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Director (feature film)

The Lusty Men (1952) as Dialogue Director
A faded rodeo star mentors a younger rider but falls for his wife.

Cast (feature film)

Best Man, The (1999)
Having once been left standing at the alter, cartoonist Adam is understandably phobic about weddings and cannot sit through a ceremony without feeling nauseous. Editor Jimmy forces Adam to confront his fear when he agrees to give Adam a newspaper contract in exchange for Adam's services as his best
Baby's Day Out (1994) as 2nd Cop
Bumbling kidnappers nab an infant, quickly lose him and then must find him.
Adam Bede (1992) as Marty Poyser
A two-part drama for "Masterpiece Theatre" based on George Eliot's novel. Set in 19th century rural England, a young carpenter is betrayed by the girl he hopes to marry.
Spaced Invaders (1990) as 1st Dumb Guy
Martians attack earth on the 50th anniversary broadcast of "The War of the Worlds."
Daughter of the Sun God (1963) as Kent
The Lusty Men (1952) as Rodeo announcer
A faded rodeo star mentors a younger rider but falls for his wife.
The Bushwhackers (1951) as Ding Bell
Utah Wagon Train (1951) as Pete Millan
Rancher Rex Allen (Rex Allen) receives a summons from his uncle (Forrest Taylor), an old time frontiersman, that he is in trouble. The uncle has been hired to lead a modern-day band of adventurers on a wagon train retracing the route taken by their ancestors 100 years ago. Before Rex can talk to his uncle, the uncle is murdered, and Rex sets out to find the killer and the motive by taking his uncle's place as the leader of the wagon train. He discovers that the motive was the gold that the original pioneers had cached in a cave on the trail to California, and now has to find the culprit that is after it.
In Old Amarillo (1951) as Martin
A drought is about to end the cattle business. The owner of a canning factory wants to buy all the remaining cattle cheap. He plans to ruin the cattlemen's plans to ship water by train and to seed the clouds for rain. Roy is sent by a packing house to investigate.
The Sea of Grass (1947) as Gambler
Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy star as a husband and wife on America's frontier; farmers in a "sea of grass." The wife has an affair which produces a child, and she is ostracized from the community. Meanwhile, the farmers watch helplesslly as the sea of grass is exploited until it becomes a dustbowl.
The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) as Club member
A man remains young and handsome while his portrait shows the ravages of age and sin.
The Woman in the Window (1944) as Club member
A seductive woman gets an innocent professor mixed up in murder.

Writer (feature film)

The Adventurous Soul (1927) as Scen

Editing (feature film)

