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Overview for Arthur Hunnicutt
Arthur Hunnicutt

Arthur Hunnicutt



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Also Known As: Died: September 26, 1979
Born: February 17, 1910 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Gravelly, Arkansas, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Winterhawk (1975) as Mcclusky--Trader
The tribe of Chief Winterhawk are ill. His friend trapper Guthrie suggests to ask the white men in a near village for help - but they kill Winterhawk's companion...
Daughters of Joshua Cabe Return, The (1975) as Miner
In the second of the "Joshua Cabe" pilot movies -- this one with an entirely different cast -- the three shady ladies, hired by a rascally old rancher to pose as his daughters, are outwitted by the real father of one, who kidnaps his own daughter and holds her for a ransom Cabe can't pay.
Moonrunners (1975) as Uncle Jessie
An old moonshiner and his nephews try to outsmart the feds.
Spikes Gang, The (1974) as Kid White
After outlaw Harry Spikes is wounded in a gun battle, two runaways help him escape and take him home with them. While Harry is recuperating, he regales the young men with stories of his exciting past. The adventurous tales inspire them to start a gang of their own, and Harry is happy to join as their leader. At first, the enterprise works well as the new gang robs some banks. But before long, Harry decides to turn on the boys and starts hunting them for the reward money, and this prompts one of the two young men to seek revenge against Harry.
Mrs. Sundance (1974) as Walt Putney
With fond memories of her life with the Sundance Kid, Etta Place leads a fugitive's existence, with a price on her head and bounty hunters on her trail, until rumors reach her that the supposedly dead Sundance still lives.
Harry and Tonto (1974) as Wade
When his apartment house is condemned, a retired man goes searching for his place in the world.
Climb An Angry Mountain (1972) as Sunny
A widowed rancher/sheriff clashes with a hard-nosed New York cop over the techniques for pursuing a fugitive Indian up the side of California's Mount Shasta.
Bounty Man, The (1972) as Sheriff
A bounty hunter in the Old West and his long-time rival are both after the reward for a young killer -- dead or alive -- but find themselves menaced by the outlaw's gang of cut-throats.
The Revengers (1972) as Free [State]
The life of peaceful rancher John Benedict (William Holden) is torn apart when his family is massacred by a gang of marauding outlaws and his farm is destroyed. He assembles a team of mean, lawless convicts to act as his posse as he pursues the gang responsible for the deaths of his loved ones.
The Million Dollar Duck (1971) as Mr. Purdham
To save it from being put to death, Professor Albert Dooley takes home a dumb duck from the research laboratory, which accidentally was exposed to X-rays. At home he discovers that it lays now golden eggs. Since he's broke all the time, his family welcomes this new source of income greatly, and tries to keep it secret. But their greedy neighbors become suspicious.
Trackers, The (1971) as Ben Vogel
A pilot for a Western that teams up a strong-willed black frontier scout and a stubborn rancher in a reluctant alliance to find out who killed the latter's son and made off with his daughter.
El Dorado (1967) as Bull Harris [Bull Thomas?]
A gunfighter and a drunken sheriff take on a corrupt cattle baron.
Apache Uprising (1966) as Bill Gibson
Calhoun must fight both outlaws and indians when his stagecoach, carrying a gold shipment, arrives at a relay station.
Cat Ballou (1965) as Butch Cassidy
A prim schoolteacher turns outlaw queen when the railroad steals her land.
A Tiger Walks (1964) as Mr. Lewis
A tiger escapes from a circus truck as it passes by a small town, and hides itself in the surrounding woods. This throws the town into a panic and everyone wants the animal killed immediately, except for the daughter of the sheriff. She wants to capture the tiger and put it in a zoo, thereby saving the tiger's life. Her determination starts a nationwide campaign among children to raise the money to buy the tiger from the circus, but first, she, her father and an Indian tiger trainer must find the tiger before the National Guard do, who have orders to kill it on sight.
The Cardinal (1963) as Sheriff Dubrow
A Boston priest deals with illicit love, racism and war as he rises in the church.
Born Reckless (1959) as Cool Man
A saloon singer falls in love with a free roaming rider and tries to change his lifestyle.
The Tall T (1957) as Ed Rintoon
An out-of-luck cowhand falls for a married woman being held hostage.
The Kettles in the Ozarks (1956) as Sedge Kettle
Ma and the kids head back to the Ozarks for a visit with Uncle Sedge (essentially a Pa Kettle replacement). He's working his way through a twenty years long relationship with Miss Bedelia Baines.
The Last Command (1955) as Davy Crockett
Texas hero Jim Bowie defends against Mexican general Santa Ana.
The French Line (1954) as Waco Mosby
A Texas heiress masquerades as a model in hopes of finding true love.
She Couldn't Say No (1954) as Otey Chalmers
An heiress decides to pass out anonymous gifts in a small town.
Devil's Canyon (1953) as Frank Taggert
A U.S. Marshal is unjustly convicted and sent to a notorious Arizona prison.
Split Second (1953) as Asa Tremaine
