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Harry Hamlin

Harry Hamlin


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Also Known As: Died:
Born: October 30, 1951 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Pasadena, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Director's Cut (2016)
A murderous psychotic who is stalking a film actress believes he is directing her film.
Meddler, The (2016)
An aging widow from New York City follows her daughter to Los Angeles in hopes of starting a new life after her husband passes away.
Bronx Bull, The (2015)
Story of pugilist Jake LaMotta's life after the ring, as well as his time as a young man.
Bleeding Heart (2015)
Yoga instructor May's peaceful, clean-living lifestyle is thrown into chaos when her long-lost sister Shiva arrives. Shiva is a street-smart but naive young woman who is trapped in an abusive relationship. May desperately wants to rescue her sister, but instead finds herself being drawn into Shiva's
Immigrant (2013)
A Russian boy who immigrates to Brooklyn in the late 70s endures abuse from other children, a rabbi, and his mother's boyfriend.
Holiday High School Reunion (2012)
Georgia returns home during Christmas just in time for her high school reunion, where she hopes to reunite with "the one that got away." In a series of hilarious flashbacks, we'll see her high school experience play out as Georgia discovers that maybe the one who got away was instead the one who was
Strange Wilderness (2008)
After the genial, beloved TV host of the popular wildlife show "Strange Wilderness" passes on to the great nature special in the sky, his son Peter Gaulke takes over the series--and things are never the same. Ignorant, bumbling and blissfully unaware of his own lack of talent, Pete sprinkles his doc
Disappearance (2002) as Jim Henley
A vacationing family, while traveling through the Nevada desert, decide to take a side trip to a ghost town called Weaver. Upon arriving in the town, the family immediately senses something is wrong. They find a video camera that reveals that a previous group of visitors were taken by some unseen, m
Sex, Lies & Obsession (2001) as Cameron Thomas
A seemingly perfect marriage is threatened when the wife discovers evidence of her husband's sexual addiction.Joanna Thomas, a high school drama teacher, has been happily married for 15 years to Cameron Thomas, a successful orthopedic surgeon. Joanna's life seems complete until she begins to suspect
Quarantine (2000) as President Of The United States
Terrorists release a mysterious virus on a small village, killing all of its inhabitants. When he learns the plague could destroy the world's population, the President of the United States charges a team of scientists, led by the brilliant Dr. Galen Bronty, to find a cure. He then retreats to a nort
Silent Predators (1999) as Vic Rondelli
The fire chief of a small California town helps to fight a deadly infestation of hybrid snakes. After a tropical rattler is accidentally released into the area, it breeds with the local rattlesnake population, creating a new breed of snakes more deadly than any ever encountered. The snake threat is
Hunted, The (1998) as Doc Kovac
Samantha Clark, an insurance claims adjuster, suspects fraud when a $3 million claim is filed for a plane crash and the client's body is never found. Her investigation leads her to the Canadian Rockies where she meets Doc Kovac, a doctor who is a society dropout residing in the wilderness. Clark acc
Stranger in Town (1998) as Jack Beldon
Jack Beldon, a drifter with a mysterious past, tries to make a fresh start in a small town. After a local woman is murdered, Jack becomes a suspect. After Jack moves in as a boarder with 13-year-old Aaron, his sister Kimberly and their mother Katherine, strange things begin to happen. With the help
Frogs for Snakes (1998) as Klensch
A group of aspiring New York theater actors moonlight as debt collectors, maiming those who won't pay up. The only really talented member of the group, Eve, wants to quit and leave town with her child. But her employer and ex-husband has other ideas, and promises U B a plum role in a Mamet productio
Badge of Betrayal: A (1997) as Sheriff Dave Ward
