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Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth



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  • rita was an great actress

    • cedric
    • 2016-11-29

    rita Hayworth was really an great actress there will never be another like her

  • I'm not sure of a movie

    • Brooke
    • 2013-12-10

    She played with Fred Astaire and they were in a hotel and there was another woman who was crazy she was pregnant and stood at the top of the stairs and she fell on purpose to kill her baby. It was on today12-10-13 around 9 Amon tcm

  • Absolutely Wonderful!

    • Cathy
    • 2011-06-16

    Rita Hayworth is absolutely wonderful! I love her dancing and her movies. She was one of the greatest actresses and she was a beautiful person in every way. Hope more people can see her movies and fall in love with her amazing talent.

  • there will never be another rita.

    • Barry
    • 2010-05-03

    stunningly beautiful, an amazing dancer and actress. Rita was the best,,

  • Rita captivates generation after generation

    • Alex
    • 2009-12-12

    There is no one like Rita Hayworth in the pantheon of Hollywood Gods and Goddesses. Her warmth, her unsurpassed dancing, her ability to create distinctive screen personas, and of course, the ambition that drove her through the 1930s and 40s are palpable sources of energy and inspiration for me. Just watched My Gal Sal the other day - she's an amazing actress, dancer, and performer. Every generation of stars discovers her in new ways. I hope she will never be forgotten!

  • Bring on "Salome" & Dance the 7 Veils

    • Chris_Crafton
    • 2009-07-17

    Coming from a family that dances, great dancing is manadatory viewing in our household! It seems that the men got the credits, the woman did just as well or better and "danced backwards and in high heels" (quoting the late Texas Governor, Ann Richards) ta boot. Among the best dancers I've ever watched is Rita Hayworth. A child who's raised from a toddler to dance recognizes another who was. Hayworth's body moves were so natural that they couldn't possibly be learned: they came from her soul they were so much a part of who she was. Besides dancing, she was also a very talented actor. Beautiful as she was, she didn't use it to make her career. I like that fact about her a lot.

  • Love Rita Hayworth's Films

    • Janys
    • 2009-07-12

    For me, it's real exciting to watch Rita Hayworth take to the screen in any capacity. She seems to have been talented at everything she did. She didn't claim to be a singer. What a dancer! To be so good looking and humble too, and a very talented actress is what's unique about her. Her films live on in the ranks with the best classics.

  • For Rita Hayworth, Thanks to TCM

    • Auntranett
    • 2009-07-11

    With "Salome" coming on TCM on July 15th, 2009 at 4:15PM EDT, I am grateful for both what will be another opportunity to view Miss Rita Hayworth doing the 'dance of the 7 veils' like no one else could have. Miss Hayworth's many classic films are a delight to my soul. Her acting ability is matched by her dancing ability. That's saying quite a bit considering she's one of the finest dancers I've ever seen. She inspired a generation of WWII Allied soldiers to have a darned good reason to stay alive and come home. All they had to do was just conjure up a mental image of her and it boosted their morale. Here's to the wonderful memories she made. Thanks TCM for doing an excellent job showing a very wide variety of her classic films.

  • A Big Time Fan

    • SadieR
    • 2009-07-10

    The AFI should've considered making an award category for Best Dancer. If there were such an award, then surely Rita Hayworth would have won it several times. My favorite would have been for her dancing in "Cover Girl" with and without Gene Kelly. Next would be for her dancing in "The Loves of Carmen." It that film her Spanish childhood dance training really stands out since she plays a gypsy in a desert town. Her dancing with Fred Astaire, who himself was an amazing talent, was grand except for one thing: Astaire was so homely compared to Hayworth. Too bad Hayworth and Kelly didn't team up to become the grand dance duo. But, Hayworth dancing alone was plenty, regardless. On top of that, Hayworth could REALLY act. It's remarkable how she didn't allow her sex appeal to be used to make her acting career. When the classic actors were drinking, drugging, involved in child abuse and adultery scandals, Hayworth remained so well balanced and self-disciplined. A truly admirable lady she was.

