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Also Known As: Died: June 14, 1997
Born: October 10, 1926 Cause of Death: cancer
Birth Place: Long Beach, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Martial Outlaw (1993)
A drug enforcement agent comes home to Los Angeles to work on a case involving the Russian mafia. He returns to find his father has become handicapped and an alcoholic, and eventually discovers that his policeman brother is doing business with the criminals that he has come to investigate.
King of the Kickboxers, The (1991) as Captain Block
A kickboxer revenges the death of his brother.
Delta Force 2: The Columbian Connection (1990) as John Page
The sequel to "Delta Force" (1986) is about the destruction of a Latin American drug syndicate.
Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier (1989) as Al Gibson
A television movie about the lives of a close-knit group of southern California lifeguards. Being a lifeguard cost Mitch his marriage; now his ex-wife wants to limit Mitch's visits with his son, who is heading for disaster while out on a fishing trip with a friend of Mitch's. Craig rescues a trouble
Ghettoblaster (1989) as Henry
When Travis, middle-aged, working class man, returns home to visit his parents, he quickly learns that his hood is rife with criminal activity and gang warfare. Quickly, Travis finds himself thrust into a position to defend his family and neighbors from the punks who terrorize them on a daily basis
Black Moon Rising (1986) as Earl Windom
Killing Machine (1986) as Martin
Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission (1985) as Mp Sergeant Bowren
A renegade U.S. Army major is pressured to once again lead a motley gang of GIs on a secret wartime mission -- a suicide assignment behind German lines to thwart an assassination plot against Hitler -- in this TV-movie sequel to the hit 1967 theatrical adventure film, with Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and Richard Jaeckel repeating their original roles. This filmed-in-Great Britain movie technically marked Lee Marvin''s first TV movie -- technically, since the first one he did, "The Killers" (with Ronald Reagan) in 1964, was at the time deemed too violent for TV and was released theatrically instead. It also marked his sixth time teaming on film with Ernest Borgnine.
Starman (1984) as George Fox
A stranded alien enlists a widow''''s help to get back to his ship.
Fix, The (1983) as Charles Dale
Awakening of Candra, The (1983) as Detective Harrison
Based on the true-life story of teenage bride Candra Torres who was abducted in 1975 while on a honeymoon camping trip in the High Sierras, this psychodrama gained the dubious distinction of having its world television premiere in the wee hours of the morning after having sat on the shelf for two an
Delta Fox, The (1983) as Santana
Pacific Inferno (1982) as Dealer
After the fall of the Philippines in World War II, the Japanese discover that Gen. MacArthur ordered millions of dollars in silver dumped in Manila Bay in order that it not fall into enemy hands. Among the prisoners the Japanese have taken are two American U.S. Navy deep-sea divers, whom they then force to dive in search of the sunken treasure.
Airplane II: The Sequel (1982) as 2nd Controller
This time around the ill-fated aircraft of the original version, AIRPLANE!, is now a Moon-bound space shuttle but the same crew of loonies are still at the controls, along with some additional cameo appearances by such veteran stars as Sonny Bono, Chuck Connors, Rip Torn, Richard Jaeckel, Sandahl Bergman, John Dehner, and Jack Jones.
. . . All the Marbles (1981) as Bill Dudley--Reno Referee
A two-bit promoter tries to take a women''''s wrestling team to the top.
Cold River (1981) as Mike Allison
An experienced mountain guide is on vacation with his two children in the Adirondacks when he has a heart attack and dies. Suddenly on their own, the children have to learn how to survive in the cold and dangerous wilderness.
$5.20 an Hour Dream, The (1980) as Albert Kleinschmidt
A debt-ridden divorced mother and factory worker strives to get a higher-paying job on the traditionally all-male main assembly line.
Herbie Goes Bananas (1980) as Shepard
The owners of a magical Volkswagen drive through Latin America on the way to a Brazilian race.
Reward (1980) as Captain Randolph
In this pilot to a prospective series, a dispirited cop chucks his job on the force and, with the aid of a young co-ed, sets out to solve the murder of a police colleague who had been his best friend.
