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Production Companies (feature film)

Demon (2015)
Newly arrived from England to marry his fiancée Zaneta, Peter has been given a gift of her family's ramshackle country house in rural Poland. While inspecting the premises on the eve of the wedding, he falls into a pile of human remains. The ceremony proceeds, but strange things begin to happen. Dur
Shameless (2012)
Eighteen-year-old Tadzik runs away to his elder half-sister Anka's house. Soon, it becomes apparent Tadzik has feelings for his sister that overreach socially accepted norms and he wants to prove his forbidden love. Anka struggles with her own emotions as she is in an unhappy relationship with the l
Heritage (2011)
Since he was young, Zbyszek's father has been encouraging him to escape from the crippling conditions of their village and to make something of himself. Things, however, do not turn out so well for Zbyszek. He gets expelled from law school in the city and finds himself with no money. To further comp
Mill and the Cross, The (2011)
A painting comes alive in the living, breathing world of Pieter Bruegel's dense frieze of Christ's passion, The Way to Calvary. Bruegel's 1564 painting sets the drama of the crucifixion within a rustic Flanders scene teeming with everyday life, portrays Jesus' crucifixion in the midst of the bruta
Vodka Factory (2011)
Twenty-two-year-old single mother, Valya, works in a local vodka factory while living with her mother in the backwoods Russian town of Zhigulyovsk. For her, the future is not bright as there is nothing to do but drink and all the men are deadbeats. Valya dreams of escaping of banality of her reality
My Flesh, My Blood (2010)
When a boxer is seriously injured in a fight, he initially finds it hard to accept that he must end his career. In order to take his mind off the prospect, he plunges into a life of drinking in late-night bars. Hope emerges when he realizes he wants a child. Not without difficulty, he finds a Vietna
Rabbit a la Berlin (2009)
A community of wild rabbits found a safe haven within the confines of the Berlin Wall. Protected from outside threats but also unable to escape, the rabbit community thrived in isolation for twenty-eight years until the Wall came down. Here, we observe a retelling of the Berlin Wall story from an un
Magiczne drzewo (2009)
Once upon a time there grew a giant magic oak tree. One day it was cut down and it's wood was used to make many things like toys and furniture. Each object made from the tree retained some of the magic. The day the objects were sent to stores, amazing things started to happen. When a red chair finds
War Games (2009)
Based on the true story of Cold War spy Ryszard Kuklinski, also known as Jack Strong, a Polish army officer who between 1971 and 1982 passed more than 40,000 pages of top-secret Warsaw Pact documents to the West.
U Pana Boga za miedza (2009)
Portrays the life of a small community of Królowy Most, this time torn by the political struggle of the mayoral elections.
Ostatnia akcja (2009)
Portrays the relationship between a grandson who gets into trouble with the wrong people, and his grandfather who always has a way out of every situation.
Hope (2008)
Twenty-year-old Francis witnesses the theft of a rare painting from a Warsaw church and records the event with an amateur camera. When he finds out that the burgler is the art expert and gallery owner Benedict Weber, he promises to keep quiet if the painting is returned to where it belongs. Weber, h
Katyn (2008)
Tells of the Polish officers who were murdered near Katyn by the Soviet secret service NKWD in the spring of 1940. It is also the story of their relatives, many of whom waited for years for the return of their husbands, fathers, sons or brothers. After the invasion of the German Armed Forces on Sept
Katyn (2008)
Tells of the Polish officers who were murdered near Katyn by the Soviet secret service NKWD in the spring of 1940. It is also the story of their relatives, many of whom waited for years for the return of their husbands, fathers, sons or brothers. After the invasion of the German Armed Forces on Sept
Little Moscow (2008)
Centers on the love story between the Russian wife of a Soviet military pilot and a young Polish lieutenant. Viera and Michal meet in 1967 in Legnica, the Polish city with the largest Russian army, during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution.