  • Dream Dancer, Classic Actor = Talent

    • MarieAndrews
    • 2009-07-10

    rarely in the golden era was a woman as attractive as Rita Hayworth cast in roles that did not deliberately accentuate her sexuality. Miss Hayworth was sensuous without trying to be. Born to dance, on stage as a child with her famous family doing so, she could move better than Ginger Rogers (by far), Fred Astaire (who was homely), and was a great match with Gene Kelly. Rita Hayworth could act to beat the band. She could be the bad girl in Gilda driving us nuts doing a one glove off strip that will never be forgotten; a goddess come to earth, in Down to Earth; a gypsy in a western setting in The Loves of Carmen; and make a new kind of sensuality steam the screen with Frank Sinatra in the immortally classic Pal Joey (the list goes on and on). She acted and danced with the best and shined with them all. I can't think of a sweeter or kinder goldern era actor who didn't use her obvious drop dead gorgeous beauty to make her acting career. Talent still oozes out of her every pore thanks to fimmakers.

  • Memmories of Rita Hayworth

    • DavidNeumeyer
    • 2009-06-24

    Doing the dance of the seven veils in "Salome"; being tricked into dancing "as she used to" (as a atripper) in front of her socialite friends by Frank Sinatra and being sung to by him, "The Lady is Tramp," in "Pal Joey"; dancing better than any team I've ever seen with Gene Kelly in "Cover Girl"; dancing with Fred Astaire in two films, "You'll Never get Rich," and "You Were Never Lovelier"; showing off her Latina dancing roots as a dancing gypsy in "The Loves of Carmen"; and setting the imaginations of at least every man on fire doing a one glove off only, striptease to "Put the Blame on Mame," in Gilda. Just off the top of my mind remembering a great actor with more talent in her baby toe than most people have in their whole being. Rita Hayworth was so attractive that she could have easily been made into a sex object by Hollywood producers. They couldn't do it. She could really act. Rita Hayworth was a natural born dancer who could move like no other and when she did the Earth shifted just a little. She's captivating, sincere, sweet, kind, gentle, caring, conniving in a fun way, a little bit devilish but always a sublime entertainer.

  • Irreplacable

    • Joannah
    • 2009-06-20

    She was Gilda. She was Rusty. She was Carmen. She was Rosalie, Eve, Jo, Vera, Sadie, Elsa, Ethel, Virginia, Adelaide, Rosalind, Maria, Sal(ly) and so many more remarkable characters. Each one had a distinctly different personality. But one thing remains the same to date: Rita Hayworth is and always will be one gorgeous bundle of talents. Countless men and women either dream(ed) of being with her or being like her. When WWII was raging, the very image of Rita Hayworth kept Allied soldiers' in combat spirits up. No one could dance with as loose and limber a lovely body as Miss Hayworth. No one could charm women and men alike so much since Greta Garbo and Marelene Dietrich. When I have a down moment, I turn on one of Miss Hayworth's many dance numbers and all of my blues are wiped out.

  • Hollywood's First Princess (1949)

    • Winfield
    • 2009-06-18

    By 1952, the famous second honeymoon of Princess Aly Kahn (Rita Hayworth) & her Prince was out on a film called "Champagne Safari," (TCM has the wrong date listed). Besides being called "Princess," Rita Hayworth was called a pin-up girl during WWII, 'the love goddess' & 'Miss Rita' by Frank Sinatra. Some actors may indelible marks upon the hearts & minds of audiences. Rita Hayworth left one of the most beautiful, gentle & kind memories imaginable. Although she was considered a silver screen sirene who only had to do one dance step across the floor of a set and it would bowl over those who saw her, she remained such a humble lady.