Salvage (1979) as Jack Klinger
A hotshot junkman decides to go to the moon with his two young companions in a homemade rocket to recover millions of dollars worth of discarded space equipment in this lighthearted pilot to the series which began the following week as "Salvage 1," with Griffith and his associates using the rocket f
Champions: A Love Story (1979) as Peter Scoggin Jr
The story of two adolescents whose personal relationship blossoms and whose professional relationship matures as they attempt to reach their goal -- the national figure skating championships.
Dark, The (1979) as Dave Mooney
At night the Mangler stalks the streets of Los Angeles, killing and mutilating random victims. On the trail are a TV reporter (Cathy Lee Crosby), the father of one of the victims (William Devane), and a police detective (Richard Jaeckel), but despite their efforts only the mysterious psychic DeRenzy (Jacquelyn Hyde) knows what the killer is and how to stop it.
Go West, Young Girl (1978) as Billy
A lighthearted Western pilot film about a peppery New England woman who goes west to seek her fortune by writing of her experiences, and the attractive widow of a cavalry officer, both of whom go in search of Billy the Kid, teaming up to outwit gamblers, bounty hunters, and rough-and-tumble lawmen.
Speedtrap (1977) as Billy
After a wave of unsolved car thefts, an insurance company calls in private investigator Pete Nobeck to solve the case. While the chief of police isn't thrilled about having an outsider come and show up his men, one of the officers is a former girlfriend of Nobeck's who's more than willing to help him out in any way she can. After a long and convoluted investigation with false leads, psychics and the mafia, Nobeck at last unravels the identity of the thief.
Twilight's Last Gleaming (1977) as Captain Stanford Towne
A renegade USAF general, Lawrence Dell, escapes from a military prison and takes over an ICBM silo near Montana and threatens to provoke World War 3 unless the President revels details of a secret meeting held just after the start of the Vietnam War between Dell and the then President's most trusted advisors.
Grizzly (1976) as Arthur Scott; Naturalist
A giant grizzly terrorizes visitors to a state park.
Jaws of Death, The (1976)
Sonny Stein is a Vietnam veteran whose life changes after he is given a medallion by a shaman. Sonny finds himself growing increasingly alienated from society and realizes that he has a mystical connection with sharks. He becomes protective of the creatures as he develops his telepathic communicatio
Day Of The Animals (1976) as Professor Taylor Macgregor
The depletion of the earth's ozone layer causes animals above the altitude of 5000 feet to run amok, which is very unfortunate for a group of hikers who get dropped off up there by helicopter just before the quarantine is announced.
The Drowning Pool (1975) as Detective Franks
A private eye''s investigation of an anonymous letter leads to murder.
Last Day, The (1975) as Gratt Dalton
A trim A. C. Lyles Western (like the type he made in the 1960s with a stellar cast of veteran actors) that has the Dalton gang riding again, forcing a retired gunman to use his weapons once more to put and end to the Daltons' reign of terror in the climactic battle at Coffeyville, Kansas.
The Outfit (1974) as Chemey
An ex-con takes on the mob to avenge his brother's death.
Chosen Survivors (1974) as Gordon Ellis
Cast members are roused from their homes and shuttled off into the night. They are deposited in an undergound shelter and then watch as the world is destroyed by nuclear holocaust. Then the blood sucking vampire bats come. It turns out the whole thing is just a psychological test - observing the 'Chosen Survivors' under this stress.
Born Innocent (1974) as Mr Parker
A sensationally promoted juvenile delinquency film about a fourteen-year-old girl's struggles to adjust after being sent to a tough detention home. A graphic sequence depicting a broom-handle rape of Linda Blair (in her TV-movie debut) subsequently was deleted but made the film the focal point of a
Firehouse (1973) as Hank Myers
Conflict erupts within a close-knit engine company of a big city fire department when a black recruit and a bigoted white veteran clash during a wave of suspected arson in the ghetto. Pilot to the short-lived series that began a run in January 1974, with James Drury (replacing Vince Edwards) and Ric
Red Pony, The (1973) as James Creighton
Peabody Award-winning color remake of the 1949 movie from the Steinbeck novella -- here without the Billy Buck character -- telling of a turn-of-the-century California farm family and the attachment of their sensitive young son to his horse after being unable to establish an understanding with his g
Partners in Crime (1973) as Frank Jordan
In this reworking of "The Judge and Jake Wyler" (1972), a judge-turned-detective and her ex-con associate go in search of $750,000 in bank robbery loot. Lee Grant and Lou Antonio step into the roles previously created by Bette Davis and Doug McClure.
