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Cast (feature film)

Myra Breckinridge (1970) as Parole officer
Slim Carter (1957) as Joe Brewster
Hughie Mack, a not so nice western singer, is discovered by Clover Doyle as the next movie cowboy hero. His name is changed to Slim Carter and a promotional buildup begins. Leo Gallaher, an orphan boy wins the contest to spend a month with Slim. Leo is a good influence on his cowboy hero. Clover sees the good and more in Slim. Montana Burriss is Slim's double.
20 Million Miles to Earth (1957) as Col. Bob Calder
A crashed spaceship unleashes a rapidly growing monster from Venus.
The Deadly Mantis (1957) as Dr. Ned[rick] Jackson
A prehistoric praying mantis wreaks havoc on the Eastern seaboard.
The Bad Seed (1956) as [Col.] Kenneth Penmark
A woman suspects that her perfect little girl is a ruthless killer.
Good-Bye, My Lady (1956) as Walden Grover
A stray dog brings together a young boy and an old man in the Georgia swamps.
The First Texan (1956) as [William B.] Travis
After arriving in Texas to escape a scandal back east, a lawyer becomes involved in the independence of Texas.
Rebel Without a Cause (1955) as Judy's father
An alienated teenager tries to handle life's troubles and an apron-wearing dad.
One Desire (1955) as ["Mac"] MacBain
Circa 1900, runaway boy Nugget arrives in an Oklahoma boom town to find his brother...who's a dealer in the casino section of a palatial bawdy house, and lover of the madam, Tacey Cromwell. Together, Nugget, Clint, and Tacey seek respectability in a Colorado mining town. Clint finds work at the town's new bank, while Tacey adopts another orphan, Seely. But Clint is pursued by banker's daughter Judith Watrous, who's seemingly sweet but takes ruthless steps to eliminate competition. Result for Tacey: heartbreak, renunciation, and tears a-plenty.
Robbers' Roost (1955) as Robert Bell
A rancher having 6000 head of cattle to get to market hires two gangs that hate each other. He figues each gang will not let the other rustle the cattle. Tex arrives looking for the man that killed his wife and took his horses. Finding his horses he joins the gang that are now riding them. Caught in the battle between the gangs when one double-crosses the other, he now finds the man he is looking for.
Conquest of Space (1955) as [Dr. George] Fenton
This Is My Love (1954) as District Attorney
The High and the Mighty (1954) as Roy
When a commercial airliner develops engine trouble, the passengers and crew think back on the lives they could be losing soon.
Sitting Bull (1954) as Charles Wentworth
After defeating Custer at the Little Big Horn, the famed chief tries to save an Indian sympathizer from court-martial.
Track of the Cat (1954) as Arthur Bridges
A murderous panther haunts a dysfunctional pioneer family.
The Last Ride (1944) as Swank
A detective suspects foul play in a series of accidental deaths.
Action in the North Atlantic (1943) as Canadian soldier
A Merchant Marine crew fights off enemy attacks at the start of World War II.
The Hard Way (1943) as Clerk
An ambitious woman doesn't care who she hurts in her drive to make her sister a star.
Air Force (1943) as Sergeant
A bomber crew sees World War II action over the Pacific.
The Mysterious Doctor (1943) as Orderly
Nazi agents use a headless ghost as a front.
Murder on the Waterfront (1943) as First sentry
Nazis and entertainers are involved in an inventor''''s murder.
Truck Busters (1943) as Trucker
An independent driver organizes other truckers to fight a corrupt executive.
Lady Gangster (1942) as John
A radio broadcaster tries to reform a gangster's moll who has been sent up the river.
Murder in the Big House (1942) as Reporter
Two reporters take on a murder ring at the state pen.
Spy Ship (1942) as Reporter
A flighty society girl sells secrets to the enemy.
The Male Animal (1942) as Reporter
A college professor fights censorship and an amorous football player who's after his wife.
All Through the Night (1942) as Reporter
A criminal gang turns patriotic to track down a Nazi spy ring.
Gentleman Jim (1942) as
Fanciful biography of 19th-century boxing champion Jim Corbett.
They Died with Their Boots On (1942) as Frazier
Romanticized biography of General George Armstrong Custer and his last stand.
Juke Girl (1942) as Clerk
A migrant laborer becomes a champion of farm workers'' rights.
Larceny, Inc. (1942) as Customer
An ex-convict and his gang try to use a luggage store to front a bank robbery, but business keeps getting in the way.
Secret Enemies (1942) as Ensign
The FBI tracks Nazi agents to a luxury hotel.
Desperate Journey (1942) as Aircraftsman
American pilots stranded in Germany during World War II fight their way to freedom.
Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) as Reporter
A musical portrait of composer/singer/dancer George M. Cohan. From his early days as a child-star in his family's vaudeville show up to the time of his comeback at which he received a medal from the president for his special contributions to the US, this is the life- story of George M. Cohan, who produced, directed, wrote and starred in his own musical shows for which he composed his famous songs.
Busses Roar (1942) as Sailor
A saboteur rigs a bomb to destroy a strategic oil field.
Escape from Crime (1942) as Reporter
An ex-con becomes a daredevil photojournalist.
You Can't Escape Forever (1942) as Soldier
Although she''''s been demoted to writing the advice column, a newspaper woman still tries to expose a racketeer.
Bullet Scars (1942) as Reporter
Hoods kidnap an honest doctor to patch up one of their own.
Across the Pacific (1942) as Orderly
An American agent tries to keep Axis spies from blowing up the Panama Canal.
Affectionately Yours (1941) as Airline attendant
A foreign correspondent hurries home to stop his wife from getting a divorce.
Strange Alibi (1941) as Desk clerk
An undercover cop finds himself on the wrong side of the law when the mob discovers his true identity.
Navy Blues (1941) as Ensign Walters
Honolulu days are far from peaceful for a boatload of amorous sailors.
The Bride Came C.O.D. (1941) as Keenan's pilot
A pilot and a temperamental heiress are stranded in the desert together.
Here Comes Happiness (1941) as Best man
An heiress ditches her fortune-hunting fiance to find happiness living on her own.