  • Dance, Sweet Rita Dance

    • Jacksons
    • 2009-06-16

    That title above for this review is exactly what I am thinking to myself whenever I turn on a film of Rita Hayworth's. The best ones are when she dances. There is something extraordinary about the way she moves so fluidly that makes her style of dancing much more appealing than most of the great dancers. Add to her list of talents and skills that she's quite a formiddable actor. Compound her abundance of skills and talents with the fact that she's a raving beauty. Watching Rita Hayworth perform brightens the worst of days. I recommend her films for curing depression! Shee "Cover Girl," "Pal Joey", "This and Every Night," "You Were Never Lovlier," and "Gilda" for starters. If she hasn't proved herself captivating by the time you've seen all of those, well, maybe it would be a good idea to see a physician! (just kidding).

  • Super Talent and Great Actor

    • Corbinn
    • 2009-06-16

    "Gilda" (1946) first caught my attention. Hayworth's one glove off striptease was the hottest scene on the silver screen. The song, "Put the Blame on Mame," would bee associated with Hayworth from then on. The she really kicked up her heels to dance with the leading men dancers: Kelly and Astaire. They didn't have anything over her talent wise and she had the extra appeal of being drop dead gorgeous. I'd turn on the TV any time to watch Miss Hayworth dance because nobody could dance like she could.

  • "Miss Rita" (as Sintra called her)

    • Karlton
    • 2009-06-12

    Dancing her way into Hollywood, Rita Hayworth was destined to become a great actor with charismatic stage presence and her super photogenic appearance. Remebering Rita Hayworth, the first word that comes to mind is "sweet." She seemed so likable, kind and sincere. In "Gilda" her one glove off only strip tease put her face in every GI's locker as a pin up girl. Then, she danced her way into everlasting fame by dancing in "You Were Never Lovelier," and "You'll Never Get Rich," with Fred Astair. Hayworth could have easily out-danced Astair. But, it was when she danced with Gene Kelly in "Cover Girl," that Hayworth's acting and dancing prowess coverged with her extraordinary beauty. Hayworth wasn't a ditzy bombshell at any point in her career. She was far too talented as both a character actor and a natural born dancer to ever be reduced to being just a pretty lady. Sinatra making sure she got top billing in "Pal Joey" speaks volumes about how the most talented of her contemporaries viewed her skills.

  • Dancing Diva

    • Dr_March
    • 2009-06-12

    I suppose in my lifetime there will not be another dancing diva who can even come close to Rita Hayworth's talent. She was a terrific character actor in a very wide variety of roles. Yes, of course, she was also t-totally gorgeous. But even her beauty couldn't campare to her ability to dance. Each dance of Hayworth's that's on film today gives me gooseflesh. There's more sensuality in her majestic movements than in any blatant sex scene. She's a breathtaking dancer who just happened to be able to act quite well.

  • Watching Her Dance

    • PearyHusky
    • 2009-05-30

    Rita Hayworth remains one of the most charismatic actors who danced like a dream. She was so beautiful that some found it hard to see past her appearance to realize what great acting skills she possessed. From "Gilda" (with Glenn Ford) to "Pal Joey" (with Frank Sinatra) Hayworth had top billing. She was a hugely successful box office draw. TCM does a better job of showing her films than they do with Bette Davis', even though Bette Davis was the Oscar winning & routine nominee, the actor of all time classics. Hayworth's popularity continues today. There's nothing quite so exciting as watching Rita Hayworth dance. No woman actor had a better natural dancing ability combined with an amazing beauty that came from within and appeared from head to toe on screen.

  • TCM: How was this Latino treated?

    • Mrs.Staples
    • 2009-05-15

    Margarita Cansino, Rita Hayworth was born to dance because she was born into the dancing Latino Cansino family. As TCM asks this month how Latino's are depicted & treated, let's not forget to consider Rita Hayworth. First, the studio did electrolysis on her very dark hair line on her forehead. Then, they died her hair red. Thinned & dyed her eyebrows too. Virtually erasing all of her Latino ethnic facial features. One the studio could never take was her Latino dancing style trademark. Dancing at 16yo in Dante's Inferno & until 1937 a Spanish dancer in film; a flamenco in Carmen, the 7 Veils in Salome and more. Hayworth's body movements reveal her ethnicity, thankfully.

