A Russian agent infiltrates a rebel organization in order to carry out an assassination. Morally unable to do so, he joins the rebels.
Red Heat (1988) as Streak
A tough, disciplined Russian policeman teams up with an unpredictable, wise-cracking Chicago detective to track down the most wanted Russian criminal.
D.O.A. (1988) as Detective Ulmer
Story about an English professor poisoned with a slow-acting toxin who has 24 hours to discover the identities of the people who poisoned him.
Dead Man Walking (1988) as Dekker
Futuristic tale of a bounty hunter following a trail of ambush and murder in his pursuit of a kidnapped industrialist.
Nightmare at Noon (1988) as The Albino
Foreign agents contaminate a water supply.
Wrong Guys, The (1988) as Glen Grunski
Things get out of hand when a group of former Cub Scouts from the same troop hold a reunion.
Cherry 2000 (1988) as Stacy
In the near future, E. Johnson, a mercenary living in The Zone, a post-industrial desert wasteland, is contacted by a yuppie named Sam who is seeking help to replace his Cherry 2000 sex robot, which recently suffered internal meltdown. Together, they set out to find the replacement Cherry clones, wh
Steel Dawn (1987) as Tark
A post-apocalyptic action-adventure about a new breed of warrior trained in the art of swordsmanship.
Love Among Thieves (1987) as Andre
An elegant concert pianist-turned-jewel thief tries ransoming her kidnapped boyfriend and gets involved in the Mexican desert with a bearded, devil-may-care, cigar chomper.
Breed Apart, A (1986) as Huey Miller
Crimewave (1986) as Arthur Coddish
Two exterminators escalate from killing pests to killing people and become hitmen. After killing the head of a security systems company, they go after one of the men who hired them for the job, his wife, and try to frame an innocent security guard for the murders.
Armed And Dangerous (1986) as Anthony Lazarus
Former policeman Frank Dooley was fired on a false charge and lawyer Norman Kane was recently disbarred. When they take low-paying jobs as security guards, they soon uncover a plot by the guard's union to defraud its members. They learn that the man in charge of the union is really a mob boss and be
Annihilator, The (1986) as Alien Leader
The life of a newspaper editor is dramatically affected when his girlfriend returns from a Hawaiian holiday with a frightening personality change. When she tries to kill him, Armour kills her in self-defense and is forced to run for his life when he realizes that a group of deadly humanoid aliens ar
Enemy Mine (1985) as Stubbs
Two mortal space enemies find themselves stranded on a deserted planet and then form a friendship in order to survive.
Flesh and Blood (1985) as Karsthans
Promised to a nobleman's son, virginal Princess Agnes is carried off by a gang of mercenaries who had been betrayed by his father. She soon allies herself with their leader but her true allegiances remain suspect. Has she really given herself over to him? Or does she feel some kind of commitment to Burlinson, who she had met just before she was kidnapped? When Burlinson pursues the gang, is captured by them, and the bubonic plague starts raging, she's forced to make some choices.
Blade Runner (1982) as Leon
An ex cop comes out of retirement in order to hunt down violent, fugitive androids.
The Ballad Of Gregorio Cortez (1982) as Captain Rogers
A translation error causes tragedy for a Mexican-American family.
Moving Out (1982) as Mr Aitkens
48 Hrs. (1982) as Kehoe
Jack Cates is a hard-nosed cop who is paired up with Reggie Hammond -- a convict who is released from prison in Cates''s custody for 48 hours in order to help Cates track down a pair of maniacal cop killers.
Hear No Evil (1982) as Bobby Boy Burns
Cop show pilot with a twist: left stone deaf when a gang of bikers he was trying to nail for drug trafficking attempts to kill him, police detective Gil Gerard goes on medical leave from the force and continues his investigation on his own with his "hearing" dog and information from his former partner, Bernie Casey.
Postman Always Rings Twice, The (1981) as Crapshooter
Frank Chambers, a depression-era drifter ends up at a diner owned by Nick Papadakis, who offers Frank a job. Frank accepts the offer, and soon begins an affair with Nick''s wife Cora. The adulterous lovers soon plot to kill Nick and share in the insurance money.
Killing At Hell's Gate (1981) as Turkey Jones
A party of river rafters find their pleasure trip turning into a white water nightmare in this thinly disguised carbon of "Deliverance", the main difference being the inclusion of two women. "Hell and High Water" was the initial title of this film.
Southern Comfort (1981) as Trapper
The nine, new National Guardsmen performing training exercises in the Louisiana Bayou have no ammunition, but offend some citizens in the area with their cocky behavior. With their pride at stake, the locals fight back and a guerilla war starts between the two sides.
Trouble in High Timber Country (1980) as Eddie Rhodes
The patriarch of a family-run logging and mining company struggles with hostile takeover attempts, union threats and sabotage.
Conquest of the Earth (1980) as Willy
Jazz Singer, The (1980) as Man In Bar
Against his traditional father's wishes, the son of a Jewish cantor becomes a pop singer.
Attack of the Phantoms (1980) as Guard
Wholly Moses! (1980) as Guard At Banquet
Two tourists find the "Book of Herschel" hidden in the desert. Herschel is the son of a sculptor who specializes in images of the gods. When he goes up to the top of Mount Sinai one day he hears God's instructions to Moses and writes them down himself. He then tries to lead his people out of Egypt,
Blue Sunshine (1979) as Tony
Tainted LSD leads to a series of shocking murders.
KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978) as Guard
The bizarrely costumed rock group KISS made its acting debut, with the four thwarting a mad scientist attempting to destroy their careers by making robot KISS replicas and turning them loose to create havoc in an amusement park.
The Driver (1978)
A getaway car driver locks horns with a detective out to arrest him.
Corvette Summer (1978) as Jeff
A high school student takes off in search of his stolen, rebuilt Corvette.
Flying High (1978) as Clyde Boyer
The pilot movie for the subsequent series dealing with the adventures of three airline stewardesses, fast friends after surviving their training.
Treasure of Matecumbe (1976) as Roustabout
After the Civil War, a young Southerner races to find his family''s treasure, buried on a swampy Florida island.
Invasion of Johnson County, The (1976) as Ben Jones
A footloose Bostonian and a Wyoming cowboy team up in the Old West to block a private army's land-grab scheme against a bunch of small-time ranchers.
Nickelodeon (1976) as Bailiff
A bashful lawyer gets mixed up in the movies'''' turbulent early years.
Harry And Walter Go To New York (1976) as Hayseed
Two hopless con-men attempt to pull off the largest bank heist of the 19th century.
Marathon Man (1976)
A covert government group uncovers a criminal plot run by Nazi War criminals.
Hard Times (1975)
A Depression-era drifter takes up street fighting to make his fortune.
Kansas City Massacre, The (1975)
Robertson here reprises his role of the flamboyant Melvin Purvis that he originated in Dan Curtis' "Melvin Purvis, G-Man" (1974) and takes on the crime cartel formed by Pretty Boy Floyd, John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Alvin Karpis and others. Their crime wave ended in the notorious Kansas City ma
The Streetfighter (1974)
A master of martial arts offers protection to the daughter of a business magnate when she is pursued by the Yakuza.

