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Willi Baer


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Producer (feature film)

Walker, The (2007)
Carter Page is a well-heeled and popular socialite who serves as confidant, companion, and card partner to some of the capitol's leading ladies. These pampered women are married to the most powerful men in America, and when their husbands are too busy running the country to attend to their wives, th
Prozac Nation (2004) as Executive Producer
Dreaming of Julia (2004)
In March, 1958, Cuba goes dark as Castro's rebels destroy the power plants. Amid eruptions of violence and neighbor turning on neighbor, life for an 11-year-old boy still holds infatuations, mischief, celebrations and heartache. Upon his father's immigration to America, he is protected by his grandf
Cuba Libre (2004)
In Pre-Revolutionary Cuba, a young boy is swept up in the changes of time around him, clinging to his love of the cinema and his fascination with a casino owning Uncle.
Pumpkin (2002) as Executive Producer
After a perfect summer, perky Carolyn McDuffy returns to Southern California State University for her senior year. Determined to make this the year that their arch rivals--the Tri-Omegas--are unseated as Sorority of the Year, Carolyn's sorority, Alpha Omega Pi, develops a well-ordered plan. It inc
City of Ghosts (2002) as Producer
Jimmy Cremmins has been working as a front man for a bogus insurance company set up by his longtime mentor, Marvin. In the aftermath of a disastrous hurricane, claims against their fabricated coverage come pouring in. With Marvin living as an expatriate in Southeast Asia, Jimmy is forced to face the
Deuces Wild (2002) as Producer
The summer of 1958 forever changed the Brooklyn landscape. Aside from the sweltering summer heat and the loss of their beloved Dodgers, Brooklyn was in a state of unrest. It was a time when rumbles escalated into gunfights and honor was quickly becoming a thing of the past. A new breed of wiseguys t
No Such Thing (2001) as Executive Producer
Disgusted with human evolution and a society driven by instant gratification and voyeuristic sensationalism, a foul-mouthed Monster kills anyone who crosses his path. When a news crew sent to investigate the Monster disappears, their ratings-obsessed boss sends a guileless young woman to follow up o
CQ (2001) as Executive Producer
Paris, 1969. The filming of a sci-fi movie set in the year 2000 is in trouble, largely because the director's obsession with one of his actresses has clouded his judgement. As a result, the film has no ending. A young American is brought in to finish the film on schedule, but when he too succumbs to
Nobody's Baby (2001) as Executive Producer
Billy and Buford, two hopelessly dim drifters with lifelong histories of trouble, each face ten-year sentences in jail. Managing to escape from the prison van, the two split up with plans to rendezvous down the road. Billy hitches a ride and witnesses-actually is partly responsible for-an accident i
Jeepers Creepers (2001) as Executive Producer
Trish and her younger brother Darry are driving home for Spring break -- it's a routine road trip home from college, with the siblings bickering and enjoying the drive. They recall a spooky tale of a teenage couple from their old high school who disappeared twenty years earlier along the same stretc
How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog (2000) as Co-Executive Producer
As L.A's most, if not only, successful playwright, Peter McGowan has hit a creative and personal dry spell. After a string of flops, his new play is set to open, but his producer and cast insist the 10-year-old character in the story doesn't ring true. Challenged to develop a 'real' child for the pl
If You Only Knew (2000) as Executive Producer
Parker is a shy, aspiring writer who works as a telephone psychic by day and lives a lonely existence by night. Samantha is a painter who dreams of studying in Paris and has a habit of getting involved with the wrong men. When they bump into each other in a Manhattan flower shop, it's love at first
Beat (2000) as Executive Producer
The true story of lesser-known Beat Generation figure Lucien Carr, who was responsible for introducing Alan Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and William Burroughs to each other during their post-war student days at Columbia University. Carr later became involved with Joan Burroughs, a wild-living Columbia jo
Dancing At the Blue Iguana (2000) as Executive Producer
The lives of five strippers intertwine over the course of a week that becomes significant for all of them. The drama follows a range of issues from Angel's attempt to become a foster mother, to Jo's unplanned pregnancy--and ultimately their collective fight for survival.
Contender, The (2000) as Producer
U.S. Senator Laine Hanson''s nomination for Vice President is jeopardized when a sex scandal from her past is revealed. In particular, she is opposed by the Speaker of the House, who will stop at nothing to discredit her. Her confirmation hearings set off a firestorm of controversy as shocking secrets from her past emerge and threaten her personal life as well as her political future. Hanson has what it takes to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Now she must prove she has the stomach for what it takes to get the job.
