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Patrick Carey

Patrick Carey


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Director (feature film)

A Man for All Seasons (1966) as 2nd unit dir
A devout scholar gets caught in the middle of Henry VIII's plans to break with the Catholic Church.

Cinematography (feature film)

Julia (1977)
To help a childhood friend, playwright Lillian Hellman carries money for the resistance into Nazi territory.
Barry Lyndon (1975)
An Irish rogue cheats his way to the top of 18th-century British society.

Visual Effects (feature film)

Fragment of Fear (1971) as Title backgrounds
Former junkie turned author David Hemmings investigates the murder of his aunt in Pompeii where he succumbs to paranoid hallucinations

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Outside Providence (1999) as Key Production Assistant
A coming-of-age tale set in the blue-collar town of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Timothy Dunphy has a broken home, a three-legged dog and a full blown attaction to trouble. His friends have no future, but he's about to get one whether he likes it or not. After crashing into a praked police car, his fath

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Cure, The (1995) as Caterer
Eleven-year-old Dexter, has contracted the AIDS virus from a blood transfusion and is now shunned by the townsfolk in his small, Minnesota hometown. Except for his loving, nurturing mother, Dexter lives a life of lonely isolation until he meets Erik, a tough, young neighbor boy who befriends him. Th

Post Production (special)

Missing Link, The (2002) as Post-Production Assistant ("Nova")
According to evolutionary theory, all four-limbed creatures -- from dinosaurs to humans -- are descended from one single creature, the first animal to crawl from water onto land. This vital bridge between fish and land-animal has long been a mystery to scientists. The program follows a group of pale
Death Star (2002) as Post-Production Assistant ("Nova")
For 30 years, scientists have been on the hunt for the source of the most powerful and mysterious explosions in the universe. Defying their expectations, they have discovered that these powerful gamma ray bursts are located at the edges of the known universe. They are exploding so far back in time,
Fireworks! (2002) as Post-Production Assistant ("Nova")
The program explores the science and art of those who play with fire for our visual delight. The history of pyrotechnics is traced back to China a thousand years ago. Marco Polo brought fireworks to Italy in the 13th century. In the U.S., the Zambellis of Pennsylvania call themselves "the first fami
Cracking the Code of Life (2001) as Post-Production Assistant ("Nova")
In July 2000, scientists made an announcement that triggered front-page headlines around the globe. The goal of "reading" more than three billion chemical "letters" that make up a human DNA had been accomplished, and far more swiftly than anyone expected. It had been a neck-and-neck race between fed
Search For a Safe Cigarette (2001) as Post-Production Assistant ("Nova")
Can science make a "safer" cigarette? As new brands with reduced emissions enter the market, the program probes the controversial quest for a less-toxic smoke. Are these products the answer to smoking related illnesses or are they simply the latest marketing strategy to increase cigarette sales?
Russia's Nuclear Warriors (2001) as Post-Production Assistant ("Nova")
A look at the men who are in control of Russia's nuclear missiles, standing just a heartbeat from the top Russian politicians and Armageddon. The program shows that despite low pay and the tedious existence, the men are motivated by a strong sense of patriotic duty and responsibility for the ultimat
Bioterror (2001) as Post-Production Assistant ("Nova")
"Nova" partners with reporters from The New York Times to investigate the dark past and current prospects of germ warfare. The program is reported by The New York Times team behind the book, "Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War": Judith Miller, a specialist in Middle eastern terrorism
Life's Greatest Miracle (2001) as Post-Production Assistant ("Nova")
An updated edition of the story of human life from conception to birth using the latest technological advances in microscopy and medical imaging.
Flying Casanovas (2001) as Post-Production Assistant ("Nova")
When European explorers first found tiny decorated huts in the rain forests of New Guinea, they thought these were homes of an unknown tribe of pygmies. In fact, they were bachelor pads built by animal architects -- the bowerbird.
Methuselah Tree (2001) as Post-Production Assistant ("Nova")
A gnarled bristlecone tree in the White Mountains of California is the world's most ancient organism -- almost 5000 years old. The program explores the life and times of this sturdy survivor, relating its life to some of the most important historical events the world has ever seen.
Sex: Unknown (2001) as Post-Production Assistant ("Nova")
In 1965, a botched circumcision started an infant boy on a nightmare of medical meddling with his sexual identity. Born Bruce Reimer, he would be surgically castrated at age two and then raised as a girl, only later to insist that he be called David and restored as a male. The program tells the scie

Misc. Crew (special)

Zoot Suit Riots (2002) as Intern
In the aftermath of a highly publicized trial for the murder of a young Mexican-American man, Los Angeles erupted in violent riots in June 1943 that scarred race relations for decades to come. For ten straight nights, American sailors armed with makeshift weapons cruised Mexican American neighborhoo

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