Four Nights with Anna (2008)
Leon Okrasa works a hospital in a small city in Poland. He once witnessed a brutal rape. The victim, Anna, is now a young nurse in the same hospital. Leon spends his time spying on Anna day and night--she becomes an obsession for him. One night, he becomes so bold that he climbs into her apartment t
Tricks (2007)
Six-year-old Stefek challenges fate. He believes that the chain of events he sets in motion will help him get closer to his father who abandoned his mother. His sister Elka, 17, helps him learn how to bribe fate with small sacrifices. Tricks and coincidences eventually bring the father to the mother
Plac Zbawiciela (2007)
An ordinary family is struck by terrible tragedy when a young woman tries to kill her children and then commit suicide.
Retrieval (2007)
A 19-year-old boxer comes of age in brutal contemporary Poland. He falls in love with a Ukrainian woman, an illegal immigrant and single mother. Hoping to give her a normal life he begins collecting debts for a gangster.
Twists of Fate (2007)
A crisscrossing study of shifting mores in contemporary Poland, follows an amoral student on a collision course with a guilt-ridden professor who betrayed a friend during communist times.
Time to Die (2007)
Elderly Aniela lives alone in a rambling mansion that has seen better days. The decaying house with its overgrown garden and rusting iron gate happnes to offend the eyes of her neighbor. In fact, he would like to buy her house so he can tear it down and put up something new. Occassionaly, Aniela's s
Ja Wam Pokaze! (2006)
Judyta's professional career is thriving. Her daughter Tosia will be taking her matriculation exams in a few months and Adam, her boyfriend, proposed to her. Despite the fact that he is planning to travel to the United States soon, Judyta is very happy. But when everything is finally going well for
Ode to Joy (2006)
Three different directors provide three different stories with their vision of today's Poland, focusing on the problem of the mass exodus of the younger generation.
Komornik (2006)
A government worker undergoes a metamorphosis and shifts from intransigent brutality to generous compassion.
Teraz Ja (2006)
One Day in People's Poland (2006)
Archival footage and personal recollections provide a thought-provoking expose of 1960s Communism and a timely reminder of the pervasive power of a society organized as a government run state.
Chaos (2006)
The intersecting stories of three step-brothers in Poland, a country on the verge of joining the European Union and a place where the old constraints of politics and religion are gone with a vengeance.
Facing Up (2006)
A disadvantaged youth tries to break free from the group of petty thieves who form his alternate family.
Co Slonko Widzialo (2006)
Follows the stories of the three protagonists Jozef, Marta and Sebastian. The linking element is their urgent need for an impossible sum of money, each for a different reason. Jozef, somewhere in his fifties, has to find the money so he can pay for his wife's new teeth. Marta dreams of leaving her c
Komornik (2006)
A government worker undergoes a metamorphosis and shifts from intransigent brutality to generous compassion.
Ode to Joy (2006)
Three different directors provide three different stories with their vision of today's Poland, focusing on the problem of the mass exodus of the younger generation.
Palimpsest (2006)
Marek is a Warsaw police inspector on the verge of a breakdown. His attempts to solve a complex murder case is hampered by his own psychological disintegration.
La Seconda Notte Di Nozze (2005)
Giordano gets a chance to relive his adolescent infatuation with his sister-in-law Lilliana, when she returns to the family estate in the South as a war-widow. Greatly pushed by both the poverty of the immediate post-war period and her sly son Nino, who harbours expensive filmmaking dreams, she acce
Smell of Paradise, The (2005)
The roots of international fundalmentalism and Dar al-Islam (the abode of Islam) are examined in Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Qatar, Dagestan and Afghanistan. The filmmakers interviewed religious leaders, gangsters and warlords, some of whom disappeared or were killed soon after.
I Am (2005)
The story of an 11-year-old boy who lives alone in an abandoned river boat. The boy is anonymous: "I have no name, I just am," he says to a policeman. He is also an orphan who has run away from an orphanage. And, his journey from is to attempt to reunite with his mother and his subsequent decision t
Moj Nikifor (2005)
Based on the life of Epifan Drowniak, famed naive painter Nikifor Krynicki, who was discovered in 1960 by another painter, Marian Wlosinski. The latter was working on the decor of the spa buildings in Krynice where Nikifor offered his paintings to the spa guests. From there, Nikifor settled into Mar
Stranger (2005)
The choices made by Eva, a pregnant 22-year-old with a dead end job and an absent boyfriend. Eva holds down an unfulfilling, underpaid job. Her mother has a habit of simply closing her eyes to anything she doesn't wish to see and her father is slowly losing his mind. And here she is, carrying a chil
Wesele (2004)
Insatiabilty (2004)
In 19th Century Poland, the decadent Princess Irina corrupts the once pure and idealistic brewery heir Genezip.
