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Stay (2014)
After retreating to the rugged expanse of the Irish countryside, Abbey and Dermot's happy existence is upended when Abbey discovers she's pregnant. Dermot, a long-since disgraced professor, has no interest in being a father. With their lives now at a crossroads, Abbey and Dermot's relationship hangs
Le Chevaux de Dieu (2013)
Two brothers from an impoverished slum outside of Casablanca eventually become Islamic fundamentalists and are chosen by their spiritual leader to be martyrs and commit an act of terrorism.
How to Make a Book With Steidl (2013)
A portrait of publisher and printer Gerhard Steidl, revered and sought after worldwide for his ability to make the most exquisite art books imaginable. He is so in demand that his is waiting list is four years long. Perfection takes time. Steidl never takes a day off and is constantly in motion, tra
Camille Claudel 1915 (2013)
Winter, 1915. In the South of France, sculptor Camille Claudel has become obsessed with the idea that she is being persecuted by those who envy her and her former lover and fellow sculptor, Auguste Rodin, and has been confined to a psychiatric clinic by her family. During this reclusive period, Cami
Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction (2013)
This impressionistic portrait of iconic actor Harry Dean Stanton is composed of intimate moments, film clips from some of his 250 films and his own heart-breaking renditions of American folk songs. The film explores his enigmatic outlook on his life, his unexploited talents as a musician and include
Sister (2012)
Simon lives with his older sister in a housing complex below a luxury Swiss ski resort. With his sister drifting in and out of jobs and relationships,12-year-old Simon takes on the responsibility of providing for the two of them. Every day, he takes the lift up to the opulent ski world above, steali
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet (2012)
Thirteen actors, each playing fictionalized versions of themselves, are called to the home of deceased playwright Antoine d'Anthac for the reading of his will. Once assembled the actors, all of whom have performed in d'Anthac's "Euridyce" at some point in their careers, are invited to critique a rec
If I Were You (2012)
Successful, middle-aged businesswoman Madelyn discovers her husband is having an affair with sexy, young, aspiring actress Lucy. While stalking the new mistress, Madelyn witnesses what she thinks is a suicide attempt and ends up talking her down. Lucy is completely ignorant of Madelyn's true identit
Whores' Glory (2012)
Prostitutes from all over the world share stories about their individual lives, loves, hopes and longings.
Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet (2012)
A guitar prodigy from a young age, Jason Becker burst onto the scene with his band Cacophony, garnering notice from the major industry players. Hired as the lead guitarist in David Lee Roth's band in 1991, Jason never made it on tour. After recording an album with the band, he was diagnosed with Lou
Revisionaries, The (2012)
The culture wars heat up when former chairman of the Texas Board of Education Don McLeroy, who interprets the bible to mean that man and dinosaurs lived together and the Earth is no more than 6,000 years old, runs for re-election. His platform is based on teaching only creationism, and, as Texas is
Nuit #1 (2012)
Clara and Nikolai meet at a sweat-soaked rave but this typical hook-up takes an unexpected turn. These two strangers end up at Nikolai's apartment and begin to talk. Nikolai criticizes modern women like Clara, whom he claims behave like men. A disheartened romantic, Clara shares what she hoped Nikol
Breathing (2012)
Eighteen-year-old Roman Kogler is doing time in a juvenile detention center. Having served half of his sentence, he is up for probation, but his chances are slim as he seems incapable of integrating into society. After many failed attempts, he finally secures a probation job at the municipal morgue
All Together (2012)
Jean is a romantic revolutionary but enjoys the spoils of a bourgeois lifestyle with his wife, Annie. Annie is a retired psychiatrist who complains about not having enough time with her children and grandchildren. Albert, friendly yet senile, is the complete opposite of his energetic American wife,
Pig (2012)
A man wakes up in the desert with a black hood over his head and his hands tied behind his back. He can't remember who he is or how he got there. The only clue he finds is a piece of paper in his pocket with the name 'Manny Elder' scribbled on it.
Foreign Parts (2011)
In the shadow of the new Mets Stadium, the neighborhood of Willets Point, Queens is an industrial zone fated for demolition. Filled with scrapyards and auto salvage shops, the area seems ripe for tourist development. But soon we discover this strange community has a thriving form of commerce involvi
Crazy Wisdom: The Life & Times of Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche (2011)
Trained in rigorous Tibetan monastic tradition, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche leaves his homeland to upend the way Westerners view Tibetan Buddhism. His penchant for drinking, smoking and sex left searchers torn, but his work resonates to this day. Documentary includes interviews with Buddhist teachers,
Meeting Spencer (2011)
After a series of Hollywood flops, famed director Harris Chappell returns to New York to relaunch his Broadway career. But Chappell's triumphant comeback begins to spiral out of control into a wild night of comic misadventure after meeting struggling actor Spencer and his old flame Didi.
