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Cast (feature film)

Down to the Sea in Ships (1949) as Blair
A re-make of the 1922 silent film that details the lives of the people in a small Quaker community and the adventures of a whaling ship.
You Gotta Stay Happy (1949) as Cemetery man
Indecisive heiress Dee Dee Dillwood is pushed into marrying her sixth fiancée, but unable to face the wedding night, she flees into the adjacent hotel room of commercial pilot Marvin Payne, who just wants to sleep. Somehow, she persuades him to take her to California. Her fellow passengers include a chimpanzee, a corpse (in a coffin), an absconding embezzler, and two smoochy newlyweds. Can love be far behind?
The Three Musketeers (1948) as Host at Dragon Rouge
Athletic adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' classic adventure about the king's musketeers and their mission to protect France.
The Vigilantes Return (1947) as Sheriff
Monsieur Verdoux (1947) as Estate agent
A man woos and murders rich widows to support his invalid wife.
The Yearling (1947) as Arch
A Florida boy's pet deer threatens the family farm.
It Happened on 5th Avenue (1947) as Brady
Two homeless men move into a mansion while its owners are wintering in the South.
The Thin Man Goes Home (1945) as Charlie
On a trip to visit his parents, detective Nick Charles gets mixed up in a murder investigation.
Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (1945) as Dvar Svenson
A Norwegian farmer tries to raise two children in the Midwest.
Love Letters (1945) as Jupp
A soldier falls for the woman who may have killed his best friend.
The Frozen Ghost (1945) as Skeptic
Salome, Where She Danced (1945) as Bartender
The Song of Bernadette (1945) as Monk
A French peasant girl''''s visions of the Virgin Mary create controversy as pilgrims flock to her small town for healing.
Irish Eyes Are Smiling (1944) as Barker
The Spider Woman (1944) as [Adam] Gilflower
Sherlock Holmes fakes his own death to expose a killer.
The Scarlet Claw (1944) as Emile Journet
Sherlock Holmes investigates a haunting in a Canadian village vital to the war effort.
Mystery of the River Boat (1944)
"Mystery of the River Boat" (the correct title shown on the film and all of the posters, lobby cards, pressbook and the other original paper from this film, despite the title shown on the video cover) while ending each chapter with a cliffhanger is more episodic in nature than the usual Universal serial and somewhat similar to Universal's 1934 "Tailspin Tommy" in that aspect as some plot lines are completed as a story within the overall story. Plus, while some serials often contained a title song or motif throughout, this one has six songs scattered around and about performed by either Marion Martin - and we have no idea if she was dubbed or did her own warbling - and former Three Mesquiteer and future head Mouseketeer Jimmie Dodd, who did his own. The overly-plotted (for juvenile Saturday matinee audiences to keep up with over a period of 13 weeks) story finds three Louisiana families, the Langtrys, Perrins and Duvals, as co-owners of swamp land in the Louisiana bayou country. Unaware that the property contains rich "nitrolene" deposits, they are considering an offer from speculator Herman Einreich (Ian Wolfe), who is well aware of the secret, having killed the scientist who discovered it and stolen his geological maps and notes. He boards a river boat, "The Morning Glory", heading for Duval's Landing. Others on the boat are the skipper, Captain Ethan Perrin (Oscar O'Shea), his daughter Jenny (Marjory Clements, before somebody decided she didn't know how to spell her own billing name and changed it for her); Steve Langtry (Robert Lowery); Rudolph Toller (Lyle Talbot); Bruno Bloch (Anthony Warde) and Louis Shaber (Joe Devlin) who represent a foreign faction also interested in the land; and a bearded man named Clayton (Arthur Hohl), who is really the disinherited renegade son of the Duvals, Paul Duval, who thinks his brother Jean (Earle Hodgins) has cheated him out of his share of the Duval estate and going home to get even. With the aid of Bastite (Francis McDonald), "Clayton" murders Einreich, steals his maps and almost kills Steve and Jenny, who are saved by Napoleon (Mantan Moreland), ship steward and Steve's friend. The Toller gang, assisted by ship entertainer Celeste Eltree (Marion Martin), and headed by Rudolph Toller (Lyle Talbot), pin Einreich's murder on Steve, who heads for the swamps at the end of chapter six, where he encounters some hostile cajuns in Chapter 7, and ends up in a jail that ends up floating down the river when the levee breaks. But there are still six chapters to go, with lots of plot left, including chapter 12, where Steve, in a twist from the usual serial hero, manages to blow himself up as opposed to the villains doing it for him.
