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Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn



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  • LOVE

    • Marcia
    • 2018-12-25

    Katharine Hepburn is the best!

  • Absolutely the best!

    • Tom
    • 2018-08-04

    I find Ms. Hepburn's performances meticulous, inventive, often inspiring, always fascinating, and most intelligent. True, like her illustrious contemporaries such as Bette Davis and Barbara Stanwyck, she never played a murderer, she nevertheless demonstrated a good deal about the human condition. For me, her best performances were "Alice Adams," "The Philadelphia Story," "Adam's Rib," "Long Day's Journey into Night," and "Lion in Winter." She looked, and acted, just right. Also, her movies of the 30s should be revisted and re-evaluated. They do not justify in the least her label of "Box Office Poison." A great, grand dame!

  • disdain for katharine hepburn

    • Rebecca
    • 2015-10-29

    I cannot find the words that emphasize the dislike I have for this tramp of a woman! If I had the opportunity to stand on a mountain and scream for all the world to hear, I would. I can NEVER say enough against this woman. She was a no talent, self-centered waste of space. What others see in this person I'll never understand. Thank goodness there are places such as this where I can express my dislike of this horrid woman. I'm glad she died alone.

  • My personal opinion

    • Rebecca Garcia
    • 2015-10-19

    I'm not here to comment on her acting as I never found her entertaining. What I find upsetting was how she carried on an affair with a married man. I've been in love, thinking there was a reason for the two of us to be together. But, I'm not here to talk of myself. When one is in the public eye as this woman was, I believe one is held to a higher standard. Her "partner" claimed, if I'm not mistaken, he could not divorce his wife for religious reasons. Yet, there's a reason not to have a relationship outside of mairrage. How can he claim his faith prevents him from divorce, but that same faith allows him to have a sexual relationship with a woman not his wife? Both were hypocrits, but he worse than she. To me, in my opinion, she's nothing more than a kept woman, which is one step above a whore.

  • Katharine Hepburn

    • John
    • 2013-08-16

    Range-5/5 Sex Appeal-4/5 Influence/Legacy-5/5 Well Regarded in Private Life-3/5 Comedic Ability-4/5 Risk Taker or Innovator-5/5

  • The Best

    • Jacob Hendrick
    • 2012-10-04

    In this day and age, the word "star" seems meaningless since any one and everyone thinks they can be movie makers, actors and actressess. I view this as a slap in the face to what it means to truly be a great filmmaker or a great star-and a unique one at that. Out of all the classic movie stars, Katharine Hepburn was way ahead of her time. She did not care about the cliched hollywood glamour looks that overtook each and every star of the era. Hepburn had her own unique, natural look and her own unique voice that set her apart from all other actresses. In some ways I can relate to Hepburn, because I feel that she viewed her time like I view the current time. I see her as looking at her day and age as wanting the past to be what it is now-without all of the cinematic garbage of today. She was a star who refused to go by the set standards of what characterized the term "star." Hepburn was a star but one of her own kind, and took the star approach and made it individualized and unique.

  • Katharine Hepburn: THE Five Star Actress.

    • Jezebelle
    • 2012-10-02

    Why Ms. Hepburn doesn't have more favorable reviews I don't know, but all I can say is that it is a shame. Katharine Hepburn can not only pull off dramatic pictures but light hearted comedies as well. She did not only play strong willed women but weak and naive ones too. Her career spanned more than 65 years and no matter who was in the picture with her she commanded your attention while on screen. Her presence was not only seen but felt, perhaps a little intimidatingly. She had class and grace and was almost never scandalized by the press which she avoided determinedly. She completely engrossed herself with her character in such a way that you didn't see Katharine Hepburn anymore, you only saw Alice Adams, or Jo March, or Tess Harding. Her acting abilities are some to aspire to and her perseverance is to be applauded. Katharine Hepburn has perhaps THE most deserved reputation as and actor; any and all awards, or recognition's for her are well given and perhaps not enough to celebrate such a star. She is an icon; one that will never fade, and in my not-so-modest-opinion she is not only A five star actress but THE five star actress.