You're in the Army Now (1941) as Clerk
Two incompetent door-to-door salesmen enlist by accident.
High Sierra (1941) as
An aging ex-con sets out to pull one more big heist.
Manpower (1941) as
Power linemen feud over the love of a sultry nightclub singer.
Dive Bomber (1941) as Pilot
A crusading scientist fights to prevent bomber pilots from blacking out.
Knockout (1941) as Reporter
A prizefighter's swelled head endangers his marriage.
The Maltese Falcon (1941) as Reporter
Hard-boiled detective Sam Spade gets caught up in the murderous search for a priceless statue.
The Body Disappears (1941) as Terrence Abbott
A scientist's invisibility formula gets him in trouble with the police.
A Shot in the Dark (1941) as Jones
A reporter and a police detective sort through the clues in a night-club owner''''s murder.
Flight from Destiny (1941) as Travin
An elderly professor with six months to live plots a murder to reunite two young lovers.
Passage from HongKong (1941) as Watson
A thriller writer tries to impress a young woman by pretending to be tied to a murder.
Footsteps in the Dark (1941) as Police secretary
An aspiring mystery writer stumbles on to a real murder.
International Squadron (1941) as Radio operator
A hotshot flyer endangers his colleagues in the Royal Air Force as they fly against the Nazis.
Bullets for O'Hara (1941) as Richard Palmer
A gangster's wife helps the FBI nail her husband.
Blues in the Night (1941) as Pool player
The members of a traveling jazz band try to keep their leader from drinking himself to death.
The Case of the Black Parrot (1941) as Second mate
A newspaperman sets out to catch a sea-going thief.
A Child Is Born (1940) as Intern
A pregnant prison inmate shares her problems with the patients in a maternity ward.
Tear Gas Squad (1940) as George
A brave young policeman single-handedly takes on a vicious criminal gang.
Brother Orchid (1940) as Reporter
After a failed hit, a mob chief recuperates in a monastery.
Always a Bride (1940) as
A society girl pushes her working class boyfriend into politics.
Castle on the Hudson (1940) as Reporter
A hardened crook behind bars comes up against a reform-minded warden.
Money and the Woman (1940) as Depositor
An embezzler''''s wife begs his boss for forgiveness, only to fall in love with him.
The Fighting 69th (1940) as Private Turner
A braggart soldier learns the true meaning of heroism when he joins World War I's all-Irish unit.
The Man Who Talked Too Much (1940) as Reporter
A defense lawyer sets out to topple a powerful gangster.
Gambling on the High Seas (1940) as Station operator
A reporter tries to nail a gambling-ship owner for murder.
Ladies Must Live (1940) as Joe Barton
A country bumpkin tries to save his millionaire pal from a gold-digging singer.
Knute Rockne--All American (1940) as Reporter
Biography of the famed Notre Dame coach and his fight to "win one for the Gipper."
Calling Philo Vance (1940) as Hotel clerk
Society sleuth Philo Vance tangles with foreign agents when he investigates the murder of an aircraft manufacturer.
Virginia City (1940) as Lieutenant
A rebel spy poses as a wild West dance hall girl.
Flight Angels (1940) as Lefty
Airline stewardesses vie for the love of a dashing pilot.
Santa Fe Trail (1940) as Officer
Romantic rivals get caught in the battle to stop abolitionist John Brown.
Cowboy Quarterback (1939) as Handsome Sam
A football scout tries to get a legendary runner back into the game.
Invisible Stripes (1939) as Young man
On his release from prison, a crook tries to stop his brother from following in his footsteps.
Pride of the Blue Grass (1939) as Joe
A jockey trains a blind horse for the Grand National.
Daughters Courageous (1939) as
A father returns to the family he left years earlier and tries to solve their problems.
The Return of Dr. X (1939) as Intern
A murderer returns from the grave with a thirst for blood.
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (1939) as Reporter
A teen-aged sleuth helps two old ladies deal with the "haunting" of their mansion.
Espionage Agent (1939) as Student
American spies try to steal Nazi secrets from a moving train.
Stagecoach (1939) as Cavalry Sergeant
A group of disparate passengers battle personal demons and each other while racing through Indian country.
On Your Toes (1939) as Escort
A hoofer gets mixed up with a ballet dancer, triggering backstage jealousy.
The Old Maid (1939) as John
An unmarried mother gives her illegitimate child to her cousin.
The Patient in Room 18 (1938) as Grabshot
A hospitalized detective probes the murder of a fellow patient.
Women Are Like That (1938) as Larraby
Years after their break-up, a couple finds each other all over again.
Mystery House (1938) as Lal Killian
A detective tries to solve a murder in a house full of suspects.
Daredevil Drivers (1938) as Neeley bus driver
Rival bus companies find an unusual go-between in a former auto racer.
Love, Honor and Behave (1938) as Yale tennis player
A college tennis star gives up the game for love.
Back in Circulation (1937) as Pete Edington
A reporter tries to win her editor''''s heart by solving a murder case.
The Footloose Heiress (1937) as Jack Pierson
To win a bet, a society girl elopes with someone she hardly knows.
Larceny on the Air (1937) as Announcer
Public Wedding (1937) as Tony Burke
Out-of-work show folk stage a fake wedding to generate publicity.
Over the Goal (1937) as Ken Thomas
A college football star risks his health to play in the big game.
Love Is on the Air (1937) as Eddie Gould
A crusading radio reporter takes on civic corruption.
Torchy Blane, the Adventurous Blonde (1937) as Matt
Reporter Torchy Blane walks out on her own wedding to solve the case of a murdered actor.
Easy to Take (1936) as Monitor room man
The Accusing Finger (1936) as Reporter
An attorney is responsible for sending an innocent man to jail for a murder he did not commit. He soon gets a taste of his own medicine when his wife is murdered and no one will believe him when he claims he didn't do it.
Murder with Pictures (1936) as Photographer
The King Steps Out (1936) as Soldier
A young woman saves her sister from marriage to an emperor that she doesn''''t love.
Broadway to Hollywood (1933) as
Three generations of vaudevillians fight for stardom on stage and screen.
Sunshine Dad (1916) as Baby

