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Serge Denis

Serge Denis


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Producer (feature film)

Velveteen Rabbit, The (2009)
Toby Morgan is a young boy, but feels the loneliness of his strict grandmother and increasingly distant father. His discovery of the "magic attic" offers a safe haven where he finds a stuffed rabbit his mom left him before she passed away. His tears transform the rabbit into a playful animated Rabbi
Double Life of Eleanor Kendall, The (2008)
Nellie Givens is devastated when her husband divorces her, but she is more upset when she learns she can't even get a place of her own because someone has stolen her identity. She travels to France to track down the impersonator only to discover that the woman impersonating her is running for her li
No Brother of Mine (2007)
After twelve years a troubled Drew tracks down his sister Nina and inserts himself into her life. His charming disposition hides a violent obsession to protect her, and when he discovers Nina's husband is cheating, Drew embarks on a murderous path.
View of Terror (2004) as Producer
When a young woman moves into a new apartment, she unknowingly garners the attention of a neighbor whose interest quickly becomes obsessive. Frightened for her safety, she decides to take matters into her own hands and turn the tables on her stalker but her actions may put her life at stake.
False Pretenses (2004)
When a woman's husband loses everything in a Ponzo scheme and commits suicide, she is forced to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Blind Trust (2007)
An insurance agent is accused of killing her best friend and boyfriend. She gets the best criminal attorney in town to take her case pro bono, but she is convicted. She goes on the run and figures out that her lawyer is the killer. She must prove her innocence before she gets caught.
Abducted (2007)
A prison escapee abducts the prison warden's wife and flees to another state. While held captive, the wife soon discovers she has feelings for her captor and must make a difficult choice when she is reunited with her husband.
Fatal Trust (2006)
After a tragic loss, a young mother returns to her hometown and takes a job with the local doctor. She soon discovers that the trusted doctor is a serial killer.
Thrill of the Kill (2006)
With the help of a mystery writer, whose expert research skills and profiling ability made him a best-selling author, a young woman is determined to investigate the mysterious death of her sister. They soon discover her sister was having an affair with a powerful and married Senator with the motive
Legacy of Fear (2006)
A detective pursues a serial killer responsible for the murder of her mother she witnessed as a child 30 years ago.
Circle of Friends (2006)
Returning to her hometown for a high school friend's funeral, the recently widowed Maggie discovers the list of suspects behind the murder includes her circle of surviving friends.
Live Once, Die Twice (2006)
In the search for her missing husband, Nicole discovers he has been leading a double life and now she must elude the FBI who is investigating her as a chief suspect as well as outwit assassins dispatched by her husband's murderous associates.
Flirting With Danger (2006)
A man investigates his friend's death and feels like he's falling into the trap of the same Black Widow seductress.
Forbidden Secrets (2005)
A woman leaves her rich but cruel husband and moves back into her old house, the same place her mom murdered her aunt years before. As the repressed memories of that event come flooding back piece by piece, she begins to slowly figure out who the real killer is.
Crimes of Passion (2005)
A married man devises a plan with his secret mistress and co-worker to conduct a false sexual harrasment suit in an attempt to receive a $10 million settlement.
Deadly Isolation (2005)
An unsuspecting widow has to deal with two, just-released-from-prison accomplices of her late husband who have come looking for their share of a $20 million score.
Living with the Enemy (2005)
A young newlywed begins to suspect that her multi-billionaire husband may be the ruthless killer behind the murder of his first wife.
Lies and Deception (2005)
On her way to a much needed vacation, news reporter Jean is informed that her husband has just been murdered. Knowing her husband committed suicide six years earlier, Jean hires private detective Eddie Fate to investigate her husband's secret life.
False Pretenses (2004)
When a woman's husband loses everything in a Ponzo scheme and commits suicide, she is forced to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life.
Deadly Encounter (2004)
A crazed maniac runs a woman off the road with his car, then proceeds to stalk her.
Wall of Secrets (2004) as Line Producer
A couple find that their new apartment is less than ideal as they discover mysterious happenings around them.
Nightwaves (2004) as Line Producer
After her husband's death, a woman recuperates and begins to take up one of her husband's old hobbies -- listening to the police scanner. When she learns that she can also pick up her neighbor's phone conversations through the scanner, she learns about a murder.
Deadly Betrayal (2003) as Line Producer
A woman feels conflicted when she develops feelings for her child's teacher and puts her family's relations in danger. When she discovers her amor's true nature, she puts her life in danger.
Wicked Minds (2003)
A college graduate starts an affair that ends in his father's murder.
Deception (2003) as Line Producer
Erin is an actress who makes her living by helping an investigator set up cheating husbands. When she starts to fall for her next "target," Max, her world crumbles and her life begins to appear in jeopardy.
Portrait of Murder, A (2002) as Line Producer
The life of a gifted artist is turned upside down when the man who once attacked her comes back into her life and forces her into a diabolical scheme to frame her husband.

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