Raw Faith (2011)
A documentary that follows two years in the private life of a minister. Marilyn Sewell is successful and beloved in the pulpit, but behind the scenes she is lonely and yearning for change. As she considers leaving the ministry, she realizes she will be leaving her only social network. Yet when she f
Khodorkovsky (2011)
A chronicle of the controversial trial and imprisonment of former Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. He was officially jailed for tax evasion and embezzlement, but supporters believe his only crime was his criticism of Vladimir Putin.
Mill and the Cross, The (2011)
A painting comes alive in the living, breathing world of Pieter Bruegel's dense frieze of Christ's passion, The Way to Calvary. Bruegel's 1564 painting sets the drama of the crucifixion within a rustic Flanders scene teeming with everyday life, portrays Jesus' crucifixion in the midst of the bruta
Alps (2011)
A nurse, a paramedic, a gymnast and her coach have formed a new business -- they hire themselves out to stand in for dead people, engaged by the relatives, friends or colleagues of the deceased. Their company is called Alps and their leader is a paramedic that refers to himself as Mont Blanc. Althou
Armadillo (2011)
Armadillo is an active military base, used to support tactical operations in Helmand, Afghanistan. It houses a mixture of 170 Danish and British soldiers in the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force), who are responsible for providing security to the surrounding area and eliminating any Tali
Fairy, The (2011)
Social misfit Dom is relegated to working the night shift in a small hotel near the industrial sea port of Le Havre. One night, a woman named Fiona shows up with no luggage and no shoes. She reveals to Dom she is a fairy and grants him three wishes. After making two of his wishes come true, she myst
El Bulli: Cooking in Progress (2011)
El Bulli has been called "the most influential restaurant in the world" (The New York Times, June 15, 2011) and Ferran Adrià, its creator, deemed a brilliant innovator, the father of molecular gastronomy, or sometimes just a crazy chef. Located a few hours drive from Barcelona, El Bulli closes each
Café de Flore (2011)
Antoine is blessed with a beautiful girlfriend, two sweet daughters and a job filled with travel and adulation. He is a DJ who regularly jets to London to perform in clubs. Meanwhile, in 1969 Paris, Jacqueline is a single mother raising Laurent, a boy with Down syndrome. Jacqueline is a sad and lone
Fred & Vinnie (2011)
Fred is happy when his pal Vinnie moves in with him, until he realizes that Vinnie is the most maddening guy he has ever met. It turns out that living with the world's happiest agoraphobic and fattest vegetarian can get on your nerves.
Woodmans, The (2010)
An intimate portrait of the Woodmans, a family united in their belief that art-making is the highest form of expression and an essential way of life. Only photographer daughter Francesca achieves worldwide acclaim after a tragedy that would forever scar the family.
Poetry (2010)
A woman in her mid-sixties lives with her 15-year-old grandson in poverty and loneliness. She endeavors to compose a poem for the very first time in her life to protect her grandson, who is her only love and consolation, from his own misconduct.
Rapt! (2010)
Based on the 1978 kidnapping of the French industrialist/playboy, Baron Edouard-Jean Empain, a wildly attractive businessman and political mover and shaker who hops effortlessly from one chauffeured Mercedes to another as he trades boardrooms for bedrooms. But following a brutal kidnapping, he is ha
Caterpillar (2010)
During the 2nd Sino-Japanese War in 1940, Lieutenant Kurokawa returns home a decorated soldier but deprived of his arms and legs lost in the battle in mainland China. All hopes, from the villagemen and women to close family members, turn to the Lieutenant's wife Shigeko as she must honor the Emperor
Littlerock (2010)
Japanese siblings Rintaro and Atsuko are visiting the United States for the first time. They are headed for San Francisco when their rental car breaks down in the California desert town of Littlerock. Despite the cultural and language barriers, they soon fall in with a group of aimless young locals,
Robber, The (2010)
Late 1980s. About the true story of Pumpgun Ronnie who combined a criminal career as a serial bank robber with his talent as a record-breaking marathon runner.
Film Socialisme (2010)
Explores numerous conversations, in various languages, between the passengers aboard a Mediterranean cruise ship.
Army of Crime, The (2010)
Retraces the epic story of the Parisian Resistance fighters of the FTP-MOI (Francs-tireurs and Partisans - Immigrant Workers). Led by Missak Manouchian, a worker and poet of Armenian origin, the group carried out around thirty operations against the Nazis between August and November 1943. Handed ove
Bear Nation (2010)
An examination of the subculture sweeping gay culture, the sexualization of hirsute and hefty gay males whose biggest currency is masculinity.
My Joy (2010)
The life of Russian truck driver Georgi seems to be a never-ending nightmare, a spiral of violence and abuses of power. He goes to work, and on his way, he is sucked into the everyday madness of his country, losing his health and memory in the process. Ultimately, Georgi ends up as a murderer, who c
Tuesday, After Christmas (2010)
One week before Christmas, Paul and Adriana face a marital crisis. After informing his wife that Paul intends to leave her for his mistress, Adriana gives him until the Tuesday after Christmas to tell their 8-year-old daughter.
