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Also Known As: Died: August 14, 2002
Born: Cause of Death: heart failure
Birth Place: London, England, GB Profession: Editing ...


Director (feature film)

Dead Man's Island (1996) as Director
An investigative journalist goes to a remote island for a weekend filled with intrigue, as all the guests try to figure out who is trying to murder the host.
Hart to Hart: Old Friends Never Die (1994) as Director
While attending a lavish birthday party at an island hideaway, Jennifer overhears two men plotting the murder of a wealthy businessman.
Hart to Hart: Home Is Where the Hart Is (1994) as Director
When Jennifer's old journalist mentor dies, the Harts discover they have inherited a quaint New England town and that the woman may have been murdered.
Hart to Hart: Crimes of the Hart (1994) as Director
Jonathan and Jennifer visit New York City where Jennifer's play is being produced.
Hart to Hart Returns (1993) as Director
Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers reprise their roles as the crime-solving married team of detectives based on the series, "Hart to Hart." After the Harts' house is set on fire, the investigator is murdered and Jonathan is framed for the killing.
Eyes of a Witness (1991) as Director
An American travels to Africa to convince his reluctant physician daughter to come home. His trip takes a nightmarish turn when he is arrested for a murder he did not commit.
Assassination (1987) as Director
The presidential bodyguard, Jay Killion, is assigned to guard the first lady during the inauguration of her newly elected husband. The iconoclastic first lady initially balks at Killion's traditional, methodical procedures. But when several attempts are made on her life, she begins to trust his inst
Wild Geese II (1985) as Director
Jigsaw Man, The (1984) as 2nd Unit Director (2nd Unit)
Death Hunt (1981) as Director
Reclusive trapper Albert Johnson lives in the frigid mountains near the Yukon river. When he is wrongfully accused of murder by his enemies and persecuted by the police, Johnson's expert knowledge of the wilderness allows him to survive as his defends his freedom.
Rendezvous Hotel (1979) as Director
"Love Boat" transposed to a posh resort hotel best describes this prospective pilot to a comedy series that ultimately never saw the light of night. The hotel, run by a madcap family headed by Bill Daily (long one of the second bananas on "The Bob Newhart Show") and Jeff J. Redford as his somewhat s
Beasts Are On The Streets, The (1978) as Director
Panic grips a small community after a tanker truck crashes through a fence at a wild animal park, freeing dozens of dangerous beasts.
Gulliver's Travels (1977) as Director
Shout at the Devil (1976) as Director
Drunken Irish father in law (Lee Marvin) and English Son in Law (Roger Moore) take up the fight against the Kaiser's army in East Africa during World War One.
Gold (1974) as Director
Rod Slater is the newly appointed general manager of the Sonderditch gold mine, but he stumbles across an ingenious plot to flood the mine, by drilling into an underground lake, so the unscrupulous owners to make a killing in the international gold market.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) as Director
When his usual intelligence sources fail, James Bond (Agent 007) enlists the aid of crime boss Draco to track down Ernst Stavro Blofeld, head of the evil SPECTRE organization. The trail leads to the mountains of Switzerland, where Bond goes undercover in Blofeld''s hi-tech headquarters. He encounters a bevy of seductive women, but none more beautiful than Draco''s daughter, Tracy, who wins 007 over with her fervent independence, caustic wit and love of adventure. Bond pledges his eternal devotion to her, but there are more immediate concerns: Blofeld is poised to unleash horrific germ warfare weaponry that will endanger every living thing on earth. Bond''s adventures hurl him through artillery-laden ski pursuits, and a dramatic avalanche drive
You Only Live Twice (1967) as 2nd unit dir
James Bond investigates a series attacks in space that could lead to nuclear war.

Cast (feature film)

Charley Hannah (1986)
A policeman's life is shattered when he mistakenly kills a youth while pursuing cop killers. But he earns a chance at redemption by taking in a troubled boy who may have witnessed the slayings.

Writer (feature film)

Lover Girls (1979) as Screenwriter
Studentinnen-Report (1978) as Screenwriter

Editing (feature film)

