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Cast (feature film)

Geppetto (2000)
A retelling of the classic "Pinocchio" tale, as seen through the eyes of Geppetto, the Italian toymaker and father of Pinocchio, the wooden puppet who wants to be a real boy.<P>In the town of Villagio, around 1850, Geppetto wants a child to complete his life, and the Blue Fairy grants his wish for a
Manhunt: Search For The Night Stalker (1989) as Bartender
A movie based on the real-life, mass-murder case involving Richard Ramirez, known as the "Night Stalker," who was captured in Los Angeles in 1985. The telefilm chronicles the investigation of Los Angeles detectives Frank Salerno and Gil Carrillo leading to the arrest of serial killer Ramirez.
Rogue of the Range (1936) as [Jim] Mitchell
Too Much Beef (1936) as [Tracey] Paine
Men of the Plains (1936) as Billy [Sawyer]

Make-Up (feature film)

Razor's Edge, The (1984) as Makeup
Larry Derrell returns from World War I disillusioned with Jazz Age values. He undertakes a quest which leads him to reject his rich fiancee, Isabel, and his superficial lifestyle, to go search for truth in the Himalayas. But, Larry learns that the path to enlightenment is as difficult as treading th

Art Department (feature film)

To Kill a Clown (1972) as Prop supv
A young hippie couple rent a secluded cabin on the beach in an attempt to re-connect with each other and save their marriage. Unfortunately, the man they rented the cabin from is a military-brat sociopath (Alan Alda) with two dogs more vicious than his temper.
Savage Messiah (1972) as Prop Master
The Devils (1971) as Prop Master
An account of the apparent demoniacal possession of the 17th-century nuns of Louden, climaxing in the burning of their priest as a sorcerer.
The Music Lovers (1971) as Prop Master
Unconventional account of composer Tchaikovsky's life and loves.
Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971) as Chargehand prop
A doctor and a female executive try to cope with their love for an aloof bisexual artist.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Details, The (2011)
When a couple discovers an infestation of raccoons in their backyard, disagreements over how to handle the situation lead to a wild and absurd chain reaction of events.
Whatever It Takes (2000) as Gaffer
Two high school seniors, one jock and one nerd, agree to coach each other on how to win the heart of a girl.
Woo (1998) as Gaffer (Los Angeles Unit)
With the flip of her hair and a twirl of her skirt, Darlene "Woo" Bates is more than just a drop-dead beauty with a notorious knack for turning men into mush. She's one woman who's not afraid to take what she wants. Dare to hang on to her skirt tails, and you've entered Woo's world. Following a tip from her psychic friend, Woo is out to meet the man of her dreams, and nothing will stand in her way. This hilarious, character-driven comedy is about the sparks that fly when Woo is set up on a blind date with Tim Jackson, a shy, straight-laced law clerk who is Woo's polar opposite. In a wildly unpredictable night to remember, this mismatched couple cuts a path of destruction and chaos through Manhattan, wreaking havoc wherever they go. Over the course of events, it looks as if Tim will either fall for Woo or fall apart. But as night turns to drawn, he discovers she has added something that was missing in his life, and they both realize that opposites truly do attract.
Paulie (1998) as Gaffer (Blue Screen Unit)
If you want to know what's on Paulie's mind, just ask him. But you'd better be prepared for the answer. He doesn't know how to lie, and his biting wit may ruffle a few feathers...including his own. Paulie is a parrot who can speak, not mimic, but actually converse. The problem is that though he's learned to talk, he doesn't always know when to shut up, and he comes to find out that there are times when talking can get you into trouble. Paulie's first owner--and first love--is a little girl named Marie who raises him from a baby. Helping Marie overcome a painful stutter gives Paulie the gift of gab, but doesn't prevent her parents from sending him away when they feel she is becoming too attached to him. Undeterred, the loyal little parrot begins a tenacious cross-country search to find his young owner. Along the way, Paulie has some remarkable encounters with a unique cross-section of people, some who want to help and some who see the extraordinary bird as a means to their own ends.
Fifth Element, The (1997) as Gaffer (Visual Effects)
A cab driver in the 23rd century finds himself battling an evil force during an apocalyptic war as he tries to secure a mysterious "fifth element."
Empire Records (1995)
Welcome to Empire Records, an independent record store open since 1959, and open every night till midnight. Let's meet the employees. There's Joe, the good guy manager; Lucas, the beatnik Buddha; Gina, the slut; Corey,"Little Miss Perfect"; Debra, the troubled rebel; A.J., the sensitive artist; and Mark, the stoner-punk. Today is going to be a big day at Empire--not just because pop music's lamest and cheesiest video-lothario, Rex Manning, is coming to sign autographs, but also because a lot of dramas are going to play out.
Dog Ate It, The (1990) as Gaffer
A comedy nightmare about the day in the life of a college student who must write an outstanding term paper in one night.
Women in Love (1970) as Prop master
In the twenties, two free-thinking sisters try to balance sexual passion with independence.
Deadfall (1968) as Prop master
The Lion in Winter (1968) as Prop
England's Henry II and his estranged queen battle over the choice of an heir.
The Wrong Box (1966) as Props
Two elderly brothers plot to kill each other for a fortune.
All Night Long (1963) as Chargehand prop dresser
A jazz band's leader thinks his wife is unfaithful.
The Singer Not the Song (1962) as Chargehand prop
A priest defies a Mexican bandit to bring religion to a Western town.
Whistle Down the Wind (1962) as Chargehand props
Little Kathy discovers a man wanted for murder hiding in her family's barn. When she askes him who he was, he says Jesus Christ just before he goes unconscious. Kathy and her siblings are convinced that he is Jesus and try to hide him from grown-ups.

