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Production Companies (feature film)

Music From Another Room (1998)
A young man finally finds his true love -- a girl he has been searching for since he was five years old and she was an infant.
American Dragons (1998)
They're from very different worlds...but they're out for the same thing--justice. Two determined detectives take on a ruthless crime lord.
Phantasm IV: Oblivion (1998)
The terrifying legions of the undead are back...and out for vengeance.
Corporate Ladder, The (1998)
A new assistant to a powerful executive wants more than just to do a "good job" she wants to run the company. And she'll do anything to get to the top...even murder.
Welcome to Woop Woop (1997)
While driving through the Australian outback, Teddy, a New York conman, is kidnapped by Angie, a sex-crazed tomboy to whom he has just offered a ride. Teddy is in heaven until wham... he's knocked unconscious and wakes up to find himself "happily married" in her native, remote town of Woop Woop, an
Retroactive (1997)
Fleeing a murderous bully, a police psychologist stumbles upon the inventor of a time machine. Boldly and cleverly the woman uses -- and reuses -- the machine to outwit destiny and alter the fate of her homicidal pursuer as well as prevent a murder she witnessed.
Eve's Bayou (1997)
Eve is the youngest daughter of one of Louisiana's most sophisticated and prosperous families. Her father Louis, is the town's highly respected doctor, a man known for his ability to "fix" things--everything except his own family problems and philandering lifestlye. Her mother Roz is a stunning sout
Behind Enemy Lines (1997)
An ex-marine and his crew conduct a rescue raid to try and save a captured buddy in the clutches of a power-mad general in postwar Vietnam.
City of Industry (1997)
Roy, a low-profile, semi-retired ex-con, is asked by his younger brother Lee to be the fourth man in his high-stakes robbery crew. Lee has masterminded a jewelry heist, valued at more than three million dollars, from an exclusive boutique in Palm Springs, and desperately needs the expertise of his o
Live Flesh (1997)
The story begins in the 70's with Franco's edict depriving citizens of their civil rights while a pregnant prostitute gives birth to a son, Victor, on a city bus in the dead of night. Twenty years later, Victor is a pizza delivery guy who is smitten with a spoiled young Italian girl Helena. She is n
Mutual Needs (1997)
A man hires a sexy escort to play his wife at his high school reunion gets more than he bargains for...
Ulee's Gold (1997)
A lonely, widowed beekeeper who is raising his two grandchildren while trying to forget a painful past, falls in love with a divorced nurse.
Beneficiary, The (1997)
A scheming woman hatches a plan to ditch her two-timing husband in a plot to murder him and grab his fortune for herself.
This World, Then The Fireworks (1997)
Set in 1950s, a noir crime drama about two siblings Marty and Carol who have always been devotedly protective of each other. Partners in grifting and murder, their mutual devotion for one another has turned erotic. Marty's a seductive con man on the run from the police. Carol's an independent hooker
I Love You... Don't Touch Me! (1997)
A comedy about a neurotic young woman's arduous journey through the Los Angeles dating scene.
Gang Related (1997)
Two corrupt cops have a successful, seemingly perfect money making scheme- they sell drugs that they seize from dealers, kill the dealers, and blame the crimes on street gangs. Their scheme is going along smoothly until they kill an undercover DEA agent posing as a dealer, and then try to cover-up t
8 Heads in a Duffel Bag (1997)
A mob courier loses his bag conatining the heads of his murder victims and must track down the college grad who has the bag.
Fall (1997)
The story of New York cabdriver Michael Shiver and his unlikely relationship with a married supermodel named Sarah Easton. Despite their initial intentions, Michael and Sarah end up in a passionate affair which challenges both her deep seeded ambivalence about having a high-profile life and his comf
Locusts, The (1997)
Set in 1960s Kansas, Clay Hewitt, an itinerate drifter, arrives on a farm and becomes involved in a relationship with the young woman and the boy who live there by uncovering a dangerous web of abuse and family secrets.
Best Men (1997)
A group of friends have their loyalty tested when one of them pulls a bank robbery on their way to a wedding.
Lone Justice: Showdown at Plum Creek (1996)
The continuation of the Lone Justice saga in which gunfights and glory fill the frontier adventures of Ned Blessing.
Glass Cage, The (1996)
The French Quarter, New Orleans. A former CIA operative and member of an anti-terrorist group called the "Black Ops" becomes involved with an exotic dancer who is owned by an Algerian club owner/diamond smuggler.
