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Betty Hutton

Betty Hutton



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  • My Favourite Betty

    • claire Clydesdale
    • 2011-11-24

    From the very first movie of hers, I was hooked. She is my favourite actress and singer to this day. Iwish she had been treated better by her studio. She had a special gift that none can compare.

  • Amazing filled energy!

    • Deb
    • 2011-09-01

    murder! Need i say more.She fired up the screen with that voice,that showmanship.She nailed every charactor.It is pure bliss and truly a calgon moment to watch her movies.Lol,that's what she created.Wish someone had taken better care of her in those middle years.She still had so much energy:(Please do a marathon!I would love to see all of her movies.Born 1962 but had a love of the 30s and40s movies.That's entertainment.

  • Bombshell Betty

    • Jj
    • 2010-05-11

    A TCM marathon is overdue. The same few movies are played over and over, but even those few give you an overview of her range. Betty Hutton is an under-appreciated performer, a pretty girl who didn't just sing a song and smile. Precursor to Lucille Ball, Betty Hutton wasn't afraid to look silly, get dirty, go overboard to get a laugh. She could handle drama, too. Playing silent movie heroine Pauline, she shows a promising range. Both the comedy and the scenes from Pauline's personal life ring true. She could rein in her oversized comedic personality to play the girl next door in Miracle in Morgan Creek. There are so many Betty Hutton movies that don't see the light of day any more. Bring us more Betty!

  • Betty was a Actress of her time.

    • Jenny Lopez
    • 2009-08-27

    Betty, went through much hurt and depression. As for her third cousin Trey Noran and Rev in Denver Colorado they weren't that close.He was left with nothing. Rev Trey is soon marketing a T-shirt that will sell America wild. And his proceeds go to help fund his 187 million dollar homeless Hotel. Through my 37 years of life I have learned that God giving and living is the best.

  • Betty Hutton was HOT!!!!!

    • Joe
    • 2009-08-14

    What a bubbly and beautiful woman she was! I wouldn't blink an eye if TCM was to have a marathon of her movies. She was sexy, energetic and FUNNY! To me, I believe she was at her best in "Miracle of Morgan's Creek. Preston Sturgis did an excellent job in his directing, but I personally think Miss Hutton "stole the show"! She was hilarious, as were her co-stars. She could dance, sing, act AND be funny- a "force to be reckoned with" for sure. I really miss the "good old days" where the movie stars were actually talented and worthy of being called a "star".

  • Was Betty Hutton Broke?

    • Hank Zimmerman
    • 2009-05-07

    I heard that Betty Hutton was broke when she die? She had a tough life as well. Did she leave any monies to her cousin Trey Noran or did she have children? Too bad she had it so tough she was a great star. Im, only 33 and enjoy her movies still.

  • My greatest love

    • pneale
    • 2008-08-11

    I love Betty Hutton more than I can describe. She intoxicates me. When she is on the screen, I laugh like a kid and chills run up and down my spine. This sounds so trite I know but she is just the woman of my dreams. There won't ever be another Betty. If I could have one wish, I would go back in time and be her slave. But I know I would be at the end of a long line of fellow worshipers. Her personality is so wonderful. Her humor, they way she moves, talks, laughs, walks. I am forever her biggest fan. I will die with her name on my lips and her image in my brain. I know about Rita and Joan Fontaine, Olivia De Haviland, Gloria Dehaven, Jean Peters, Mitzi Gaynor and so many other extraordinarily beautiful stars. They just didn't have that very wonderful something Betty had so much of. I won't stop searching until I have all of her performances.

  • Betty Hutton everyones friend

    • Rose Moseley
    • 2008-07-14

    I may not have been born until 1959 but of all the famous actresses I've observed, Betty Hutton just made me feel like we were friends. I admired her performances but she never failed to make me feel like we were on the same level in society. She reminded me of "someones sister" like we could have been pals.

  • Looking for a specific Betty Hutton movie

    • Linda Spurling
    • 2008-07-11

    Have been trying to remember the movie Betty Hutton was in where she got the hot seat when a lantern was under her chair. Think it was at a dance. That is all I can remember! Robert Osborne, help me????? I would like to see more of Betty's movies on TCM that were not the big block busters.

