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Production Companies (feature film)

Blue Planet, The (2008) as Tv Distributor (Tv)
Captures the sounds and images of nature.
Maschera di Cera (2000)
It is Paris in the year 1900, and a young couple is butchered, witnessed by an infant girl. Years later in Rome a young man accepts a bet to spend the night in a local wax museum, and dies during the night. The museum curator creates a series of macabre tableux, and a young girl's memories of her pa
Travelling Companion (2000)
A cerebral exploration of two lives of solitude that intersect--the duo is comprised of an angry 19-year-old who maintains an agressive detachment from the society around her, and a retired professor clinging to his independence but subject to lapses of memory.
Assault, The (1998) as Production Company
Murderous gang members pursue the girlfriend of the man they've killed after she witnesses the crime. A female cop protects her when the gang launches a full-scale attack against the homeless women's shelter where she's hiding.
Deep in the Foreign Land (1997)
A blind, aged, conservative, egotistical man of letters who has achieved world-wide fame, still lives in the shadow of his mother. Against her will, Rene leaves on his annual conference tour with his beautiful assistant Sibilla. In Spain, Sibilla falls for a young bullfighter, Manuel, setting up an
Metropolitan Fairy Tales (1997)
Five episodes featuring different characters dealing with common human faults.
Torino Boys (1997)
Story focuses on a group of Nigerian women living in Rome who are wary of the advances of several guys from Turin. Nike is less jaded than her friends and takes up with Eby, a young Torino boy with whom she hope to start a family. Eby takes off for a soccer match and Nike hopes to start up where the
Prince of Homburg, The (1997)
Set in the 17th century, a psychological drama centering on the young, hotheaded Prince of Homburg who commanded the German calvary during the Thirty Year War against the Swedes; and who eventually defeated the Swedish invaders on the field in a daring attack, but in doing so, had disobeyed orders f
Galeazzo Ciano, A Fascist Tragedy (1997)
Documentary following the story of Mussolini's playboy son-in-law, who from the heights of fascist power--he was foreign minister from 1936 to 1943--saw the light of truth and tried unsuccesfully to avert the war.
Steam: The Turkish Bath (1997)
Francesco, a young Italian architect, inherits an old Turkish bath from a distant relative. Leaving his unfaithful wife Marta in Rome he goes to Turkey, intending to dispose of the property. To his surpise though, he falls in love with the bathhouse and its culture, and then with Mehmet, the son of
Strange Story of Banda Sonora, The (1997)
Story of a 56-piece jazz band who assemble for a series of rehearsals in the Italian countryside.
Arcane Enchanter, The (1997)
A gothic horror film set in 18th century Italy about a man who inflicts his own exile finds refuge in an isolated villa with an excommunicated priest.
Vesuvians, The (1997)
Offering a host of different visions--a quintet of fairytale visions of Naples by five of the city's most accomplished filmmakers: firstly, "La Stirpe di Iana/Iana's Descendants" concerns a tale of kidnapping and a group of modern-day warrior women on motorcycles, all named after Italian soap-powder
Apartment, The (1997)
Mamud is a young glassblower from Egypt who quits his job in Rome making pizzas only to steal his baby daughter from an orphanage where his Italian ex-lover had left her. He breaks into an apartment where he meets Lajla, a refugee from Mostar who has a part-time job as a housekeeper. They form a bon
Va' Dove ti Porta il Cuore (1997)
A drama about several generations of women and their complicated feelings for one another.
Cinque Giorni di Tempesta (1997)
The story begins in Sicily where Giovanni is preparing to leave the island and head north for compulsory military service in Bolzano. Prior to departure, her meets a cousin who wants him to emigrate to Australian and go into business. Arriving in Bolzano five days early, Giovanni is forced to kill s
Testimone a rischio (1997)
The true story of Piero Nava, who witnessed a Mafia hit on an Italian magistrate and refused to remain silent--thusly paying with the loss of his home, job and identity to protect himself.
Gangsters (1997)
A group of vigilantes fights Fascist forces in post-World War II Italy.
Metalmeccanico e Parrucheriera in un Turbine di sesso e politica (1996)
Spanning the April 1994 Italian general elections in which the conservative coalition led by Silvio Berlusconi swept to power, a comedy centering on an on-and-off couple torn by political polarization but drwan by sexual attraction.