Idaho (1943) as Spike Madagan
Ex-outlaw Grey is now a respected judge out to close down Belle's saloon. Duke and Spike, who knew Grey when he was a criminal, arrive and team up with Belle. When Belle's threat to reveal Grey's past fails, Duke and Spike hold up the bank and frame Grey. Roy now sets a trap for the outlaws.
The Woman of the Town (1943) as Robert Wright
Moontide (1942) as Hotel clerk
After a drunken binge on the San Pablo waterfront, longshoreman Bobo fears he may have killed a man. In his uncertainty, he takes a job on an isolated bait barge. That night, he rescues lovely Anna from a watery suicide attempt and installs her on the barge. But Tiny, Bobo's longtime pal and parasite, hopes to drive Anna away before domestic bliss tears Bobo away from him; the still unsolved murder may be just the wedge Tiny needs. There's fog on the water and evil brewing...
Whispering Ghosts (1942) as Inspector Norris [alias of Manuel Dazetta]
Son of Fury (1942) as Captain Greenough
A young adventurer seeks his fortune in the South Seas so he can return to England and reclaim his birthright.
Ride on Vaquero (1941) as Sheriff [Johnny Burns]
The Cisco Kid (Cesar Romero) is captured while keeping a rendezvous with cantina dancer Dolores (Joan Woodbury) but is released by his captor, the commander of a U.S. Army regiment, to help break up a kidnap ring. On his way to Las Tables with his pal, Gordito (Chris-Pin Martin), he makes a stop at the Martinez Rancho, where they learn that his friend Carlos (Robert Lowery) has been kidnapped, from his wife Marquerita (Lynne Roberts). At the Crystal Palace Saloon, Cisco runs into an old girlfriend, Sally (Mary Beth Hughes), who he once jilted for a tight-rope walker, but she doesn't betray him when the sheriff (Arthur Hohl) and an army officer (Robert 'Buddy' Shaw as Robert Shaw, since there was no other Robert Shaw at the time and this Robert Shaw had no need of the "Buddy" attribute given him by latter-day historians, who can't tell the players without a program and a roman numeral..and quite often not even then),enter searching for Cisco. While Cisco and the easily-forgiving Sally dance, the heads of the kidnap gang, the sheriff, Clark (Edwin Maxwell) and Redge (Don Costello), meet upstairs to discuss the plans for collecting the $50,000 ransom they have on Carlos. Cisco follows the kidnappers after they collect the ransom money, but before he can do anything about it, he is arrested and thrown in jail.
Men of Boys Town (1941) as Guard
Father Flanagan continues to fight for his pioneering orphanage.
We Go Fast (1941) as Thin man
Rose Couglin (Lynn Bari) is a wise-cracking waitress at a coffe-pt diner with policemen Bob Brandon (Alan Curtis) and Herman Huff (Don DeFore billed as Don DeForest) vying for her attention. Their argument ends when the place is held up, but Brandon tricks the crook and captures him, but lets Herman take the credit. Herman now must sponsor Bob's application to the motrocycle force and is enev more dismayed when society deb Diana Hempstead (Sheila Ryan)takes a liking to Bob. Rose also finds herself involved with a swindle upon a refrigerator manufacturer by a bogus foreign potentate, Nabob (Gerald Mohr.)
Blondie Has Servant Trouble (1940) as Eric Vaughn
Mr. Dithers has a house he can't unload because it is rumored to be haunted. When he lets the Bumsteads move into it, they discover sliding panels and secret passages. The haunting is the work of the butler and his wife who figure the house rightfully belongs to them.
20 Mule Team (1940) as Salters
A miner fights his way across Death Valley to beat out the competition.
Boy Slaves (1939) as Sheriff
A young runaway ends up in a juvenile labor camp.
You Can't Cheat an Honest Man (1939) as Burr
A circus manager tries to break up his daughter''''s romance with a ventriloquist.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1939) as Bassick
The famed sleuth tries to stop Professor Moriarty from stealing the Crown Jewels.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) as Olivier
A deformed bell ringer rescues a gypsy girl falsely accused of witchcraft and murder.
Two Thoroughbreds (1939) as Thad
A farm boy trains a wild colt on his own.
Fugitive at Large (1939) as Fred Curtis
They Shall Have Music (1939) as Miller
A runaway tries to help the students at a school for musical prodigies.
