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Esther Howard

Esther Howard



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Cast (feature film)

Lady in the Iron Mask (1952) as Madame Duprez
Rose of Cimarron (1952) as Ma Bruce
All That I Have (1951) as
Caged (1950) as Grace
A young innocent fights to survive the harsh life in a women's prison.
No Man of Her Own (1950) as Flowsy woman, boardinghouse
Helen Ferguson, pregnant, penniless and dumped by her boyfriend Steve Morley, takes the identity of the pregnant Patrice Harkness, when she and her husband are killed in a train crash. The rich Harkness in-laws, and their other son Bill, had never seen Patrice, so they accept her and her newborn son into their family. However Steve eventually finds her and starts to blackmail her.
The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend (1949) as Mrs. Smidlap
Saloon-bar singer Freddie gets very angry whenever boyfriend Blackie seems to be playing around. She always packs a six-shooter, so this is bad news for anything that happens to be in the way. As this is usually the local judge's rear-end, Freddie and friend Conchita are soon hiding out teaching school in the middle of nowhere.
Hellfire (1949) as Birdie
Zeb Smith is a gambler with a larcenous streak, but when an itinerant preacher takes a bullet meant for him, Zeb vows to fulfill the preacher's mission of building a church. Frustrated in his attempts to get donations, Zeb attempts to capture fugitive Doll Brown in order to obtain the reward. But he finds that there's more to Doll than meets the eye. When his old friend Bucky McLean shows up gunning for Doll, Zeb sees a chance to redeem them all... one way or another.
Look for the Silver Lining (1949) as Mrs. Moffitt
Musical biography of Marilyn Miller, who overcame heartache to become a Broadway star.
The Lady Gambles (1949) as Cross lady
When Joan Boothe accompanies husband-reporter David to Las Vegas, she begins gambling to pass the time while he is doing a story. Encouraged by the casino manager, she gets hooked on gambling, to the point where she "borrows" David's expense money to pursue her addiction. This finally breaks up their marriage, but David continues trying to help her.
Homicide (1949) as Landlady
Killers scare a murder witness into silence.
Champion (1949) as Mrs. Margaret Kelly
An unscrupulous boxer claws his way to the top.
The Velvet Touch (1948) as Pansy Dupont
After accidentally killing her lecherous producer, a famous actress tries to hide her guilt.
June Bride (1948) as Mrs. Mitchell
Two bickering reporters turn a small-town wedding into a battleground.
Born to Kill (1947) as Mrs. Kraft
A murderer marries a young innocent then goes after her more experienced sister.
The Trouble with Women (1947) as Mrs. Fogarty
Song of the Thin Man (1947) as Counterwoman
Society sleuths Nick and Nora Charles investigate a murder in a jazz club.
Detour (1946) as Hedy
A hitchhiker takes on a dead man''''s identity only to face blackmail by an unscrupulous woman.
Dick Tracy vs. Cueball (1946) as Filthy Flora
A police detective uses his girlfriend to track down a homicidal maniac.
The Falcon's Alibi (1946) as Gloria Peabody
A society sleuth sets out on the trail of a society matron''''s lost jewels.
A Letter for Evie (1946) as Mrs. Edgewaters
A timid soldier sends his buddy's picture to a romantic pen pal.
The Virginian (1946) as Mrs. Swinton
Best friends become enemies when one signs on with a rustler.
Without Reservations (1946) as Sarah
A woman writer falls for a war hero who''''s a perfect match for the hero of her latest novel.
The Hoodlum Saint (1946) as Elderly woman spectator
After finding religion, a cynical newspaperman tries to help young hoods.
Adventure (1946) as Blister
A rough-living sailor has trouble adjusting to domestic life when he marries a librarian.
The Great Flamarion (1945) as Cleo
A vaudevillian is tricked into murder by a bored wife.
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944) as Sally
During World War II, a 4F tries to help the woman he loves cover up a surprise pregnancy.
Once Upon a Time (1944) as Clerk
A Broadway producer finds fame with his new act -- a dancing caterpillar.
Hail the Conquering Hero (1944) as Mrs. Noble
A group of veterans help a small-town fraud convince his family he was a war hero.