  • A Pure-Hearted Lady

    • Goldie28
    • 2009-04-20

    I have read quite a bit about the life of Rita Hayworth. A pattern developed after reading for years about her. First, Hayworth was born to dance. She was in her element dancing and it enthralled the likes of Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly to watch her. Second, Hayworth was a true-blue pure-hearted lady who was almost naively innocent. While the troops during WWII made her their pin-up girl and sex goddess, that due to their needs. There has not been another like her since.

  • Great Job TCM, with Hayworth's Films

    • ASingerSings
    • 2009-04-14

    There's one actor whose wide berth of films is being broadcast by TCM: Hayworth's. Bravo to TCM for giving her terrifically entertaining films the fairest airings. It would be great to view "Cover Girl," & "Pal Joey" again since they are "essentials."

  • Salome' Dancer

    • 15michelangelo64
    • 2009-04-12

    Today's perfect for TCM to broadcast "Salome'," with Rita Hayworth. Just finished watching it for the umteenth time. Hayworth's dance has not become old, even though I nearly know it by heart. I'm awed during every viewing as Rita Hayworth strips off all of her veils. Her style of dancing is much more exciting than anybody else's I've ever seen (with the closest runner up being little Shirley Temple).

  • Before She Became a Princess...

    • VAKennedy
    • 2009-04-11

    ...Rita Hayworth was the dancing queen of the silver screen. When I combine her acting skills, raving beauty, charismatic stage presence, being highly photogenic, with her absolutely fabulous ability to dance, there's no reason for me to wonder why Rita Hayworth was and still is so easy to love.

  • A Consummate Perfomer

    • My_Mahalo
    • 2009-04-05

    Rita Hayworth could have been exploited by Hollywood producers & turned into nothing more than a sex symbol. Instead, Hayworth had so much talent to perform on various levels that it was impossible to pigeon-hole her. Her raving beauty was exceeded by far with an innate ability to dance. That's when Rita Hayworth beams off of the screen in her element. She was also great as a lip-syncher, especially in "Gilda." Rita Hayworth's films provide ammple evidence that she was a great dramatic actor. That's why I call her a consummate performer. Seems like every pore of hers oozed talent, skill & genteel beauty. Aloha

  • Gets My Vote for Most Talented

    • Grouix
    • 2009-04-01

    Wow, could Rita Hayworth dance like a dream and act with the best of them. I don't like to rate someone by the beauty, but, when it comes to Rita Hayworth, it's hard to take my eyes off of her she's so beautiful. Especially when she's dancing. Something beyond being trained well & highly skilled seems to exude from every part of her when she's in motion with the music. What a pleasure to watch!

  • Born to Dance

    • MAC
    • 2009-04-01

    Thrilling is the word for what it is to watch Rita Hayworth dance, alone (as in "The Loves of Carmen"), with Gene Kelly (with whom she definitely should have been paired, in "Cover Girl") or with Fred Astaire (in "You Were Never Lovelier" & most significantly, "You'll Never Get Rich"). Not only was Rita Hayworth the first US actress to become a princess, she was the iconoclastic WWII "Pin-Up Girl" who inspired many a GI in combat overseas. Born into the dancing Spanish Cansino family, little Marguerita was on stage alsmot as soon as she was able to walk. Therefore, dancing was her third language! If the studio system of owning actors had not existed during Rita Hayworth's and Gene Kelly's careers, and they'd been made a dance team, they'd have rivaled Astaire & Rogers, and probably surpased them by far. Dancing wasn't the only talent the gorgeous actress possessed. She could really act with the best. That's why Frank Sinatra insisted that "Miss Rita," as he called her, got top billing in "Pal Joey." Even "old blue eyes" knew she was remarkably talented as well as a truly great lady.