Two in the Wave (2010)
Eine Geschichte von die Freundschaft zwischen Jean-Luc Godard und Francois Truffaut.
Being in the World (2010)
A celebration of human beings and our ability, through the mastery of physical, intellectual and creative skills, to find meaning in the world around us. Some of our most renowned philosophers, from Harvard to Berkeley, take us on a journey to meet people who not only have learned to respond in a se
Post Mortem (2010)
A mortuary clerk tries to track down the women he loves after Augusto Pinochet's 1973 coup. Mario, a middle-aged civil servant working in the coroner's office, becomes fixated on the fading music-hall artist next door - a woman with left-wing connections - just at the point when he's forced by the a
American Grindhouse (2010)
Explores the hidden history of the American exploitation film. Despite being an often overlooked genre, exploitation cinema has left an indelible mark on American culture. Here, the shameless and occassionally shocking origins of the genre are revealed as well as its principles and popularity that e
Red Chapel, The (2010)
A journalist with no scruples, a self-proclaimed spastic, and a comedian travel to North Korea under the guise of a cultural exchange visit to challenge one of the world's most notorious regimes.
American Mystic (2010)
Set against the backdrop of rural America, three young Americans decide to explore alternative religion: a Wiccan in California mining country, a New Ager in upstate New York, and a Native American father and sundancer in South Dakota, all yearning for spiritual fulfillment in disparate but often st
Double Take (2010)
Locates and develops thematic conjunctions between escapist entertainment and real-life horror. More specifically, we observe as connections are mapped between the work and images of legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock and the escalation of the cold war in the 1960s.
Korkoro (2009)
A gypsy family travels the roads of France during World War II, followed by Little Claude, a young boy seeking a new family after his parents left and never returned. Upon reaching a town where they traditionally stop to work for a few months, they learn that a new law forbids them from being nomadi
Hipsters (2009)
A musical set in Cold War Russia circa 1955. It tells the story of a communist party youth, Mels, whose life is changed when he encounters Moscow's vibrant underground. An American influenced jazz scene and the non-conformist kids, Hipsters, who inhabit it.
Dogtooth (2009)
Three grown siblings have been raised in isolation from the outside world, but the arrival of an outsider has terrible consequences for them all.
Blank City (2009)
Follows the DIY independent film movement that emerged in tandem with punk rock in late-'70s downtown New York.
Winnebago Man (2009)
Jack Rebney is the most famous man you've never heard of - an RV salesman whose hilarious, foul-mouthed outbursts circulated underground on VHS tapes in the 90s before turning into a full-blown Internet phenomenon, seen by more than 20 million people worldwide. Filmmaker Ben Steinbauer g s in search
Reel Injun (2009)
Tackles the represesntation of Aboriginal people in Hollywood films. Throughout the years, these depictions have almost always been deeply negative and wildly inaccurate. And, the very existence of these representations are shown to have had a real impact on Aboriginal people and on non-Aboriginal p
Barking Water (2009)
Irene and Frankie have had a tumultuous relationship for forty years. As Frankie lies on his deathbed, Irene comes back to him one last time to break him out of the hopital and take him home.
Mademoiselle Chambon (2009)
Jean leads a pretty ordinary life with his loving wife and child. One day, as he's picking up son Jérémy from school, he stumbles upon Mademoiselle Chambon. This chance encounter will be a turning point in his well organized life.
