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Stephen J Cannell Productions

Stephen J Cannell Productions


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Production Companies (feature film)

A-Team, The (2010)
Follows the daring exploits of a colorful team of former Special Forces soldiers who were set up for a crime they did not commit. Going "rogue," they utilize their unique talents to try and clear their names and find the true culprit.
Hunter: Back in Force (2003) as Production Company
Hunter's arch enemy gets released from prison and plans on seeking revenge. There are a rash of bank robberies and Hunter and Dee suspect the perpertrators to be female prisoners already doing time.
Hunter: Return to Justice (2002) as Production Company
Rick Hunter, a mobster's son turned tough -- but honest -- cop, reunites with former partner Dee Dee McCall, a beautiful maverick cop nicknamed "The Brass Cupcake." When Hunter's partner is killed in a drug bust gone sour, he is suspended pending further investigation so he heads to San Diego to spe
Wiseguy (1996) as Production Company
Telefilm based on the "Wiseguy" series about a federal operative who infiltrates mob organizations. Federal agent Terranova returns and takes on a new assignment in the high-tech world of computer crime and international terrorism.
Them (1996) as Production Company
A scientist is joined by his young nephew in fighting alien invaders of the Earth who are using lightning as their mass transit system to infiltrate Earth in their quest to seize human DNA for use in the propagation of their race.
Commish: Redemption, The (1996) as Production Company
The Commish is on the trail of an arsonist as he investigates a rash of garment warehouse fires, but the clues keep pointing to one suspect -- his wife's father.
Commish: Father Image, The (1995) as Production Company
The Commish's retired mentor assists him a high-profile serial murder case.
Jake Lassiter: Justice on the Bayou (1995) as Production Company
Television movie about an ex-football- player-turned-attorney, from a series of books by Paul Levine. Lassiter defends a surgeon charged with malpractice in the mysterious death of a wealthy patient, but begins to question his client's innocence when the victim's daughter provides evidence connectin
Commish: In the Shadow of the Gallows, The (1995) as Production Company
A man who had been locked up by the Commish is executed for the murders of eight women, but another death-row inmate confesses to the crimes. The Commish must prove that the dead man actually committed the murders.
Surrogate, The (1995) as Production Company
When a struggling college student agrees to be a surrogate mother for a childless couple, she uncovers a deadly secret.
Return of Hunter, The (1995) as Production Company
A television movie based on the series, "Hunter," which aired on NBC from 1984 to 1991. When his fiancee is murdered, Hunter must overcome his grief to bring a media-hungry serial killer to justice.
Birch Street Gym (1991)
Story about the denizens of a gym for senior citizens.
Great Pretender, The (1991) as Production Company
A television movie pilot about a disgruntled journalist who investigates a story about an accidental death and stumbles on a corrupt land deal involving people all the way up to the state house.
How to Murder a Millionaire (1990) as Production Company
A rich Beverly Hills matron suspects her husband is trying to kill her. She makes her escape when an enterprising con-artist convinces her to run away.
Always Remember I Love You (1990) as Production Company
A teenager discovers that he was stolen from his natural parents at the age of two and decides to leave his comfortable life to find his real family.
Thunder Boat Row (1989) as Production Company
An anti-crime force composed of members of the U.S. Customs Office, the U.S. Coast Guard, The Metro-Dade police department, the Florida Marine Patrol and the Bahamian Defense Force, fight to stop the flow of contraband into the United States.
Polly (1989)
Set in the 1950s, a joyful orphan comes to live with her wealthy spinster aunt in Alabama and inspires the transformation of a stodgy town and its residents. Based on the 1960 Disney film "Pollyanna, " which starred Hayley Mills.
I Love You Perfect (1989) as Production Company
A television movie based on a true story. The love that two very different people have for each other is tested when a misdiagnosis of a curable condition threatens the woman's life.
Student Exchange (1987)
A two-part "Disney Sunday Movie" about two American high school seniors who masquerade as ultra-chic, European exchange students, fulfilling their wildest dreams of social conquest at the risk of being disgraced.
Destination: America (1987) as Production Company
A movie about the estranged son of a patrician family who leads a blue-collar life. He is reluctant to return home at his father's invitation for the dedication of an art museum. When he meets with his father tempers flare, and later the father is found brutally killed. Wrongfully accused of his fat
Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll! (1987)
A performance celebration of Chuck Berry's 60th birthday party concert at Fox Theatre in St Louis, Missouri. The film also exams the roots of his music through inerterviews with Berry himself, and many other well known names in rock 'n' roll history.
Leftovers, The (1986)
Max Sinclair, a director of a foster facility for older children who has his work cut out for him by his charges. The wild bunch of kids and the grown-ups who care for them go to extraordinary lengths to keep their impromptu "family" together.
Little Spies (1986)
A reclusive World War II hero helps a gung-ho band of youngsters save a lovable stray from dognappers via a daring raid on a puppy kennel run by a villain. Airing as a "Disney Sunday Movie."
Last Precinct, The (1986) as Production Company
A group of misfit cops, all dumped into one precinct, swipe a rival sheriff's drug-sniffing wonder dog to crack a drug ring run by a blind mobster, whose seeing-eye dog gets mixed up in the canine antics.
Stingray (1985) as Production Company
Stingray, a rebel cop, sports a fancy car and goes his own way, bucking the establishment. This movie was the basis for the NBC series premiering on March 11, 1986.
Brothers-in-Law (1985) as Production Company
Antagonistic in-laws, a highway patrolman and a good-old-boy trucker, reluctantly join forces to battle an unscrupulous tycoon who happens to be the father of their twin ex-wives and a nasty land developer who' s trying to gobble up valuable waterfront property. A pilot to a prospective series that
Cartier Affair, The (1984)
A pair of unlikely lovers -- a TV love goddess and an ex-con -- join forces to recover a fortune in stolen jewels that an underworld kingpin, operating out of prison, wants for himself. A light-hearted caper, it provided Joan Collins with a chance to spoof her own TV image and to wear a parade of co
Hunter (1984) as Production Company
Rick Hunter, a mobster's son turned cop, is partnered with a brassy female detective.
Midnight Offerings (1981) as Production Company
A sinister witch, determined to destroy anyone she cannot dominate, confronts a young co-ed with supernatural abilities in this chiller peopled by an array of familiar TV names.
Nightside (1980) as Production Company
Doug McClure returned to TV looking for a new series via this pilot that followed the adventures of a good-humored, street-wise cop working the dusk to dawn shift in Los Angeles with his somewhat naive partner (played by Michael Cornelison).
Stone (1979) as Production Company
The exploits of Dan Stone, a novelist and tough homicide detective with the Metropolitan Division of the Los Angeles Police Department.
Night Rider, The (1979) as Production Company
"The Mark of Zorro" was updated for this pilot for a prospective series that tells of a New Orleans gentleman who turns masked rider to fight for law and order and avenge his family's killing by four men who wanted their silver mine.
Dr. Scorpion (1978) as Production Company
A live-action comic book adventure in which a power-mad genius threatens world peace with a scheme involving the theft of the country's atomic missiles, and only one man stands in his way.