Pornografia (2003)
In 1943, Poland has been under German occupation for nearly four years, but for a group of artists, writers and intellectuals who regularly gather at an exclusive club, the war could be a world away. Two self-described thinkers, Fryderyk and Witold, are invited to stay at the country home of another
Julie Walking Home (2002)
Julie's father is a devout catholic who has never approved of her relationship with Henry, a Jew, and his curse on their relationship seems to be having an effect. When Julie and her twins, Nicholas and Nicole, come home early from a skiing holiday she opens the bedroom door and surprises her husban
Pianist, The (2002) as Production Company (Tvp)
An adaptation based on the autobiography of the acclaimed Polish composer, Wladyslaw Szpilman, who detailed his survival during World War II, and narrowly escaped a roundup that sent his family to a death camp. A composer and pianist, Szpilman played the last live music heard over Polish radio airwa
Weiser (2001)
Summer 1967 in Poland. For 12-year-olds Pawel, Piotr, Szymek and Elka, this will prove the most extraordinary summer of their lives. They meet a mysterious Jewish boy called Dawid Weiser. Dawid, a highly imaginative child, has discovered an old munitions camp. Dawid is planning something rather spec
Black Beach, The (2001)
A disoriented writer/political militant suffers complex relationships with his journalist wife, little daughter, former lover, and his lifelong friend. Even his relationships with his native and adoptive countries are sources of joy and sorrow.
Hi, Tereska (2001) as Production Company (Polish Television)
Tereska lives with her parents and little sister in one of the many pre-fab blocks of flats built under the Communists. Nothing about Tereska's family is exceptional: her father occasionally drinks and her mother, a pious woman, rather blatantly prefers Tereska's younger sister. Tereska dreams of es
Quo Vadis (2001) as Production Company (Tvp)
Ancient Rome, during the time of Emperor Nero. Vinicius, a young patrician, falls in love with the beautiful Lygia, the daughter of a Barbarian commander who was killed in battle, and wants her for his concubine. For Lygia, a Christian, being a pagan's concubine is a severe sin and disgrace. However
Wojaczek (2000)
A portrait of socialist Poland circa 1971 that recounts the last years of Polish poet Rafal Wojaczek, a rebel who became a legend when he committed suicide at the age of 26.
Zycie Jako Smiertelna Choroba Przenoszona Droga Plciowa (2000) as Production Company
Doctor Tomasz Berg is confronted with demons he never wanted to face when he's diagnosed with a terminal disease. Forced to question all his beliefs, Tomasz begins to look at his life from a new perspective as he prepares for his death.
Our Love (2000)
Young Emmi becomes obesessed with discovering the identity of a man her grandmother had an affair with during the summer of 1939. While researching, Emmi finds herself caught between two male admirers, projectionist Laszlo and much older, married Alex.