Listen (1996)
A jilted, emotionally unstable, woman exacts revenge on her a lesbian lover, who is now involved in a phone sex relationship with a man she's never met.
Midnight Blue (1996)
A conservative businessman becomes entangled with a seductive con artist.
Fast Money (1996)
A briefcase filled with $2.7 million in cash. A beautiful car thief. A straight-as-an-arrow journalist. It's a race to the border as everyone from the FBI, to the mob, to the cops are after them for the cash.
Kissed (1996)
The strangely moving story of a young woman's discovery that love can cross over from the living to the dead. Childhood fantasies and experiences, and her initiation into the extraordinary world of undertakers all fuel Sandra Larson's fascination. A fateful meeting with Matt, a young medical student
Friend of the Family II (1996)
A woman jilted after a fling with a married man seeks revenge and turns her lover's marriage upside down.
Original Gangstas (1996)
It's been 15 years since John Bookman left hometown Gary, Indiana to coach a pro LA football team. In his absence, the city's mean streets have only gotten meaner. Over the years, the steel mills shut down, local businesses closed up and the decent people of Gary have had to face a new menace. A dan
Red Line (1996)
An ex-professional race car driver gets trapped between a life of petty crime and the ultimate theft - there's only one way out.
Ed's Next Move (1996)
Wisconsin native Eddie Brodsky, after being unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend, lands a job in New York as a rice geneticist--a solitary but rewarding occupation, in his opinion. He finds a roommate, Ray, whose success with women only puts Eddie's dire social life into further relief. As he ad
Dangerous, The (1995)
A renegade cop is tested when he must choose between upholding his duty or taking out revenge on a murderous drug lord in New Orleans.
Stalingrad (1995)
In the spring of 1942 German troops advanced deep into the Soviet Union, en route to Stalingrad. Hitler, seriously misjudging the tenacity of the Red Army, was convinced the city could be conquered before winter. Inadequately clothed and without sufficient food, Nazi troops literally froze and starv
Pharaoh's Army (1995)
During the American Civil War, a Union Army Captain leads his rag-tag cavalry troop up a misty creek in the Cumberland Mountains of Kentucky. They come across a small, remote farm worked by Sarah Anders, a proud and defiant woman whose husband fights for the Confederates and whose daughter has been
November Conspiracy, The (1995)
An idealistic young reporter finds her life turned around when her lover is brutally killed and exposed as an assassin. Unable to believe the accusations, she searches for the truth and stumbles upon a web of conspiracy. It becomes her mission to save the life of a charismatic senator targeted for a
Number One Fan (1995)
A married Hollywood mega-star has an affair with his biggest female fan, who ends up stalking him and killing off the people around him.
Jeffrey (1995)
No sooner does a gay actor-waiter, terrified of contracting AIDS, decide to abstain from sex altogether than he meets his dream man--who happens to be HIV-positive.
Illegal in Blue (1995)
A handsome cop falls for a dangerous, seductive blues singer.
China Moon (1994)
A homicide cop believes he is being set up as an accomplice to the murder of a woman's husband.
Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey (1994)
A documentary tribute to Leon Theremin, the remarkable scientist and artist who revolutionized modern music with his invention of the world's first electronic instrument.
There Goes My Baby (1994)
Told from the point of view of the class valedictorian, Mary Beth, the story follows a group of high school seniors during the 1965 Watts riots.
Blue Sky (1994)
After his wife's scandalous behavior forces them to transfer to a new military base in Alabama, a conscientious scientist and his family become the victims of a coverup involving nuclear bomb testing.
Coming Out Under Fire (1994)
Based on the critically acclaimed 1990 book by Allan Berube, nine gay and lesbian veterans of WWII tell their stories in interviews which are combined with an array of declassified documents, photographs and archival footage.
Playmaker (1994)
Psychological thriller involving a murder to frame an actress.
Car 54, Where Are You? (1994)
Film adaptation of the popular 1960s television sitcom, with the bumbling officers from Brooklyn's 53rd precinct attempting to protect a federal witness from the mob.
Nostradamus (1994)
Drama about Michel de Nostradame, a remarkably modern man born into the dark and unforgiving world of 16th century Europe. As a young doctor, Nostradamus bravely pursued unorthodox medical experiments including homeopathic remedies, treatments for the Black Plague and the extraction of perfumes. He
Bar Girls (1994)
The romantic entanglements of eight women whose lives intersect at a Los Angeles bar. Film centers on on Loretta and Rachel who, though neither is completely free from her current lover, take a chance on love after they meet unexpectedly.
