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Deborah Harry


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Also Known As: Died:
Born: July 1, 1945 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Miami, Florida, USA Profession: Music ...


Cast (feature film)

Burning Down the House: The Story of CBGB (2009)
Charts the history and far-reaching influence of iconic New York City downtown club CBGB and its fight for survival against the Bowery homeless shelter that sought to shut it down. Sonic Youth, Debbie Harry, Ice-T, Fab 5 Freddy, and others share their passion for the club and its founder, Hilly Kris
Elegy (2008)
Charismatic professor David Kepesh glories in the pursuit of adventurous female students but never lets any woman get too close. When gorgeous Consuela Castillo enters his classroom, however, his protective veneer dissolves. Her ravenhaired beauty both captivates and unsettles him. Even if Kepesh de
SqueezeBox! (2008)
About the legendary club where the Toliet Boys and Hedwig were born gets a rock-and-roll tribute where all are welcome.
Hotel Gramercy Park (2008)
Explores the family drama of the longtime owners of the infamous rock-n-roll hotel, Hotel Gramercy Park, as they prepare to turn it over to high-end hotelier Ian Schrager.
Anamorph (2008)
When reclusive Detective Stan Aubray is called in to investigate a series of increasingly spectacular murders, he is thrust into a dark and unsettling underworld that threatens to reveal the secrets of his tormented past. As elaborate as they are gruesome, the murders are a paean to the mysteries of
Full Grown Men (2006)
Alby Cutrera, a hopelessly adolescent man, is kicked out of his home by his wife who gives him an ultimatum: don't come back until you grow up. Rather than do some much-needed soul searching, Alby goes looking for his childhood best friend to take a road trip to the one place on earth he knows will
Too Tough to Die (2006)
A tribute to The Ramones. Musicians and family members gathered at the legendary Avalon Theatre in Los Angeles on September 12, 2004, for a concert honoring The Ramones' 30th anniversary. The concert, which took place just two-and-a-half days before Johnny Ramone's death, featured more than a dozen
Face Addict (2005)
Documents the New York downtown scene and some of its main characters, whose legacy remains today. The filmmaker, himself part of this downtown scene, which started in the late 1970s, brings back to life the era's fantastic and unique atmosphere, when life and art were all mixed up with each other.
Life in Suitcases, A (2005)
Follows Tulse Luper as he is swept into the ill-fortuned tides of the 20th century and forced to spend his life in a succession of imprisonments.
Spun (2003) as The Lesbian Neighbor
Ross is tweaking hard. He needs to score some speed real bad. There's only one place to go; and so, Ross heads over to Spider Mike's pad in his beat-up old Volvo. Spider Mike, the high-strung, ultra-paranoid crystal meth dealer wants to "hook up" Ross, but there's only one problem--he lost his stash
End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones (2003)
In 1974, the New York City music scene was shocked into consciousness by the violently new and raw sound of a band of misfits from Queens called The Ramones. Playing in a seedy Bowery bar to a small group of fellow struggling musicians, the band struck a chord of disharmony that rocked the foundatio
Good Night to Die, A (2003) as Madison
A hit man and his bumbling protégé are sent off on a wild ride that finds them dodging mad mob bosses, murderous siblings and a handful of other colorful characters as they try to keep themselves alive. But who will protect them from each other?
My Life Without Me (2003) as Ann'S Mother
Ann is 23-years-old with two young daughters, a husband who spends more time unemployed than working, a mother with a history of broken dreams, and a father who has spent the last ten years in jail. While other women her age are out partying, she spends her nights working as a janitor in a universit
Mayor of the Sunset Strip (2003) as Herself
Through the glitter and the grunge, from The Monkees to Coldplay, Rodney Bingenheimer--a.k.a. "Rodney on the ROQ"--has reigned over the Los Angeles music scene for over two decades. A constantly evolving fixture as rock fan, journalist, promoter, club owner and radio DJ on KROQ, Bingenheimer has hel
Tulse Luper Suitcases, Part 3 - From Sark to the Finish, The (2003)
An epic tale, covering more than sixty years, from 1928 when the existence of Uranium was first considered, to the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and the end of the Cold War in 1989. Tulse Luper, a writer and a project-maker, is caught up in a life of prisons. There are a total of sixteen prisons in t
Deuces Wild (2002) as Wendy
The summer of 1958 forever changed the Brooklyn landscape. Aside from the sweltering summer heat and the loss of their beloved Dodgers, Brooklyn was in a state of unrest. It was a time when rumbles escalated into gunfights and honor was quickly becoming a thing of the past. A new breed of wiseguys t
Fluffer, The (2001) as Marcella
A story of obsession, submission, money and sexuality set in the sex industry. While riffing the porn industry, the dark tale is centered around three industry staffers: Johnny Rebel--a hot-blooded "gay for pay" porn star; Sean McInnis--the young naive kid who moves to L.A. to pursue a career in the
Downtown 81 (2000) as Bag Lady
The fictional story -- constructed from archival footage of renowned American "street" artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) -- of a struggling musician and a graffiti artist living on the Lower East Side of New York City.
