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Gerald I Isenberg

Gerald I Isenberg


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Director (feature film)

Seizure: The Story of Kathy Morris (1980) as Director
A dramatization of the true story of a young singer's brush with death after brain surgery and the brash neurosurgeon whose career is affected by the outcome. The real Kathy Morris put in a special appearance to sing "I Never Will Marry."

Producer (feature film)

Get Smart, Again! (1989) as Production Executive (Phoenix Entertainment)
A movie based on the series "Get Smart" which aired from 1965-1970 on NBC and CBS. Bumbling agent Maxwell Smart and his sidekick wife, Agent 99, once again confront their old enemies, the evil agents of K.A.O.S., who demand a ransom of $250 billion for the return of a missing scientist and his weath
Child's Cry (1986) as Executive Producer
Joanne Van Buren, a social worker, is concerned about a six-year-old boy who has twice run away from home. When the boy's father arrives to pick up his son, Joanne notices a radical personality change in the child. Suspecting that the boy has been sexually molested, she works to find the truth of th
Clan of the Cave Bear, The (1986) as Producer
In Neanderthal days, an outcast girl is adopted by a rival tribe.
Forbidden (1985) as Executive Producer
Jacqueline Bisset made her TV acting debut in this melodrama (based on fact) about a German countess who falls head over heels for a Jewish intellectual and hides him from the Nazis for the duration of the war while working for the underground. The film, shot entirely on location in Berlin, also int
When Dreams Come True (1985) as Executive Producer
In her return to television after decamping "Laverne and Shirley" in the fall of 1982, Cindy Williams is a lonely woman caught up in an all-too-real nightmare, dreaming of being saved by a sensuous stranger from a stalking killer and awakening to find that her lover as well as her pursuer are real.
3 Wishes Of Billy Grier (1984) as Executive Producer
A teenager who is the victim of a rare disease that rapidly accelerates aging tries to cram his three great life ambitions into the months he has left -- to locate the father who had abandoned his family fifteen years earlier, to play saxophone with a jazz band, and to make love to a woman. The film
When She Says No (1984) as Executive Producer
Kathleen Quinlan stars as a plain-jane college professor, divorced, lonely, and under the thumb of her over-protective father, but at a teachers' convention, blossoms after a few drinks, entices three male colleagues to her room to party and later accuses them of rape, although they claim in court t
Execution of Raymond Graham, The (1984) as Executive Producer
A live, dramatic telecast about Raymond Graham, a convicted killer who has spent five years on death row, and is scheduled to die at 10:58 PM. He waits with his family, his victim's family, and those who favor and oppose his execution, for the final word on clemency -- his last and only hope for sur
Seizure: The Story of Kathy Morris (1980) as Executive Producer
A dramatization of the true story of a young singer's brush with death after brain surgery and the brash neurosurgeon whose career is affected by the outcome. The real Kathy Morris put in a special appearance to sing "I Never Will Marry."
Having Babies III (1978) as Executive Producer
The third pilot movie for the subsequent "Having Babies" series which quickly was retitled "Julie Farr, M.D.," and soon afterward disappeared, all during the last few weeks of the 1977-78 season. Patty Duke Astin won another of her various Emmy Award nominations for her performance.
Defection of Simas Kudirka, The (1978) as Executive Producer
A fact-based drama about the Lithuanian seaman who made an abortive attempt for freedom in 1970 by leaping from a Russian ship to the deck of an American Coast Guard cutter in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Director David Lowell Rich and editor John A. Martinelli each received an Emmy Award for this fil
Secrets (1977) as Executive Producer
An unhappily married young woman succumbs to her sexual fantasies and becomes compulsively promiscuous in a desperate attempt to find the "secret" of happiness that her mother had convinced her was hers.
Red Alert (1977) as Executive Producer
A suspense thriller about an accident at a nuclear power plant in which a mysterious breakdown causes a giant computer to erroneously detect escaped radiation and seal off the building, trapping fourteen technicians inside.
James Dean (1976) as Executive Producer
An offbeat look at the screen legend by writer William Bast, who had roomed with James Dean when both were aspiring actors in the early 1950s.
Having Babies (1976) as Executive Producer
Four couples experience childbirth by the "natural" Lamaze method in this pilot to the subsequent series.
Secret Life of John Chapman, The (1976) as Executive Producer
A true-life drama about a college president who takes a sabbatical from his position with a small Eastern college to work as a laborer and experience a lifestyle very different from his regulated existence.
Winner Take All (1975) as Executive Producer
A woman's compulsion to gamble threatens to ruin her marriage -- especially after losing $30,000 of her husband's savings.
Katherine (1975) as Producer
The socialite-to-revolutionary evolution of a pampered young heiress whose concern leads her first to the Peace Corps and ultimately to a group of political terrorists bent on changing the system. Art Carney, as her father in this film paralleling the Patty Hearst case, received an Emmy nomination a
It Couldn't Happen To A Nicer (1974) as Executive Producer
A comedy about a mild-mannered man who cries "Rape!" and can't convince anybody he was seduced and abandoned on a lonely highway by a gorgeous woman with a Cadillac and a gun.
It's Good to Be Alive (1974) as Producer
This movie details the struggles of former Brooklyn Dodger catcher Roy Campanella to adapt to life in a wheelchair following his crippling automobile accident in 1959. Cinematographer Ted Voigtlander was Emmy-nominated.
Where Have All the People Gone? (1974) as Producer
A father and his two children struggle to survive after a lethal virus, the aftermath of a mysterious radiation explosion, kills most of the earth's population.
Judge Dee and the Monastery Murders (1974) as Producer
A handsomely produced detective pilot set in seventh-century China, with a totally distinctive sleuth faced with an unusual case involving his three wives, a killer bear, three murders, a one-armed lady, a dead monk, a chamber of horrors, a vengeful swordsman, a lovesick juggler, a kidnapped nun --
Betrayal (1974) as Producer
Amanda Blake, in her TV movie debut and her first role after eighteen years on "Gunsmoke," is a lonely widow who hires a young woman companion, unaware that the girl and her boyfriend are killer-extortionists planning to make her their next victim. Dick Haymes also made his initial TV movie appearan
Message to My Daughter (1973) as Producer
A confused teenager finds emotional strength in the tapes recorded years earlier by her dying mother.
Go Ask Alice (1973) as Producer
A drama based on the actual diary of a teenage girl caught in a web of drug addiction who, with the help of her family and true friends, desperately tries to fight her way back to the real world after a bad LSD trip.
Let the Good Times Roll (1973) as Producer
Fifties rock stars reunite 20 years later for a concert.
Great American Tragedy, A (1972) as Executive Producer
An aerospace engineer is laid off and faces the economic realities of middle-class living, going through the agony of fruitless job interviews and mounting debts while seeing his wife go back to work and his marriage dissolve. Initially the film was called "A New American Tragedy."
Sandcastles (1972) as Producer
A ghostly romance between a lonely young girl and the handsome victim of an auto accident who had died in her arms but later is discovered wandering on the beach. This was the first TV-movie using a single camera videotape system, later being transferred to film.
People, The (1972) as Producer
A supernatural thriller involving a young teacher in an isolated California community who discovers that her pupils and their parents possess special powers and a secret bond.