  • On Katharine Hepburn

    • Tom
    • 2012-02-11

    Some of the reviews enumerating her gross inadequacies as an actress cause me to smile as there were few Hollywood actresses who could move so effortlessly from drama to comedy as Ms. Hepburn did. She certainly did have a larger than life personality but I believe that that only made the result far more fascinating. Her performances were needle-sharp, touching and vulnerable, and loaded with a humor which was wonderfully transcendent. What causes me to have such a high respect for her work and for her as a person is her persistence and tenacity. When things weren't going so well, she set about improving herself. She didn't fade away like some morning glory. She is a true American icon and treasure. Five stars to be sure!

  • Katherine the mentor

    • Kathy
    • 2011-11-12

    Following KH and her life philosophy has made me see life in a different light. She was an individual misunderstood by many who did not take the time to really see how her life was the ideal way of living. Read her biography, see her pictures, listen to her interviews and you cannot deny her greatness. I only wish that I could see her watercolor paintings that she as an artist completed.

  • Summertime

    • Shari
    • 2011-10-23

    I love this movie, more than any other Katherine has done. I just wish TCM would play it more than once a year. It is a classic and deserves more play. I know there are alot of you who don't agree with me, that is your privie, But I don't agree with your disagreement. Please TCM--I need to see SUMMERTIME again !!

  • Not overrated!

    • Jenna
    • 2011-07-16

    i thought she'd be a 5 star girl on here! Apparently people don't like her because she wasn't sexy? okay, that's just wrong. and she was sexy. she just didn't flaunt it. let's grade her by her acting, not by her sex appeal. People who say she doesn't have range? Move on. She can run the gamut of emotions from A to Z. Holiday, BuB, Summertime, Keeper, all very different characters. And all the rest lie somewhere in between. Come on people. Think before you rate her. You're making old Kate look bad here.

  • She inspires me to stand up for myself

    • Jordan
    • 2011-07-16

    I think she was a very misunderstood person. People thinking she is overrated- come on. you can't argue against 4 academy awards. she rocks. so unique, so exciting, so awesome.

  • So Overrated

    • Hermann
    • 2011-06-05

    Her acting spectrum ranged from brittle at the one end to hard as nails at the other. Softness or vulnerability? Forget it. When the role fit she could be great, as in The African Queen and Adam's Rib. But when I think of all the accolades and attention that came her way in the later decades, it's astonishing. Yes, Philadelphia Story salvaged her career, but then great careers often hinge on a lucky break. What gets me more are the plum roles she got later on... the drug-addled mother in Long Day's Journey Into Night when she seems more suited to leading a session of calisthenics. And most ludicrous in my memory, the mother in The Glass Menagerie -- a character, overbearing yes, but this because of her wistful feminine romanticism. Lillian Gish would embody this character to perfection. But instead we get this iron battle-ax.

  • Katharine, the Hollywood Great!

    • Matthew
    • 2011-04-05

    I think Katherine Hepburn is one of the greatest actresses of our time! She is simply amazing! A very talented actress - both in dramas and comedies - and is such an inspiring person. I find her courage and agile mind to be so fascinating, and very, very inspirational. She's simply of the best!

  • Simply a Favorite

    • Shari
    • 2011-01-18

    I truly think anyone who finds fault with Katherine Hepburn does not appreciate a wonderful actress .Katherine is lady like, feminine, real, unpretentious. TCM-- put more of Katherines movies on--maybe have a marathon day with her movies I really loved the movie "Summertime" Mama always said--"if you have nothing nice to say about someone --keep quiet."