Carmel (2009)
A kaleidoscope of images and associations from the distant Jewish past and the immediate Israeli present. At first, we see centuries-old battles between Romans and Hebrews for the town of Jerusalem--a land that has seen much bloodletting. Then, we are then transported to the present at an Israeli ar
Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould (2009)
A look at the multi-facted life of Glenn Gould, the most documented classical musician of the last century. In particular, we explore the incongruities between Gould's private reality and his carefully groomed public persona. In looking at his personal life, we take a closer look at his long-running
Ajami (2009)
Jaffa's Ajami neighborhood is a melting pot of cultures and conflicting views among Jews, Muslims and Christians. Sensitive 13-year-old Nasri and his older brother live in fear after their uncle foolishly wounds a prominent clan member. Naive young Palestinian refugee Malek works illegally in Israel
City of Life and Death (2009)
Nanjing, China December 1937: The Japanese Imperial Army attacks the city wall of the fledging Republic of China's ancient capital, and in a matter of days, Nanjing falls. Over the course of the following weeks, Japanese soldiers systematically exterminate Chinese prisoners while brutalizing, murder
Salt of This Sea (2008)
Soraya, born in Brooklyn in a working class community of Palestinian refugees, discovers that her grandfather's savings were frozen in a bank account in Jaffa when he was exiled in 1948. Stubborn, passionate and determined to reclaim what is hers, she fulfills her life-long dream of "returning" to P
Bastards, The (2008)
Jesus and Fausto are two undocumented Mexican day laborers living in a big city of Southern California. After working small jobs here and there they decide to go work in the tomato fields of a far away state, but they need money to get there first. Their current situation is desperate and now Jesus
Juche Idea, The (2008)
Somewhat inspired by a true story of a South Korean filmmaker kidnapped in the '70s to improve the North Korean film industry, follows a South Korean video artist in North Korea who hopes to revitalize Juche cinema. In the mod '60s, film fanatic Kim Jong Il adapted his father's Juche philosophy to p
One Day You'll Understand (2008)
Paris, 1987. As the trial of Lyon's Gestapo head Klaus Barbie plays out on television, French businessman Victor Bastien finds himself distracted from his work and increasingly obsessed with piecing together the truth about his family's history. As he sorts through photographs, letters and memorabil
Momma's Man (2008)
Mikey, a young husband and father, stops off at his parents' loft during a business trip to New York and finds himself emotionally unable to leave. Unsure of his own motivations, he makes up excuses about why he's staying--his flight is delayed; his flight is canceled--but while his doting mother is
Toe Tactic, The (2008)
A young woman grieves for her father while unaware of the magical world around her.
Laila's Birthday (2008)
Judge Abu Laila is forced to become a taxi driver when the government runs out of money to pay for his wages. On the day of his daughter Laila's seventh birthday, his wife insists that he needs to be home early with a present and a cake. Abu Laila has nothing else on his mind other than completing t
Tony Manero (2008)
A tale of obsession set in 1979 Santiago, Chile, follows an off-the-rails, impoverished and over-the-hill imitator of John Travolta's character in "Saturday Night Fever," who goes to any lengths to win a cash prize and recognition in a dance-like-Travolta TV contest. Meanwhile, tanks rumble through
Derek (2008)
A cinematic journey that illuminates the work and enduring importance of the late director Derek Jarman.
Nollywood Babylon (2008)
A view into the wacky world of Nollywood, Nigeria's home-grown movie industry.
Futai no Kisetsu (2008)
Porno novelist Kurosaki tries to keep his wife in the dark while he's researching a new book and hiring models to experiment with bondage positions in his living room.
Casting About (2007)
In late 2000, filmmaker Barry J. Hershey set out to cast actresses for a dramatic film that he had co-written and intended to direct. The plan was to incorporate some of the casting footage into the fiction film, an idea arising from Hershey's first experience with casting at film school more than 2
My Father My Lord (2007)
In Israel, Young Menachem lives in his father's shadow in a Haredim (the Hebrew word for ultra-Orthodox Jews) family, part of an insular community whose life revolves around Torah and tradition. Rabbi Abraham Edelman is a respected rabbi, extremely pious, and he demands that his family follow suit.
Loren Cass (2007)
In 1997 a group of teenagers living in St. Petersburg struggle to make sense of their lives after the urban rioting provoked by the brutal real-life killing of 18-year-old Tyron Lewis, an African American, who was gunned down by a white police officer.
Lady Chatterley (2007)
Set in 1921, it is the story of an adulterous affair between Lady Constance Chatterley, a sexually unfulfilled upper-class married woman, and the game keeper who works for the estate owned by her wheelchaired husband.
Liberty Kid (2007)
Derrick survived his racially divided high school (Blacks vs. Latinos) by passing for both sides. A legal resident alien, born in the Dominican Republic but raised in Brooklyn, Derrick has visions of going to college and getting out of the ghetto. But he's stifled by low-wage jobs, child support pay
Blind Mountain (2007)
Young student Bai Xuemei is cheated and sold as a 'wife' by human traffickers to a remote village. Raped and beaten, she leads the life of a sex slave and child-bearer with no hope of escape because of the villagers' apathy and selfishness. When help finally arrives, it is only the beginning of anot
Glass Lips (2007)
A young poet, whose violent father's shadow looms over him, recalls traumatic episodes from his life while locked away in an asylum.
Requiem for Billy the Kid (2007)
Recounts the life of Billy the Kid, investigating into the often-challenged circumstances that led to the death of the 21-year old outlaw in the hands of sheriff Pat Garrett on July 14, 1881. As we follow the modern sheriff on camera, off camera Billy the Kid gives his own account of the events.
Crossing the Line (2006)
In 1962, a U.S. soldier sent to guard the peace in South Korea deserted his unit, walked across the most heavily fortified area on earth and defected to the Cold War enemy, the communist state of North Korea. He became a coveted star of the North Korean propaganda machine, but then disappeared from
In the Pit (2006)
According to Mexican legend, whenever a bridge is built the devil asks for one soul, in exchange for keeping the bridge standing. This film chronicles the daily lives of the workers building a second deck to Mexico City's Periferico freeway--their hopes, dreams and struggle for survival.