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973) as Sheriff Kip Mckinney
The legendary outlaw clashes with his former best friend, now the sheriff.
Ulzana's Raid (1972) as Sergeant
An aging Indian fighter and a green Cavalry officer join forces to head off an Apache attack.
Sometimes a Great Notion (1971) as Joe Ben
A family of lumberjacks make trouble in the Northwest.
Deadly Dream, The (1971) as Delgreve
A research scientist is driven to the brink by a recurring dream that he is marked for death by a mysterious tribunal, and soon he is unable to separate his dreams from reality -- and vice versa.
Chisum (1970) as Jess Evans
A cattle baron enlists Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid to help him fight a land war.
Latitude Zero (1970) as Perry Lawton
The Green Slime (1969) as Vince Elliot
A mysterious fungus invades a space station and turns the inhabitants into monsters.
The Devil's Brigade (1968) as Omar Greco
Experienced soldiers and misfits join forces to create a World War II commando unit.
The Dirty Dozen (1967) as Sergeant Bowren
A renegade officer trains a group of misfits for a crucial mission behind enemy lines.
Once Before I Die (1966) as Lieutenant Custer
A group of American marines stationed in the Philippines attempt to escape Japanese aerial bombardment.
Town Tamer (1965) as Honsinger
A lawyer, avenging his wife''s death, corrals the lawless in western towns.
The Young and the Brave (1963) as Cpl. John Estway
Three American POWs fight to escape from North Korea.
4 for Texas (1963) as Mancini
Double-crossing outlaws go straight and become rival saloon owners.
Town Without Pity (1961) as Bidie
A military lawyer defends three soldiers accused of raping a girl in occupied Germany.
Platinum High School (1960) as Hack Marlow
Re-issued in 1964 as "Trouble At Sixteen" by Cinema Associates as part of a double-bill with "Girls Town" (now called "The Innocent and the Damned" and a rather descriptive title considering the cast), this film takes place at an exclusive military academy on Sabre Island (played by Catalina Island) attended by rich young delinquents who think money puts them above the law. Enter Steve Conway (Mickey Rooney) there to investigate the death of his son, whom he has been told died in an accident. The Mick is quickly in five feet of trouble (over his eyebrows) when he is met with hostility by the school's commandant, Major Redfern Kelly (Dan Duryea) and the latter's sweetheart-secretary Jennifer Evans (Terry Moore); intimidated by the cadet drill instructor, Vince Perley (Christopher Dark) and the P.E. instructor Hack Marlow (Richard Jaeckel); attempts are made on his life by a cadet trio known as "The Three Beasts", and he is trapped in a three-against-one fight with rifles, although memory fails as to just where Rooney came up with his rifle. Just to keep him tested there is a big-speedboat vs. small-motor boat (Rooney's craft of course) chase in shark-infested waters. That comes right after he makes a startling discovery when he talks to his son's former roommate Chip Hastings (Warren Berlinger).
The Gallant Hours (1960) as Lt Cmdr. Roy Webb
Admiral William F. Halsey fights to turn the tide against the Japanese during World War II.
Flaming Star (1960) as Angus Pierce
Sam Burton's second wife Neddy is Indian, their son Pacer a half-breed. As struggle starts between the whites and the Kiowas, the Burton family is split between loyalties. Neddy and Sam are killed; Pacer sides with the Indians, his half-brother Clint with the whites.
The Naked and the Dead (1958) as Gallagher
A green lieutenant comes up against incompetent officers and a sadistic sergeant during World War II.
The Gun Runners (1958) as Buzurki
A charter boat captain runs guns during the Cuban revolution.
The Lineup (1958) as Sandy McLain
A pair of hit men track down a heroin shipment while the police get closer.
When Hell Broke Loose (1958) as Karl
Near the end of the war in Germany, GI Steve Boland, a self-described "sharp-operator", meets a German girl, Ilsa (Violet Rensing), and they fall in love. Ilsa's brother Karl (Richard Jaeckel), whom she has not seen in three years, and his fellow-Nazi Ludwig (Arvid Nelson)visit Ilsa. Karl proudly informs her that he and Ludwig are "Werewolves", a group of Nazi assassins parachuted behind Allied lines for the purpose of killing Allied High Command officers. She and Steve go to Army Intelligence with they information, where Steve is immediately arrest for being A.W.O.L. Captain Melton (Dennis McCarthy) of Army G-2 intervenes on Steve's behalf, as G-2 has had a suspicion about the existence of the "Werewolves" but no concrete info before now.