Sound (feature film)

American Pie (1999) as Sound Effects Editor
Jim is your average healthy re-blooded virgin -- he''s desperate to "make it" with a woman. The stakes are raised when his parents catch him with his pants down watching porno films in his bedroom, his one experience with a beautiful exchange student turns into an online disaster and his friends make a pact that by the day of their high school graduation, none of them will be virgins. Pressure''s on, but will Jim rise to the occasion?
To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday (1996) as Sound Editor
Laboy Day weekend on Nantucket Island marks a family reunion for David Lewis and his teenage daughter, Rachel along with his sister-in-law Esther and brother-in-law Paul. It also marks the anniversary of David''s wife Gillian''s death. She died in a boating accident on her birthday two years ago. To David, it could have been yesterday. Hoping to help David overcome his grief, Paul and Esther bring an attractive single woman with them to the island. But he''s not over Gillian. In fact, David is completely in love with her. It''s as though the strength of his devotion just might bring her back. As the family celebrates the weekend with the traditional karaoke singing and a sand castle competition, relationships are re-examined and truths are revealed. When David discovers that his obsession with his late wife has damaged his precious relationship with Rachel, he realizes he must do everything in his power to regain his daughter''s love--even if it means letting go of Gillian.
Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain (1995) as Sound Editor
Do you remember that very special day when you met the person who would become your dearest friend, closer than any brother or sister? For Beth Easton, a polished 13-year-old city slicker relocating from Los Angeles to a small Northwestern town that she disparagingly refers to as "the sticks," that
Fifty/Fifty (1991) as Sound Editor
Two soldiers of fortune team up to help rebels in South East Asia in a coup attempt.

Cast (special)

Restless Gun, The (1957) as Dan Maler (Guest)
The story relates the exploits of Britt Ponset, a wandering ex-gunfighter in the 1800s who aids people in distress. In the pilot episode, broadcast as a segment of "Schlitz Playhouse of Stars," Britt attempts to save an old friend from a ruthless killer.

Cast (short)

Beyond the Line of Duty (1942)
This short film focuses on the training and missions of Army Air Corps Captain Hewett T. Wheless. Vitaphone Release 1064-1065A
Short subject on the part that the pony express played during the election of President Lincoln and the news of the Civil War.
The Flag of Humanity (1940)
This short film focuses on how Clara Barton helped found the American Red Cross. Vitaphone Release 9889-9890.
The Bill of Rights (1939)
This short film dramatizes the birth of the American Bill of Rights. Vitaphone Release 9300-9301.

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