  • Betty Hutton's Last Call on Film

    • David Dahl
    • 2007-08-05

    I suspect many of you have not seen "Spring Reunion," Betty Hutton's final film, a small, black and white film about a H.S. reunion which brings Dana Andrews back to town, the guy Betty's character wanted to marry but whose wealthy father prevented her from doing so, ostensibly, he would not lose his little girl. Well, she's 32 now and a spinster (yee Gods!) and suddenly, at the reunion, the embers from her youthful romance are beginning to blaze once again. Most interesting, she sings one song at the reunion, "That Old Feeling," a great standard which all will recognize. It starts out slow but then breaks into a rhythm tune which Betty belts out magnificently. It really is a stand-alone gem. Watch as her shy character "breaks character" half way through as Betty Hutton sings "....Once again, I get the old feeling...." and she looks quickly left and then right - classic Hutton showmanship. I taped the film when TCM ran it during the Hutton tribute and interview in 2000. Betty gives a solid dramatic performance and has a wonderful scene in which she finally tells off her overprotective father - played by the same actor that portrayed her agent in "Somebody Loves Me," - for preventing her from adult happiness. Dana Andrews is well cast and one can see that these two were made for each other. Underrated film. Must see for all Hutton fans.

  • betty hutton fan.

    • dolores bailey
    • 2007-05-12

    i to would like to see more betty hutton movies on tcm, also for sale on dvd.

  • Thank you Betty.

    • Patti
    • 2007-04-17

    Having been born in Battle Creek also, I have always had a sense of pride knowing that Betty Hutton was born there too. I loved the movie "The Greatest Show on Earth" even before I knew where she was from. Finding out about her made the movie even more entertaining. She was the reason that the movie was a favorite of mine. Betty, thank you for all of your wonderful talent and spark. You will be missed.

  • Betty Hutton

    • Aarlene
    • 2007-04-07

    It's a shame so few of her films are available on dvd or in a set devoted solely to Betty Hutton. I would love to see more of her films more often here on TCM. Betty was a true blue top notch Entertainer.

  • Grandioso performance!

    • Rev. Kurt
    • 2007-03-25

    Betty you walked a great journey in life. Thanks for all you gave to it! You inspired many lives because of your zest for it. Thanks for your hopes, dreams, and beauty. How fortunate we were for your warmth and the blessings of your friendship.

  • Betty Hutton Interview

    • Maria Horvath
    • 2007-03-17

    Really enjoyed the interview with Betty Hutton. What a great performer and person. Is this interview available on DVD? Thanks, Maria Horvath, Stafford VA

  • Betty, You were the Best!

    • Michael Fast
    • 2007-03-16

    There will never be another Betty Hutton. She put 100% of her God-given talent into every performance. What Spirit, what verve. You can feel the joy she exudes in giving herself to others, that is true empathy! For proof, check out a 3 minute clip on YouTube, her performance of "Murder, He Says" Recorded in November 1943 for the Armed Forces Radio Service show "Command Performance" (episode 92). And that interview with Robert Osborne. Class and dignity personified, Robert. Please put it out on DVD so we can have it as a remembrance of Betty.

  • Betty Hutton, Super Star

    • Lorraine
    • 2007-03-15

    The first time I ever saw Betty Hutton was in Annie Get Your Gun. I think she was a great actress, a great entertainer. A truely genuine, honest, and sincere person. I am sad to hear of her death.

  • Our thoughts & prayers are with you Betty

    • Tommy
    • 2007-03-15

    and you will be remembered, thanks for all the good movies and God Bless you. Thank you Robert Osborne for today showings and remembering Ms. Hutton & also for your interview with her.

  • "An Actress,Entertainer with extrodinary talent"

    • Marilyn Finik-Cunningham
    • 2007-03-15

    We should be so lucky to have a person of Betty Hutton's talent to entertain our very negative world today. Hollywood has totally missed the boat.

  • She will be missed

    • Karen
    • 2007-03-15

    As someone that loves old movies, it is always hard to hear of, yet another actors passing. I watch more old movies than new movies. It's the Betty Hutton's and Henry Fonda's, the Errol Flynn's and Mary Pickford's, that I always watched Saturday afternoons, or when I was Home sick from school. I lived for those movies and, the way they always made you feel, like you had been a part of it, I'm only 43 and, I have seen a lot of movies, but it's Betty Hutton's movies, that have been my favorites. Hollywood take note if you want to make movies, Good movies watch Ms.Betty Hutton's movies. Now that is a movie! God bless and keep you Ms.Hutton.


    • Dee
    • 2007-03-15

    There wasn't a time when I didn't make the time to watch Ms. Hutton's films, they were just that amazing to me. Always giving her all, in all you saw, on that screen. I do agree that next to Ms. Garland, she was one of the most talented women to see. To say I loved her films is an understatement, she wore me out with all she did, and I loved it. It is a sad day to lose her, just when we found her again and yes she will be missed by me and many others, who grew up throughout the 50's and 60's watching reruns, late into the night, when we should have been in bed. For all she gave I say, thank you. I'n glad I was here when she passed through.

