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Also Known As: Died:
Born: April 2, 1945 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Morristown, New Jersey, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Singing Revolution, The (2007)
First occupied by the Soviets in 1939, then by the Nazis, and then by the Soviets again, Estonia lived through decades of terror. By the end of World War II, more than one-quarter of the population had been deported to Siberia, were executed, or had fled the country. Music sustained the Estonian peo
Stranger Than Fiction (2006)
One morning, a seemingly average and generally solitary IRS agent named Harold Crick begins to hear a female voice narrating his every action, thought and feeling in alarmingly precise detail. Harold's carefully controlled life is turned upside down by this narration only he can hear, and when the v
Yours, Mine & Ours (2005) as Cast
When Frank Beardsley, a widower with eight children, runs into his high school sweetheart, Helen North, it''s as if thirty years never passed! Helen, also a widow with ten kids of her own that include the six she and her husband adopted, feels the attraction as well. It''s no wonder they rush into marriage without telling their kids. True love can conquer all--right? Unfortunately for Frank and Helen, the families don''t mesh quite as easily as the newlyweds had hoped. They probably should have seen the culture clash coming: the disciplined Beardsleys run things by the book; for the energetic and vivacious Norths, there is no book. Helen''s kids aren''t pleased about moving and sharing rooms with a bunch of uptight strangers. Frank''s children have nothing in common with the unruly Norths. Since both sets of kids aren''t happy, they devise a plan to undermine the marriage and team up to plot the breakup. East meets west as the two families find a way to work together--in order to separate! Just when it appears that the kids have succeeded, they realize they like each other despite their differences--they don''t want their families to split up! Can they save Frank and Helen''s marriage after they so brilliantly split them up? It''s up to Frank and Helen.
Lot Like Love, A (2005) as Cast
A young man and woman meet on a cross-country flight. Oliver is a brand new college graduate with an airtight timeline for attaining his dreams of both business success and finding true love. Emily is a bold, free spirit drawn to spontaneity and wild extremes. Two different choices, two incompatible views on life. They may have hooked up for a brief moment, but Oliver and Emily clearly don''t belong together. Or do they? Though they both move on, Oliver and Emily nevertheless can''t quite seem to completely let go. As the two bump into each other, year after year, in city after city, through changing careers and different relationships, there always seems to be plenty keeping them apart. And yet, there''s also something utterly inexplicable pulling them together. There''s something about the way they laugh together, the way they can talk to each other, the way they always seem to be there for one another when things are falling apart. So what keeps getting in the way of what could be romantic destiny? As Oliver and Emily set off on their own individual paths, they move across New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco--and down the hilariously meandering road of modern love.
Dragonfly (2002) as Sister Madeline
When Dr. Joe Darrow''s young wife Emily dies in a tragic bus crash, he is devastated. He returns to his work, treating sick children. Soon some of the children start to have remarkably similar near-death experiences, and Joe begins to wonder if the spirit of his late wife is trying to contact him.
Island of the Sharks (1999) as Narrator
A study of sharks in the Cocos Wildlife Sanctuary, 300 miles off Costa Rica. The waters surrounding Cocos Island are said to be home to the world's largest shark population.
Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (1998) as Voice Of Grandmother Willow
The continued adventures of the Native American Pocahontas and Captain John Smith as they travel to London.
Paul Monette: The Brink of Summer's End (1998) as Narration
A documentary on the beloved, late award-winning writer ("Borrowed Time," and "Becoming a Man") Paul Monette who, while fighting his own battle of survival with AIDS, became one of the ravaged voices for a generation of people afflicted with HIV.
Out of the Past (1998) as Narrator