Blackmail (1939) as Rawlins
A man in prison on false charges escapes to save his family from a blackmailer.
Kidnapped (1938) as Riach
A young man''''s evil uncle arranges for him to be kidnapped and sent to sea.
Stablemates (1938) as Mr. Gale
A broken down veterinarian saves a stable boy's prize racehorse.
Crime Takes a Holiday (1938) as Joe
Penitentiary (1938) as Finch
The Bad Man of Brimstone (1937) as "Doc" Laramie
An old bandit reforms when he meets his long-lost son.
Slave Ship (1937) as Grimes
Captain Lovett ordered his first mate Thompson to get rid of his slave-trading crew and get a more respectable bunch for standard shipping, but when he brings his new bride Nancy aboard he finds the same old setup, including slave trade.
The Road Back (1937) as Heinrich
Hot Water (1937) as Walter Whittaker
Mountain Music (1937) as Prosecuting attorney
Trapped by G-Men (1937) as Blackie
The Devil-Doll (1936) as [Victor] Radin
A Devil's Island escapee shrinks murderous slaves and sells them to his victims as dolls.
It Had to Happen (1936) as John Pelkey
A poor boy (Raft) rises to power in politics. When the banker (Dinehart) husband of his secret love (Russell) takes money and flees the country, he replaces the lost amount and becomes implicated in the crime.
Lloyd's of London (1936) as 1st. captain
A young man's love for a married woman leads him to help found an insurance company.
Show Boat (1936) as Pete [Gavanaugh]
Riverboat entertainers find love, laughs and hardships as they sail along "Old Man River."
Forgotten Faces (1936) as Hi-jack Eddie
In London, August 1914, Austrian star Elsa Duranyi (Gertrude Michael) and English matinee idol Alan Barclay (Herbert Marshall) are in love and plan an immediate marriage. But the War comes and Elsa mysteriously disappears. Alan's ease in speaking German results in his appointment to the British Intelligence and, to aid his use as a spy, they announce he was killed in action. He takes the name and personality of "shell-shocked" Hans Teller, a German prisoner, and is sent into Germany on an exchange of prisoners. Elsa, now a spy in the service of the Fatherland, is in Monte Carlo, where Allied officers on leave can be tempted into revealing war secrets. In Germany, Alan, posing as Teller, is listed as unfit for service, contacts Carl Schrottle (Rod LaRocque), another British agent. They are to locate the German "Big Bertha," the long-range gun bombarding Paris. They are successful and the gun is destroyed. Elsa is recalled and given the assignment of locating the British spy organization and its members. Through her surveillance of Carl, she meets Hans Teller and recognizes him as Alan, but doesn't let on. Alone, she agrees to flee to Holland with him but her superior officer, Ludwig (Lionel Atwill), is not fooled and is in pursuit.
I'll Love You Always (1935) as Jergens
Guard That Girl (1935) as Reynolds
Unknown Woman (1935) as Lansing
A female undercover agent tracks down bond thieves.
Eight Bells (1935) as Williams
After the Dance (1935) as Louis
An escaped convict tries to keep ahead of the law while starring in a dancing act.
Superspeed (1935) as Philip Morton
Village Tale (1935) as Elmer Stevenson
Romance in Manhattan (1935) as Halsey J. Pander
A New York chorus girl helps an illegal immigrant build a new life in the big city.
One Frightened Night (1935) as Arthur Proctor
An eccentric millionaire, unable to locate his only granddaughter, decides to divide his estate among a group of people less close to him: his niece and nephew, his attorney, his doctor, and his housekeeper. But complications and murder arise when two different women turn up, claiming to be the granddaughter.
In Spite of Danger (1935) as Steve Lynch
The Whole Town's Talking (1935) as Detective-Sergeant Boyle
A gangster hides from the law by trading places with a mild-mannered double.
We're Only Human (1935) as Martin
A cop, who plays by his own rules, brings down a notorious gangster.
Atlantic Adventure (1935) as Frank [Julian]
An ace reporter tracks the man who killed the D.A. to an ocean liner.
If You Could Only Cook (1935) as Conroy
An unhappy executive gets a job as a butler on a lark, only to fall for the family cook.
Cleopatra (1934) as Brutus
The fabled queen of Egypt leads Julius Caesar and Marc Antony astray.
A Modern Hero (1934) as [Homer] Flint
A circus rider makes a hit in the automotive industry but can''''t find happiness.