Six Ways to Sunday (1997) as Kate Odum
Harry is eighteen and lives with his overprotective mother until one day when he enters a sleazy strip club with his friend Arnie. When Harry is driven to brutally attack the club owner he is recruited by the local Jewish Mafia to become a hitman-in-training.
L.A. Johns (1997) as Madam Jacqueline
The story of a prostitute and her customers, who each have a different reason for utilizing her services. Liz is a beautiful, high-priced call-girl, who works for Madam Jacqueline, a shrewd business woman. Some of the clients include a successful writer/producer with a sex addiction, a lawyer who lo
Cop Land (1997) as Delores
A partially deaf New Jersery sheriff must investigate the NYPD officers he idolizes--potentially exposing the evil doings of some of New York''s finest.
Drop Dead Rock (1995) as Thor Thorvalsen
A down-on-it's-luck Long Island, NY rock band kidnaps it's hero, washed up British rocker Spazz-o, so that he will listen to its demo tape and produce its album. However, not only does no one care that Spazz-O is missing, but his sleazy manager and porn star wife have hired a hit man to kill him any
Heavy (1994) as Delores
Victor is a lonely and overweight pizza chef who earns his living in his mother's roadside diner in upstate New York. Though he aches to change his life, Victor is surrounded by people who are as immobile as he is--people who are as blind to his yearnings as they are to their own. But, when the staf
Dead Beat (1994) as Mrs Murtz
Set in Albuquerque circa 1965, an alienated teenager gets involved with a charismatic, off-kilter young man who may or may not have killed a girl. Events come to a dangerous head when the young man falls for a girl even more crazy and volatile than he.
John Carpenter Presents Body Bags (1993) as Nurse ("Hair")
A trilogy of segments hosted by John Carpenter, who appears as a coroner guiding viewers through each of the presentations. In "The Gas Station," a college student is stalked by a serial killer while she works at an all-night service station. In "Hair," the attempt of a man to combat his receding ha
Intimate Stranger (1991) as Corey Wheeler
A woman who makes her living selling phone sex becomes the target of a serial killer.
Tales From The Darkside: The Movie (1990) as Betty ("Wraparound Story")
In order to keep from being eaten by a witch a young boy spins three tales of terror. They involve a vengeful mummy, a living gargoyle and a cat who refuses to die.
New York Stories (1989) as Girl At Blind Alley ("Life Lessons")
Three stories about life in New York City. Woody Allen''s segment revolves around a lawyer having problems with his mother. Martin Scorsese''s segment, based on Dostoyevsky''s "The Gambler", centers on an artist''s romance. Francis Coppola''s segment is about a privileged daughter of separated parents who lives in New York''s Sherry Netherlands Hotel.
Hairspray (1988) as Velma Von Tussle
A teenager uses local stardom to fight segregation, raising the ire or her rival.
Satisfaction (1988) as Tina
Adventures of a female rock 'n' roll band hired as the house act in a club at a wealthy beach resort.
Forever, Lulu (1987) as Lulu
Story of a down and out writer in New York City who achieves sudden fame and fortune through a bizarre chain of events.
Videodrome (1983) as Nicki Brand
A sleazy TV programmer watches his life and the future of media spin out of control when he acquires a new kind of programming for his station.