A woman, hoping to rebuild her life, thinks that she has gotten the perfect job working for the sheriff of a small town, but soon discovers the he is involved in large-scale corruption.
Allie & Me (1997) as Dustin Halaburton
A bitter housewife and a beautician become partners in crime.
Her Deadly Rival (1995) as Jim Landsford
A man begins to receive flowers and love letters from a woman he's never met. He then becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his wife. Based on a true story.
Celluloid Closet, The (1995) as Himself
From comic sissies to lesbian vampires, from pathetic queens to sadistic predators, Hollywood has both reflected and defined how we think about homosexuality--and what it means to be a man or woman. With clips from over 100 Hollywood movies and interviews with many of the filmmakers and actors who c
Ebbtide (1994) as Jeff Warren
After inheriting a case involving a young boy's mysterious death, a lawyer falls for the seductive charms of his prime suspect's wife, beginning a deadly game of deception and murder.
Murder So Sweet (1994) as Steve Catlin
Based on the true story of a man who resolved his problems with women by poisoning them to death, until one of his ex-wives began to suspect him and set out to prove his guilt.
Save Me (1993)
Jim Stevens' world falls apart when his wife drives him into a separation he doesn't want and his boss' illegal dealings threaten his job. Then he meets Ellie and begins a torrid affair with her, but she's living with another man from whom there is no escape.
Under Investigation (1993)
A jaded police officer searches for a sadistic murderer, all clues leading to a beautiful woman who stands to inherit $10 million in insurance money.
Deliver Them From Evil: The Taking of Alta View (1992) as Worthington
Based on the true story of the ordeal at Utah's Alta View Hospital when gunman Richard Worthington held an entire maternity ward hostage for 18 hours.
Deadly Intentions...Again? (1991) as Charles Raynor
Based on the true story of a troubled young doctor jailed for plotting the murder of his first wife. Paroled in 1986, he embarks on an effort to kill the people who put him in jail and to drive his second wife mad.
Deceptions (1990) as Detective Nick Gentry
A police detective becomes passionately involved with a socialite he is investigating for the murder of her husband. He collides head-on with his partner's dedication in finding the killer.
Dinner At Eight (1989) as Larry Renault
Based on the George S. Kaufman-Edna Ferber play and the 1933 MGM screenplay of the same title. Individuals from various strata of New York society are invited to a dinner party. A rash of cancellations and unexpected events turn the soiree into a disaster.
Laguna Heat (1987) as Tom Shephard
After his partner is killed, private detective Tom Shephard returns to his home in Laguna Beach, California, where he finds himself embroiled in a series of nightmarish murders that take him back to the past and some twisted family ties.
Maxie (1985) as Himself
A successful, married woman becomes possessed with the spirit of a "Roaring 20s" flapper, much to her husband's delight.
Blue Skies Again (1983) as Sandy
A hard-hitting, fast, sure-handed baseball player tries to break into the sport by applying for a spot on a minor-league team. The only problem is that the player is female, which engenders resistance and resentment among many players and officials.
Making Love (1982) as Bart Mcguire
Claire and Zack have been happily married for eight years. She is a successful TV executive, and he's a prominent doctor. They share a consuming passion for the music of Gilbert & Sullivan, are sexually faithful to each other, and have just bought a dream house. But something alarming is eating away
King of the Mountain (1981) as Steve
Clash of the Titans (1981) as Perseus
A Greek hero fights a series of monsters, including the dreaded gorgon, to win the woman he loves.
Movie Movie (1978) as Joey Popchik ("Dynamite Hands")
This parody of a typical 1930s double bill features two movies. The first is the black-and-white "Dynamite Fists" which tells the story of a boxer named Joey, his gruff but lovable manager, a gangster who tests Joey's loyalty to his manager, and the girl who is used as bait in the test. This is foll