Cowboy (1958) as Paul Curtis
Real-life writer Frank Harris signs on as a ranch hand and learns the ropes from an experienced cowboy.
3:10 to Yuma (1957) as Charlie Prince
A sheriff must run the gauntlet to get his prisoner out of town.
Attack (1956) as Pfc. Snowden
A cowardly captain leads his men into danger in WWII Belgium.
The Violent Men (1955) as Wade Matlock
The wife of a crooked cattle baron plots his murder.
Apache Ambush (1955) as Lee Parker
President Lincoln enlists an Indian scout to guard a cattle drive.
The Shanghai Story (1954) as Knuckles Greer
Sea of Lost Ships (1954) as Hap O'Malley
Big Leaguer (1953) as Bobby Bronson
An aging ballplayer is relegated to managing a training camp.
Come Back, Little Sheba (1953) as Turk Fisher
A mismatched couple's marital problems come to the surface when the husband develops an interest in their pretty boarder.
My Son John (1952) as Chuck Jefferson
A woman suspects her son is a Communist spy.
Hoodlum Empire (1952) as Ted Dawson
The Sea Hornet (1951) as Johnny Radford
Fighting Coast Guard (1951) as Tony Jessup
Wyoming Mail (1950) as Nate
In 1869, the United States begins a railroad mail service to the West Coast which proves highly tempting to train robbers, in particular an organized gang with one of the mail's supposed guardians in their pay. Prizefighter Steve Davis, a former army intelligence man, is hired to track down the gang and save the Territorial Mail Service. Steve goes undercover in territorial prison, leans Morse Code from a fellow prisoner, breaks jail, infiltrates the gang...and finds time to romance dance-hall singer Mary, who proves to have hidden depths...
The Gunfighter (1950) as Eddie
The fastest gun in the West tries to escape his reputation.
City Across the River (1949) as Bull
Brooklyn youth Frank Cusack, good son and brother by day, is a gang member by night. The Dukes, seemingly likable dead-end-kids, are dangerously involved with racketeer Gaggsy Steens. Despite the efforts of Franks's parents, he and pal Benny get involved in a serious crime. Can Stan Albert, head of the community center, prevent them from becoming full-time crooks?
Battleground (1949) as Bettis
American soldiers in France fight to survive a Nazi siege just before the Battle of the Bulge.
Sands of Iwo Jima (1949) as Pfc. F. Flynn
During World War II, a marine sergeant must turn his recruits into fighting men.
Jungle Patrol (1948) as Dick Carter
Wing and a Prayer (1944) as "Beezy" Bessemer
An aircraft carrier is sent on a decoy mission around the Pacific, with orders to avoid combat, thus lulling Japanese alertness before the battle of Midway. All the men have their individual worries and concerns, but become increasingly frustrated at their avoidance of combat, for reasons unknown to them. But in the end, all get their chance to fight.
Guadalcanal Diary (1943) as Pvt. Johnny "Chicken" Anderson
Concentrating on the personal lives of those involved, a war correspondent takes us through the preparations, landing and initial campaign on Guadalcanal during WWII.

Cast (special)

Hot W.A.C.S. (1981) as Major Philip Seabrook
The misadventures of Pamela Jordan and Kitty Trumpp, U.S. Army WACS. stationed at Fort Ord in Monterey, California. In the pilot, Pamela and Kitty participate in a survival test to save the honor of the platoon.
Princess (1980) as Mark Marshall
The story of Laurie, a seemingly well-adjusted teenager from an apparently ideal family whose world begins to fall apart when her parents plan to divorce. Her attempts to understand the situation are the focal point of the program.
Petrified Forest, The (1955) as Ruby
The story of Alan Squire, a drifter who becomes involved with Gabby Maple, the daughter of an Arizona diner owner, and a gang of escaped convicts led by Duke Mantee as they seize the diner for a hideout. Based on the play by Robert E. Sherwood. "The Petrified Forest" was also seen as a segment of "

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