Big Animal, The (2000) as Production Company
Mr. Zygmunt Sawicki, a bank employee and respectable member of a small-town community, sees a camel on the street one day, left there perhaps by a circus that just left town. Mr. Sawicki takes charge of the animal and he and his wife Marysia begin taking care of it. But the situation becomes probl
Torowisko (1999)
Best friends Maria and Krystyna work at the same Aniolowo train station, passing the slow days talking. Krystyna leaves town to chase after a love interest, and when she returns she sets Maria up on double date with her two friends. But the attentions of the two men come between them, and as Krystyn
With Fire and Sword (1999)
Adaptation of the first part in Henryk Sienkiewicz's trilogy about seventeenth century Poland. Story covers the years 1647-49, when Poland was the battleground for competing nobles, Ukrainian Cossacks, Turks and Tartars. Plot centers on the feud between Jan and Bohun over the affections of noblewo
Pan Tadeusz (1999)
Set in 1811, two Polish families, the Soplicas and the Horeszkos, are embrioled in a bitter feud over differences arising from a bloody night when the dashing Jacek Soplica was rejected as a suitor for Count Horeszko's daughter and took advantage of a Russian assault on the count's castle to kill hi
Photographer (1998)
The discovery of 50 year-old Nazi photographs in a Vienna used bookstore reveal untold stories of cruel human experimentation in the Lodz Ghetto work camp. The photographs were taken by Nazi Walter Genewein, who sought to make a record of how the Polish Jews were "civilized" by the German culture of
Feuerreiter (1998)
In 1796 the poet Friedrich Holderlin became a private tutor in the house of Gontard. Soon, Holderlin and Gontard's wife Susette begin an affair. But the friend who recommended Holderlin to the position is in love with him, and, jealous, reports the affair to Susette's husband. Thrown out, Holderlin
Je Treba Zabit Sekala (1998)
In the summer of 1943, the townsfolk of Lakotice are being blackmailed by the cruel and much feared Sekal. By denouncing his neighbors of crimes against the Reich, fertile land and property are rewarded to Sekal in exchange for freedom. Soon he becomes the richest man in town and the target of mur
Pokoj Saren (1998) as Production Company
In a small house in Poland, a family have dinner. The son hangs a picture of the crucifiction on his wall, and blood begins to drip down the wall. In Summer, flowers begin to bloom inside the house and by Autumn the floor is covered in water and foliage, and a herd of deer have moved in. The family
Tydzien z Zycia Mezcyzny (1998)
On one hand, this week in the life of a middle aged man is a good one: he buys a new house, his book is published, his wife wins a prestigious prize, and his choir has been chosen to tour England. On the other hand his week at work as a prosecutor is anything but easy: a young man is accused of smu
Rain Soldier, The (1998)
Anna Bracka is an lawyer who has just been offered a bribe to lose a case. Unfortunately, the offer comes from her lover who, after she refuses, rapes her. Distraught, she drives off into the rainy night, only to nearly run over a man in the road who's holding a gun. It turns out the guy, Witek, has
Merry Christmas and a Happy New York (1998)
Story of Polish immigrants in New York City.
Taekwondo (1998) as Production Company
Kim is a Korean who left his homeland years ago, traveling and finally settling in Poland. He has a wife and children back in Poland from whom he is more or less estranged, although he still writes to his daughter. He meets and becomes friends with Jola, a Polish woman, and Michal, a young thug who
Nothing (1998) as Production Company
Hela and her husband Antoni live in a tiny Cracow tenement with their three children. Hela loves her husband though he beats their children, whom he blames for their abject poverty. Conditions worsen when she discovers that he has been hiding an extramarital affair from her -- particularly because
Brute (1997) as Production Company
Brute is a British prisoner sent by a government program to do community service in a Romanian orphanage. The place is run by the evil Sincal, and alcoholic Doctor Babits performs primitive operations on children. Brute meets pretty nurse Mara and the two begin an affair.
Sloneczny Zegar (1997)
The story examines the life of director Kondratiuk and his actress wife Iga Cembrzynska in their Polish country cabin intercutting pastoral scenes of the couple with scenes of their interaction with the locals. The emotional separation the couple has experienced over the last 16 years is exposed as
Poznan '56 (1997)
Story of the June 28, 1956 workers strike in Poland protesting low wages.
Miss Nobody (1997) as Production Company
A metaphysical story, with a Sapphic edge, of a 15-year-old peasant girl, who's just moved to the city, and is torn between two spiritual worlds when she's told that she must renounce god in order to maintain her new intriguing friendship with her New Age, strong-willed, hippy-ish friend, Kasia, who
Temptation (1996) as Production Company
Set in Poland during the winter of 1953--the darkest period of Stalinism--a drama about a nun torn between love and duty.
Man Who Reads Music From the Plates, The (1996) as Production Company
A fable about how true love conquers all which involves an old farmer, Marczyk, who falls in love with a female dwarf until, she grows to normal size--inspired by her feelings for him.
Colonel Kwiatkowski (1996) as Production Company
Set in 1945, a comedy about a Polish army surgeon who pretends to be a political higher-up.
100 Years of Polish Cinema (1996)
Elderly people, one age 100, talk emotionally about prewar films they loved, mostly romances and operettas and stars they adored.