Stendhal Syndrome, The (1996)
An undercover policewoman, Anna Manni, visits Florence's Uffizi Gallery and becomes disoriented by the disturbing beauty of the masterpieces on display. Soon thereafter, transfixed before Brueghel's "The Flight of Icarus," she faints and plunges into the painting's ocean. A handsome stranger helps h
Nitrate Base (1996)
Examining the history of the 20th-century by tracking the effects that the creation of cinema has had on 100 years of filmgoers.
Next Millennium Stories (1996)
A formless experimental tale focusing on the capitalist exploitation of today's working class--primarily underclass immigrants from the Third World.
Mia Generazione, La (1996)
Another perspective on the urban militancy that shook Italy in the 1970s, a chamber drama on the ideological debris left behind by the terrorist movement which centers on Braccio, a convicted terrorist who is four years into his thirty-year sentence, and following his transfer to a prison in Milan,
Blue Arrow, The (1996)
Based on the Italian legend of Befana, a kind of good witch of Christmas who gives Santa-surfeited kids an additional round of presents on January 6th--a story of how one year Italian kids risked not getting any gifts from Befana as she was sick in bed and unaware that her evil assistant, Dr. Scaraf
Ilona Comes With the Rain (1996)
A tale of three imaginary adventurers--a sailor, a ship owner, and a beautiful Macedonian-Polish risk-taker--based on a story by Latin American writer Alvaro Mutis.
Palla di Neve (1995)
A young boy, his mother and a worn-out actor try to deliver a Beluga whale from the clutches of an arms dealer who masquerades as a dolphin supplier to marine parks.
Facciamo Paradiso (1995)
A journey through socio-poltical changes experienced by Italy in the latter half of the 20th century as reflected by one woman's life spanning 1949-2011.
Il Delagazione (1995)
Following the personal journey of a refined, sophisticated woman, Chloya, who's been hired to be a multilingual translator for a group of Russian women who've won a short trip to Italy.
Black Holes (1995)
Set against the backdrop of a parched Neapolitan landscape, the story of amore gone wrong between a haughty prostitute and a studly truck driver.
Uomo Proiettile, L' (1995)
An aimless man who finds the ideal job--being launched from a silver circus cannon by a pretty assistant--becomes aimless and uninspired when the love affair that had blossomed between them is shattered by her leaving him for another man.
Who Killed Pasolini? (1995)
A provocative feature film which explores the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder of film director Pier Paolo Pasolini in 1975. Pasolini's life was one of almost constant controversy. His contentious views on religion, politics and culture aroused the full spectrum of emotions in Italian
Nella Mischia (1995)
Set in Tuscolano, the bleak suburbs of Rome, the everyday experiences of a group of working-class kids in their mid-teens as guided by their uninspiring surroundings and their lack of future prospects.
Once a Year, Every Year (1995)
Set during an annual reunion dinner of lifelong friends now at retirement age. A letter from a recently deceased group member proposes that the remaining friends live out their twilight years together in an unused convent.
Ordinary Hero, An (1995)
A chronicle of the downfall of Sicilian banking mogul Michele Sindona's financial empire which had delicately hinged on the complex web of power linking commerce, politics and the criminal underworld in Italy.
Declarations of Love (1994)
An autobiographical recollection of filmmaker Antonio Avati's stately hometown in 1948 which focuses on 15-year-old Dado, his school chums, extended family and bungled attempts to strike up a romance with a series of uninterested candidates.
Il Sogno Della Farfalla (1994)
A classically trained actor vows to speak only in play dialgoue.
Diary of a Rapist (1994)
A rapist enters into a relationship with his victim, but much times passes before the woman discovers that her lover was the offender.
Peacocks, The (1994)
The reconstruction of a bloodcurdling crime which captured the Italian media a few years ago: The brutal slaying of a well-to-do couple by their teenage son, whose aim was to collect his inheritance early.
Cinema Thieves (1994)
A resourceful independent filmmaker, in dire need of aquiring a distributor for his latest opus, attends the Cannes festival and tries to corner an elusive producer.
Diary of a Rapist (1994) as Production Company
A rapist enters into a relationship with his victim, but much times passes before the woman discovers that her lover was the offender.
Mad Dogs and Englishmen (1993)
A well-to-do Briton falls for an American motorcycle courier, and the two become entangled in the London crime underworld.
Mario, Maria e Mario (1993)
Story of an Italian couple, Mario and Maria during the transformation of the Italian Communist Party.
