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Overview for Ralph De Lacy
Ralph De Lacy

Ralph De Lacy


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Director (feature film)

Sunny Skies (1930) as Addl dir

Producer (feature film)

Harmony Lane (1935) as Producer

Art Director (feature film)

The Storm (1938) as Art dir assoc
Mars Attacks the World (1938) as Art Director
Flash, Dale, and Dr. Zarkov return from their former space adventures only to find that their enemy, Ming the Merciless of planet Mongo, has a new weapon: a deadly ray that crosses space to wreak havoc on earth. Earth's only hope is for our heroes to take off again and stop the ray at its source on Mars, where they (and a stowaway) must battle Ming's ally, Queen Azura, who turns her enemies into lumpish clay people. Can they survive 15 chapters of deadly perils? Find out next week...
Young Fugitives (1938) as Art Director
Old Joel Bentham (Harry Davenport) is awarded $50,000 as the last surviving Civil War veteran in his part of the country. His fellow townsmen in Cleardale are more than willing to help him spend it, but he remembers their neglectful years and decides to spend it as he sees fit. He offers a home to Meg (Dorothea Kent) who has been forced into a hobo life by economic stress and also takes in Ray Riggins (Robert Wilcox), wild young grandson of a war comrade. He promises to make Ray his heir, against the advice of his servant, Benjie Collins (Clem Bevans.) Ray plans, with the aid of some former criminal pals, to rob the old man but changes his mind and is fighting a losing battle against the crooks when a corps of American Legion men, coming to escort Joel to a train, mops up the robbers.
A Study in Scarlet (1933) as Settings
Sherlock Holmes is called in to solve the case when secret society members start dropping like flies.
The Last Mile (1932) as Settings
An innocent man sent to death row gets caught in a prison riot.
Two Gun Man (1931) as Settings
Leftover Ladies (1931) as Settings
Morals for Women (1931) as Settings
Branded Men (1931) as Settings
Alias--The Bad Man (1931) as Settings
Collins kills Neville and Warner and makes it look like they killed each other. Ranger Ken Neville suspects Collins and joins his outlaw gang in an attempt to trap him.
X Marks the Spot (1931) as Settings
The story begins in 1923 where after an accident, a newspaper reporter (Ford) needs to raise $5,000 to pay for an operation, otherwise his young sister will be crippled for life. The desperate reporter is finally able to get the cash from a shady acquaintance, Riggs (played well by Kohler). Eight years later in New York, circumstances conspire to place the reporter as the number one suspect in the murder of a showgirl. With no witness or alibi, the reporter devises a plan to smoke out the real culprit. A meeting is arranged under the cover of night and to the surprise of both men, the murderer is Riggs. Out of gratitude for past generosity to his sister, the reporter agrees not to expose Riggs, however unwittingly leads the police to him! Riggs is found guilty, and a dramatic scene in the courthouse ensues.
Range Law (1931) as Settings
The Pocatello Kid (1931) as Settings
Just after Pocatello's brother is killed, a wounded Pocatello arrives being chased by the Sheriff. Larkin switches the identity of the two brothers and then expects Pocatello to assume his brother's role in the outlaw gang.

Art Department (feature film)

Border Romance (1930) as Settings
In a cantina across the border, Bob Hamlin shoots a man that threatens his friend. He and his pals escape but return that night for the dance as Bob is attracted to Conchita. Running once more from the Rurales, Bob takes Conchita. They escape again only to find themselves pinned down when Buck and his gang of horse thieves attack.
Extravagance (1930) as Settings
The Third Alarm (1930) as Set Decoration
Under Montana Skies (1930) as Settings
Cowhand Clay Conning (Kenneth Harlan) rescues a theatrical troupe in the town of Red Rock by using the lead singer/dancer, Blondie (Nita Martan), to threaten to compromise the hotel owner, Abner Jenkins (Harry Todd). Clay pays their hotel bill but Martha Jenkins (Ethel Wales) whose husband also owns the opera house objects to the showing going on. Clay, who has fallen in love with Mary (Dorothy Gulliver), the troupe's leading lady, begins courting Mrs. Jenkins at a level she thinks is higher than he does. Frank Blake (Charles King), a cattle rustler convicted by Clay, holds up the box office after the show begins.
The Thoroughbred (1930) as Settings
Just Like Heaven (1930) as Settings
Borrowed Wives (1930) as Settings

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