  • Overly Celebrated

    • Rich
    • 2010-12-11

    Hepburn made only 46 films. I do like some of them, but she had a more limited range than many ascribe to her. I find her brittle in "Lion in Winter". She's essentially a comedienne...a good one, but almost always never womanly. She's tomboyish, and decidedly unsexy. Before Spencer Tracy, her career was very inconsistent. She made money for RKO, but also lost a lot of money for them. She did do some good films, over time...and in later career...though I always find her performances overly wordy...and sometimes over emotional and overacted. She's always ascribed to be very intelligent...but that education was only at the bachelors, liberal arts level. She became quite the over-the-top lefty...even going so far as mouthing the ramblings of an American Stalinist and long time defend Hollywood's free speech rights. She became the love-child of the left intelligentia. She's good actress...overly awarded...though playing herself was her biggest role. For my money, Bette Davis is range, in dramatic skill, and in amount of work. Davis did 104 films.

  • Simply the best !!

    • Annie
    • 2010-12-02

    No one can act as well as Katharine Hepburn. She is simply the best and has been my favorite since she started. Such a lady !! I love her in any movie and only wish TCM would show more of her movies. I have watched her since the beginning of time and now that I am a senior citizen , I love the black and whites. They bring back so many memories of days gone by when ladies were REAL ladies.

  • Most overrated actress ever

    • varla
    • 2010-11-27

    Unwatchable - overly mannered, no sex appeal, horrible chemistry, ruined many movies just by appearing in them. Cary Grant had better chemistry with every other actress he ever appeared with than with the awful unpleasant over-wrought Katharine Hepburn. Please don't put her in any more Summer Under the Stars programs. Her modern day counterpart - the abominable Tom Cruise, ruins movies much like the untalented Hepburn did. Even in the movie Summertime, with glorious Venice as the backdrop, she makes it seem dull, just like her. She deserved no Oscars, unless the role called for a shrill, unhappy fake feminist. Then she could have played herself and certainly won a prize.

  • Best Actress Ever

    • Emily Dunnigan
    • 2010-09-02

    I am only 18 and i've grown up watching classic movies. I love Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart, but the best actor i've ever had the pleasure of watching is Katharine Hepburn. She was and to me still is brilliant!! I wish that many of the young people now could all watch some of her master pieces. I can't be the only one out there who loves her! Some of my favorite movies starring her are Women of the Year, The Philedelphia Story, Adams Rib, and many others. So Thank You Kate for being such a great actor and letting us all witness your brilliance.

  • audery hepburn

    • melody gallam
    • 2010-07-04

    born in 1958, the first time i saw her in a movie i had to see them all and later i read any book i could find about on on her.

  • Katharine Hepburn

    • Mildred Griffin
    • 2010-06-17

    The woman is amazing. I loved her in all of her movies. I just watched Song of Love (1947). It was very good. I was wondering if she played the piano herself in this movie. She is so talented that I would like to know.

  • A Wonderfully Great Actress!!

    • RedshoesGreenlaces
    • 2010-05-28

    In my opinion, the best actress of all time!! Of course, since she is the only actress to have won 4 Academy Awards, that says a lot right there!!

  • Queen of the Screen~ Ms. Katharine Hepburn

    • IsadoraD
    • 2010-05-17

    Between the two amazing Hepburn ladies, I must say that while Audrey was most certainly a true Princess, the Title of Queen can only be held by one woman, and that one is & always will be, Katharine. For not only was she a brilliant and enduring star on the silver-screen, she was also, in her 'real life,' a person of character, strength, inner beauty, and self-honesty. As the TCM writeup says, it was absolutely non-derogatory to say that she was an actress who "played herself." As a young girl and then a young lady, I often recall my mother pointing out women who characterized the strong and independent qualities which she hoped I would wish to emulate. Of these, her most beloved role-models, and now mine, were Eleanor Roosevelt and Katharine Hepburn. I have a lovely imaginatory scene of these two grand ladies, despite the obvious physical differences, or more likely embracing these differences, sharing a cup of tea while solving the world's problems and heartily laughing at the foibles of the beloved men in their lives. (Go ahead, close your eyes~ you can see it too!) Katharine Hepburn, long will she live, was such an influence on my development and my desires for my own life, that I chose her name as my own middle name in her honor. I believe that is all I have to say about that. <3

  • Kate

    • Carol
    • 2010-05-15

    She's my favourite actress of all time. She's amazing. I love her as an actress and as a person.