Exploring the complicated influence of American history on the gay and lesbian community today. Centering on the experience of seventeen-year-old Kelli Peterson, who attempted to form a Gay-Straight Alliance at her Salt Lake City high school in 1997. Her efforts were suppressed by her community and,
Amazon (1997) as Narrator
A breath-taking look at life in the Amazon which is the world's mightiest river. It chronicles the journeys of Dr Mark Plotkin and Adrian Villanueva, a Bolivian Callaway shaman, as they seek medical plants in the rain forest.
Eat Your Heart Out (1997)
A young chef gains fame on a cooking show.
Relic, The (1997) as Dr Ann Cuthbert
A crate containing relics from South America arrives in Chicago with a beast that is mysteriously killing people.
Pocahontas (1994) as Voice Of Grandmother Willow
Set in the English settlement of Jamestown, Virginia in the year 1607, this tells the romanticized tale of English settler Captain John Smith and the famed Native American heroine who saves him.
Ecological Design: Inventing the Future (1994) as Narration
This documentary's thesis focuses on the emergence of ecological design, from the original vision of the independent thinkers in the 1920s to the powerful present-day movement.
Ready to Wear (1994) as Regina Krumm--Editor Of
Story revolves around the lives of 50 characters, including designers, models, editors, photographers, buyers and groupies during the days of the March Pret-A-Porter (Ready to Wear) high-fashion trade shows in Paris.
Younger & Younger (1993) as Frances
One day, after witnessing one infidelity too many, Penny drops dead of a heart-attack, leaving her husband Jonathan and his just-graduated-from-college son Winston to run the family self-storage business. With Jonathan's disinterest and Winston's inexperience, "Younger & Younger Self Storage" begins
Twenty Bucks (1993) as Angeline
Story traces the life of a twenty dollar bill and the people who come into contact with it.
Rain Without Thunder (1992) as Atwood Society Director
Set in the future when abortion is illegal, a mother and daughter are arrested for "fetal murder."
Third Stone From the Sun (1991) as Voice Of Varua
If Looks Could Kill (1991) as Ilsa Grunt
In a case of mistaken identity, a high school student from Detroit becomes involved in European espionage, romance and adventure.
Kindergarten Cop (1990) as Miss Schlowski
An undercover policeman poses as a pre-school teacher to protect a child from his at-large parolled father.
Hollywood Christmas Parade (1990)
Two-hour coverage of the 59th annual Hollywood Christmas Parade held in Hollywood, California.
She-Devil (1989) as Hooper
A plain but otherwise exemplary housewife exacts revenge on her unfaithful husband and his glamorous mistress.
Room Upstairs, The (1987) as Mrs Sanders
A television movie about a lonely and isolated woman whose life is transformed when she opens herself up to the outside world and to a gentle, romantic relationship.
Waiting For the Moon (1987) as Alice B Toklas
Eleni (1985) as Katina
A journalist back in Greece investigates his mother's death in the civil war of the late 1940s.
Silverado (1985) as Stella
A group of misfits try to bring justice to a small Western town.
Dune (1984) as Shadout Mapes
In the year 10,991 a race ensues for the discovery of a valuable spice found on a farawy planet.
The Bostonians (1984) as Dr Prance
A bored lawyer and a suffragette vie for the attentions of a faith healer''''s charismatic daughter.
The Year of Living Dangerously (1982) as Billy Kwan
Two American journalists get more than they''d bargained for during an Indonesian revolution.
Popeye (1980) as Mrs Oxheart--Oxblood'S Mom
Popeye the sailor man goes to the seaside village of Sweethaven to look for his long-lost father, Poopdeck Pappy. While there, he falls in love with Olive Oyl, who is engaged to the bullying Captain Bluto, who works for a mystery man called the Commodore, collecting taxes. Popeye and Olive find a foundling who can predict the future, and name him Swee''Pea. The baby is kidnapped and taken out to the Commodore''s ship, and when Popeye goes to the rescue, he learns that his Pappy is the Commodore. Bluto has tied Pappy up and is using Swee''Pea to help him find the old man''s treasure. After Popeye learns the secret of gaining super strength by eating spinach, he and Bluto fight to the finish, the treasure is found, and Bluto ends up swimming out to sea.
Fame (1978) as Mona
An original comedy by Arthur Miller that relates the absurdities of being famous, as seen through the experiences of Meyer Shine, a noted playwright who finds fame to be a mixed blessing.