  • Such a delightful actress

    • dave
    • 2007-03-15

    ...what a great talent with so much emotion and vitality it just rubs off on you during the movie "Stork Club". She will be missed as her type of acting will be lossed to a generaion that has only the memories of her movies to show how Hollywood really had it together in those years.

  • she was a great entertainer

    • janice ries
    • 2007-03-14

    I loved Betty Hutton. When I was a child I saw all her movies. She was a favorite of mine. There will never be another like her.

  • We Love Betty!

    • Monica Brown
    • 2007-03-14

    My husband and I are 34. Our three children, ages, 15, 14, & 10; all know who Betty Hutton is and love her!! Our favorite movie is Miracle Of Morgan's Creek! We have the dvd now and we have watched the movie over and over for years! We laugh everytime we watch it! My mom, age 50, loves to watch "The Greatest Show on Earth". I love Betty in every movie that I have ever seen her in. They say that "laughter is medicine" and Betty sure has made my family feel alot better in rough times by always putting a smile on my family's faces and making us laugh! She is greatly loved by us and countless others and will be greatly missed!! WE LOVE YOU BETTY!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

  • Betty in the Pacific

    • EC Hansen
    • 2007-03-14

    I was on Saipan in WWII in 1944....and there out in that war zone on a make shift stage was Betty amenities for women...she was out there belting out tunes for us...I wasn't more than 20 ft from her and I'll never forget her...thanks Betty....

  • One of a Kind and 100% CLASS

    • drednm
    • 2007-03-14

    Betty Hutton was a superb talent: she was a great comedienne, a terrific singer, a passable dancer, and she was a dynamite actress. She was also 100% CLASS even when doing the most undignified things. She worked with some great stars and left a handful of wonderful films like ANNIE GET YOUR GUN, THE PERILS OF PAULINE, INCENDIARY BLONDE, MIRACLE OF MORGAN'S CREEK, and THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH. Even in her lesser known films, Betty Hutton was worth watching. The lady was a star of the first magnitude.

  • Thank you Betty and Robert Osborne

    • Margaret Bandy
    • 2007-03-13

    Betty was wonderful, and I want to say that the interview Robert did was so touching. He treated her with so much dignity, showing real respect for her and her talent. You could see how much it meant to her. Thank you so much.


    • Jay Clough
    • 2007-03-13

    I was already a huge fan of Betty Hutton's long before I watched the Private Screening aired on TCM a couple of times now. But after seeing her talking to our own Robert O. I fell in love all over again. I have never seen such a dear true hearted person as she was. What you saw was what you got and we got plenty with Ms. Hutton. My whole family is so saddened by her passing. May God bless her!!! Thank you TCM for honoring a true MOVIE STAR who brings joy to all who watch her!!! FAN in Maryland, Jay Clough

  • Betty Hutton

    • Craig Brewster
    • 2007-03-13

    Hollywood seems to have no talent any more. Are country looses are past and brigthest of are past. People with REAL talent. Iam only 54 but movies are a window into are nation, Ms Hutton was real talent had energy and talent to do it all.


    • JIM RICK
    • 2007-03-13


  • Unique! Explosive! Neurotic!

    • Betty Graham
    • 2007-03-12

    I loved her movies when I was a kid - she was like a playful puppy - warm, cuddly with boundless energy. She did more with very little voice than any number of singers with a better instrument. And she was beautiful and sexy while being noisy, bombastic and irrepressible. Can you think of anyone else who could spit out so many lyrics at hyper speed and still be understood? Frank Loesser wrote many of her film scores and knew how to show off her natural gifts. To this day I fall down laughing when I play "The Sewing Machine" and "Rumble, Rumble, Rumble", "Can't Stop Talkin' About Him" - and then she could start the tears rolling with "It Had To Be You" (Incendiary Blonde) "I Wish I Didn't Love You So" (Perils of Pauline), "Now That I Need You" (Red, Hot & Blue). And then it was over - as it was for many other musical stars in the 50's. But, then, how long could that incandescent talent have gone on without eventually burning itself out? One of a kind. That was Betty Hutton.

  • Big Betty Hutton Fan

    • Jo Johnson
    • 2007-03-12

    I saw everything she did, that came to our part of the world, but I see now that not everything did. Annie Oakley was my favorite; saw it more than once and I still watch "Greatest Show on Earth" whenever it comes on T.V. The one about Texas Guinan was a really long time ago and I only remember small bits. I can hardly wait to see it again. Betty just made everyone feel good, and I stood in need of that kind of upper then. THANK YOU, BETTY HUTTON.