Roadie (1980)
Travis is a Texas truck driver who falls for rock groupie and roadie Lola Bouilabase whose main ambition is to sleep with rocker Alice Cooper. When Lola hears that Cooper''s band is on tour, she tries to catch up with them and Travis follows her. On the road, the two of them meet several touring pop stars and Travis becomes a roadie himself, soon known as the "greatest roadie of all time." But Travis is faced with leaving this new success because he needs to go back to Texas for his sister''s wedding.
Union City (1980) as Lillian
An accountant lives with his beautiful wife in an industrial town near New York City in the 1950s. When he becomes obsessed with finding the person who is stealing milk out of the bottles delivered to them each morning, the obsession culminates in violence. While her husband's attention is absorbed
Mr. Mike's Mondo Video (1979)
Mike O'Donoghue's parody of "Mondo Cane" showcases curious performers, strange musicians, celebrity mutations and unusual short films, including Thomas Alva Edison's "Elephant Electrocution".
The Foreigner (1977) as Dee Trick
A secret agent from Europe arrives in New York City and becomes entangled with an assortment of odd characters and situations.

Music (feature film)

Bridesmaids (2011)
When Annie is asked to be her best friend Lillian's maid of honor, she struggles to please the snobby, rich bridesmaids at every pre-wedding event. All hell breaks loose when they travel to Vegas for the party that none of them will ever forget.
Super 8 (2011)
Six friends witness a train wreck while making a super 8 movie, only to discover that something unimaginable escaped during the crash. They soon discover that the only thing more mysterious than what it is, is what it wants.
Sex and the City 2 (2010)
Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda set out on a sun-drenched adventure in one of the most decadent locales on earth.
Spy Next Door, The (2010)
Bob Ho is an undercover CIA superspy who decides to give up his career in espionage to settle down with his next-door neighbor and girlfriend, Gillian. But Bob has one more mission to complete before Gillian agrees to marry him--winning over her three opinionated kids. When Gillian suddenly has to leave town, Bob volunteers to babysit the children so he can earn their approval. But when one of the kids mistakenly downloads a top-secret formula from his computer, Bob''s archenemy, a Russian terrorist, moves in for the attack, forcing Bob to juggle the roles of spy and prospective stepfather in the most challenging mission of his career.
Jennifer's Body (2009)
Small town high school student Jennifer is possessed by a hungry demon. She transitions from being "high school evil" - gorgeous (and doesn't she know it), stuck up and ultra-attitudinal - to the real deal: evil/evil. The glittering beauty becomes a pale and sickly creature jonesing for a meaty snac
Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008)
Lifelong friends and roommates Zack and Miri are facing hard times and a mountain of debt. When the electricity and plumbing get cut off, they seize upon the idea of making a homegrown porno movie for some quick cash, enlisting the help of their friends. The two vow that having sex will not ruin the
Heartbreak Kid, The (2007)
After years of bachelorhood and ample pressure from his father, Doc, and best friend Mac, Eddie Cantrow starts to wonder if he is being too picky about the women he meets. So when a chance encounter with an alluring blonde named Lila leads to a sweet romance, Eddie impulsively proposes. But right after the wedding, as the newlyweds get to know each other on the drive down the California coast, Eddie begins to realize he''s made a terrible mistake. Soon after reaching their exotic Mexican hideaway, he falls for the down-to-earth Miranda, who has no clue he''s on his honeymoon. Now Eddie has to find a way to extricate himself from his days-old marriage without losing the girl of his dreams.