Production Companies (special)

Belles of Bleecker Street (1991) as Production Company
A comedy pilot for an unsold series about two teenage girls who sneak off to a celebrity party without telling their parents.
Philby (1989) as Production Company
A comedy pilot for a series not picked up by ABC. A man moves from Brooklyn to Los Angeles and becomes the charmingly overbearing bodyguard of a TV talk show hostess.
Livin' Large (1989) as Production Company
A comedy pilot for a series about five inner-city teens struggling with the ills of poverty in their lower Manhattan neighborhood.
Scandals (1988) as Production Company
A magazine-style special focusing on scandals and infamous events of the past and present, utilizing a combination of re-creations and actual stock footage.
Sirens (1987) as Production Company
A comedy about the outrageous antics of an unorthodox pair of female cops, an interracial odd couple in blue. A "CBS Summer Playhouse" presentation.
Boston and Kilbride (1979) as Production Company
The story of Tom Boston and Jim Kilbride, a pair of freewheeling private detectives. In the pilot episode, Boston and Kilbride team with Jill Miller, a pilot, in a mission that takes them to Central America, where they seek to snatch a stolen jet and return it to its rightful owner in the United Sta

Misc. Crew (special)

Idols (1991) as Clips ("Booker")
A special exploring America's fascination with teen idols.

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