Garden of Earthly Delights, The (2006)
Claudia is an art historian specializing in the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch. Chris is a maritime engineer writing a dissertation on gondola construction. They share a passion for interpreting the hidden language of symbols. When Claudia discovers she has larynx cancer, she decides to spend her las
Falling (2006)
Four friends--Nina, Brigitte, Alex, and Nicole, all in their early thirties--are reunited at a funeral. Nicole has come with her 12-year-old daughter, Daphne; Nina is seven months pregnant. Despite the sad occasion of this reunion, old behaviors will not stay suppressed: Nina still laughs uncontroll
In Between Days (2006)
When a recent Korean immigrant falls in love with her best and only friend, their misunderstood affection for each other creates a delicate relationship that is challenged by the demands of living in a new country.
Petite Jerusalem, La (2006)
In the Paris suburb of Sarcelles, "La Petite Jerusalem" is the nickname of a low-income, concrete housing neighborhood with a substantial number of Jewish -- and Jewish immigrant -- residents. Among the thousands of men, women and children living there, one small household shelters a Tunisian-Jewish
Times and Winds (2006)
Set in a tiny, poor village, leaning on high cliffs, facing the vast sea, its outskirts laced with olive groves. The inhabitants of the village are simple, hard-working people who struggle to cope with the tough natural features of the land. They live by the rhythm of the earth, air, and water, of t
1/3 (2006)
In New York City's East Village, Chris, a Buddhist monk in his twenties, lives a simple life filled with meditation, moderation and abstinence. Despite his lifestyle, he soon becomes entranced with his 18-year-old female neighbor, whom he dubs Lotusia because of her seeming innocence, like a lotus g
Son of Man (2006)
Based on the New Testament and viewed through a South African prism, centers around the life of Jesus Christ as a modern African man.
Psychopathia Sexualis (2006)
The case histories of turn-of-the-century sexual deviance, drawn from the pages of Richard von Krafft-Ebing's notorious medical text. A sexually repressed man discovers an unhealthy appetite for blood; a homosexual man submits himself to a doctor who promises to 'cure' his condition; and a masochist
Iron Island (2005)
Old Captain Nemat runs a tight ship. This benevolent dictator is almost a father to the scores of poor, homeless, uneducated families who live on his immensely overcrowded tanker, anchored several yards offshore. The fact that the ship's owner and the authorities have ordered him to evacuate the pla
Romantico (2005)
Mexican musician Carmelo Muniz, a 60-year-old-father, and his musical partner, Arturio Arias, roam the streets of San Francisco playing love songs for tips at hipster dives and taquerias. They are a duo, but they call themselves a trio for marketing purposes. Carmelo's stay in San Francisco ends abr
Motel Cactus (2005)
Centered on a single room in a Seoul hostelery--a "love hotel" that a disproportionate number of young, good-looking people just happen to rent by night or by the hour--a look at male-female relations which is told in four sequential stories, with each fixed on a twosome in a different stage of rela
President's Last Bang, The (2005)
October 26, 1979: it is a day like any other day for KCIA Chief Agent Ju. Sent to a high-class brothel to secure evening's diversions for the president, Ju can barely hide his contempt for the menial, contemptible duties he is called on to perform for the "good" of his country. He plots and prepares
Last Mogul, The (2005)
There are those that say Hollywood was born the day Lew Wasserman came to town. For six decades, there was only one man who had the consummate power to run the industry and his reign forever defined Hollywood as we know it. During his 59-year career, he worked with everyone from Alfred Hitchcock to
Liverpool (2005)
A slice-of-lifer about a 50-ish merchant sailor who returns to his native Tierra del Fuego after years at sea.
Look Both Ways (2005)
For Meryl, disaster is everywhere. She is constantly daydreaming of train wrecks, muggings, and shark attacks--her life is governed by an absurd and comical fear of catastrophe. One day, Meryl witnesses a real accident. This event links her to the lives of many other people who are affected by it. O
Alila (2004)
The intertwining stories of over a dozen distinct characters who inhabit an apartment complex located in a rundown neighborhood of Tel Aviv. Holocaust survivor Schwartz has enjoyed a peaceful existence living in his small apartment with Linda, a young Filipino who comes regularly to give him medicat
Harvest Time (2004)
Set on a Russian collective farm circa 1950, this elegiac essay shows how the "Red Flag" awarded to top combine operator Tosya essentially destroys her life and that of her family. The velvet banner, at first a source of pride, soon becomes the bane of Tosya's existence. It falls victim to a mouse i
Untold Scandal (2004)
Adaptation of the 18th Century French novel made over to fit the Chosun Dynasty period, visualizing the repressive customs of 17th-century Korea.