Film Production - Construction/Set (feature film)

Velvet Goldmine (1998) as Prop Master
journalist investigates ex-glam rock star.
First Knight (1995) as Prop Master
With no ties, no enemies and no fear, Lancelot is the perfect warrior. He comes to Camelot not for glory or knighthood, although he finds both, but for the love of the one woman he cannot have, the beautiful and honorable Lady Guinevere of Leonesse. Guinevere has promised to marry King Arthur not only because his army will protect her country, but because she truly loves him for his wise and gentle ways. As she prepares to enter Camelot as its new queen, a chance encounter with Lancelot awakens conflicting and powerful emotions within her. For Arthur, she represents a once-in-a-lifetime chance at true love and a beloved queen for his kingdom. Likewise, the king comes to see Lancelot as possessing the honor and bravery of a true Knight. He welcomes them both into his city and into his heart, never foreseeing how his great capacity for love and trust opens the doors for his betrayal.
Tom & Viv (1994) as Property Master
The story of the romance between American poet T.S. Eliot and his first wife, Vivienne Haigh-Wood.
American Friends (1993) as Property Master
In 1861, a middle-aged Oxford professor resigns his post after falling for a young American woman while on vacation.
Secret Rapture, The (1993) as Property Master
Upon her father's death, a woman comes into emotional and psychological conflict with her young lover, her overbearing sister and her alcoholic stepmother.
Rachel Papers, The (1989) as Property Master
Story of a young man's obsession with a beautiful woman.
Slipstream (1989) as Property Master
A futuristic film which takes place after disasters have irrevocably changed and destroyed the world.
Sky Bandits (1986) as Chief Property Master
Two outlaws from the Wild West are drafted during World War I. They enlist in the new Royal Air Force and find themselves piloting early warplanes known as "gunbuses."
Keep, The (1983) as Props
Dark Crystal, The (1982) as Property Master
The last of the Gelfings, Jen and Kira join forces and embark on a dangerous journey to "heal" a precious Dark Crystal and restore order to their planet.
Reds (1981) as Property Master
American activist John Reed travels to Russia to witness the revolution and its aftermath.
Great Muppet Caper, The (1981) as Property Master
Reds (1981) as Props
American activist John Reed travels to Russia to witness the revolution and its aftermath.
Missionary, The (1981) as Props
Saturn 3 (1980) as Props
A story of deep space terror and twisted love in a man-made Garden of Eden.
Hanover Street (1979) as Props
During the Second World War, an American pilot stationed in England meets a young British nurse during an air raid on London. The two instantly fall in love, despite the fact that the young nurse is already married, a secret she keeps hidden from her American lover. After being shot down behind enemy lines, while being assigned to ferry a British agent into France, the American pilot realizes that his secret cargo is in fact his lover's husband, and that the two must now work together in order to survive.
Superman:The Movie (1978) as Propmaster
The legendary man of steel fights to save the world and his true love from Lex Luthor''s criminal plots.
Omen, The (1976)
The young son of an American diplomat and his wife, living in London, turns out to be marked with the sign of Satan, the infamous "666". It soon becomes apparent that he could be the Anti-Christ incarnate and possesses the evil powers to stop anyone who stands in his way.
Glass Menagerie, The (1973)
Katharine Hepburn made her television acting debut in this poetic adaptation of Tennessee Williams' wistful play about the memories and hopes of the Wingfield family during the 1930s. Filmed once before in 1950 with Gertrude Lawrence in the role of Amanda, this version offered Emmy Award-winning per