  • Rita Review

    • Angelique
    • 2009-03-31

    In my opinion, Rita Hayworth was a very talented and pretty woman. She has much style, class, and talent. She will always be missed.

  • hollywoods golden goddess

    • richard ruggiero
    • 2008-12-04


  • Timeless Beauty

    • Chris Fortner
    • 2008-11-24

    I don't know what more can be said aside from Rita being a true classic. I loved her performances in Gilda and Blood and Sand (although not a big fan of the movie itself). Rest In Peace, honey.

  • Lovely Rita

    • J Butterfield
    • 2008-11-17

    I had heard Rita's name in my childhood. I first saw her, on a movie, while zapping through channels on tv. I just caught a glimpse of that movie. I investigated. It was "Gilda". Then I knew who Rita was. Since then I have seen "Only Angels have Wings", and have adquired many films that star her. I have grown very fond of Her. She's is now, one of my Icons, and Friends. [[ ]]

  • wow

    • Paula
    • 2008-10-07

    Wow what a terrific actress Rita Hayworth was. I grew up in a family where Hollywood's "Golden Age" films were a favorite of my mother's. At first being a child of the 1980's "old" movies were just that to me...OLD, but I'll never forget the first time I saw Ms. Hayworth on the screen. She had such grace when she danced, and didn't miss a beat. Being in ballet and tap lessons at the time, I couldn't look away, I wanted to be her. She had it all, beauty, brains, grace, talent and from learning about her over the years a genuine kind heart. There will never be another like her. It's awful that at the end of her life she couldn't remember all the happiness she brought to her fans.

  • Vote for her movies to be on dvd

    • don
    • 2008-05-26

    What hasen't been said already,there was only one Rita. Please vote for all her major films to be on DVD. Votes count.

  • The love goddess forever

    • JBarber
    • 2008-03-16

    What I would not give to have lived in the time period of classic cinema. To see the likes of the great Rita Hayworth would have been wonderful, she was a classic beauty and great magnetic actress. They just don't come this way anymore.

  • The True Hollywood Girl

    • Harmony
    • 2008-03-12

    What is there to say about Rita Hayworth? She was beautiful, talented, mesmerizing. A femme fatale with angelic qualities. You couldn't help but be drawn to her. She is my mother's favorite and my own aunt happens to be her spitting image. I love Rita...she was the first Hollywood goddess and will be remembered for her vivacity, grace and talent.

  • A star for the ages

    • DevinM1978
    • 2008-01-19

    Rita Hayworth was the star who brought me to the world of classic cinema. What an astonishing personality - talent, grace, beauty - and what a beauty she was! Hers is the most extraordinarily beautiful face ever recorded to film. But it is reading how her children cared for her and speak so well of her to this day that makes me love Rita Hayworth. Despite her sad private life, this proves she was a loving mother and genuinely caring, good-hearted person. So many times I wish I could've known her in her heyday so I could have just taken care of her. God Bless You, Rita :)

  • Rita

    • Roy
    • 2007-10-03

    I had a friend who knew Rita Hayworth very well and dearly. His Name was John Frnco Jr.He told me stories of being with her as friend at many dinners.I know now what my friend knew personally back then thruogh TCM.She was credit to the movies and she was and always be what glamourous movies star should be.

  • WOW!

    • Peter Andres
    • 2007-09-28

    She was a true legend in every sense of the word. There will never be another Rita Hayworth. And boy, was she sexy!

  • Wonderful

    • Maria
    • 2007-07-22

    Rita Hayworth was a wonderful and lovely personality on the screen to watch. She was a true leading lady. I think that if you asked what an actress was like in the 40s, you could point out Rita Hayworth. She had it all on screen, and was a terrific dancer to top it all off. It very sad that she couldn't find complete happiness in her personal life. Rita Hayworth will always be remembered as a star.

  • Rita Hayworth / Retract

    • maria
    • 2007-07-15

    Sorry about the mix up ! I get Rita and Susan Hayworth mixed up . But Rita was a sexy siren in her time . Wonderful talent so much style. I loved her in " The Wrath of God " . She was a stunning actress -vava-voom !