Happily Ever After (2004)
Vincent and Gabrielle are married, have stable jobs, a healthy son and a harmonious relationship. Yet, after a series of failed attempts at revitalizing their marital routine, Vincent begins a heated affair with another woman and Gabrielle spins into introspection--while hiding from Vincent that she
Overture, The (2004)
Born in remote rural Siam in the late 19th century, Sorn, the youngest son in a family of musicians, displayed a remarkable passion for music--and an astonishing facility for playing the wooden xylophone known as the ranad. As he matured into a young man, Sorn's musical gifts won him great regional
Five Dedicated to Ozu (2004)
A series of five long takes of seascapes, pieced together to form a filmic collage.
Watermarks (2004)
The story of the champion women swimmers of the legendary Jewish sports club, Hakoah Vienna. Hakoah (meaning "Strength" in Hebrew) was founded in 1909 in response to the notorious Aryan Paragraph, which forbade Austrian sports clubs from accepting Jewish athletes. Its founders were eager to populari
Blind Shaft (2003)
It's work as usual for two Chinese coal miners, Song and Tang, until they decide to kill Tang's brother, Chaolu, with their axes while deep underground. The murder causes a brief mine collapse which covers up their crime and allows them to demand compensation from the mine owner to cover their losse
Free Radicals (2003)
After being the lone survivor of a gruesome plane crash, Manu returns to a small Austrian town and successfully rebuilds her life. Five years after the near-fatal accident, Manu is surrounded by family members, friends, husband and a lovely young daughter. But for the sake of destiny--or chance--Man
Vozvraschenie (2003)
Two teenage Russian boys have their father return home suddenly after being absent for 12 years. The father takes the boys on a holiday to a remote island on a lake in the north of Russia that turns into a test of manhood of almost mythic proportions.
Vibrator (2003)
A young, single woman is consumed by her own thoughts and the voices she imagines hearing inside her head--so lost that the only sensation she feels is the vibration of the cell phone in her pocket. The real voices of those around her, however, rarely penetrate her shell. Until the hand of a young b
Kaosu (2003)
In modern-day Tokyo, an executive is lunching with his elegant wife at a fashionable French restaurant. When the time comes to pay, the wife steps outside while the husband handles the credit card transaction. But when he goes out to meet her, he finds that she has been kidnapped and will killed unl
Chi-hwa-seon (2002)
In a time of political and social unrest in 19th century Korea, an uncouth, self-taught painter explores his natural talent amidst the repressive world around him.
Dead or Alive: Final (2002)
In Yokohama in the year 2346, human beings and androids coexist uneasily under a dictatorship in which birth control is mandatory. The dictator's enforcer, Honda, is an android who resembles an Elvis impersonator and who, despite his mechanical origins, develops human feelings and is revealed to hav
Robot Stories (2002)
A collection of four stories that explore the complexities of human emotions in the face of a technologically evolving world. In "The Robot Fixer," a mother becomes obsessed with her estranged son's box of playthings after he is injured in a car accident. In "My Robot Baby," a young yuppie couple mu
Ayurveda: The Art of Being (2002)
A historical account of the ancient holistic practice, Ayurveda. Originating in India and then spreading to Egypt, Greece, Rome, Tibet, China, Russia and Japan, Ayurveda is probably the world's oldest continually practiced holistic healthcare system. The technique requires healers to scan their pat
Kedma (2002)
Set seven days before the creation of the state of Israel in May 1948, a small rusted ship, transporting a group of expectant concentration camp survivors from Shoah, approaches a hostile new territory. They are met by British troops, who are shooting at them, and are trying to forbid them from dise
Piano Teacher, The (2001)
Erika Kohut is a piano teacher at the Vienna Conservatory prestigious music school in Vienna. In her early forties and single, she lives with her overprotective and controlling mother in a hermetically sealed world of love-hate and dependency, where there is no room for men. Her sex life consists of voyeurism and masochistic self-injury. Lonely and alienated, Erika finds solace by visiting sex shops and experimenting with masochism. Ata a recital, she befriends Walter, a handsome young man, whom she seduces and with whom she begins an illicit affair. As Erika slowly drifts closer to the brink of emotional disorder, she uses the love-stricken Walter to explore her darkest sado-masochistic fantasies, which eventually lead to her undoing.