We Own the Night (2007)
Bobby Green has turned his back on the family business. The popular manager of El Caribe, the legendary Russian-owned nightclub in Brooklyn's Brighton Beach, he has changed his last name and concealed his connection to a long line of distinguished New York cops. For Bobby, every night is a party, as
Gracie (2007)
In 1978 South Orange New Jersey, 15 year old Gracie Bowen is the only girl in a family of three brothers. Their family life revolves almost entirely around soccer: her father and brothers are obsessed with the sport, practicing in the backyard's makeshift field every day from morning 'til night. Tra
Aquamarine (2006)
Claire and Haley, two 13-year-old best friends, embark on the adventure of their lives when they discover a mermaid named Aquamarine in a swimming pool. Aquamarine had washed ashore after a big storm battered the small town Florida beach club where Claire lives with her grandparents. Claire and Hail
Nearing Grace (2005)
The Nearing family seems to be dealing with the death of their mother by making every bad choice possible. Henry busies himself with the lapses in judgment available to an intelligent high school boy: falling hard for the school vixen, failing to notice the attractions of the girl next door, and all
Mean Girls (2004)
Cady Heron is a cultural blank slate when she first sets foot on the grounds of North Shore High School in a small town outside of Chicago, Illinois. After living in Africa, Cady, now a junior, has no idea how "wild" things can be in civilization until she crosses paths with one of the meanest species of all, the "Queen Bee," who at this particular high school is the cool and calculating Regina George. But Cady doesn''t just cross paths with this Queen Bee--she really stings her when she falls for Regina''s ex-boyfriend Aaron Samuels. Now Regina is set to sting back by pretending to still like Aaron so he won''t go out with Cady, all the while pretending to be her friend. With no choice but to use the same M.O. to stay in the game, the "Girl World" one-upmanship escalates until the entire school gets dragged into a first-class mean-fest.
New York Minute (2004) as Song ("One Way Or Another")
Today is the biggest day in the super-organized life of uptight overachiever Jane Ryan. She's due to give a major speech at Columbia University for a competition to win a prestigious scholarship to Oxford University. Meanwhile, her rebellious sister Roxy is planning to ditch school and go backstage
Anger Management (2003) as Song ("Heart Of Glass")
After a misunderstanding aboard an airplane that escalates out of control, the mild-mannered Dave Buznik is ordered by Judge Daniels to attend anger management sessions run by Doctor Buddy Rydell, which are filled with highly eccentric and volatile men and women. Buddy's unorthodox approach to thera
Bend It Like Beckham (2002) as Song ("Atomic")
An Indian family in London tries to raise their soccer-playing daughter in a traditional way. Unlike her traditional older sister, Pinky, who is preparing for a lavish Indian wedding and a lifetime of cooking the perfect chapati, Jess dreams of playing soccer professionally, like her hero David Beck
Glitter (2001) as Song ("Heart Of Glass")
The story of a gifted young singer, Billie Frank, who overcomes a turbulent childhood and struggles to find her true identity and voice. During her childhood, Billie is abandoned by her drug-addicted mother and is remanded to an orphanage. Years later, Billie is discovered by charismatic, irresistab
Coyote Ugly (2000) as Song ("One Way Or Another")
Graced with a velvet voice, 21-year-old Violet Sanforn heads to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a songwriter only to find her aspirations sidelined by the accolades and notoriety she receives at her "day" job as a barmaid at Coyote Ugly. A new nightclub with a twist, Coyote Ugly is the hottest spot in town, featuring a team of sexy, enterprising young women. Lil is the savvy and tough proprietor with an autocratic reign over her girls, including the ever-flitarious Cammie, headstrong and antagonistic Rachel and top tip earner Zoe. The "Coyotes" as they are affectionately called tantalize customers and the media alike with their outrageous antics, making Coyote Ugly the watering hole for guys on the prowl.
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999) as Song ("Call Me")
Deuce Bigalow is a naive, good-hearted fish tank cleaner, who is very dedicated and happy with his work. His only dream is to take his fish and move out of his bad neighborhood to the beach to be close to his friends in the ocean. After he loses his job at the Los Angeles Aquarium, his life changes dramatically. Deuce crosses paths with the debonair Antoine Laconte, world class gigolo. Antoine has the life any man would want, fancy cars, beautiful women and most importantly for Deuce a state of the art aquarium. When Antoine's lionfish comes down with a potentially fatal gill disorder and he has to go away on business, Antoine asks if Deuce will stay at his apartment. As Deuce gets comfortable at Antoine' place, he sets off a chain of events that virtually destroys the apartment. Needing money to pay for the damages, and after accidentally answering Antoine's business phone, Deuce launches his new career as a gigolo. He quickly enters a world beyond his wildest dreams.
