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Cinematography (feature film)

Messages (2007)
A pathologist receives cryptic messages from his dead wife, enabling him to track down the identity of a serial killer. He eventually becomes a suspect after turning up at the scenes of the murders.
Candles on Bay Street (2006)
A veterinarian and his wife consider adopting the 11-year old son of a childhood friend who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.
Survival Island (2006)
The sinking of their boat maroons a wealthy businessman and his beautiful wife on an island with a stanger.
Three (2006)
Jack, a wealthy businessman, and his trophy wife, Jennifer, set sail on a private yacht in the South Sea, but things go terribly wrong when the yacht sets fire sinks, claiming Jack's life and forcing Jennifer and a deckhand, Manuel--who are both stranded--to take refuge on a deserted island. With no
School for Seduction (2004) as Director Of Photography
The humdrum lives of four women are transformed by the arrival of Italian femme fatale, Sophia Rosselini and her School for Seduction. Initially the course is great fun--until Sophia's estranged husband arrives on the scene with a shocking revelation.
Blackwater Lightship, The (2004) as Director Of Photography
Based on Colm Toibin's novel, drama follows three generations of women who move to Ireland to take care of the youngest woman's brother as he succumbs to AIDS.
Rancid Aluminum (2002) as Director Of Photography
London businessman Pete Thompson gets involved with the Russian mob when his career and finances are in trouble and his marriage is on the rocks. He and a friend struggle together to overcome monstrous debt and betrayals.
Taliesin Jones (2001) as Director Of Photography
For twelve-yearold Taliesin Jones, life on a Welsh hill farm is full of uncertainty. His mother leaves home and Taliesin is left behind with his distracted father, his sullen brother and his own quest for answers. After seeing his elderly piano teacher Billy Evans perform a miracle, Taliesin is insp
Goodbye Charlie Bright (2001) as Director Of Photography
Charts the friendship between two teenage boys from a south London council estate during a long, hot summer as their close but volatile relationship reaches a breaking point and ultimately changes forever.
Lighthouse, The (2000) as Director Of Photography
A ship carrying prisoners to a remote island prison sinks and the shipwrecked survivors wash up on a tiny island that harbors a lighthouse. Banding together, they battle a fellow survivor, a serial killer who is trying to kill them all, and devise an elaborate scheme to trap him in the lighthouse.
Aimée and Jaguar (1999) as Director Of Photography
A Holocaust love story.
Sunshine Boys, The (1997) as Director Of Photography
Al Lewis and Willy Clark, a one-time popular comedy team, reunite for a movie after years of estrangement. They pick up fighting right where they left off eight years before, until Clark suffers a heart attack on the set. Based on Neil Simon's 1972 Broadway play and its 1975 film adaptation.
Downtime (1997) as Director Of Photography
Ex-psychologisr Rob saves Chrissy from suicide. The next day he returns to see her and they are attracted to each other. Things seem to be looking up, but as they leave together, the elevator catches fire.
Her Desperate Choice (1996) as Director Of Photography
A woman is forced to kidnap her own daughter and to destroy all evidence of her past in order to start a new life when she flees her home to protect the seven-year-old from sexual abuse by the girl's father.
Abduction, The (1996) as Director Of Photography
A woman is terrorized, stalked, raped and kidnapped by her ex-husband. Inspired by actual events.
Dalva (1996) as Director Of Photography
A woman seeks to reclaim the peace of the Nebraska prairie where she was born, as well as the son she gave up for adoption years earlier.
Haunting of Helen Walker, The (1995) as Director Of Photography
A prim governess finds herself looking after two children who are haunted by the spirits of their dead valet and nanny.
Murder So Sweet (1994) as Director Of Photography
Based on the true story of a man who resolved his problems with women by poisoning them to death, until one of his ex-wives began to suspect him and set out to prove his guilt.
Silent Betrayal, A (1994) as Director Of Photography
One of a series of television movies depicting the exploits of police detective Frank Janek. Janek attempts to solve the murders of six people living in a Manhattan apartment building owned by a famous Broadway producer/director.
Colors of Love, The (1994) as Director Of Photography
An adopted racially mixed infant grows up and searches for her biological parents.
Shopping (1994) as Director Of Photography
Set in a unnamed city, story chronicles the lives of two street kids who steal cars.
Forget-Me-Not Murders, The (1994) as Director Of Photography
One of a series of television movies depicting the exploits of police detective Frank Janek. Janek tries to find a serial killer who glues his victims' eyes and mouths shut and leaves flowers beside the corpses.