Wyatt Earp: Return to Tombstone (1994) as Domestic Video Distributor
Wyatt Earp returns to Tombstone, Arizona, 25 years after the 1881 shootout at the O.K. Corral, where he reflects back on his tenure as a frontier marshal. The reminiscences are compilations of clips from the television series starring Hugh O'Brian, "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp," broadcast on A
Dead On (1993)
Two illicit lovers agree to murder each other's spouse, but their "perfect" crime goes perfectly wrong.
Alex (1993)
Set in 1959, the story of a 15-year-old female champion swimmer who learns about love and faces tragedy on the eve of the Rome Olympics.
Boxing Helena (1993)
A psycho-thriller about a successful doctor and his obsessive love for one woman, which leads him to do the unimaginable: kidnap her after an accident and amputate her limbs.
Me and the Kid (1993)
Two incompetent criminals kidnap an eight-year-old boy.
Robocop 3 (1993)
Robocop fights a group of developers who try to steal land from the rightful owners.
Temptation of a Monk (1993)
Set during the Tang dynasty. After inadvertently setting the stage for the assassination of the rightful heir to the throne, a disgraced general attempts to lead a monastic life.
Dark Half, The (1993)
A bizarre series of murders begin when a writer tries to "kill off" his crime novel pseudonym.
Article 99 (1992)
The story of a dedicated and ambitious doctor at a V.A. hospital who refuses to turn people away or lower the level of care.
Rain Without Thunder (1992)
Set in the future when abortion is illegal, a mother and daughter are arrested for "fetal murder."
Love Field (1992)
Set in 1963, a Southern white woman en route to John F Kennedy's funeral in Washington, DC meets and eventually falls in love with a Northern black man who's on the lam after abducting his young daughter from an abusive situation.
Adjuster, The (1991)
A tale of voyeurism, and how it is a large part in the lives of a few characters.
Raise the Red Lantern (1991)
In 1920's China, an attractive new concubine to a wealthy master arouses tension amongst the other wives.
God afton, Herr Wallenberg (1991)
Depicts Swedish diplomat and resistance worker Raoul Wallenberg's final three weeks in Budapest before his arrest by Russian troops in January 1945 and subsequent disappearance.
Rhapsody In August (1991)
The story reflects on the economic wars between the United States and Japan and the aftermath of the bombing of Nagasaki, by focusing on three generations of two related families: an American family of pineapple growers in Hawaii and a Japanese family living outside Nagasaki.
Mystery Date (1991)
An inexperienced 20-year-old pretends to be his older brother for a date with the woman of his fantasies, but a case of mistaken identity turns the evening into a wild adventure.
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991)
Bill and Ted are killed by their evil futuristic robot twins and must travel through hell and heaven to enact their revenge.
Europa Europa (1991)
Drama based on the life of Salomon Perel, who, after his brother fell into German hands, suppressed his Jewish heritage in order to avoid certain doom at the hands of the Nazis and inadvertently became a German hero.
Gloire de mon pere, La (1991)
A glimpse at the infancy and childhood years of beloved French novelist Marcel Pagnol.
FX2 - The Deadly Art of Illusion (1991)
Special effects expert Rollie Tyler comes out of retirement to help his girlfriend's ex-husband, a police officer, track down a psychopathic criminal, but after witnessing an officer's brutal murder he discovers that he's become entangled in an elaborate police double-cross.
Little Man Tate (1991)
The story of a boy genius, his relationships with his working class single mother, and the child psychologist who wants to broaden his horizons, show him off and put him in college.
The Monkey Hustle (1991)
Neighborhood residents throw a block party to protest a highway project that threatens to leave them homeless.
Nuit et jour (1991)
A young woman in Paris juggles two lovers.
The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)
A fledgling FBI agent enlists a psychopath''s help in catching a serial killer.
Married To It (1991)
The story of the intertwining lives of three married couples in New York City as they confront various professional and personal crises.
Woman's Tale, A (1991) as Video Distributor (Video-Ua)
The story revolves around an old woman with a young heart living in today's society.
Hot Spot, The (1990)
A drifter settles down in a small southwestern town and becomes involved in a web of crime and romance.