Cast (special)

Intimate Portrait: Celebrity Love (2003) as Interviewee
Portrait of star couples including Amy Grant/Vince Gill and Harry Hamlin/Lisa Rinna.
Intimate Portrait: Lisa Rinna (2001) as Interviewee
Portrait of actor Lisa Rinna.
Hollywood Goes to Court (1999) as Narration
Documentary examining Hollywood's depiction of the courtroom throughout the 20th century. Includes clips from courtroom dramas captured on film, as well as comparisons of the changing viewpoint through the years of the court and legal system as represented in film.
Intimate Portrait: Valerie Bertinelli (1998) as Interviewee
Documentary on the life and career of Valerie Bertinelli. Includes comments by the actress about her role on "One Day at a Time." Also remarks by her husband, Eddie Van Halen; and her mother, Nancy. Includes clips from her made-for-TV movies.
Dangerous Propositions (1992) as Host
A documentary exploring the varied perceptions of what constitutes sexual harassment.
1991 Emmy Awards (1991)
A presentation of the forty-third annual prime-time Emmy Awards honoring the best in television.
1990 Ace Awards-11th Annual (1990) as Presenter
Live presentation of the eleventh annual ACE Awards, honoring the best in made-for-cable programming. Sponsored by the National Academy of Cable Programming.
42nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Presentation (1990) as Presenter
Live telecast of the forty-second annual prime time Emmy Awards honoring the best in television.
Festival At Ford's Theater-salute To The President (1989) as Host
A special tribute in observance of the twentieth anniversary of the re-opening of Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C.
Mickey's 60th Birthday Special (1988)
A special, combining live-action and animation, in which Mickey Mouse shocks the nation when he suddenly vanishes while taping his birthday show. Cartoon stars appearing include Roger Rabbit, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy. A "Magical World of Disney" presentation.
1988 9th Annual Ace Awards (1988)
Live broadcast from the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, of the ninth annual ACE Awards ceremony honoring excellence in cable television.
National AIDS Awareness Test: What Do You Know About Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome?, The (1987)
A special featuring a "test format" that allows viewers to answer 50 questions on AIDS, after which answers, based on the latest medical research, are given. The program, presented without commercial interruption, features discussions on AIDS origin, transmission, prevention, and treatment, as well
Curse, The (1986) as Jerry Mackland
Slumlord Jerry Mackland vows to an old Jamaican woman that he'll renovate one of his unsafe buildings after a tenant is nearly killed in a fall. Jerry's pledge is short-lived and when he turns his attention to other things, a bizarre, horrifying force begins to take over Jerry's body to remind him o

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Like Father, Like Santa (1998) as Tyler Madison
James A. Michener's "Space" (1985) as John Pope
James A. Michener's epic best-selling fictional account of America's space program, spanning the years from the end of World War II to the exploration of the moon in the early 1970s and a fictional expedition to the "dark" side, was the basis of this well-received 13-hour miniseries with a stellar c
Master of the Game (1984) as Tony Blackwell
Sidney Sheldon's colorful, best-selling saga of a dynasty that made a fortune in diamonds was the basis of this three-part miniseries spanning over a century, beginning with a young Scotsman (Ian Charleson) going to South Africa to seek his fortune and vowing revenge against the local merchant (Dona
Studs Lonigan (1979) as Bill "Studs" Lonigan
The television adaptation drawn from James T. Farrell's once-banned-for-being-oh-so-racy '30s trilogy ("Young Lonigan," "The Young Manhood of Studs Lonigan" and "Judgment Day") about the struggles and growing pangs of a self-destructive Depression-era Chicago youth introduced to TV viewers the rough

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Night Sins (1997) as Police Chief Mitch Holt
Miniseries based on the novel by Tami Hoag about a mysterious child abduction in a rural town. Megan moves to Washington to work as a field agent with the State Bureau of Investigation. When she meets Mitch, the police chief, she finds herself attracted to him and finds her new hometown to be an idy
In the Best of Families: Marriage, Pride and Madness (1994) as Fritz Klenner
After her marriage ends in divorce, a woman's desire to destroy her ex-husband and everything he loves becomes an obsession that results in tragic consequences. Based on a true crime book by Jerry Bledsoe.
Op Center (1994) as Paul Hood
An ensemble drama about an elite U.S. government crisis management team that keeps constant watch on international hotspots which pose potential threats to the security of the United States.
Favorite Son (1988) as Senator Terry Fallon
A three-part miniseries set in Washington, DC, about Senator Terry Fallon, a charismatic Vice Presidential hopeful and his ambitious press aide, who will stop at nothing to get to the White House. When Fallon is wounded by an assassin's bullet, he becomes an media hero overnight. A jaded FBI agent,

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