Producer (feature film)

Pterodactyl Woman From Beverly Hills (1996) as Associate Producer
A woman in Beverly Hills turns into a pterodactyl when a colleague of her husband's,a paleontologist, casts a long-distance spell on her while on a desert dig.

Music (feature film)

Bad Boys II (2003) as Song ("Love Don'T Love Me")
Miami narcotics detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett become part of a high-tech task force assigned to stem the flood of designer ecstasy into Miami. They unwittingly uncover a deadly conspiracy involving a ruthless drug lord who is determined to expand his empire and take control of the city''s burgeoning narcotics trade, killing anyone who stands in his way. To make matters worse, Marcus'' beautiful sister Syd, an undercover DEA agent, gets caught in the crossfire, forcing our heroes to the edge of the law. The assignment takes on further complications when romantic sparks start to fly between Mike and Syd, driving her overly protective brother completely around the bend. But Marcus and Mike must overcome their differences to bring down Tapia. And when Syd''s cover is jeopardized, it''s up to the Bad Boys to rescue her.

Cast (special)

Split Second (1991) as Lumberjack'S Boss
An episode of "Tales From the Crypt," the horror, anthology series. A lonely lumberjack's dalliance with his boss's sexy wife has dire consequences.
Lone Star (1983) as Breyer (Guest)
The exploits of brothers Ben and George McCollum, modern-day Texas Rangers battling crime and corruption in the Lone Star state. In the pilot episode, Ben and George lock horns with Jake Farrell, a powerful oil baron they suspect of kidnapping an old oil prospector who has discovered oil that Jake w
Joshua's World (1980) as Shug
The pilot story, set in the small town of Strawee, Arkansas in the '30s, follows the experiences of Joshua Torrance, a doctor whose practice is jeopardized by his opposition to racism as he attempts to treat blacks as equals.
Goober and the Truckers' Paradise (1978) as T-Bone (Guest)
A proposed spin-off from "The Andy Griffith Show," in which the character of Goober Pyle, a garage mechanic, was first introduced. In the pilot episode, Goober moves to a small town outside of Atlanta where he and his sister Pearl open a truck-stop cafe. Their adventures, as they attempt to remain s
McLean Stevenson Show, The (1975)
An hour of music and comedy sketches with McLean Stevenson and friends.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Place Called Truth, A (1999) as Hank
Black Sea 213 (1999) as Captain Killick

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