Producer (special)

Dakota's Way (1988) as Executive Producer
A pilot for a series not picked up by ABC. The quirky methods of police detective Dakota Goldstein, frustrate her partner, Preston Rafferty. But he is won over once they begin working on a unique kidnapping case involving mistaken identity and an odd ransom amount.
Hardesty House (1986) as Producer
Unconventional and compassionate, six maverick lawyers practice out of Hardesty House, a rundown beachfront home. The group isnn't afraid to take risks to clear the people who turn to them for help.
Hollywood High (1977) as Executive Producer
One of two pilots for a prospective series. The misadventures of Phoebe and Dawn, two Hollywood High School students. This episode depicts the problems that befall the girls when they reluctantly accept dance invitations from the class undesirables, then scheme to get out of the dates.
Hollywood High (1977) as Executive Producer
One of two pilot films for a prospective series. The comings and goings of Paula Lindell, a Hollywood High School student studying to become a journalist. The pilot depicts the problems that arise when Paula and a young associate named Eugene are assigned to cover an out-of-town story for the school
Bureau, The (1976) as Executive Producer
The exploits of Peter Davlin, the inept chief of The Bureau, a federal investigation unit. In the pilot episode, Davlin attempts to crack an interstate hijacking operation.

Film Production - Main (TV Mini-Series)

Women of Brewster Place, The (1989)
A miniseries about the intertwining stories of seven black women who live in a tenement on a street named Brewster Place. Over the course of several decades, each, in her own way, struggles to overcome crushing poverty and the devastation of dreams and hopes that have gone unfulfilled. Ultimately, t

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