In Full Gallop (1996)
In 1950s Poland, 10-year-old Hubert leaves his peaceful countryside existence in order to continue his education in the big city. He resides at his eccentric Aunt Idalia's house, and the duo have several adventures--as she brings the city to his life, and he brings back the country to her life. Both
Holy Week (1996) as Production Company
During Easter Week 1943, the first seven days of the Warsaw uprising, as the ghetto burns, a Jewess asks sanctuary of an intellectual in this story which examines Polish morality on the safe side of the ghetto wall.
Devilish Education (1995)
A tale about a naive Polish farm girl, apparently around the turn of the century, who becomes the subject of an itinerant artist during some sultry summer days in the pasture.
Crows (1995)
A lonely and neglected nine-year-old girl who has no friends at school, is indifferent to the sexual teasing of her classmates and is emotionally abandoned by a young mother who spends all her time at work. In search of a family, she kidnaps a three-year-old girl. The older girl, who remains nameles
Two Moons (1994)
Following the lives of assorted locals and summer tourists at a small Polish resort town during the course of the advent of two full moons.
Death Like a Crumb of Bread (1994) as Production Company
A docudrama based on labor strikes held in Poland during the early eighties: When, on December 13, 1981, General Wojciech Jaruzelski introduced martial law in communist Poland, one of the factories which decided to strike in protest was the "Wujek" coal mine in Silesia. The strike was broken three d
Time For Witches, A (1994) as Production Company
The first Polish film to address the topic of AIDS, "A Time For Witches" centers around a young drug-addict, Jola, who ruined by her addiction, resorts to prostitution to pay for her vice.
Uprowadzenie Agaty (1994) as Production Company
A story based on the real-life political scandal involving the vice-speaker of the Polish Parliament who used the police and security forces to try to separate his daughter and her lover.
Miraculous Place, A (1994) as Production Company
A handsome young priest comes to a small peasant village to head his very first parish. When a pretty waitress begins to show stigmata, the marks of Christ's crucifixion, the townfolk are outraged--especially when the waitress and the priest fall in love.
Pekosinski Case, The (1994) as Production Company
Casting an aging and crippled actor to play himself, director Grzegorz Krolikiewicz presents his life story and the journey he has taken in search of his own identity.
Bash, The (1994)
A cruel comedy about working class youngsters with no aim in life--specifically, the story deals with two teenages enrolled in a delinquent highschool where most of the teachers are incompetant alcoholics.
Spis Cudzoloznic (1994) as Production Company
A Cracow professor is assigned to show visiting Swedish professor Bjorn the town and cater to his every wish. Bjorn soon tires of historical dissertations on Polish heroes and suggests spending an evening with an attractive woman, a task that proves beyond the skills of the dry academic.
Convert, The (1994) as Production Company
A farse set in Poland during the fall of 1981, about a pro-government employee of a power plant, who feels alienated from his fellow workers who all support the militant union movement led by Lech Walesa. Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, he later finds himself victim of the hard-lined sy
89MM From Europe (1993) as Production Company
Sequence of Feelings (1993)
A jaded, middle-aged actor is as accustomed to achieving his womanizing conquests as he is to giving stellar stage performances. But he is uncommonly frustrated in his attempts to entrap the shy, virginal music student who's taken a serious fancy to him.
Rozmowa Z Czlowiekiem Z Szafy (1993) as Production Company
After being sheltered by his overprotective mother for the first twenty years of his life, a young man is thrust into the real world when she meets a man.
Johnnie the Aquarius (1993)
Johnnie, living in matrimonial bliss with his young wife, Weronka, discovers that a superior being has bestowed him with supernatural abilities. These abilities, however, begin to cause him more harm than good as time progresses.
Coupable d'Innocence (1992) as Production Company
A talented clockmaker becomes a pawn embroiled in a battle over an estate by a group of aristocrats.
Miejsce Urodzenia (1992)
An American Jew returns to his native village to inquire about the fate of his father and brother.
Devils, Devils (1991) as Production Company
A teenage girl's life is disrupted by the arrival of a band of nomadic gypsies to her town.
Escape From the "Liberty" Cinema (1991)
The life of a Polish film censor is thrown into turmoil when the characters in a melodrama revolt and refuse to speak their lines.