Film Production - Lighting/Electrical (feature film)

Cell, The (2000) as Chief Lighting Technician
A female scientist must travel into the mind of a serial killer in a coma to discover the whereabouts of the girl he kidnapped prior to his recent condition.
Fantasia 2000 (1999) as Chief Lighting Technician (Live Action/Visual Effects--Rhythm & Hues)
Walt Disney's dream of creating a "concert film" with a perpetually changing musical repertoire is at last realized with the debut of the animated extravaganza, "Fantasia/2000." The film introduces seven spectacular new animated sequences set to the music of the masters and spotlights the return of
Wedding Singer, The (1998) as Chief Lighting Technician
A man with a miserable love life travels from wedding to wedding singing romantic songs to happy newlyweds while dreaming of hitting it big as a rock star.
Dear God (1996) as Chief Lighting Technician
A con artist who can't fathom the idea of an honest day's work, Tom Turner has tried every scam in the book. Then, while trying to pay off a gambling debt, he gets arrested attempting to sell tickets on an airline that hasn't flown since the '80s! Sentenced by a judge to get a job or go to jail, Tom
Mr. Jones (1993) as Rigging Gaffer
A charismatic manic depressive falls in love with his therapist.
Miracle Mile (1989) as Electrician 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
A young musician answers a telephone at an outdoor booth and believes he hears a message that the United States is about to begin a nuclear attack.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) as Electrician
Two time-travelling high school friends round up a team of history's all-stars to help them pass an important exam.
Raising Arizona (1987) as Electrician
A petty crook falls in love with the woman cop who always arrests him, but when they find out she can't bear children, they steal one, hit the road, and lots of mayhem ensues.

Cast (special)

LBJ (1991)
Explores the life and career of Lyndon Johnson, from his early years in Texas politics to the turbulent times of his presidency.

Editing (special)

16th Annual IFP/West Independent Spirit Awards (2001) as Post-Production Editor
Coverage of the 16th annual IFP/West Independent Spirit Awards presentation.
Challenge of the Child Geniuses: Who Is the Smartest Kid in America II (2000) as Editor
An academic tournament featuring young achievers from across the country. Forty children answer questions on science, math, geography, history, literature, spelling and critical thinking and compete for top prizes of a $150,000 and a $75,000 trust to be received on the winners' 21st birthdays.

Film Production - Main (special)

Sexual Healing (1993) as Gaffer
A lonely man and an unhappily married woman "meet" over a phone sex line.
Runaway Ralph (1988) as Bestboy Electric
A two-part live-action/dimensional animation sequel to "The Mouse and the Motorcycle." The plot involves Ralph, a motorcycle-riding mouse, and his friendship with with Garf, a lonely boy at a summer camp, after Garf rescues Ralph from a voracious cat.

Film Production - Construction/Set (special)

Cold Lazarus (1996) as Property Master
In this sequel to Dennis Potter's "Karaoke," the cryogenically frozen head of Daniel Feeld is revived by scientists hoping to tap into his memory and learn about the past. In the year 2368, a team of cryobiologists under the leadership of Professor Emma Porlock and two laboratory technicians succee

Film Production - Construction/Set (TV Mini-Series)

Rogue Trader (1999) as Property Master

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