Escaped convicts hold hostages in a ghost town that's the target of a nuclear bomb test.
The Big Sky (1952) as Zeb Calloway
Trappers lead an expedition against river pirates and Indians along the Missouri River.
The Lusty Men (1952) as Booker Davis
A faded rodeo star mentors a younger rider but falls for his wife.
Distant Drums (1951) as Monk
Soldiers fight through the Everglades to return home after destroying a Seminole fort.
Sugarfoot (1951) as Fly-up-the-creek Jones
Passage West (1951) as Jake Brennan
The Red Badge of Courage (1951) as "Bill Porter"
A young Union soldier fights to atone for a moment of cowardice during the Civil War.
Two Flags West (1950) as Sgt. Pickins
A bitter Union commander is forced to accept Confederate prisoners to help fight an Indian war.
Stars in My Crown (1950) as Chloroform Wiggins
A parson uses six-guns and the Bible to bring peace to a Tennessee town.
The Furies (1950) as Cowhand
The 1870s, New Mexico territory: T.C. Jeffords is a cattle baron who built his ranch, the Furies, from scratch.
Broken Arrow (1950) as Milt Duffield
A former soldier sets out to create peace between white settlers and the Apache.
A Ticket to Tomahawk (1950) as Sad Eyes Tatum
In 1876 Dawson wants to prevent a train from getting to Tomahawk CO on time, to keep it from competing with his stage coach line. Kit, who must get the train to its goal, forces Johnny aboard as the needed passenger. Madame Adelaide's showgirls (including Marilyn as Clara) ride along and, en route to Tomahawk, join Johnny in "Oh, What a Forward Young Man You Are."
Border Incident (1949) as Clayton Nordell
Police try to crack down on the illegal immigration racket.
Lust for Gold (1949) as Ludi
A German immigrant braves the wild West in search of gold and a woman to love.
The Great Dan Patch (1949) as Chet Williams
Pinky (1949) as Police chief
A light-skinned black woman returns home after passing for white in nursing school.
Murder, He Says (1945) as Yokel
A pollster stumbles on a family of small-town killers.
Riding West (1944) as Professor Arkansas Higgins
Abroad with Two Yanks (1944) as Arkie
Biff and Jeff, two American G.I.'s on furlough in Australia during The Second World War, are enjoying their time the way most soldiers on leave do. When they meet the beautiful Joyce, however, they both fall head over heels for her, and start competing for her attentions. As their R&R time begins to run out, the schemes they each come up with to win her affection and foil the other's plans to do the same become more and more outrageous.
Frontier Fury (1943) as Arkansas Tuttle
Indian Agent Steve Langdon is dismissed from his job when a money shipment he was transporting is robbed. He fought with one of the robbers and saw a tattoo on his arm. Later when Stella arrives Steve learns she was jilted by Dan Bentley, the man with that tattoo. So Steve puts her to work in a medicine show hoping she will be seen by one of Bentley's men.
Fall In (1943) as Luke
An Army sergeant''''s photographic memory puts him in conflict with a Nazi spy.
Hail to the Rangers (1943) as Arkansas
Johnny Come Lately (1943) as Second tramp
The Chance of a Lifetime (1943) as Elwood "Tex" Stewart
An ex-thief helps some fellow ex-cons adjust to life as defense workers, only to get involved with a robbery investigation.
Law of the Northwest (1943) as Arkansas
Robin Hood of the Range (1943) as Arkansas
Steve Malone (Charles Starrett), an orphan raised by an early-day railroad pioneer, assumes a masked disguise to help the homesteaders who are being deprived of their ranches by a railroad land grab. To do this, he has to go up against Henry Malone (Kenneth MacDonald), his foster parent.
The Fighting Buckaroo (1943) as Arkansas
Silver Queen (1942) as Brett
A girl is dismayed to discover that her deceased father has left her destitute and in debt.
Riding Through Nevada (1942) as Arkansas
Wildcat (1942) as Watchfob Jones
Wildcatter Johnny Maverick (Richard Arlen) and his pal, Chicopee Nevins (Elisha Cook, Jr.) are speeding toward Antril Bend, a small town in the oil region, that has offered $25,000 to the person bringing in the first oil well.They accidently find oil on the town's outskirts, and Johnny writes a $4000 hot check for the property. He covers that by having Chicopee sell his half interest to oil promoter Gus Sloane (John Dilson) for $7000. Sloane hires a crew to start drilling on his half of the property, with Johnny's old enemy, Mile Rawlins (Larry "Buster" Crabbe) as his foreman. Rawlins sabotages Johnny's rig, causing Chicopee's death. Confidence man Oliver Westbrook (William Frawley) and his confederate, Nan Dearing (Arline Judge) hatch a plan to swindle Johnny by having Nan pose as Chicopee's sister. It works and Johnny makes Nan his partner. Another accident staged by Rawlins forces Johnny to sign a note to get money for repair. Nan falls in love with Johnny and abandons her plan to swindle him. As the note deadline approaches, Johnny learns that Sloane has purchased it as a means of taking over the well.
Pardon My Gun (1942) as Arkansas

Cast (special)

Last War, The (1946)
A drama inspired by one of the implications of Darwin's theory of evolution, namely that there is no "eternal" or fixed status among species of animals. In this story, the human species annihilates itself in a war to end all wars and the surviving animals begin a new chapter in the saga of life on E

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