Abyssinia (1993)
After being fired by a larger establishment, a twenty-five year-old seasonal waiter is taken in by the owner of a tumbledown beach restaurant.
Dove Siete? Io Sone Qui (1993)
A deaf mute struggles to find love, and does, with a deaf girl, while his mother deals with her own shameful feelings towards having a son with such a physical handicap.
Fiorile (1993)
A family saga about an ancient curse on the descendents of Jean, a young lieutenant in Napoleon's army during the invasion of Italy. When two children meet their grandfather, the oldest living link to Jean and the curse, they learn about the cycle of passionate love, political and personal betrayal
Acla Descends to Floristella (1993)
An eleven-year-old boy is sold by his impoverished parents to a life of servitude in the sulphur mines of Sicily.
Neapolitan Mathematician, The (1992)
A man's life is exposed during the week prior to his suicide.
Brothers and Sisters (1992)
A married woman discovers that her husband is cheating on her. Taking her two sons, she travels across the ocean to stay with her sister in St. Louis. Story focuses on the relationship between the two brothers and their assimilation into this new world.
Zuppa Di Pesce (1992)
A young girl comes of age amidst a household which includes her father, an Italian movie producer, mother and half siblings.
Notte di Stelle (1992)
A singer, a social worker, and a graffiti artist/junkie become involved in a tragic three-sided relationship.
Stolen Children, The (1992)
After the arrest of their mother, two cynical children--one an 11-year-old hooker--are placed in the charge of a young military officer who must escort them across Italy to a children's home.
Tous Mes Maris (1992)
A couple's marriage is in jeopardy; she dreams of romance while he is more focused on his work. Their friend sees the tension and imminent demise and trys to interfere. He gets the husband to simulate his wife's dreams, and before long dreams become reality.
Lettera da Parigi (1992)
After a four year absence a singer returns from Paris to Italy to claim her son and meets resistance from the father she once loved.
Afghan Breakdown (1991)
A Russian major is sent to Afghanistan to assist in the Russian pull-out.
Barocco (1991)
A bizarre love story between a foreign art student and a late-night radio deejay.
Bix (1991)
Set in the 1920s, the story of the career and short life of the late jazz cornetist Bix Beiderbecke, who died at the age of 28 from alcohol poisoning.
Dove Comincia la Notte (1991)
A young man returns to his small hometown following the death of his estranged father.
Uova Di Garofano (1991)
During a visit to the family homestead, a middle-aged man relives his memories of chilhood during World War II.
Condanna, La (1991)
The story of a charming architect who is accused of raping a woman in a museum, and the trial that ensues.
Indio 2 - The Revolt (1991)
A marine sergeant vows revenge for his marine buddy, who's died at the hands of a South African developer.
Martha and I (1991)
It is 1935. The adolescent Emil is sent off to live with his worldly uncle, Dr. Ernst Fuchs, in a Czechoslovakian mining town in the Sudeten region, close to the German border. Following an unexpected divorce from his glamorous Hungarian wife, Emil's uncle marries Martha, his stout, submissive Germa
Ferdinando, Uomo d'amore (1991)
A young man brings new perspective into the lives of a 19th century elderly baroness and her caretaker, a poor relation.
Alambrado (1991) as Theatrical Distributor
A British company's plans to develop a resort at South America's southernmost tip are obstructed by a stubborn Irish settler who refuses to surrender his home and property.
V Gorode Sochi Temnye Nochi (1990)
A con man offers an undergraduate and her divorced parents the chance to exchange their crowded apartment for three small one-bedroom flats.
Journey of Hope (1990)
The tragic tale of an impoverished Turkish family's journey to Switzerland at the hands of illegal immigrant smugglers.
Requiem Fur Dominic (1990)
Based on a true story, a Romanian-born Austrian returns to Timisoara to reunite with his boyhood friend during the beginning of the anti-Communist movement in December 1989, only to be told that the man has been accused of 80 murders.
Flop (1990)
A popular performer, now in the twilight of his career, recalls his former glory at the request of a mysterious stranger.
Night Sun (1990)
A young nobleman, disappointed in love, becomes a religious hermit, with unexpected results.
Una Vita Scellerata (1990)
The troubled life of goldsmith and sculptor Benvenuto Cellini.
Giocodi Massacro (1990)
Two old friends, both directors, meet by chance after twenty years, one highly successful, the other unknown.