200 Cigarettes (1999) as Songs ("Rapture" "In The Flesh" "No Exit (The Loud Allstar Rock Remix)")
On New Year''s Eve in New York, 1981, Monica is terrified that nobody will come to her party. Even her best friend will only come when bribed with first refusal on Monica''s ex-boyfriend Eric, who hasn''t even arrived. Eric, meanwhile is a trendy downtown artist, who is at a club with current squeeze Bridget and her pal Caitlyn. But Bridget fancies the cute bartender. Meanwhile, Monica''s teenage cousin from Long Island is coming to the party with a friend, but they are lost and terrified somewhere is the East Village. And in a cafe, Lucy and Kevin, terrifed of being alone at midnight, consider turning their friendship into something more.
54 (1998) as Song ("Heart Of Glass")
Shane O'Shea was a 19-year-old, good-looking guy living with his severe dad and two siblings in a small, boring town in New Jersey... until he crossed the river into New York City and entered a world overflowing with luxury, sexual desire and decadence. A nightclub that was nothing less than the cen
Rugrats Movie, The (1998) as Song ("One Way Or Another")
The Pickles family faces the biggest adventure to happen in any household--the birth of a new baby. As Stu and Didi Pickles struggle with changes associated with the arrival of baby Dylan, big brother Tommy Pickles and his band of infant "rugrats" try to return new baby brother Dil to the "hop-sickl
Slc Punk! (1998) as Song ("Dreaming")
For Stevo, living in Reagan-era Salt Lake City, rebellion is an imperative. A recent grad, his world centers on anarchy, refusing the system, and the music of The Ramones, Dead Kennedys and The Specials. His ex-hippie father sees this lifestyle as an important rite of passage, yet urges Stevo to att
Very Bad Things (1998) as Song ("Karma")
Kyle and four friends are white suburbanites who set off for a debauched night in Las Vegas before Kyle gets married. But things go badly wrong when a prostitute is skewered on a coat hook as she entertains one of the pals, Michael. Yuppie Robert keeps his head, and goes so far as to murder a securi
Last Days of Disco, The (1998) as Song ("Heart Of Glass")
During the early 1980s as the Disco era comes to an end, a pair of recent Hampshire College grads move to Manhattan and are befriended by a group of Harvard grads.
Bride of Chucky (1998) as Song ("Call Me")
The world's most notorious doll, Chucky, meets his match--in more ways than one when his ex-girlfriend Tiffany embarks on a mission to get him back into her life so that they can wed. For better or for worse, Chucky and Tiffany will be a matched set if they ever get back into human bodies. To do thi
Three Businessmen (1998) as Music
Two businessmen meet in Liverpool and go looking for their dinner. They never find it, but at dawn they meet a third businessman and uncover a surprise.
One Night Stand (1997) as Song ("Heart Of Glass")
A married couple experiences the consequences of extramarital relations when a Los Angeles ad-executive has an affair with a married woman in New York, and then encounters her again a year later.
Donnie Brasco (1997) as Songs ("One Way Or Another" "Heart Of Glass")
In the 1970s, FBI undecover agent Joe Pistone infiltrates the mob, leaving his family behind and assuming the false persona of the jewel man Donnie Brasco. His assignment: to become a trusted insider with the infamous Bonanno family by gaining the confidence of a low-level gangster. Lefty Ruggiero is an aging, two-bit hit-man who sees a new future for himself with the smart, young thief Donnie Brasco and enlists him as his protege. Together the two men enter into a camaraderie that will not allow either one to distance himself emotionally. Meanwhile, Donnie begins to get lost in the distance between his real and undercover selves. As Donnie moves deeper and deeper into the Mafia chain of command, he realizes he is not only losing the line between federal agent and criminal, between who he pretends to be and who he actually is, he is also leading Lefty, his closest friend, to an almost certain death sentence.
Beverly Hills Ninja (1997) as Song ("One Way Or Another")
An orphaned baby boy is raised by the head of a Ninja institute in Japan and grows into an overweight young man who, despite his physical challenges, still becomes a Ninja, albeit a klutzy white one. His first mission brings him to Beverly Hills to investigate a murder mystery.
Burnzy's Last Call (1997) as Music
A day in the life of a downtown New York bar as seen through the eyes of a man on his 75th birthday.
Carpool (1996) as Song ("One Way Or Another")
Franklin Laszlo is a hapless, henpecked but eager-to-please carnival owner who''s taking a one-shot chance at robbery in order to salvage his business and relationship with his young son. Daniel Miller is a compulsive workaholic resentfully stuck driving the neighborhood carpool, including his own two overlooked sons, on the day of a make-or-break presentation at his advertising agency. Their paths cross in the middle of a bungled robbery when Franklin flees the site, taking Daniel and his vanful of kids as hostages and beginning a comic day-long chase.
