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Howard Fogetti

Howard Fogetti



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Sound (feature film)

Tarawa Beachhead (1958) as Sound
(War ''58,BW). Kerwin Matthews, Julie Adams, Ray Danton, Karen Sharpe, Onslow Stevens, Russell Thorsen. Sergeant Tom Sloan (Kerwin Matthews) witnesses his commanding officer (Ray Danton) kill one of his own men but hestitates to inform his superiors. Tension builds between the two men when Sloan falls in love with the murdered man''s widow. Paul Wendkos directs.
The Magnetic Monster (1953) as Sound
A new radio-active element could destroy the world by absorbing the planet's energy.
Mr. Walkie Talkie (1952) as Sound Engineer
Flame of Stamboul (1951) as Sd tech
A U.S. agent guards defense plans at a conference in Istanbul.
Gene Autry and the Mounties (1951) as Sd tech
U.S. Marshal Gene Autry (Gene Autry) and his deputy Scat Russell (Pat Buttram) cross into Canda while pursuing bank robbers Pierre LaBlond (Carleton Young) and Raoul Duval (Trevor Bardette). They meet wounded Canadian Mounted Policeman Terry Dillon (Richard Emory), whose partner has been killed by the bandits, and take him to a cabin where they meet Duval's niece, Marie (Elena Verdugo). Jack Duvan (Jim Frasher), Marie's brother, hates all lawmen and regards LaBlond as his hero. The elder Duval and Bastiste (Francis McDonald) are captured by the Mounties in a raid which uncovers stolen U.S. gold bullion. LaBlond frees the bandits and takes Marie hostage and forces her to flee with him.
Tales of Robin Hood (1951) as Sound
Ridin' the Outlaw Trail (1951) as Sound
In a Lonely Place (1950) as Sound Engineer
An aspiring actress begins to suspect that her temperamental boyfriend is a murderer.
Mary Ryan, Detective (1950) as Sound Engineer
When You're Smiling (1950) as Sound
Tulsa (1949) as Sound
A cattle owner''''s daughter risks everything to drill for oil.
Rusty Saves a Life (1949) as Sound
A faithful dog rescues his master from a life of delinquency.
The Big Sombrero (1949) as Sound
Gene is hired to be foreman of the Big Sombrero ranch by Jim Garland, who is handling all the business affairs of the owner, Estrellita Estrada, who is more interested in going to America than taking care of her Mexican holdings. Gene, discovering Garland's plan to run all the Mexican rancheros off the ranch, turns against his boss and shortly finds himself in the middle of cattle stampedes and an avalanche started by Garland's men.
Air Hostess (1949) as Sound
My Dog Rusty (1948) as Sd tech
A faithful dog helps his master's father win a mayoral race.
Best Man Wins (1948) as Sound Engineer
Let's Live a Little (1948) as Sound
A harried, overworked advertising executive is being pursued romantically by one of his clients, a successful perfume magnate ... and his former fiancée. The latest client of the agency is a psychiatrist and author of a new book. When the executive goes over to discuss the ad campaign, the psychiatrist turns out to be a woman. But what does he really need? Romance? Or analysis?
Keeper of the Bees (1947) as Sound Engineer
Michael Worthington, an elderly owner of an apiary, befriends an embittered artist, Jamie McFarlaine (Michael Duane), who is seeking a divorce from his wife. Jamie falls in love with Alice (Gloria Henry), but the romance is almost doomed by the gossip-spreading of a meddlesome neighbor. The pair are reconciled through the actions of an orphan girl (Jo Ann Marlowe), whom they decide to adopt after they are married.
For the Love of Rusty (1947) as Sound Engineer
A dog helps a boy and his father sort out their differences.
Devil Ship (1947) as Sound Engineer
Captain Biff Brown (Richard Lane) owns a boat used to ferry prisoners from the mainland to Alcatraz. The police find some escape tools on his boat and, although Brown isn't involved, his contract is terminated and he goes back to tuna fishing. Brown takes his friend Sanderson (William Bishop) to his boarding house and introduces him to his sweetheart Madge Harris (Louise Campbell) and Sanderson also falls in love with her. A gang headed by Red Mason (Damian O'Flynn) and trying to escape the country bribe Brown's engineer, Venatti (Anthony Caruso), and are hiding on the boat the next time Brown and Sanderson take it out. They take over the boat but a storm is approaching...