Open Doors (1990)
Set in Fascist Italy, a conscientious judge saves a man, who murdered his wife, an ex-boss and a rival employee on the same morning, from the recently instituted death sentence.
Street Boys (1990)
The misadventures of a group of Palermo street youths after their release from reform school.
Only One Survived (1990)
Four friends on a fishing holiday in Brazil are lured by the reward offered by an insurance company for taking in tow an abandoned schooner loaded with explosives.
Bienvenuti in Casa Gori (1990)
Various members of an eccentric extended family gather together to celebrate the holidays.
Pummaro' (1990)
A young African man searches throughout Italy for his missing brother.
Matj (Zaprechtchionnye Lioudi) (1990)
A working class mother is slowly radicalized.
Luisa, Carla, Lorenza E... Le Affetuose Lontananze (1990)
Three women in their forties, professionally satisfied, are frustrated in their dealings with men.
Et la lumiere fut (1990) as Production Company
Once modern culture encroaches upon a tribe of forest people, the special magic that informs their lives is broken.
Sitting Pretty on a Branch (1990) as Production Company
A returning soldier and a concentration camp victim become friends after discovering a bicycle stuffed with gold.
Maicol (1989)
An unmarried factory worker is torn between her responsibility to her son, Maicol, and her inconsiderate lover.
Forever Mary (1989)
A group of street youths are forced into juvenile delinquency by a hostile environment.
Story of Boys and Girls, The (1989)
Two families join together for an elaborate luncheon to celebrate the engagement of a wealthy boy and an impoverished girl in 1936 Italy.
Francesco (1989)
The story of Saint Francis of Assisi.
Last Momemt (1988)
Notte Italiana (1988)
After getting a job through a friend, a lawyer realizes that the set-up is riddled with corruption and he refuses to cooperate, which puts his life in danger.
Domani Accadra (1988)
In 1848 two illiterate herdsmen flee across Italy after bungling a robbery.
Caro Gorbaciov (1988)
A depiction of the night prior to Bolshevik Nikolai Bukharin's assasination by Stalin.
Late Mattia Pascal, The (1988) as Theatrical Distributor
Blu Elettrico (1988) as Theatrical Distributor
The relationships between two lonely, wealthy children and their nanny.
El Dorado (1988) as Production Company
Set in the 14th century, a Spanish expedition sets sail for El Dorado, the legendary land of gold.
Good Morning Babylon (1987)
The life and death of two Italian brothers who came to America, worked in Hollywood during the silent film era, and died during World War I.
Naso di Cane (1987)
Story of one man's fight against the corruption of organized crime.
Lunga Vita alla Signora! (1987)
A boy's experiences during one night of work is used as a metaphor for the disillusionment of growing up.
Mosca Addio (1987)
A story about the trials and tribulations of a Russian Jew.
Laggiu Nella Giungla (1987)
A group of bus passengers, left behind in the woods, find themselves acting out the characters and actions of a classic adventure film.
Un Ragazzo di Calabria (1987)
Coming-of-age tale of a young boy who wants to be an athlete in spite of his father's wishes.
Regina (1987)
A sado-masochistic affair between an older woman and a young man leads to heartache and death.
L'Estate Sta Finendo (1987)
A coming-of-age story of a young girl who runs away from her mother for the summer, falls in love and, on her return, is better understood by her parents.
Lorca, la Muerte de un Poeta (1987) as Production Company
Biography of the poet Federico Garcia Lorca, assassinated one month after the beginning of the Spanish Civil War in 1936.
Belly Of An Architect, The (1987) as Production Company
An architect''s obsession with his work leads to his destruction.
Federico Fellini's Intervista (1987) as Production Company
Inchiesta, L' (1987) as Production Company
Dolce Assenza (1986)
The mysterious disappearance of her roommate causes a young woman to discover love and friendship.
Momo (1986)
Mal d'aimer, Le (1986)
Historical drama about a prostitute who suffers from leprosy and the doctor who tries to save her.
Ginger and Fred (1986)
A song-and-dance team are reunited for a nostalgic television special.
Blood Ties (1986)
An American of Sicilian descent is blackmailed into returning to his ancestral homeland by a vicious Mafia drug kingpin, to convince a local judge -- a distant relative -- to call off his Mafia investigation. This rather violent international co-production, made by an Italian cartel with a number of
Love Story (1986) as Theatrical Distributor
A 19-year-old working class woman finds her first love, breaks up with him, and then finds her second, only to have the two young men become attracted to one another.