State Of Grace (1990)
A man return's home to New York after a ten year absence. He runs into his old friend who is now in the Irish Mob. Soon though he is torn between what is right and his friends.
Miami Blues (1990)
The story of a criminal who wants to go straight but can't quite make it, and the ex-hooker he falls in love with.
Dances With Wolves (1990)
A soldier stationed in North Dakota leaves his post to join a nearby Sioux tribe.
May Fools (1990)
An eccentric family is re-united during the 1968 general strike in France, after the death of the grandmother.
Cadillac Man (1990)
One disasterous week in the life of a Queens car salesman who's involved with three women, and is in jeopardy of losing his job, sanity, and life.
Cyrano de Bergerac (1990)
A poet-soldier allows his oversized nose to stand in the way of love.
Navy Seals (1990)
While rescuing a naval helicopter crew, being held captive in a Middle Eastern seaport, an elite United States military commando team discovers a secret cache of American-made nuclear missiles, yet inadvertently releases the terrorist leader who plans to unleash them on an unsuspecting world.
Robocop 2 (1990)
Cyborg law enforcement continues, this time battling a new, addictive designer drug, nuke.
Blue Heat (1990)
A group of Los Angeles detectives discover an illegal drugs-for-guns operation involving the military.
Everybody Wins (1990)
An innocent boy in a small New England town is accused of killing his mother.
Madhouse (1990)
A couple's peaceful existence is disrupted when eight different house guests arrive for a visit.
Tale of Springtime, A (1990)
A young woman who dislikes her father's mistress tries to fix him up with someone else.
Open Doors (1990)
Set in Fascist Italy, a conscientious judge saves a man, who murdered his wife, an ex-boss and a rival employee on the same morning, from the recently instituted death sentence.
Love At Large (1990)
A private investigator is hired by a mysterious, beautiful woman to trail a man, and finds himself being trailed as well.
Last of the Finest, The (1990)
A group of Los Angeles detectives discover an illegal drugs-for-guns operation involving the military.
Lost Angels (1989)
Story of a doctor helping troubled teenagers in the inner city of Los Angeles.
Farewell to the King (1989)
In the last days of World War II, a British captain is parachuted into Borneo to organize resistance against the Japanese. In order to accomplish his mission, he must deal with an American who has made himself almost a God in the eyes of the local inhabitants.
Monsieur Hire (1989)
An older man is framed for murder by the young woman he's obsessed with.
Valmont (1989)
A widow challenges her lover to seduce a newly married woman, but the plan backfires when he falls in love.
Package, The (1989)
Political thriller revolving around a conspiracy, a nuclear disarmament treaty between the USA and USSR, and a court-martialed soldier who escapes from custody.
Heart of Dixie (1989)
In 1957 Mississippi, three college girls come to terms with the changing times, conflicts in their values and the issue of integration.
UHF (1989)
After a local public station gets a new owner, the station becomes a hit with a mix of hilariously bizarre shows.
Slacker (1989)
The outcasts of Austin, Texas come together for a day of hilariously odd happenings. Their weirdness involves UFO conspiracies, anarchy and what may or may not be a slide from Madonna's pap smear. .
Great Balls Of Fire (1989)
Based on rock 'n' roll star Jerry Lee Lewis' life, focusing on the years of his marriage to his 13-year-old cousin Myra.
Erik The Viking (1989)
Spoof about a viking warrior who did not want to rape and pillage.
Leningrad Cowboys Go America (1989)
A Finnish rock band travels to North America in search of mainstream success.
She-Devil (1989)
A woman seeks revenge on her husband and his new mistress.
Un Monde sans pitie (1989)
An intelligent, though voluntarily unemployed, "ladies man" finally falls in love--with a second generation Russian-Jewish, intellectual career woman.
Red Dove, The (1989)
A young Communist idealogue gradually recovers from amnesia, and an identity crisis, during a water polo match.
Crimes And Misdemeanors (1989)
In parallel stories, a wealthy doctor deals with a blackmailing mistress while a filmmaker shoots a documentary about a corrupt TV producer.
Too Beautiful For You (1989)
A successful executive, married to a beautiful woman, begins an affair with his homely secretary.
Life and Nothing But (1989)
A woman searches for her husband on the battlefields of France just after World War I.