For the Love of My Child: The Anissa Ayala Story (1993) as Director Of Photography
Based on the true story of 16-year-old leukemia victim Anissa Ayala, whose parents conceived a baby with the hope that the new child would provide bone marrow to save Anissa's life.
Against Her Will: An Incident in Baltimore (1992) as Director Of Photography
A lawyer and his family move to Baltimore where he becomes the law partner of his old adversary and gets involved in the case of a woman wrongly imprisoned in a mental institution.
Child of Rage (1992) as Director Of Photography
A movie based on a true story about a couple who discover their newly adopted 7-year-old daughter suffered from severe abuse and neglect at the hands of her natural father.
Fourth Story (1991) as Director Of Photography
A woman teams up with a private detective to find her missing husband.
Last to Go, The (1991) as Director Of Photography
A television movie about the effects of divorce on a family after a marriage of 22 years.
Our Sons (1991) as Director Of Photography
Two women from different social circles come together when the son of one of them is near death as a result of complications from AIDS.
Carolina Skeletons (1991) as Director Of Photography
In 1967, a Marine Corps officer returns from the Vietnam War to his home in rural South Carolina determined to clear his dead brother's name of the murders of two young girls in 1934.
Coins In The Fountain (1990) as Director Of Photography
A television movie updating the 1954 film, "Three Coins in the Fountain." Focuses on the romantic adventures of three friends who are vacationing together in Rome.
Fire Birds (1990) as Director Of Photography
The United States Army and the Drug Enforcement Agency join forces to break up a drug and terrorism operation.
Wired (1989) as Director Of Photography
The short life and fast times of John Belushi.
Options (1989) as Director Of Photography
A Hollywood agent heads for Africa in order to get a beautiful princess to sign over her life story rights for a TV movie, but gets caught up in a kidnapping scheme and a romance instead.
Old Man and the Sea, The (1989) as Director Of Photography
An adaptation from Ernest Hemingway's novella. An old, Cuban fisherman battles a giant marlin in the Gulf Stream.
Babycakes (1989) as Director Of Photography
Based on Percy Adlon's 1985 German film, "Zuckerbaby," a lonely, overweight young woman has all but given up on the opposite sex until she lays her eyes on the most beautiful man she's ever seen and sets out to conquer him.
Empire State (1988) as Director Of Photography
Buster (1988) as Director Of Photography
Romantic comedy thriller surrounding the man who pulled off the "Great Train Robbery" in 1963.
Return Of Sherlock Holmes, The (1987) as Director Of Photography
A television movie about the great detective Sherlock Holmes, as he finds himself revived in the 1980s. Jane Watson, the great-granddaughter of John Watson, Holmes' perpetual companion and chronicler, inherits his home in England. After traveling there to see the house, she discovers a body in the b
Oceans Of Fire (1986) as Director Of Photography
A group of daring divers struggling to complete an oil drilling operation in deep tropical seas, and the relationship between the diving supervisor, Ben Laforche, and Helen Kyger, a documentary filmmaker hired by the oil company to produce a film to better its image. As the work aboard the rig progr
Last Days of Frank and Jesse James, The (1986) as Director Of Photography
A television movie, based on authentic accounts, about the attempts by the bank robbers and brothers Jesse and Frank James to become reputable as gentleman farmers. The brothers, however, are forced to seek revenge when a bombing causes their stepbrother's death and their mother's arm to be severed.
Enemy Mine (1985) as Director Of Photography
Two mortal space enemies find themselves stranded on a deserted planet and then form a friendship in order to survive.
Reunion at Fairborough (1985) as Director Of Photography
Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr, who had costarred three times previously in films, have a screen reunion as a former American flyer and the old flame he last had seen four decades earlier while stationed en England as a bomber pilot, and he is introduced to the granddaughter he never knew he had.
Not Quite Jerusalem (1985) as Director Of Photography
Christmas Carol, A (1984) as Director Of Photography
In this lavishly acclaimed, and equally lavish production of the Dickens classic that has been placed on a mantle beside the great film versions of the perennial story, George C. Scott's interpretation of Ebenezer Scrooge, mined for its riches and winning the actor an Emmy nomination, gives the char
Sakharov (1984) as Director Of Photography
Russian nuclear physicist turned political dissident Andrei Sakharov, whose outspoken views on human rights oppression in his homeland brought him not only the Nobel Peace Prize, but also internal exile in the closed-to-foreigners city of Gorky, was the timely subject of this made-for-cable film. It