Love the Hard Way (2001)
Claire, a brilliant student, seeks answers to the meaning of life in the calm of her biology laboratory. One day, she meets a mysterious young man, Jack, at the cinema, and is intrigued by his style, assurance and audacity. Apart from his artistic activities, Jack has a regular scam going, ripping o
Daresalam (2001)
Chad in the 1970s. Koni and Djimi live in a village called Galbal, in the northern part of the country. Friends since childhood. Koni helps his uncle, the village blacksmith, and Djimi, who is a tailor by trade and whose parents are peasants, lends his mother and father a hand in his spare time. One
Take Care of My Cat (2001)
In the port city of Icheon, five tight-knit, female friends struggle to stay close while forging new lives for themselves after high school. When one of the girls in the group--the upwardly-mobile Hae-ju--moves to Seoul, the other girls deal with the loss in very different ways. Feeling the most rej
Dead or Alive 2: Birds (2001)
A pair of long separated boyhood friends meet when one assassinates a racketeer the other has been hired to shoot. Both conclude that it's time to retire from the underworld fray and take a slow boat to the island where they were raised, reminiscing about the good times, the bad times and their favo
Karmen Gei (2001)
In contemporary, urban Dakar, Karmen escapes an all-female island penitentiary, leaving behind women who cherish her and a female warden who is wilting from the heat of her passionate desire. She returns to her people and to her lawless ways, ruling her smuggling ring with a passion as resolute as a
Jan Dara (2001) as Video Distributor
Jan is born into the wealthy Visanan family in Bangkok in the 30s; his mother dies in childbirth. His father, an officious civil servant who likes to be called Khun Luang ('Master'), hates the boy so much that Jan comes to question his real parentage. Khun Luang exercises droit de seigneur with ever
Tell Me Something (2000)
When dead bodies in black plastic bags start turning up all over Seoul, Detective Jo and his partner Oh are called in to set up a special unit to capture the serial killer. Their number one suspect is mysterious Chae Su-yeon, a museum restorer who knew many of the victims. But the killer's knowledge
Code Unknown (2000)
A multilayered story of emigres in Paris. When angry Jean tosses a piece of paper at homeless Maria, passer-by Amadou is enraged and fights with Jean. The police arrive, Amadou is arrested and Maria deported to Romania. In this random encounter three separate lives and cultures collide, leaving a number of questions and providing few answers.
Kippur (2000)
On Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) in October 1973, the Egyptian and Syrian armies made a surprise attack on Israel, igniting the Yom Kippur War, a conflict which cost more than 2,000 Israeli lives. Amidst the horrors of the war, 23-year-old Weinraub, a member of a small medical unit, risks his li
Princes and Princesses (2000)
Six tales utilizing the shadow animation technique, in which two children meet every night in an old cinema where they dress up and invent stories.
Tokyo Gomi Onna (2000)
Miyuki doesn't need to stalk the man she's crazy about, because he lives one floor down. He's Yoshinori, a not very successful long-haired musician. Miyuki, a coffee-shop waitress, nods when they pass on the stairs, but hasn't yet dared to strike up a conversation. Instead she slips out every night
Boesman and Lena (2000)
Carrying bottles and pots around their shoulders, and a few pieces of clothing, Boesman and Lena are forced to roam dusty clay roadways in search of shelter and a better existence. Driven from their shanty once again by the white man, they walk the South African Cape Flats, a place that they've been
Himalaya (1999)
Karma returns from a journey with the sad news that Tinle's son has died in an accident. As head of the village, Tinle uses all his power to punish Karma for his son's death, and forbids him to lead an upcoming yak caravan. The conflict divides the village into two factions, with both men deciding t
Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl (1999)
Samehada is on the run from some gangsters from whom he has stolen some property. During the chase, the pursuers crash into Toshiko, who is also on the run--in her case from her sex-crazed uncle. Toshiko and Samehada get together, and both are chased by a bumbling hit man, Yamada, who was hired by T
Cherry Orchard, The (1999)
Set in Russia at the turn of the century, a story chronicling a noblewoman's return to her family estate after a five-year absence. There she finds the family fortune has dwindled to practically nothing, and she and her brother are faced with the difficult choice of selling the family's treasured ch
World Within, The (1999)
An exploration of Carl Jung's concepts of the unconscious and its relation to dreams, via interviews and glimpses into his Red Book, the diary he kept of his dreams, and the paintings he made of those images and fantasies.
Time Regained (1999)
Based on the concluding installment of Marcel Proust's literary masterpiece, "Rememberance of Things Past," a dying Proust reflects upon his life from his deathbed, remembering many of the people who've affected and influenced him during the course of his adult life, from the 1880s to the early 1920
Arsenal (1999)
A group of Bolsheviks battle against counter-revolutionaries in Kiev, finally confronting them in the city's armory.
Adieu, Plancher des Vaches! (1999)
Nicolas comes from a rich but dysfunctional Parisian family, and spends his days trying to escape his privileged background and businesswoman mother. He takes after his father in terms of incipient alcoholism and a refusal of family ties. One day, though, his slumming leads him into a risky situatio
Tokyo Eyes (1998)
K is an unsettled young man who expresses his angst by opening fire upon the streets of Tokyo with an automatic pistol. Dubbed "Four Eyes" by the media, K becomes the target of a police manhunt, led by Detective Roy. When Roy's sister, Hinano, sees the police sketch of K, she recognizes the man aft
Dr. Akagi (1998)
The story of the relationship between a country doctor and a woman who works in his hepatitis clinic, set in a seaside town at the end of World War II. As hepatitis ravages Japan, the courageous doctor is nonetheless at the fringes of a very militaristic society. He, his friends, and the prostitute
Trevor (1997)
Captivated by the musical theater and the phenomenon of Diana Ross, 13-year-old Trevor nonetheless attempts to cultivate an interest in girls by french kissing Cathy Quinn. His world comes crashing down when his true feelings for his new best friend are discovered.