Cigarette Girl (1947) as Sound
Boy (Jimmy Lloyd) meets Girl (Leslie Brooks.) Boy tells Girl he is an oil company president and she tells him she is a popular night club singer. Boy and Girl are telling each other little white lies. But, via some contrived plot complications, Boy becomes a tycoon and the former night club cigarette-selling Girl becomes the Cinderella of Broadway, singing with the Russ Morgan Orchestra. Boy and Girl tell each other they are still more comfortable just being their humble selves. Girl neglects to tell Boy that her singing has been dubbed.
The 13th Hour (1947) as Sound
In the 7th of Columbia's "Whistler" series, truck-firm owner Steve Reynolds (Richard Dix) gets involved in a feud with a rival firm, and shortly thereafter is slugged by a masked assailant who steals the truck he is driving. The assailant runs down a policeman in the truck and leaves other clues pointing to Reynolds as the cop killer. With only a glove, with diamonds stuck in the thumb,as a clue, and while evading the police and other characters after him and the diamonds, Reynolds finally runs down the guilty party and clears himself.
Blondie's Holiday (1947) as Sd tech
Dagwood gets in trouble with bookies and winds up in jail. Bank manager Samuel Breckinridge comes to his rescue to thank Dagwood for getting compulsive gambler Mrs. Breckinridge out of the casino just before the police raid.
Buckaroo from Powder River (1947) as Sd tech
Just Before Dawn (1946) as Sound Recording
A criminal psychologist is tricked into injecting a diabetic with poison instead of insulin.
Roaring Rangers (1946) as Sd dir
A sheriff''''s son asks the Durango Kid to help his dad stop a crime wave.
Lone Star Moonlight (1946) as Sound Engineer
Returning G.I. Curt Norton (Ken Curtis), owner of a radio station, finds his father Amos (Guy Kibbee) has allowed the station to run down and has squandered Curt's money in bad investments in war-surplus material. Eddie Jackson (Robert Stevens), who owns the rival station, is also attracted to Curt's sweetheart Jean White (Joan Barton). When Curt and the Hoosier Hotshots (Ken Trietsch, Paul Trietsch, Gil Taylor and Charles Ward) successfully stage an auction to raise money, Eddie hires Mimi (Claudia Drake) to claim that Curt married her in France.
The Secret of the Whistler (1946) as Sd tech
An artist plots murder when his rich wife when she catches him in an affair with one of his models.
Cowboy Blues (1946) as Sd tech
One Way to Love (1945) as Sound Recording
A Guy, a Gal, and a Pal (1945) as Sound Recording
Helen Carter is wooed by two men and she is torn between the financial security offered Granville Breckinridge and happiness love she feels for serviceman Jimmy Jones.
Adventures of Rusty (1945) as Sound Recording
A lonely boy tries to rehabilitate a police dog trained by the Nazis.
Snafu (1945) as Sound Recording
A 14-year-old has to re-adjust when he''''s returned to his family after falsifying his age to become a World War II hero.
Eve Knew Her Apples (1945) as Sound Engineer
A radio star tries to escape the limelight in the car trunk of a reporter who is eager for a story.
Over 21 (1945) as Sound Recording
When a newspaper editor enlists during World War II service, his wife has to run interference with his boss.
Rockin' in the Rockies (1945) as Sound Engineer
A rancher enlists two vagrants to help him hunt for gold.
Beautiful But Broke (1944) as Sound Engineer
An agent''''s secretary puts together an all-female big band to cope with wartime male shortages.
Sailor's Holiday (1944) as Sound Engineer
I'm from Arkansas (1944) as Sound Engineer
The Return of the Vampire (1943) as Sound Engineer
A vampire terrorizes a British family during World War II.
The Remarkable Andrew (1942) as Sound
When Andrew Long, hyper-efficient small town accountant, finds a $1240 discrepancy in the city budget, his superiors try to explain it away. When he insists on pursuing the matter, he's in danger of being blamed himself. In his trouble, the spirit of Andrew Jackson, whom he idolizes, visits him, and in turn, summons much high-powered talent from American history...which only Andrew can see. Can he get out of trouble before too many people think he's crazy?

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