  • Betty Hutton

    • Lou Marchant
    • 2007-03-12

    I have always been a fan of Betty Hutton. She personified a wonderful, vivacious, lovely person on screen and I would believe that was "the real her" in life! There is not any type of role that she could not play, be it serious or comedic! I am most anxious to see her in "Incendiary Blonde" - this was a favorite of mine. I hope to see it soon on TCM! (Please!)

  • A Shining Star

    • NRadford
    • 2007-03-06

    Betty Hutton was dance; she was song; as a child, I spent many happy hours living vicariously through her on my little black-and-white tv screen. She was a talent that represented all that was best and bright about entertainment on the silver screen; what is produced today in many instances pails in comparison. I liked the sentimentality of her movies and the over-the-top antics. Thank You Ms. Hutton You are the best. May God continue to bless you with peace and contentment in your golden years.

  • Betty Hutton

    • D.Davis
    • 2007-01-25

    Betty Hutton's exuberance is so infectious.Thanks to TCM for airing her films. Daniel Davis Bladenboro,NC

  • Dynomite !!!!

    • SoulCat
    • 2006-11-17

    An unbelievable performer ALways loved her style and energy She truly is one of the greats of Musical Comedy But the one movie that stood out for me when I was younger was Miracle Of Morgan Creek with Eddie Bracken Im 47 and wasnt even born when she was in her heyday I wish I could contact her somehow and tell her how great she is /was and that to me she's right up there with the great females of the movies ALL TIME Love ya Betty and God Bless You ....Soul Cat NJ

  • You go Girl!

    • Betty F
    • 2006-10-20

    Betty's movies have always brought a smile to my lips and a tear to my eye.Her movies brighten many a drab day when I was a child growing up in the late forties and the early fifties. Thank you Betty, I love you. I to have a Catholic Priest as a Best Friend..My best to you,Love Betty F.

  • Your the best!

    • Margaret&AnthonyCantore
    • 2006-10-20

    Saw you in the interview with Robert Osborne and was deeply moved by your spirit and spunk and love for others...I love everyone of your movies and just have been a fan for husband and I both agree you are one of the very best that came out of hollywood and your a class act now as well...So glad to hear of your deep faith and Love of God, we could use more of that today...and we share your belief and I am not afraid to say it!..Betty we wish you the best and dont ever give up cause you are a child of God and we Love you...The Cantores

  • Good to see you!

    • Madeline
    • 2006-10-19

    Really enjoyed the replay of Robert Osborne's 2000 interview with Betty Hutton. Also happy to hear that she is still around. He says she has good days and bad. I hope the good outnumber the bad because she brouht such joy to so many over the years. I hope she reads these comments. It should help with more good days. I am 73 and grew up watching her. Love ya Betty!!!

  • Betty Hutton, What a joy to see Betty again.

    • Lorraine Alfonso
    • 2006-10-18

    She has had enough bad life experiences for many lifetimes and she tried so hard not to come across as a tragic figure. I truly enjoyed every second of Robert Osborne's delicate choice of questions. She looked so fragile, yet spunky. I've loved her since I was a teenager(I'm now 69). Thank you for that fun, yet a little sad, hour.

  • Great interview

    • Jannet
    • 2006-10-18

    The interview with Betty Hutton was simply wonderful. She still managed to enlighten the public with her energy and charm. She is a great lady and a performer with guts - yet very vunerable -just wished she had a happier personal life - but know that she was loved by all her many fans and will never be forgotten.

  • Great actress and person

    • Diane DeAngelo
    • 2006-10-18

    I so much enjoyed the interview on TCM with Robert Osborne. I admire her strength and courage for all she went through and I think its great she became Catholic and still does whatever she can in life for others. I hope to be as active as she is at her age. Thanks Betty for you inspiration.

  • Thanks

    • Mary
    • 2006-10-18

    Just a note to thank Ms Hutton for the energy & love she has worked to contribute to so many she may never meet til Heaven. God bless her wherever she is.

  • Betty Hutton

    • Sandra
    • 2006-10-17

    I enjoyed the interview Mr. Robert Osborne had with Betty Hutton in 2000. I think it gave the fans an inside look at the person inside the actress. I can't believe she was so modess about her talents. I would like to know if she receives fan mail. I would like to send her a letter if possible. How do I get in touch with her fan club, if she has one.

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