Jesus of Montreal (1989)
A young actor returns to Montreal and achieves notoriety when he stars in a modernized version of the Passion play. However, problems arise as he attempts to deal with the press and the world of public relations.
Stay Awake, The (1989)
Twenty years after the death of a murderer/rapist, strange occurrences happen at an all-girls Catholic school.
Mystery Train (1989)
An exploration of Memphis, Tennessee seen through the eyes of non-Americans.
Cage (1989)
A mentally handicapped Vietnam vet is tricked into taking part in a deadly contest of strength.
Dominick And Eugene (1988)
Story of twin brothers, one of whom is studying to be a doctor, and is being put through medical school by his mentally handicapped sibling.
Monkey Shines (1988)
A paralyzed law student is given a specially trained monkey to help him recuperate. Due to a mind-enhancing drug the two begin to share a telepathic bond, and the monkey starts carrying out the student's subconscious evil desires.
Lectrice, La (1988)
The adventures of a woman who reads books to a variety of people.
Colors (1988)
A new cop is shown the ropes by his world-weary partner. As they prowl the dangerous streets of Los Angeles, they try to keep a lid on gang violence.
Camille Claudel (1988)
A biography of Camille Claudel, the mistress of sculptor Auguste Rodin.
Memorial Valley Massacre (1988)
With the Memorial Day holiday quickly approaching, a campground struggles with its polluted water, unsafe roads, old equipment, and a criminally insane hermit who comes out of isolation in order to murder every last campground visitor.
Foxy Brown (1988)
When a government agent is shot down, his sexy girlfriend goes gunning for revenge.
Chocolat (1988)
A depiction of the relationships between the races set in Cameroon prior to its independence as seen through the eyes of a young white girl and her black servant.
Eight Men Out (1988)
Gamblers tempt members of the Chicago White Sox to throw the World Series.
Georgia (1988)
When a woman discovers that her real mother died under bizarre circumstances, she attempts to uncover the reasons for her death.
Bull Durham (1988)
Comedy about a losing minor league baseball team in North Carolina, and the English teacher who choses one promising player each year to educate and seduce.
Mississippi Burning (1988)
FBI agents investigate the murders of civil rights workers in the South.
In Crowd, The (1988)
Teenage nostalgia film about the television dance shows of the 1960s, like Dick Clark's "Bandstand".
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)
Freddy Benson is a low-rent huckster. When they decide that the French Riviera isn't big enough for the both of them, they make a bet: They'll compete for the favors of an American soap heiress, and the loser will have to leave town for good.
Couch Trip, The (1988)
An escaped mental patient claims to be a famous shrink and lands a gig as a radio psychologist.
Mac And Me (1988)
A young boy in a wheelchair finds comfort and friendship through an alien wanted by the FBI.
Music Teacher, The (1988)
A former opera singer passes on his knowledge and insights to two aspiring students.
Married To The Mob (1988)
A recently widowed Mafia wife tries to start her life anew, only to find past acquaintances and FBI agents on her tail.
Johnny Be Good (1988)
Comedy revolving around college football recruiting.
Unbearable Lightness of Being, The (1988)
During the 1968 Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, a womanizer visiting the West must choose between freedom, or returning to his wife in Soviet-occupied Prague.
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988)
A wickedly amusing look at modern love through the relationships of several neurotic women.
Pancho Barnes (1988)
A film based on the true story of Florence "Pancho" Barnes, a Pasadena debutante who fled an arranged marriage to become an ace pilot and a contemporary of Amelia Earhart. Through her efforts, the Motion Picture Stunt Pilots Association was created. Barnes later trained many of the flyers who became
Another Woman (1988)
While dealing with her own tortured past, an aging writer becomes obsessed with a psychiatric patient.
Without A Clue (1988)
The story of Watson and legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, in which we see that Watson had all the brains.
Cherry 2000 (1988)
In the near future, E. Johnson, a mercenary living in The Zone, a post-industrial desert wasteland, is contacted by a yuppie named Sam who is seeking help to replace his Cherry 2000 sex robot, which recently suffered internal meltdown. Together, they set out to find the replacement Cherry clones, wh
Cross Fire (1988) as Video Distributor
Aussie commando Straker and his men are on a mission to rescue their commander and other POWs from captivity during the Vietnam War. After many escapades, they finally track him down to discover he is suffering from leprosy. Following, they are forced to fight their way back out of the jungle.
Throw Momma From The Train (1987)
A man tries to get his creative writing teacher to kill his abusive mother.