  • Philadelphia Story

    • don
    • 2010-04-14

    Hepburn survived due to Grant and Stewart in Philadelphia Story

  • alice adams, quality street

    • don
    • 2010-04-13

    Wretched "actress". A camera mug. Not an actress. Bette Davis much better.

  • The greatest actress of all time!

    • Celleste
    • 2009-12-18

    Katharine Hepburn is an amazing actress. She was so incredibly talented in everything that she did, and the range of characters that she played (from the shy young girls to regal queens and independent women) was so believable every time. I love her movies and wish I could have seen her perform on the stage. She had such a commanding presence that I'm sure you could not help but notice her. Kate is my idol because she did what she loved, enjoyed life, and didn't care what anyone thought of her! She was one of a kind. There will be no one else that even comes close to equaling her prowess. Beauty, brains, talent, fire, and independence all rolled into one person = the great Katharine Hepburn.

  • exquisit

    • tammy adame
    • 2009-11-04

    she had all the things that made an actress an actress & then some

  • Simply the best!!

    • Katie
    • 2009-08-15

    Katharine Hepburn is most definately the greatest actress of all time! Her fire, humor, and commanding persorna is one of a kind. I believe she always gave an outstanding performance and brought out the best in her leading men as well. The Philadelphia Story is my favorite movie of all time although I love and respect all of her other works too. She truly is a legend and deserves all the praise she recieves. The actors and actresses of today could only wish they were half as great as Kate!

  • Kate the Great

    • Margaret
    • 2009-06-26

    As far as I can tell, she's the one and only.

  • The Great Kate!

    • Steph
    • 2009-02-15

    My favorite actress of all time

  • Here is a great website.

    • Lisa
    • 2009-02-03

    If you want to go to the official website of Kate the Great then here is the link: http://www. katethegreat .net/index.htm

  • Flawless

    • 60sFashion
    • 2008-11-20

    She was one of the best actresses of all time. Her presence was regal and curious at the same time. Fantastic

  • Katharine Hepburn- an amazing actress!

    • Morgan
    • 2008-11-11

    Just came across some really cool info about Katharine Hepburn. Was browsing The New York Public Library website and noticed it has a series of new online videos that gives a snapshot of its research collections...including the Katharine Hepburn Papers. Wanted to pass along the link: Katharine Hepburn was a truly talented actress! Let's keep each other posted on hidden gems like this we discover online...send links!

  • WOW

    • I Love TCM!
    • 2008-11-01

    Wow she is a great actress. She has warmed the hearts of most of us she is my second favorite actress in the whole world. One my scale she is right under Lucille Ball and right above Audrey Hepburn. My favorite movies of her's would be Little Women, Bringing up Baby, Stage Dorr, Stage Door Canteen and Without Love. I thank TCM for posting and playing such great movies!

  • An Acting Legend!

    • Clare Ikeguchi
    • 2008-08-29

    Katherine Hepburn was most certianly one of the most talented actress in history. The movies she's been in such as Morning Glory, A Bill of Divorcement, Bringing Up Baby, The Philadelphia Story, Woman of the Year, and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner were my favorites. She had such an extraordinary acting ability that could not have been copied. Not only that, but she was a wonderful person too. I simply can't analyze her acting, all I can say is that she added magic to every one of her movies, a sort of magic that not many actors possess. She is one of my favorite actresses.