The Great Moment (1944) as Streetwalker
A 19th-century dentist sets out to find a painless method for pulling teeth in this true story.
Murder, My Sweet (1944) as Mrs. Jessie Florian
Detective Philip Marlowe's search for a two-timing woman leads him to blackmail and murder.
The Big Noise (1944) as Aunt Sophie
Although they are only janitors at a detective agency, the boys pass themselves off as sleuths and are engaged to guard an inventor delivering a new bomb. They outwit enemy agents after the bomb and wind up sinking a Japanese submarine.
True to Life (1943) as
A writer for a radio program needs some fresh ideas to juice up his show. For inspiration, he rents a room with a typical American family and begins to secretly write about their true life antics. The show becomes a big hit, but he begins to feel guilty about his charade when he falls in love with the family's pretty older daughter.
Tales of Manhattan (1942) as
A formal black coat that gets passed from one New Yorker to another affects each person's life in a significant way.
My Favorite Blonde (1942) as Mrs. Topley
A vaudevillian gets mixed up with a beautiful blonde spy.
Sullivan's Travels (1942) as Miz Zeffie
A filmmaker masquerades as a hobo to get in touch with the little people.
Jackass Mail (1942) as Dance hall girl
A horse thief marries for profit, but doesn't reckon with his wife's determination to reform him.
The Palm Beach Story (1942) as Wife of Wienie King
To finance her husband's career, a married woman courts an eccentric millionaire.
San Francisco Docks (1941) as Jean
Longshoreman Johnny Barnes is in love with Kitty Tracy, barmaid at her father's waterfront saloon. Johnny is arrested for murder. Kitty and Father Cameron locate Frances March, wife of the real murderer (Alcatraz escapee Monte March) which leads to a fight between the two women and then between the priest and the murderer.
The Lady from Cheyenne (1941) as Landlady
Fictionalized story of the 1869 adoption of women's suffrage in Wyoming Territory. In the new-founded railroad town of Laraville, Boss Jim Cork hopes to manipulate the sale of town lots to give him control, but Quaker schoolmarm Annie Morgan bags one of the key lots. Cork's lawyer Steve Lewis tries romancing Annie to get the lot back, finding her so overpoweringly liberated she leaves him dizzy. Still, Steve attains his nefarious object...almost...then has cause to deeply regret having aroused the sleeping giant of feminism!
The Great McGinty (1940) as Madame La Jolla
A hobo rises to town mayor when he hooks up with a crooked political boss.
Missing Daughters (1939) as Mother Hawks
Broadway Serenade (1939) as Mrs. Fellowes
Career conflicts threaten a singer''s marriage to a young composer.
The Gracie Allen Murder Case (1939) as Florist
The zany plot follows nitwit Gracie Allen trying to help master sleuth Philo Vance solve a murder. Allen's uncle fixes her up with Bill at a company picnic. When the two go out to a nightclub that night, Gracie inadvertently links Bill to the murder of a thug after finding the dead body and Bill's cigarette case at the scene of the crime. While being questioned at the club, she meets Vance who's investigating the homicide. After Gracie's bungled attempts to solve the case, Vance decides it might be easier to have her working with him. Despite Gracie's "help," the two eventually find the real killer.
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1938) as Mother
A frantic radio producer must find the perfect Little Miss America for an advertiser's national program and discovers her in his country neighbor.
Five of a Kind (1938) as Thelma
Scandal Street (1938) as Birdie Brown
The Texans (1938) as Madame
Swing Sister Swing (1938) as Mrs. Fredericks
Broadway press agent Nap Sisler (Ken Murray) sees a chance to make a national hit with a new dance, "The Baltimore Bubble", created by Greenvale filling-station attendant Johnny Bennett (Johnny Downs). Nap promotes dance instructor Professor L. Orlando Beebee (Ernest Truex) out of $500 to bring Johnny, his dancing partner Snookie Saunders (Kathryn Kane, formerly known as Katherine "Sugar" Kane but not in this film), and Greenvale grocery clerk and hot trombonist Satchel-Lips Peters (Eddie Quillan) to New York. Introduced at a night club by bandleader Ted Weems, the trio is a hit. The Greenvale trio begin a theatre tour with their dance, now a national sensation. The craze soon dies out and Johnny stays in New York to try for another chance at fame with a dancer, Nona (Edna Sedgwick), while the other two return to Greenvale. The new act soon flops and Johnny returns to Greenvale and is met by Snookie, Satchel-Lips and the town band, who escort him to a new and lavish service station built with the money earned from "The Baltimore Bubble."