Regalo di Natale (1986) as Theatrical Distributor
Storia, La (1986) as Theatrical Distributor
Il Diavolo Sulle Colline (1985) as Theatrical Distributor
Frau Holle (1985) as Production Company
A fairy godmother saves a little boy from an avalanche and takes him to her enchanted realm.
Simone (1984)
A young, suicidal woman falls in love with a older, mysterious sculptress.
Aurora (1984) as Production Company
Sophia Loren and her real-life eleven-year-old son (in his acting debut) are mother and son in this romantic comedy-dama about a woman who sets out to track down and trick several former lovers to pay for the boy's badly needed eye operation. A true family affair that not only starred Loren and son
Mi Manda Picone (1984) as Production Company
Copkiller (1983)
Il Disertore (1983) as Theatrical Distributor
Duetto (1983) as Theatrical Distributor
Giocare d'Azzardo (1983) as Theatrical Distributor
Il Momento dell'Avventura (1983) as Theatrical Distributor
Grog (1983) as Theatrical Distributor
Don Chisciotte (1983) as Theatrical Distributor
La Casa del tappetto Giallo (1983) as Theatrical Distributor
Sciopen (1983) as Theatrical Distributor
Scusa se e poco (1983) as Theatrical Distributor
State buoni se potete (1983) as Theatrical Distributor
Amici miei atto II (1983) as Theatrical Distributor
Calderon (1983) as Theatrical Distributor
Di Padre in Figlio (1983) as Theatrical Distributor
Zeder (1983) as Theatrical Distributor
Tisicrocna vcela (1983) as Production Company
Chronicles some thirty years in the life of a village family in a remote corner of the Austro-Hungarian empire, from the late 19th Century to the troubled years following World War I.
Blow to the Heart, A (1982)
A teenage son begins keeping is father under surveillance after one of his father's friends dies in a terrorist shoot-out.
Madonna, Che Silenzio C'e Stasera (1982) as Theatrical Distributor
Via degli Specchi (1982) as Theatrical Distributor
Storia d'amore e d'amicizia (1982) as Theatrical Distributor
Testa O Croce (1982) as Theatrical Distributor
Voce, La (1982) as Theatrical Distributor
Blow to the Heart, A (1982) as Production Company
A teenage son begins keeping is father under surveillance after one of his father's friends dies in a terrorist shoot-out.
Women in Arms (1981)
The role that women played in the overthrow of Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza in 1979 is chronicled. A large number of women were part of the Sandinista rebel force that opposed the brutal Somoza and his oppressive regime, and were essential during the underground campaign and the eventual civ
Fontamara (1980) as Theatrical Distributor
The Tree of Wooden Clogs (1978)
Migrant workers struggle to send their child to school.
Prova d'Orchestra (1978)
In a Medieval Roman chapel, now an oratorio, an elderly factotum sets up for rehearsal. The musicians arrive, joking and teasing. A union shop steward explains that a TV crew is there, talking to them is optional, and there will be no extra compensation. Musicians talk about their instruments. The German conductor arrives and puts them through their paces. He yells, he insults. The shop steward calls a 20 minute break. The conductor retreats to his dressing room and talks about how the world of music has changed, moving away from respect of the conductor. He returns to the rehearsal to find the orchestra in full revolt. What can bring them back to the music?
Ligabue (1978) as Theatrical Distributor
Death at Work (1978) as Theatrical Distributor
Gli Ultimi Tre Giorni (1977) as Theatrical Distributor
Un Anno Di Scuola (1977) as Theatrical Distributor
Circostanza, La (1974) as Theatrical Distributor
F for Fake (1973) as Production Company (Iran)
Director Orson Welles examines the career of a notorious art forger.

Production Companies (special)

Atlantis: In Search of a Lost Continent (1996) as Foreign Tv Distributor
Documentary exploring the legend of Atlantis. The mystery of its people and their life is examined by underwater researchers, archaeologists and mythologists. Advanced digital imagery recreates what Atlantis might have been and where it might be located today.

Production Companies (special)

Season of Giants, A (1991)
Set in Rome and Florence from 1492 to 1508, this miniseries dramatizes the life of Michelangelo and his interaction with two other great Renaissance artists, Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael.

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