  • One of the Best

    • Riccardo Bono
    • 2008-08-26

    So much has be said and written about Katherine Hepburn. I love her too....but I think she's been a bit over-rated. I don't think she deserved four Oscars....that last one, she said so herself. She even won multiple awards for the musical "Coco"...where again she commented, that she sounded like Donald Duck. People loved her persona...She became familiar....and was loved as she aged. I think that she often coasted on her stardom, and just played Katherine Hepburn. Compare with Bette Davis, who whose idea of artistic integrity was to interpret the character good or bad, ugly or beautiful..instead of focusing upon the personal fascination of the characterization. I also think she benefited from a comparatively privileged upbringing...and was one of the few classic actresses with a college education. this helped her, especially in her associations with the Hollywood movers and shakers....and her politics were perfect for the times. Though, I do think that the "I am a communist" speech in defense of Hollywood's lefties...some of whom had really been communists, was a bit melodramatic...after all, did Kate ever do a movie about the goulag? All this being said, she remains, and will always remain, one of Hollywood's classic actresses.

  • great kate

    • Margaret
    • 2008-08-05

    nobody will ever top her, not in a million years. Judi Dench has come awful damn close but kate'll match them all.

  • What a gem!

    • Emma
    • 2008-03-23

    Katharine Hepburn had a spark within her that lit up the screen/stage every time she graced us with her presence. She was quite simply magnetic! Who can walk away after having watched her magic in The Lion in Winter, The Philadelphia Story, Woman of the Year, Bringing Up Baby, The African Queen, among many, many others, and not be completely overtaken by her enormous charm and talent?! "My, she was yare!"

  • Kate the Great

    • Simoa
    • 2008-03-17

    I love this woman. She was incredible and so opiniated and fiery. I admire her grealy. She was wonderful.


    • ana
    • 2008-03-11

    I've loved katharine hepburn since I was little. My favorite Katharine hepburn movie is ADAM'S RIB. She is a great actress!!!!

  • Best Actress of ALL TIME

    • Tonya
    • 2008-01-31

    Katharine Hepburn is the best actress of all time hands down and Spencer Tracy compliments her talents so well. I reccomend you watch any of her movies

  • Who can top Kate?

    • Angeline
    • 2007-07-10

    It's a shame I was only 11 when she died. I didn't appreciate her work until now. Best Actress Ever. She lived such an amazing life and she deserves a good rest seeing as if she were alive she'd be 100 right now. RIP KATE. (Wish I coulda met you)

  • Probably the Best Actress Ever

    • Andreea
    • 2007-07-05

    I simply adore Katharine Hepburn. She was wonderful as an actress; I have seen most of the movies, which i find great, and her performances were brilliant. I love her deep and clear voice with that Bryn Mawr accent.I admire her as a woman too because she was very intelligent and independent. I think she was really great

  • I adore katharine hepburn

    • Jessica
    • 2007-06-24

    I adore katharine hepburn, she is such a character and an amazing actress. There will never be anyone like her on the big screen.

  • One of the Greatest

    • Jane
    • 2007-06-19

    Katharine Hepburn was one of the greatest actresses of all time. There was no one else like her. She just had that spark and you couldn't take your eyes off of her. Her chemistry with Spencer Tracy was wonderful. They were just so interesting to watch! She deserves that place in AFI's greatest screen legends as the number one actress.

  • Love Her

    • Golden Era Girl
    • 2007-05-07

    I will forever be quoting Ms. Hepburn. She is truly authentic. There is no one else like her...and even in her 80's she had more spunk and energy than a 10 year old. She will forever be remembered.

  • A Screen Legend

    • Cristina Bartolomei
    • 2007-03-29

    Katharine Hepburn is and always will be the greastest woman screen legend that has ever lived. She had class, charisma, and a talent that awed and inspired many, many people. Morning Glory, The Phadelphia Story, On Golden Pond, are just very few of her movies that are a must see for everyone... mostly because of her perfect, flawless performances. As a woman she was beautiful, independent, straightforward and unstoppable. As an actress, well.. all of the above and more!! A role model for every woman, a goddess.