Pope John Paul II (1984) as Director Of Photography
Albert Finney made his American TV acting debut in this reverential drama tracing the life and career of Karol Wojtyla from a young activist in his native Poland (played at that point by British newcomer Michael Crompton) to his installation in 1978 as Pope. An earlier movie about Pope John Paul II,
Nate and Hayes (1983) as Director Of Photography
Dreams Don't Die (1982) as Director Of Photography
Teenagers growing up in an urban combat zone, filmed on location in New York City and throughout its subway system. Ike Eisenmann is a subway graffiti painter whose artistic talents are noticed by concerned cop Paul Winfield, who becomes his surrogate father and urges him to help track down drug kin
My Body, My Child (1982) as Director Of Photography
Vanessa Redgrave is a middle-aged Irish-American schoolteacher and mother of three grown daughters who finds herself pregnant again and must agonize over whether to give birth to a child that probably will be deformed or have an abortion against her religious beliefs. Jack Albertson, as her tough-ta
Night Crossing (1981) as Director Of Photography
Two men who are fed up with the daily indignities and tyrannies of life under Communist rule in East Germany come up with a daring plan of escape. They decide to travel to democratic West Germany in a hot air balloon. However, they need to build a new type of lighter-than-air craft if they are to tr
For Ladies Only (1981) as Director Of Photography
An aspiring young actor moonlights as a male stripper while looking for work in the theater. Gregory Harrison stars (and co-produced the film as well as co-wrote and sang three songs) along with Patricia Davis (Ronald and Nancy Reagan's actress daughter) as a casting assistant who falls for him. Bot
TALE OF TWO CITIES, A (1980) as Director Of Photography
Dickens' historical romance set against a backdrop of the French Revolution gets its seventh filming, and probably its most lavish, with Chris Sarandon in the dual roles of Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay. Kenneth More plays one of his last roles as Jarvis Lorry, an agent for the Franco-British ban
Sea Wolves, The (1980) as Director Of Photography
British intelligence is trying to solve the problem of German submarines attacking British merchant ships during World War II. Thousands of tons of goods are being lost, and it is believed that information is getting to the subs via a radio transmitter in one of three German ships in Portuguese Goa. Because Portugal is neutral in the war, the British forces cannot attack the ships, so a group of older British expatriates are called upon to do it for them.
Ffolkes (1980) as Director Of Photography
Death Penalty (1980) as Director Of Photography
Strong-willed psychologist Colleen Dewhurst tries to rehabilitate a member of a street gang (David Labiosa, in his TV debut) who has been found guilty of the murder of two other teenagers in a playground rumble.
It's Not the Size That Counts (1979) as Director Of Photography
Teil Steiner - Das Eiserne Kreuz 2 (1979) as Director Of Photography
International Velvet (1979) as Director Of Photography
In this sequel to National Velvet, a former racing champ helps turn a delinquent girl into an Olympic rider.
Brass Target (1978) as Director Of Photography
Gold thieves plot to assassinate General Patton in the days following World War II.
Slipper and the Rose, The (1976) as Director Of Photography
An impoverished orphan dreams of attending the royal ball.
Likely Lads, The (1976) as Director Of Photography
I Am a Dancer (1972) as Cinematographer
Dulcima (1971) as Director Of Photography
A farmer who has the reputation of drinking most of his money away, lives on farm which is in a poor state of repair. A pretty young girl, Dulcima, takes pity on him and decides to help him by cleaning the place. She is happy to be earning money, and he is happy because she is there..... Despite being a miserable old bastard, he finds himself falling for Dulcima, and askes her to move in with him, to save her the walk every from her home to his farm every day. She does, and is happy with her work. She however falls for a gamekeeper from the nearby estate, and they start to meet in secret beacuse of the farmers increasing jelousy. One day while he is at the market she discovers a whole load of money hidden in an upsatirs room, and this changes the relationship between the farmer and Dulcima. She becomes more freindly towards the farmer, now knowing of his wealth, and the farmer decides that he wants her for his bride. Dulcima however still sees the gamekeeper, and eventually the farmer finds out.
Body, The (1970) as Cinematographer
Raging Moon, The (1970) as Director Of Photography
Bruce Pritchard is paralysed in a soccer game and is confined to a wheelchair in a convalescence home. But this doesn't slow his lust for life. Then he meets Jill and has to think about the effects of disability.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