Babette's Feast (1987)
A French refugee in Denmark transforms the lives of the elderly women for whom she works.
Au Revoir, Les Enfants (1987)
A French boarding school harbors Jewish children during the Nazi occupation.
Robocop (1987)
In crime-ridden Detroit, a terminally wounded cop is rebuilt as a powerful machine, code named Robocop.
Wings of Desire (1987)
An angel of death gives up his wings for love.
Champ d'honneur (1987)
The Franco-Prussian war is the setting for this drama about a young peasant boy who enlists in the army.
Malone (1987)
Bal na vodi (1986)
Babes in Toyland (1986)
An adaptation of Victor Herbert's operetta, with a new score by Leslie Bricusse. Following an accident on Christmas Eve, 11-year-old Lisa awakens in Toyland, a colorful place inhabited by storybook characters. But the wicked Barnaby is scheming to take over the enchanted land and, with the help of t
Beverly Hills Madam (1986)
An elegant, successful madam caters to the richest and most influential men in the world. Lil Hutton is the powerful, well-connected madam whose lucrative empire is threatened when one of her girls leaves the business to enter into a disastrous relationship and another falls in love with a client.
Brass (1985)
The story of Frank Nolan, a three-star New York City Chief of Detectives is recounted in this television movie. "Brass" explores police work not just from the street-level, but from the point of view of the highest brass. Nolan is a long-time veteran of the New York City Police Department whose toug
Bay Boy, The (1984)
Set in a small mining town 1937 Nova Scotia, the story revolves around a teenage boy who witnesses the shooting of an elderly couple by a public figure he recognizes.
Love At First Bite (1979)
This vampire spoof has Count Dracula moving to New York to find his Bride, after being forced to move out of his Transylvanian castle. There with the aid of assistant Renfield, he stumbles through typical New York city life situations while pursuing Cindy Soundheim. But her boyfriend, Doctor Jeff Rosenberg, realizes she is under the influence of a vampire, and tries his bumbling best to convince police Lt Ferguson of what is going on, and to help him stop Dracula.
J.D.'s Revenge (1976)
A long-dead mobster possesses a peaceful New Orleans law student.
Cooley High (1975)
African-American teens in Chicago prepare for life after high school.
Sheba Baby (1975)
A liberated Chicago private eye, Sheba, is called home to protect her father's loan company from racketeers.
Friday Foster (1975)
Friday Foster, an ex-model magazine photographer, goes to Los Angeles International airport to photograph the arrival of Blake Tarr, the richest black man in America. Three men attempt to assassinate Tarr. Foster photographs the melee and is plunged into a web of conspiracy involving the murder of her childhood friend, a US senator, and a shadowy plan called "Black Widow".
Truck Turner (1974)
Truck is a bounty hunter who gets a job to track down a guy named Gator. When he and his partner find him, a chase ensues and Gator is killed. This makes Gator's woman, Dorinda, very angry and she puts a hit on Truck. The man who agrees to kill Truck is named Blue. The question is whether Truck can survive with Blue and his gang on his trail.
Black Caesar (1973)
Seeking vengeance against a racist society, a black gangster rises to the top of the mobs.
Hell Up in Harlem (1973)
A gangster tries to save his wife from Mafia kidnappers.
Coffy (1973)
A nurse sets out for vengeance when her younger sister becomes an addict.
Scream Blacula Scream (1973)
A vengeful Voodoo priestess brings the dreaded African vampire back to life.
Murmur of the Heart (1971)
A 15-year-old comes of age despite his father''s neglect and his mother''s smothering love.
Godzilla Versus The Smog Monster (1971)
A giant pollution created blob of a monster arises out of a swamp and deteriorates everything in its path until Godzilla arrives to save the day.
The Seven Samurai (1954)
Japanese villagers hire a team of traveling samurai to defend them against a bandit attack.

Misc. Crew (special)

Siskel & Ebert: If We Picked the Winners (1992) as Film Clips ("The Silence Of The Lambs")
A special with film critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel announcing their own picks for nominees and winners of the 1991 Academy Awards.

Production Companies (TV Mini-Series)

Evidence of Blood (1998) as Domestic Video Distributor
Spree, The (1998) as Domestic Video Distributor
Curse of Inferno, The (1997) as Domestic Video Distributor
Escape, The (1997) as Domestic Video Distributor

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