In This Our Life (1942) as Film Editor
A neurotic southerner steals her sister's husband then vies with her for another man.
They Died with Their Boots On (1942) as Film Editor
Romanticized biography of General George Armstrong Custer and his last stand.
Sergeant York (1941) as Film Editor
True story of the farm boy who made the transition from religious pacifist to World War I hero.
The Strawberry Blonde (1941) as Film Editor
A man''''s infatuation with a gold-digging beauty continues after his marriage.
Brother Orchid (1940) as Editing
After a failed hit, a mob chief recuperates in a monastery.
City for Conquest (1940) as Editing
A truck driver risks his eyesight when he boxes to pay for his brother''''s education.
Three Cheers for the Irish (1940) as Editing
A Scottish lad and Irish lass risk their families' wrath by marrying.
Wings of the Navy (1939) as Film Editor
Pilot brothers vie for the same woman.
Indianapolis Speedway (1939) as Film Editor
A race-car driver tries to keep his kid brother from taking to the track.
Dark Victory (1939) as Editing
A flighty heiress discovers inner strength when she develops a brain tumor.
Boy Meets Girl (1938) as Film Editor
Two wacky Hollywood writers drive their boss crazy while trying to help a pregnant waitress.
Brother Rat (1938) as Film Editor
A military cadet and his friends try to keep his marriage a secret.
Fools for Scandal (1938) as Film Editor
A Hollywood star falls for a broken down aristocrat.
Ever Since Eve (1937) as Film Editor
A plain-jane by day and a beauty by night, a secretary juggles two identities in order to keep her job and win her boss's heart.
San Quentin (1937) as Film Editor
A convict's sister falls for the captain of the prison guards.
Submarine D-1 (1937) as Film Editor
Recruits on a new submarine fall for the same girl.
The Go Getter (1937) as Film Editor
A Navy veteran with one leg fights to make himself a success.
Ceiling Zero (1936) as Film Editor
War veteran pilots Dizzy Davis, Texas Clark and Jake Lee are working in an airline. Dizzy is fooling with one of the younger pilot's girl-friend and due to this, he changes flights with Texas. Texas' plane crashes attempting to land on their airfield under extremly bad weather circumstances, he is killed in this accident. Dizzy feels guilty for his friend's death and takes the next flight under even worse circumstances, testing a new anti-ice device on the plane.
Hearts Divided (1936) as Film Editor
Napoleon's younger brother falls for a girl from Baltimore.
Cain and Mabel (1936) as Film Editor
The publicity romance between a prizefighter and a showgirl turns into the real thing.
Living on Velvet (1935) as Editing
A guilt-ridden pilot finds a new outlook on life when he falls for a society girl.
Shipmates Forever (1935) as Editing
An admiral''''s son gives up the Navy for a career as a song-and-dance man.
Stranded (1935) as Editing
A Traveler's Aid worker who delights in solving people's problems gets mixed up with gangsters.
Flirtation Walk (1934) as Editing
A West Point cadet falls for his commanding officer's daughter.
The Man with Two Faces (1934) as Editing
An actor uses his skills to protect his sister from her sinister husband.
A Very Honorable Guy (1934) as Editing
A gambler sells his body to science to pay his debts.
Hi Nellie! (1934) as Film Editor
A crusading newspaper editor keeps digging into corruption, even when he''s forced to write advice to the lovelorn.
Captured! (1933) as Editing
While in a POW camp, a man discovers his best friend was his wife's lover.
The World Changes (1933) as Editing
When a farmer strikes it rich in business, success goes to his head.
Hard to Handle (1933) as Editing
A hustling public relations man promotes a series of fads.
Picture Snatcher (1933) as Editing
An ex-con brings his crooked ways to a job as a news photographer.
Love Is a Racket (1932) as Editing
A beautiful girl convinces a reporter to cover up her involvement in a murder.
So Big (1932) as Editing
A farmer's widow takes on the land and her late husband's tempestuous son.
The Man Who Played God (1932) as Editing
After losing his hearing, a musician uses lip-reading to help others.
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932) as Editing
A World War I veteran faces inhuman conditions when he's sentenced to hard labor.
Alias the Doctor (1932) as Editing
Brothers with different work ethics clash while attending medical school.
The Purchase Price (1932) as Editing
A night-club singer on the lam becomes a farmer's mail-order bride.
Svengali (1931) as Editing
A hypnotist falls in love with a girl using his powers to turn her into a great singer.
The Road to Singapore (1931) as Editing
A woman''s life falls to pieces when she''s caught cheating on her husband.
Illicit (1931) as Film Editor
Young free-thinkers turn conventionally jealous when they marry.
Manhattan Parade (1931) as Film Editor
A deserted wife tries to keep her husband's costuming company afloat.
The Life of the Party (1930) as Film Editor
Two gold-digging shop girls use their jobs to hunt down sugar daddies.
Hold Everything (1930) as Film Editor
Three Faces East (1930) as Film Editor
During World War I, a female agent tries to unmask a German spy.
The Aviator (1929) as Film Editor
Hardboiled Rose (1929) as Film Editor
The Million Dollar Collar (1929) as Film Editor
Gold Diggers of Broadway (1929) as Film Editor
Dugan of the Dugouts (1928) as Film Editor
Thundergod (1928) as Film Editor
A Perfect Gentleman (1928) as Film Editor
Romance of a Rogue (1928) as Film Editor
Obey Your Husband (1928) as Film Editor
Flying Luck (1927) as Film Editor
Ben-Hur (1925) as Asst film ed
In this silent film, a rebellious Israelite prince out for vengeance crosses paths with the Messiah.

Music (feature film)

The Horror of Party Beach (1964) as Music Director
While the hot rodders and motorcyclists are having a rock-and-roll beach party, a barrel of radioactive material is unloaded from a passing ship, plunges to the bottom and splits against a jagged rock. A black liquid oozes out and covers a shapeless mass on the ocean floor, which suddenly moves and becomes an encrusted vicious monster.Soon there are several monsters and they must have human blood to survive. Tina (Marilyn Clark) is the first victim, and football hero Hank Green (John Scott)and airhead Elaine Gavin (Alice Lyon) enlist the aid of her science-professor father, Dr. Gavin (Allen Laurel), to solve and capture the killer. Not working fast enough to prevent the attack on twenty teen-agers at a slumber party nor the killing of three girl motorists, Dr. Gavin finds an arm lost by one of the monsters and discovers that only sodium will destroy the monsters whose composition is mostly water. Can they gather enough salt in southern California to put an end to this horror?
The Curse of the Living Corpse (1964) as Music
Rufus Sinclair was a cranky old millionaire with a terrible fear of being buried alive. After his apparent death, clauses in his will meant to prevent his being buried alive are violated by his uncaring family, and soon a masked figure begins prowling the family's Connecticut estate, slaughtering the family members one by one in a variety of separate, horrible ways.

Art Director (feature film)

Treasure Island (1950) as Asst
A young boy and a pirate clash over buried treasure.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

The Lusty Men (1952) as Technical Advisor
A faded rodeo star mentors a younger rider but falls for his wife.

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