House of Mortal Sin (1975) as Additional Photography

Cinematography (special)

Maggie (1986) as Director Of Photography
A pilot for a light-hearted mystery, not picked up by CBS, about Maggie Webb, an attractive widow in London, whose late husband has left her nothing but a huge home and an enormous tax debt. Maggie is offered a job by Diane Webb, her tough but warm-hearted sister-in-law, who runs an international pu

Film Production - Main (special)

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are (1974) as Photography
The story of Cathy Moore, an American tourist in London who becomes involved in a series of mysterious disappearances.

Cinematography (TV Mini-Series)

Scarlett (1994) as Director Of Photography
An eight-hour miniseries based on Alexandra Ripley's novel, "Scarlett," the sequel to "Gone With the Wind." Scarlett O'Hara travels to Ireland to be with family and escape the confusion of her rocky marriage to Rhett Butler.<P>Separated from Scarlett and seeking a divorce, Rhett is now pursued passi
Queen (1993) as Director Of Photography
Alex Haley's story of his paternal grandmother, who was born into slavery, the daughter of a slave and a white Civil War colonel of Irish descent. Caucasian in appearance, she lived as a white after the Civil War.
American Roulette (1988) as Director Of Photography
Princess Daisy (1983) as Director Of Photography (Europe)
This star-laden adaptation of Judith Krantz's best-selling novel follows the fortunes of the spirited daughter of a beautiful American movie star (Lindsay Wagner) and a dashing Russian prince (Stacy Keach), struggling to overcome her past -- the institutionalizing of her retarded twin sister and her
Inside The Third Reich (1982) as Director Of Photography
Rutger Hauer, the Dutch actor, made his American TV-movie debut as Albert Speer, Hitler's personal architect, in this acclaimed dramatization of Speer's autobiography. Fellow Dutch performer Renee Soutendijk made her television debut in this country as Eva Braun. Derek Jacobi's portrait of Adolph Hi

Cinematography (TV Mini-Series)

Victoria & Albert (2001) as Director Of Photography
Erich Segal's Only Love (1998) as Director Of Photography
Miniseries based on Erich Segal's novel. Dr. Matthew Hiller meets the lovely Silvia Dalessandro while working for an international medical organization. The two are kindred spirits and fall in love, despite her pending pre-arranged marriage. When the lovers are stationed in Africa, they are ambushed
Queenie (1987) as Director Of Photography
A two-part miniseries based on Michael Korda's novel which is reputedly a fictionalized treatment of the life of the late actress Merle Oberon, who was married to Korda's uncle, Alexander Korda. The story deals with an exotic young girl who rises from the slums of Calcutta to the brink of internatio
Little Gloria, Happy At Last (1982) as Director Of Photography
A stellar cast and six Emmy Award nominations distinguished this dramatization of Barbara Goldsmith's best-seller about the bitter 1934 child custody case involving 10-year-old Gloria Vanderbilt, America's famous "poor little rich girl." In addition to nominations as Outstanding Drama Special and fo

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