Virgin Suicides, The (1999) as Executive Producer
Five daughters with strict parents fascinate the boys at their high school.
Miss Julie (1999) as Executive Producer
It is a midsummer's eve and the old Old Count departs his estate to celebrate elsewhere. He leaves his beautiful daughter Julie, the last in the long line of his noble family. Miss Julie is despondent after the breaking off of her engagement to be married. She dances and drinks with the servants who
Big Brass Ring, The (1999) as Executive Producer
A wealthy and politically ambitious man, running for governor of Missouri in the year 2000, finds his road to the White House compromised by a secret past, threats of blackmail from a surrogate father, and a stormy marriage being exposed to the media by a young reporter.
Thick As Thieves (1999) as Executive Producer
Macklin is a professional thief with a retro style and a love for his dog. He's level-headed but cold-hearted. So when he's double-crossed, he doesn't just take revenge, but rather he exacts a painful retribution that's meant to send a message to his double-crossers. However his double-crossers are
Cookie's Fortune (1999) as Executive Producer
In a small Mississippi town, Cookie Orcutt discreetly kills herself in order to join her late husband. But her uptight daughter can't stand the idea of a suicide in the family, and rearranges the evidence to seem like murder. The investigation of the alleged murder reveals hidden secrets about the p
Map of the World, A (1999) as Executive Producer
Alice and Howard Goodwin have recently moved to rural Wisconsin and are regarded with suspicion by most of their neighbors. The couple does form a friendship, however, with Theresa and Dan Collins. Both couples often take turns babysitting for one another. Tragedy occurs one day when Alice, momentar
Afterglow (1997) as Executive Producer
An unhappy wife becomes romantically entangled with her handyman, while the handyman's wife becomes involved with the unhappy wife's spouse.
Surgeon, The (1996) as Producer
When a medical researcher with his own agenda makes an exciting discovery, he invents a surgical implant that will save thousands of lives. But when one of his patients dies in agony, another doctor is forced to take the blame.
Black Day Blue Night (1995) as Executive Producer
Story centers on Rinda, a tough fry-cook passing through a dusty Southwestern burg and picking up some cash in the local greasy spoon. She also picks up a local stud, who unknown to Rinda, is married to a good-girl type, Hallie. Soon after the mousy wife surprises the lovers en flagrante, the two wo
Two Bits (1995) as Executive Producer
In every person's life comes a moment when, for the first and last time ever, everything seems clear. When all the wanting, dreaming and desiring that go along with being young suddenly seem to have a purpose--a purpose that gets harder and harder to remember as you grow older. For 12-year-old Genna
Business Affair, A (1994) as Executive Producer
Vanni Corso, a charming but ruthless publisher, steals the beautiful and witty wife, Kate Swallow, of his most prestigious author, the intellectual and introverted Alec Bolton. Kate, frustrated and craving independence, is slowly becoming a writer in her own right. Alec, however, utterly rejects the
Shadow, The (1994) as Producer
Lamont Cranston is a millionaire playboy with a hidden life as a mysterious superhero. Now, he'll have to stop his nemesis Shiwan Khan from destroying New York City with an atomic bomb. Based on the famous pulp character from the 30s.
Body Shot (1993) as Executive Producer
LA paparazzo Mickey Dane is obsessed with rock 'n' roll superstar Chelsea Savage. Seeking an exclusive for a tabloid newspaper but in need of cash, Dane agrees to shoot a portfolio for a mysterious client only to find himself framed for murder following Chelsea's sudden demise.
Real Mccoy, The (1993) as Producer
A female bank robber is lured back into a life of crime after trying to go straight.
Last Border, The (1993) as Producer
In the early 21st century the gradual contamination of the planet has driven people far and wide in a desparate attempt to survive. One such "safe zone" is Northern Europe's Lapland, where a vicious war is being waged by the local military forces against the general population. Amidst the fighting a
Carlito's Way (1993) as Producer
Puerto Rican ex-con Carlito Brigante tries to retire from his life of crime but old ties seem to make it impossible.
Nutty Nut, The (1992) as Executive Producer
"The Naked Gun" meets The Three Stooges.
Polar Bear King (1991) as Co-Producer
In the kingdom of Summerland, the handsome King Valemon refuses to marry the evil Witch. In retaliation, she casts a spell upon him, transforming the King into a gigantic polar bear. Fleeing north to the icy kingdom of Winterland, Valemon falls in love with a beautiful Princess who sees beyond his f
Ryd (1991)
An ex-can returns to the desolate scene of the murder he claims he didn't commit and soon becomes involved with his alleged victim's family.

Producer (TV Mini-Series)

Scenes of the Crime (2003) as Producer
Forever Lulu (2001) as Executive Producer
Kimberly (1999) as Executive Producer

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