Cast (special)

Woodrow Wilson (2002) as Narration
Biographical documentary of President Woodrow Wilson. In Part 1, Wilson rises from a Civil boyhood in Georgia to become president of Princeton University and an outspoken champion of progressive reform. He is elected governor of New Jersey, then narrowly wins the presidency, accomplishing a remarkab
Monkey Trial (2002) as Narration
In 1925, John Scopes was arrested in Tennessee for teaching evolution in defiance of state law. His trial became an all-out duel between science and religion, and one of the epic legal battles of the 20th century.
Who Owns the Past? (2001) as Narration
Documentary about the discovery of a 9000-year-old skeleton on the banks of the Columbia River near Kennewick, Washington. The discovery has re-ignited the conflict between anthropologists and Native American people over the control of human remains found on ancestral lands. For the scientists, know
Tasmania: Land of the Devils (2001) as Narration
Off the southeast coast of Australia lies the island refuge of Tasmania. Safe from the forces that have changed much of the Australian continent, Tasmania is an Eden of majestic forests, snow-capped mountain ranges, giant waterfalls, wild rivers and pristine coastline. Tasmania is also home to a biz
Kamchatka: Siberia's Forbidden Wilderness (2000) as Narration
Documentary about Kamchatka, a region of the former Soviet empire, just east of the Aleutian Islands and America. A top-secret submarine base gave the Soviets access to the Bering Sea and the Pacific, while two Soviet islands off Kamchatka -- Bering and Medhy -- provided convenient eavesdropping pos
Duel, The (2000) as Narration
Documentary about the 1804 duel between Alexander Hamilton, an impoverished immigrant from the West Indies who rose to become a framer of the U.S. Constitution and the architect of America's political economy, and Aaron Burr, a man born to wealth and privilege who served with distinction in the Revo
Tigers of Kanha (1999) as Narration
A look at the beauty and danger of the tiger species. Filmmakers tracked an endangered Bengal tigress for two years and captured her struggle to raise cubs and survive in the Kanha Preserve.
Influenza 1918 (1998) as Narration
Documentary on the flu epidemic which ravaged America starting in Spring 1918. In less than a year, the epidemic killed 675,000 people, more than died in all the wars of the 20th century combined, before disappearing as mysteriously as it began.
Titanic: Untold Stories (1997) as Narration
Special features historian Charles Haas on an underwater tour of the Titanic as it lies on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Underwater footage, personal letters, artifacts retrieved from the Titanic and re-creations paint a portrait of those aboard the tragic voyage.
Secrets of the Ocean Realm (1997) as Narration
This five-part documentary explores the mysteries of the ocean depths. The behaviors of sharks, whales, dolphins and other marine dwellers are revealed in underwater sequences.
Meerkat Family Saga, A (1997) as Narration
Nature documentary on the lives of a family of meerkats in the Kalahari Desert of Africa.
Namib, Africa's Burning Shore (1997) as Narration
Documentary traveling to a 1200-mile strip of land off the southwestern coast of Africa where the searing Namibian desert and the frigid Atlantic Ocean meet. This coastal desert offers a unique habitat to a diverse group of desert fauna and forges bizarre connections between the ocean's inhabitants
Isamu Noguchi: Stones and Paper (1997) as Narration
Documentary on the life and career of modern sculptor Isamu Noguchi, who was shaped by Japanese and American cultures.
New Chimpanzees, The (1995) as Narration
Special that reveals evidence that chimpanzees posess traits that were once thought to be solely human traits: strategic thinking, the practice of nonreproductive sex, active learning by the young, distinct cultures that vary from place to place, possible use of medicinal herbs, and emotional displa
He Dances For His Cormorants (1995) as Narration
Documentary following Zongman Wang, a Chinese fisherman on the Liajiang River. Instead of using rod and reel, he sings, chants, bounces and struts on a long wooden raft to encourage a dozen cormorants to bring in the fish.
Ishi: The Last Yahi Indian (1994) as Narration
A documentary about the 1911 appearance of Ishi, the last Yahi Indian, in the white man's world in Northern California and his collaboration with anthropologists to document aboriginal life in America.
Spirits of the Rainforest (1993) as Narration
Portrait of a protected nature preserve in southeast Peru.
Cambodians in America (1993) as Narration
A documentary about Cambodian immigrants to the United States and their struggle to survive between two worlds: the Cambodian world shaped by centuries-old traditions and a gentle Buddist faith and the fast-paced American world of the present.
Bikini: Forbidden Paradise (1993) as Narration
A documentary focusing on the tiny South Pacific coral atoll, Bikini, where the United States tested its first peace-time atomic bomb in 1946, and its effects four decades later.
Survive Siberia (1992) as Narration
A documentary about the people of Siberia, and their reliance on the huge, nuclear-powered icebreaker that helps ships and their crews get through with supplies.
Chico Mendes: Voice of the Amazon (1989) as Narration
A documentary about environmental advocate Chico Mendes and the movement he created to protect Brazil's rain forests from ranchers and land speculators before he was killed on December 22, 1988.
Room, The (1987) as Rose Hudd
A dramatization, taken directly from Harold Pinter's one-act play, about the uncontrollable rage, followed by blinding terror, which occurs when a frightened woman's home is invaded by a mysterious young couple, a shaken landlord and an ominous blind man with a message.
Ah, Wilderness! (1976) as Nora
An adaptation for television of a production by the Long Wharf Theatre of Eugene O'Neill's comedy about a young man coming of age in small town America at the turn of the century.

Film Production - Main (special)

Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop (1994) as Field Producer
Documentary profile of ventriloquist and children's television star Shari Lewis -- creator of such puppets as Lamb Chop, Charlie Horse and Hush Puppy. Includes clips of her television shows and interviews with family, friends and colleagues.

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