In America (2003) as Grader
To begin all over again is a classic American dream. But it is remarkably hard to do, as Irish immigrants Johnny and Sarah discover when they hit New York City, with their two spunky young daughters, in the mid-1980s. In pursuit of a dream, the family uses ingenuity and sheer strength of will to mak
Desperate Hours (1990) as Editor
Remake of William Wyler's 1955 film about three escaped convicts who take over a suburban household.
Night Games (1980) as Editor Supervisor
You Only Live Twice (1967) as Film Editor
James Bond investigates a series attacks in space that could lead to nuclear war.
The Ipcress File (1965) as Film Editor
Secret agent Harry Palmer fights to survive brainwashing when a traitor hands him over to the enemy.
Thunderball (1965) as Film Editor
James Bond hunts for stolen nuclear warheads in the Bahamas.
Operation Snafu (1965) as Film Editor
An unlicensed street peddler brings his conniving ways to the military.
From Russia With Love (1964) as Film Editor
James Bond searches Istanbul for a stolen Russian decoding.
Goldfinger (1964) as Film Editor
James Bond tries to thwart an attempt to rob Fort Knox.
Call Me Bwana (1963) as Film Editor
A wisecracking fraud fights off enemy agents to retrieve a space capsule that crashed in Africa.
Dr. No (1963) as Film Editor
James Bond uncovers a plot to end the U.S. space program.
There Was a Crooked Man (1962) as Film Editor
When a law-abiding demolition expert is duped by a gang of criminals into helping them he is caught and jailed. When he is released he goes straight and then notices a leading citizen in his town is cheating his neighbours.
Damn the Defiant! (1962) as Film Editor
The crew of a British sailing ship threatens mutiny during the Napoleonic wars.
Loss of Innocence (1961) as Film Editor
A European vacation turns a teenaged girl into a woman.
Ferry to Hong Kong (1961) as Film Editor
Conrad, in fuga da Vienna, si rifugia a Hong Kong, dove vive di espedienti. Turbolento e cercaguai viene espulso dalla polizia e spedito a Macao, sul traghetto 'Fa Tsan', guidato dal capitano Hart. Ma anche la polizia portoghese gli vieta lo sbarco, per cui viene costretto a stazionare sul traghetto, con grosso disappunto del comandante, che tenta con ogni mezzo di liberarsi di lui. La simpatia di Conrad e la sua irruenza gli procurano molte simpatie tra l'equipaggio e suscitano l'interesse di Liz, una giovane insegnante che compie periodicamente la traversata con le sue allieve. Liz decide di iniziare una campagna di stampa a favore di Conrad; ma l'iniziativa fallisce a causa dell'interessato, che, sceso clandestinamente a terra, viene coinvolto in una rissa. Durante uno dei tanti viaggi, il traghetto incrocia una giunca in fiamme. Spinto da Li e dagli altri passeggeri, Conrad obbliga il capitano ad accostare; ma la giunca, carica di dinamite, esplode causando gravi danni al traghetto. Intanto scoppia un tifone e, di fronte al gretto comportamento di Hart, Conrad prende le redini del comando ed evita il peggio. Purtroppo il natante, alla deriva, finisce sulle coste cinesi, dove viene assalito dai pirati: con l'aiuto dell'equipaggio e del capitano, Conrad riesce a mettere fuori combattimento i pirati ed a condurre il vecchio traghetto fino a Hong Kong, dove cola a picco, dopo che tutti i passeggeri sono sbarcati. Alla fine Conrad ottiene un permesso di soggiorno: la sua condotta coraggiosa gli ha assicurato l'affetto di Liz e la stima di Hart.
Sink the Bismarck! (1960) as Editing
Chronicles the breakout of the Bismark during the early days of World War Two. Seen both from the point of view of the many naval vessels on both sides and from the central headquarters of the British where the search for the super battleship was controlled.
Cry From the Streets, A (1958) as Editor
Paradise Lagoon (1958) as Film Editor
When a family is shipwrecked on a desert island, their butler comes to the rescue.
Hell in Korea (1956) as Editor
A small platoon fights to keep control of a small hill during the Korean war.
Paris Express (1953) as Assembling ed
A business owner and his clerk go head to head over the company funds.

Animation (feature film)

Snow in August (2001)
Set in Brooklyn during the summer of 1947, the telefilm tells the tale of a fatherless Catholic boy who is endangered after witnessing a violent crime and subsequently forms an extraordinary bond with Rabbi Judah Hirsch, a refugee of war. The young boy struggles to tell the truth and confront a mena

Sound (feature film)

Betrayal, The (2008)
During the Vietnam War, the United States government waged its own secret war in the neighboring country of Laos. When the U.S. withdrew, thousands of Laotians who fought alongside American forces were left behind to face imprisonment or execution. One family, the Phrasavaths, made the courageous de
Vision, The (1987) as Sound
Evangelists who run a satellite television network prepare viewers to accept a new world order.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) as Prod associate
An eccentric inventor uses his flying car to free a kingdom of children from oppression.

Film Production - Construction/Set (feature film)

Mansfield Park (1999) as Props Stand-By Driver (2nd Unit)
The story of Fanny Price, a poor relation growing up among the privileged Bertram clan and the sexual awakening of the young adults in the family set against the dark realities of the source of the family's fortune, the slave trade: At ten, Fanny is shipped from her rat-infested, hard-luck Portsmout

Post Production (feature film)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) as Col timer
On his 11th birthday, a boy discovers his parents were powerful wizards and is invited to attend the esteemed Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Vision, The (1987)
Evangelists who run a satellite television network prepare viewers to accept a new world order.

Cast (special)

Candid Camera Comedy Shopping Spree, The (1990)
A comedy special in which Allen Funt's concealed cameras observe ordinary Americans in their obsession with shopping.

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