Massacre (1934) as Dr. Turner
A college-educated Sioux goes to Washington to fight for his people''''s rights.
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (1934) as Dr. Owen Sothern
Algy, Bulldog Drummond's right-hand-man, is getting married. Bulldog attends; on the way home, in the fog, he enters the (apparently deserted) mansion of Prince Achmed in search of a phone. He finds none, but he does find a body - which disappears when he summons a bobby. Bodies keep disappearing as Drummond keeps summoning the authorities, particularly his long-suffering upstairs neighbor, Captain Nielsen; the ever faithful Algy also finds his wedding night disrupted by, among other things, some emergency code-breaking. And of course, there's a beautiful woman there's always a beautiful woman in this case, Gwen, who turns out to be the daughter of the dead man who started all this.
Jimmy the Gent (1934) as Joe [Rector]
An unscrupulous detective makes a killing locating missing heirs.
Among the Missing (1934) as Gordon
Jealousy (1934) as Mike [Callahan]
Larry O'Roark is a boxer who's insanely posssesive and jealous of his fiancee, Jo. the sight of her and her employer, Mr. Lambert, at ringside during his big fight distracts Larry and he is knocked out. He then promises never to be jealous again and marries Jo. When she realizes that they're broke she asks Lambert for a job (she had quit on marrying Larry.) One thing leads to another and Larry, enraged with jealousy, end up killing Lambert. He then wanders off in a daze, and Jo takes the rap for the murder. Larry descends from his amnesiac fog just in time to interrupt the announcement of the jury's verdict in Jo's trial. then it's off to the chair for Larry. Or is it?
As the Earth Turns (1934) as George [Shaw]
A young couple face the hardships of farm life in Maine.
Lady by Choice (1934) as Kandall
To improve her image, a fan dancer "adopts" an old woman to be her mother.
Against the Law (1934) as Kelly
The Defense Rests (1934) as James Randolph
A sleazy lawyer's female assistant sets out to end his cheating ways.
Girl in Danger (1934) as Beckett
The Kennel Murder Case (1933) as Gamble
Society sleuth Philo Vance investigates a murder tied to a Long Island dog show.
Footlight Parade (1933) as Frazer
A producer fights labor problems, financiers and his greedy ex-wife to put on a show.
The Life of Jimmy Dolan (1933) as Malvin
A boxer facing a murder charge finds refuge in a children's home.
Infernal Machine (1933) as Captain
Baby Face (1933) as Ed Sipple
A beautiful schemer sleeps her way to the top of a banking empire.
College Coach (1933) as Seymour Young
A timid chemistry major becomes a college football star.
The World Changes (1933) as Patten
When a farmer strikes it rich in business, success goes to his head.
The Silk Express (1933) as [Wallace] Myton
A young silk importer fights off threats to his cargo during a perilous train ride.
Man's Castle (1933) as Bragg
An unemployed man turns to crime when he gets his girlfriend pregnant.
Private Detective 62 (1933) as [Dan] Hogan
A private eye in Paris falls for the beautiful gambling lady he's investigating.
Brief Moment (1933) as Steve [Walsh]
A nightclub singer tries to rehabilitate a wealthy playboy.
Wild Boys of the Road (1933) as Dr. Heckel
An impoverished girl masquerades as a boy to run with a gang of young hobos.
The Narrow Corner (1933) as Capt. Nichols
A man on the run for murder tries to escape fate in the Pacific islands.
Captured! (1933) as Cocky
While in a POW camp, a man discovers his best friend was his wife's lover.
The Night of June 13 (1932) as Prosecuting attorney
Elna Curry, once a concert pianist, develops an unfounded jealousy of neighbor, Trudie Morrow. Elna who suffers from neurasthenia, believes that Trudie is having an affair with her husband, John, and vows revenge on Trudie. John explains to Trudie Elna's condition and plan. Trudie, being good-hearted tells John that she'll move. One evening, John returns late from work to discover Elna dead. John burns Elna's suicide note to protect Trudie. This results in John being charged for murder and put on trial.
The Sign of the Cross (1932) as Titus
After Nero burns the city, a Roman official falls for a Christian accused of setting the fire.
Island of Lost Souls (1932) as Montgomery
On a remote island, a mad scientist turns wild animals into human monsters.
The Cheat (1931) as Defense attorney
It Is the Law (1924) as Albert Woodruff/"Sniffer"

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