Dead End (1937) as
A killer returns to his childhood home to plot his escape from the law.
Stand-In (1937) as Landlady
An efficiency expert tries to streamline operations at a Hollywood studio.
Rhythm in the Clouds (1937) as Mrs. Madigan
Partners in Crime (1937) as Mrs. Wagon
Klondike Annie (1936) as Fanny Radler
Rose Carlton is the kept woman of Chan Lo, who takes her from walking the streets to pacing the floors of her high rent apartment. Rose ends up killing Chan and boards a ship where burly sea captain Bull Brackett takes a shine to her. When he finds out she killed Chan, he blackmails her into coming
M'liss (1936) as Rose
A young innocent searches a rough mining town for her drunken father.
Florida Special (1936) as
Straight from the Heart (1935) as Tired mother
The Best Man Wins (1935) as Mamie
Death Flies East (1935) as Mitzi
Ready for Love (1934) as Aunt Ida
Grand Slam (1933) as Mary
A hat-check girl's skill with cards lands her a wealthy bridge champion.
Second Hand Wife (1933) as Mrs. Trumbull
Below the Sea (1933) as Lily
Criminals threaten a wealthy woman''''s underwater expedition.
Iron Master (1932) as Mrs. Elvira Stillman
Merrily We Go to Hell (1932) as Vi
Frederich March plays nere-do-well Jerry Corbett, who finally meets and marries the right girl, Joan Prentiss, played by Sylvia Sydney. Unfortunately their wedded bliss is interrupted when Jerry's play becomes a hit and he hooks up with the wrong woman from his past. Joan decides that turn-about is fair play and she picks Cary Grant to escort her around to various parties around New York. Eventually Jerry quits drinking and sends his girlfriend packing, just in time for Joan to take him back.
A Fool's Advice (1932) as Mrs. Prescott
Winner Take All (1932) as Ann
A prize fighter tries to help an invalid and her baby.
Rackety Rax (1932) as Sister Carrie
The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood (1932) as Mrs. [Maggie] Kelly
Small town America: the Cohens own a movie theater; the Kellys own a diner. Kitty Kelly and Maurice Cohen are young lovers; Maurice sends Kitty's picture to a movie studio, and they accept her and make her a star. Soon, the Kelly family is living the high life; they write a postcard to the Cohens, who take a polite "wish you were here" as an invitation to sell everything. The Kellys shun the Cohens, who they now see as gauche. But when sound films are introduced, Kitty is no longer a star, and composer Maurice suddenly makes his family rich (for a while) .
The Vice Squad (1931) as Josie
Ladies of the Big House (1931) as Clara Newman
On their Wedding day, Kathleen and Standish McNeil are followed home by Kid Athens, (a wanted murderer), and Policeman Martin French (sent to get Kathleen as a witness). Athens shoots French and tosses a gun, engraved with "with love" next to French's body. This sets up Kathleen (once a moll for Athen's) and Standish as the murderers. Eager Assistant Attorney John Hartman, who works for Athens, manipulates the jury to a guilty verdict. Standish (Mac) is sent to death row and Kathleen to a violent Woman's Prison. She's befriended by Ivory and Maria, but is viciously treated by inmate, Susie Thompson, a former moll of Athens before Kathleen. Kathleen discovers that her appeal has been denied and decides to escape with pregnant inmate, Maria. Kathleen is allowed a visit with Mac (Standish) and tells him of her plan to escape and tell the world of their innocence. Maria is shot while trying to cut the fence. Kathleen's getaway boat is smashed and she's recaptured...

Cast (short)

Alex in Wonderland (1940)
In this comedic short, things take a turn for the worse when an unwanted relative comes to visit his sister in the city.
The Misses Stooge (1935)
In this comedic short, Patsy Kelly and Thelma Todd loose their jobs as dancers and end up as assistants for a magician.

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