Trainspotting (1996) as Song ("Atomic")
Smart, funny, sickly and sometimes just plain unconscious, Mark Renton is a hero of our times. Set in an underbelly of Edinburgh the city fathers never dreamed of, this is the story of Mark and his so-called friends--a bunch of losers, liars, psychos, thieves and junkies. This tragi-comedy charts th
Coneheads (1993) as Song Performer ("Communion")
Extra-terrestrial family the Coneheads come to Earth to take over, but wind up stranded here. They are forced to adapt to American life.
That Night (1993) as Song Performer ("Summertime Blues")
A coming-of-age story about an eleven-year-old girl who idolizes her troubled sixteen-year-old neighbor.
Coneheads (1993) as Song
Extra-terrestrial family the Coneheads come to Earth to take over, but wind up stranded here. They are forced to adapt to American life.
Prelude to a Kiss (1992) as Song Performer ("Prelude To A Kiss")
Peter falls for Rita upon first meeting her, and the two begin a whirlwind romance that quickly leads to marriage. But when another man kisses Rita on her wedding day, the two magically change souls, and Peter must track down the love of his life if he is ever to truly see her again.
Married To The Mob (1988) as Song Performer ("Liar, Liar")
A recently widowed Mafia wife tries to start her life anew, only to find past acquaintances and FBI agents on her tail.
My Best Friend Is A Vampire (1988) as Song ("One Way Or Another")
When Jeremy Capello, a teenage virgin, is encouraged by his best friend to spend a night with an attractive older woman named Nora. After losing his virginity, Jeremy is horrified to learn that Nora is, in fact, a vampire, and Jeremy, having been bitten, is one, too. Using pig blood from the local
NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4, A: THE DREAM MASTER (1988) as Song ("In The Flesh")
Alice from "Nightmare 4" discovers she's pregnant, but fears that the father may be Freddy Krueger.
Summer School (1987)
A laid-back teacher discovers he has as much to learn as his misfit students.
Money Pit, The (1986) as Song Performer ("Rush Rush")
A young couple living together commits to purchasing their dreamhouse with a sale price too good to be true.
Money Pit, The (1986) as Song
A young couple living together commits to purchasing their dreamhouse with a sale price too good to be true.
Krush Groove (1985)
Russell Walker is a young, successful manager of rap performers, handling acts for the Krush Groove label, including Run-DMC and The Fat Boys. When Run-D.M.C. has a hit record and Russell needs more money to press more copies, he borrows it from a street hustler and soon regrets his decision.
Krush Groove (1985)
Russell Walker is a young, successful manager of rap performers, handling acts for the Krush Groove label, including Run-DMC and The Fat Boys. When Run-D.M.C. has a hit record and Russell needs more money to press more copies, he borrows it from a street hustler and soon regrets his decision.
Scarface (1983) as Song Performer ("Rush Rush")
A determined Cuban immigrant takes over a drug cartel while succumbing to greed in this adaptation of "Scarface" (1932).
Scarface (1983) as Song
A determined Cuban immigrant takes over a drug cartel while succumbing to greed in this adaptation of "Scarface" (1932).
Wild Style (1983) as Songs ("Pretty Baby" "Rapture")
The work of maverick tagger Zoro attracts the attention of an East Village art enthusiast who gives him a commission him to paint the stage for a huge rapper's convention. The film serves as a record of the beginning of hip-hop in the boroughs of New York and features pioneers of the genre including
Rock & Rule (1982) as Song Performer ("Angel'S Song" "Invocation Song" "Send Love Through")
The music of Lou Reed, Deborah Harry, Cheap Trick, Earth, Wind and Fire, Iggy Pop and others are featured in this animated rock fable designed by Canada's Nelvana animation studio.
Rock & Rule (1982) as Songs
The music of Lou Reed, Deborah Harry, Cheap Trick, Earth, Wind and Fire, Iggy Pop and others are featured in this animated rock fable designed by Canada's Nelvana animation studio.