Defilada (1990)
A look at North Korea's great leader, Kim II Sung, filmed during festivities for the Seoul Olympics.
Defilada (1990)
A look at North Korea's great leader, Kim II Sung, filmed during festivities for the Seoul Olympics.
Dekalog 9 (1989) as Production Company
Roman, a promiscuous surgeon, is notified by his own doctor that, for unspecified reasons, he can never have sexual intercourse again. His wife Hanka is distraught and, with Roman's implicit blessing, eventually initiates an affair with a younger man, but jealousy inevitably rears its ugly head.
Dekalog 4 (1989) as Production Company
Anka, a 20-year-old theater student, enjoys a spontaneous and uninhibited relationship with her widowed father--although she finds herself less easy with her boyfriend. By accident, Anka discovers a letter written by her mother that changes everything: and that night she and her father play a danger
Dekalog 7 (1989) as Production Company
Majka abducts her six-year-old daughter Ania, who was raised as her sister's child to silence the scandal of her teenage pregnancy. Taking Ania to the cottage of her surprised former lover Wojtek, she hopes to start over--but finds she must finally turn to her possessive mother.
Dekalog 8 (1989) as Production Company
A University of Warsaw ethics professor meets the New York-based translator of her work who has come to audit her classes. During WWII, the translater was a Jewish child offered sanctuary by the ethics scholar and her husband, on the condition she be christened in the Catholic faith. Condition met,
Dekalog 2 (1989) as Production Company
An aging doctor--just beginning to deal with the wartime deaths of his wife and children--is approached by Dorota, a neighbor responsible for running over his dog several years earlier. She seeks information about her husband, mortally ill in the hospital, with whom she has been unable to conceive c
Dekalog 1 (1989) as Production Company
Pavel and his father are very close--emotionally and intellectually, as the child's mother is abroad or perhaps even dead. Pavel is taught to put his faith in science, in the infallibility of computers, which can even confirm the safety of the ice on the nearby ponds. Before he goes off to ice-skate
Dekalog 10 (1989) as Production Company
A reclusive stamp enthusiast dies, leaving his priceless collection to his two sons--Artur, a vocalist with the punk band City Death, and the more conservative Jerzy. At first, they plan to sell the collection, then they become obsessed with it--setting up guard with Rottweilers and security systems
Dekalog 3 (1989) as Production Company
On Christmas Eve, taxi-driver Janusz is coaxed away from his wife and family by Ewa, a former mistress who beseeches him to help locate her missing husband. After an eventful evening, Janusz learns that Ewa has used him as part of a superstitious scheme to change her luck around.
Stan Posiadania (1989)
An idealistic young geography student befriends a troubled older woman and brings her home to live with his mother and himself.
Dekalog 5 (1988) as Production Company
Jacek, a pimply youth, hires a taxi, directing the driver to a remote location and brutally murdering him. Piotr, an idealistic lawyer, defends the boy at his trial, delivering an impassioned speech, but fails to shield the boy from the death penalty.
Dekalog 6 (1988) as Production Company
Tomik, a shy 19 year-old boy, becomes voyeuristically attached to his neighbor Magda, an older, more sexually sophisticated woman. Initially Tomik seems to simply be a creepy scopophillic nuisance. But gradually it becomes clear that his obsession with the woman is a kind of love--and the telescope

Production Companies (special)

Berlin Philharmonic Europakonzert: From Krakow (2000) as Production Company (Tvp)
The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra performs at the Church of Saint Mary in Krakow, Poland, to commemorate the orchestra's 1882 founding and to reaffirm the cultural life of a reborn European community. With Bernard Haitink as guest conductor, the concert features soprano Christine Schafer performing
One Second Before Sunrise II (1993) as Production Company (Tvp)
Documentary on some of the innovative measures that people, organizations and governments around the world are taking to solve their environmental problems.

Production Companies (TV Mini-Series)

Pope John Paul II (2005)
The life and times of the late Pope John Paul II, also known as Karol Wojtyla. Miniseries will chronicle his youth under Nazi-occupied Poland, his time as a young priest in a country controlled by the Soviet Union, his rise in the Catholic Church to becoming the first Polish pope in 1978 as his leg

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