  • RITA!

    • elle
    • 2007-06-26

    Rita was the most beautiful woman ever. She also had such stly, garce and talent. Her life was so sad though :(


    • Golden Era Girl
    • 2007-05-07

    I think in order to appreciate Rita Hayworth, you have to read about her life and undertand where she comes from. Her life wasnt an easy one, behind those flawless dance routines there is so much pain. I absolutly adore her, and I think she managed to leave an amazing mark on the film industy. There was just something so intriguing about her. I love Rita.

  • Don't Hate her Cuz She's Beautiful. . .

    • A fan
    • 2007-04-30

    Dude, Rita was a great actress and not just because of her looks. People will always try to hate the great Rita but her true fans will remember her brillance. If you don't like her, don't hate out loud. The 1940s are long gone, but Rita is still hawt!! She's freakin' awesome!

  • rita

    • theresa
    • 2007-04-10

    i must say that i don't like her very much and she can't act at all, let alone sing and dance.

  • The one and only Love Goddess

    • Nicky
    • 2007-01-01

    Rita, Rita, Rita. There is so much to say about her. An extremely talented and beautiful dancer and actress. She lead a wicked hard life, dealing with an incestuous father and men who used her for her looks and money. Not to mention her insecurities and painfull shyness that plagued her for her entire life. But she made great movies and she was a timeless beauty who will be remembered for a very long time. If only women today could be as classy as she was.

  • Smitten

    • alan
    • 2006-12-29

    Only one sex goddess, only one Rita. They are the same.


    • Alex
    • 2006-11-28

    I wish that Rita had made more films. She was truly exceptional and I loved how she had a different look in almsot every film. She is my favorite dance. And she has my favorite smile!

  • A Goddess in the flesh!!

    • marcco
    • 2006-11-18

    truly a beautiful, graceful woman and the best female dancer i've ever seen!

  • The most beautiful woman of the 20th century.

    • Sally
    • 2006-10-24

    Sex appeal, style, class, intelligence, she had it all.A great beauty & unique original look. Not just another mass produced plastic bland blonde.It's hard to surpass Rita or Katherine Hepburn when it comes to beauty, brains & sex appeal. Both great strong & feisty characters. Great role models for what a "lady" should strive to be.

  • I love this woman!!

    • randy
    • 2006-10-23

    Rita is one of the most beautiful women of all time! She was gorgeous and sultry as Gilda. The best dancer I've ever seen on film. I love the sound and tone of her voice. She photographs very well. Along with Hedy Lamarr, Linda Darnell, and Lana Turner, easily one of the greatest beauties ever!

  • The Provocative Rita

    • Ana
    • 2006-09-02

    Im not going to say she was the first sex goddess, but to me, she was the first female Latin Lover. Despite being very shy and reclusive, her beauty and her individuality made her the such a seductive model that to me, she is the ONLY Love goddess around, as well as being the #1 goddess of the 40's.

  • Good actress, great person.

    • Alvin Kuo
    • 2006-08-27

    Not much to say about her that has already not been said-pretty good overall.

  • A great personality, Rita Hayworth.

    • warren
    • 2006-08-23

    Rita Hayworth is an all time great. She typifies a hollywood star of the "golden age" and combines the beauty and acting ability of a very high degree.

  • Amazing!

    • Holly
    • 2006-08-17

    In my opinion Rita is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen! And to top it off she had such great talent for acting and dacning.

  • Rita is the girl!!

    • Taylor Downing
    • 2006-06-07

    Rita is one of my all time favorite actresses of Hollywood's "Golden Age". It is too bad that she is overlooked by her beauty to see what a good actress she truly was.

  • wow! what a woman!!

    • melonie tinsley
    • 2006-05-08

    2,000 words could never describe her talent and beauty. She is undescribable. the only way to know her elegance and beauty is with your own eyes.

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