  • Simply the best

    • Mary
    • 2006-11-08

    Simply the best

  • One of the Best

    • rudy
    • 2006-10-27

    Living so close to her was always a thrill, when I started to play golf and playing alot in Old Saybrook, ct.. It became very hard on the second tee to not just walk over to her house and say hello and to tell her how much she was loved... but enjoying her privacy I never did...I thought sooner or later i would perhaps see her in town...I always had just missed her...Anyway you can hear her Name with alot of other greats in my ode to Old Movies in my song (OLD MOVIES) at Peace to all Rudy Leandri

  • Incredible

    • Maggie
    • 2006-10-15

    The greatest actress there ever is or was. Simple as that.

  • A Legend

    • Kat
    • 2006-10-09

    She was an incredible actress that would mesmerize me whenever she appeared on my tv screen. Even at a young age I new there was something incredible about this actress, whose career had become dormant by the time I was born. But she was someone special, she is my idol and my namesake...her courage and charisma will always be an inspiration to me.

  • By far...

    • cate
    • 2006-10-04

    The greatest. No question.

  • she is...Katharine

    • herbis
    • 2006-09-13

    her attitude was so unique and her voice charming i think every body would want to be her friend.She was just so nonchalant .not only was she great, she did what she pleased and i like her even more for doing so there will NEVER be anything like her again.

  • The Greatest Actress That Ever Lived!

    • BlackandWhiteCharm
    • 2006-05-31

    There will never be anyone remotly similar to Katharine. No one will ever be able to dethrone her. She was and will always be the best actress ever!!

  • My Favorite Actress

    • Charmaine Green
    • 2006-05-15

    Katharine Hepburn is my favorite actress from her early work to her last works. She had a style and ellegence all her on although she was a very strong women she played that showed he feminine style and stenghts at the same I espescially loved her in Alice Adams, Philadelphia Story, Stafe Door, The Lion In Winter, Bringing up Baby, Undercurrent and many more.

  • There's a reason they call her Kate the Great!

    • Nicholas DiSabatino
    • 2006-05-03

    Katharine Hepburn- no one will ever surpass her in talent, personality, or character as an actress. She lead her own life on her own terms and her pictures are a reflection of that. Kate was the absolute feminist and a great role model for women and gay men. She'll always have a close place in my heart. My favorite movies of hers are, "Summertime," "The Lion in Winter," "The African Queen," "Adam's Rib," "The Philadelphia Story," "Bringing Up Baby," "Holiday", "Little Women," "Alice Adams," "Suddenly, Last Summer," and many more.

  • Exceptional Actress

    • Grace
    • 2006-04-21

    The BEST. Simply the BEST. Watching her films she made thoughout her years is a wonderful experience. Whether comedy, tragedy, drama, theatre, movie, TV ... she did it all and did it well. There is no one in the business today that comes close.

  • The Range, I say!

    • Mary
    • 2006-03-21

    My favorite thing about Hepburn is her amazing range. She can make me laugh hysterically, then turn around and perform a dramatically tense and emotional scene.

  • The Best in the Business

    • Lane
    • 2006-03-15

    K. Hepburn was fabulous because she didn't give a damn about what people thought and told them so. Her charm, record and persistence won her the parts, but her talent won her the nominations and Oscars. If an actor can achieve half of what she did, they're a success(in today's society, they're legends!). Live on, Hepburn, live on !

  • The Great Late Kate

    • Rach
    • 2006-03-12

    She is amazing. Check out her films- you won't be disappointed.

  • One of the greatest stars in history

    • Ame
    • 2006-02-25

    All I can say about Katharine Hepburn is wow. She was an amazing actress who is still well known today, and had a wide range of abilities from acting to dancing. She will always be one of my favorites.

  • America's #1 Leading Lady

    • K.Griffin
    • 2006-02-06

    Katharine Hepburn was amazing in all her films. There is just somthing about her that makes you want to watch and listen to her. It is just great that people still support her pictures because she realy could act.

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