Party, Party (1982) as Song ("Heart Of Glass")
Partners (1982) as Song ("Call Me")
Last American Virgin, The (1982) as Song ("In The Flesh")
Endless Love (1981) as Song ("Heart Of Glass")
The obssessive love between two teens leads to disaster.
Just Before Dawn (1981) as Song ("Heart Of Glass")
A teenager who has become a land owner, takes some of his friends to see his mountain property in Oregon. He brings his deed with him, but when they arrive, he sadly learns that it means nothing to the mountain people, and by nightfall they realize that they are being stalked and are in great danger
Polyester (1981) as Songs ("Polyester" "Be My Daddy Baby (Lu-Lu'S Theme)" "The Best Thing (Love Song)")
An oppressed housewife struggles to get her life back on track.
Little Darlings (1980) as Song ("One Way Or Another")
Girls at a summer camp compete to see who can find romance first.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Heaven (1987) as Assistance

Cast (special)

Totally Gayer (2004) as Interviewee
A look at the gay presence and influence in popular culture and media.
Live by Request: Blondie (2004) as Vocals
Blondie play a live concert at New York City's John Jay College, the song selection of which comes from viewers who call in their own requests using a toll-free phone number.
VH1 Divas (2004) as Performer
Live coverage of VH1's seventh annual Divas benefit.
Absolutely Fabulous New York Special (2003)
Patsy and Edina attempt to track down Serge in New York City.
100 Greatest Songs of Rock & Roll (2000)
Special that catalogues the 100 best songs of rock and roll from the last five decades as chosen by a panel of songwriters, performers, producers and radio DJs. The program features historic video and film clips of artists performing their most memorable tunes. Also includes comments on the selectio
In Bad Taste: The John Waters Story (1999) as Interviewee
Profile of filmmaker John Waters.
Saturday Night Live: 25th Anniversary Primetime Special (1999)
A live broadcast of the 25th anniversary of "Saturday Night Live," featuring clips and highlights from previous seasons as well as appearances by former regulars and former guest hosts.
Blondie's Back Live in NYC '99 (1999)
Coverage of Blondie in concert from New York's Town Hall.
Bunny Years, The (1999)
Documentary examines the successful lives of former Playboy bunny club waitresses.
Andy Kaufman's Really Big Show (1999) as Interviewee
Profile of the late comedian Andy Kaufman.
Andy Warhol: A Life at the Edge (1998) as Interviewee
Profile of artist Andy Warhol.
Unauthorized Biography: Milo -- Death of a Supermodel (1997) as Interviewee
A parody of "A&E's Biography," this ficticious documentary follows the life of Milo, a girl who went from a Midwestern wallflower to icon status during the days of Studio 54 in the 1970s.
State's 43rd Annual Halloween Special, The (1995)
Special featuring the sketch-comedy troupe The State. Includes cameos of celebrities reflecting on how The State influenced, or did not influence, their careers.
In a New Light '94 (1994)
The third annual entertainment and information special about AIDS, as part of the National Night Against AIDS.
Adventures of Pete and Pete: New Year's Pete, The (1993)
Little Pete makes a New Year's resolution to make the world a better place for all mankind.
Red, Hot & Blue (1990)
A special featuring a variety of Cole Porter classics, produced and performed as music videos by contemporary music artists. Each video is directed by a well-known musical or feature film director. Contains AIDS awareness and educational messages as well as a profile of the life of Cole Porter.
Blondie (1983) as Blondie Member
A concert by the rock group Blondie.
Music Central (1981)
Live performances by the top names in music. The program also features film clips and interviews as it spotlights recording artists.

Music (special)

Absolutely Fabulous New York Special (2003) as Song Performer ("This Wheel'S On Fire")
Patsy and Edina attempt to track down Serge in New York City.
Blondie's Back Live in NYC '99 (1999) as Song Performer
Coverage of Blondie in concert from New York's Town Hall.
Red, Hot & Blue (1990) as Song Performer ("Well, Did You Evah!")
A special featuring a variety of Cole Porter classics, produced and performed as music videos by contemporary music artists. Each video is directed by a well-known musical or feature film director. Contains AIDS awareness and educational messages as well as a profile of the life of Cole Porter.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

All I Want (2003) as Cast
Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme (1990) as Old Woman Who Lives In A Shoe

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