East Side Story (1997)
A comical documentary about a part of history unknown in the West--the socialist movie musicals made behind the Iron Curtain during the height of the Communist rule. Eastern Bloc countries were not known for their joie de vivre, but in their ongoing effort to save their audience, the state-sponsored
Conspirators of Pleasure (1997)
A life-action feature, black comedy about a group of loosely connected, "ordinary" people who feverishly engage in obsessive rituals: Mr Peony fashions a papier-mache rooster's head and bat wings made of umbrellas; his landlady inflicts punishment on a life-size rag doll's effigy of him; the newspap
Junk Food (1997)
An urban fairy tale which traces twenty-four hours in the lives of various troubled Toykoites: a junkie-office worker in search of a fix; a female wrestler preparing to return to her native Mexico; a Pakistani in love with a Japanese prostitute; and two gangsters in search of an abducted car.
Castle, The (1997)
An adaptation of Kafka's last, unfinished novel "The Castle."
Milky Way, The (1997)
Set in 1964 in an unnamed village under Israeli military rule since 1948, a local half-wit Mabruq loses his parents during a period of forced exile while the object of his affections, Jamilah, has been mute since seeing her mother killed. Both people are examples of the type of casualty that emerges
Happy Together (1997)
A chamber drama about two male lovers from Hong Kong who start off seeking a new life but end up separating on their way to a waterfall in Argentina. Stuck in Buenos Aires, the two meet up again.
Who the Hell is Juliette? (1997)
Docudrama focusing on the criss-crossing paths of two beautiful women. Juliette Ortega is a 16-year-old living in Havana who has been raised by her grandmother after her mother's suicide. Fabiola Quiroz is a 23-year-old Mexican model, also the product of a broken home, who meets Juliette when she co
Captain Conan (1996)
Set on the Bulgarian border in 1918 during the final clashes of the Great War, the four act story scrutinizes a fearless combat leader, who sees himself more as a warrior, charging onto bloody battlefields or into the beds of local women with the same impulses.
Ogre, The (1996)
The nightmarish saga of a gentle giant, Abel, a French prisoner of war in East Prussia, who is forced by evil circumstances into the task of recruiting young boys to be trained in the Nazi army, with or without their consent. Ordered by the inner sanctum of German leaders, who had redeemed him from
Guimba the Tyrant (1995)
Guimba the Tyrant rules the kingdom of Sitikali, an exotic Saharan city of mud palaces and winding streets. He executes or banishes every opponent and indulges his son Janguine, a mean-spirited dwarf whom he is instructing in the politics of power. Janguine, however, is far more interested in beddin
Fallen Angels (1995)
The ever-so-smooth Killer, a gun-for-hire, resigns from his job when he starts feeling the growing pressure from his beautiful boss, Agent, about his whereabouts. The real problem at-hand, however, is that both parties are falling in love with each other; and neither the cunning Killer, nor the ruthless Agent can deal with the reality of their situation.
Institute Benjamenta (1995)
Jakob von Gunten arrives at the Institute Benjamenta, a training school for domestic service, to enroll for its course--a single endlessly repeated lesson. He develops an unresolved and unarticulated attraction to the principal's beautiful wife, while attempting to penetrate the physical and mystica
Saint Clara (1995)
This surreal tale of Israeli adolescents could take place anywhere where 13-year-olds hate the school principal and question the sanity of their Edith Piaf-obsessed teachers. Clara, a beautiful teenager, comes from a family of Russian bear-hunting immigrants with psychic powers (who nevertheless com
Keeper, The (1995)
Paul Lamont is a 36-year-old Haitian-American corrections officer at the Brooklyn King's County House of Detention. An aspiring law student, Paul, who lives a culturally bankrupt existence--is a man caught between two worlds. He sees the human side of the prisoners he watches over, just as he sees t
Devarim (1995)
A depiction of three Tel Aviv men and the world in which they live during the period of a few months.
Waga Jinsei Saisku No Toki (1994)
We are in the seediest neighborhood in Yokahama, full of migrant workers and soon to be the site of the biggest Triad turf war ever. The local gumshoe is Maiku "Mike" Hama, who operates his detective business out of the second floor of a movie theater. One day Mike visits the local mahjong palace an
71 Fragments of a Chronology of a Chance (1994)
Mystery involving a 19-year-old student who, on the day before Christmas 1993, senselessly murders several people and then commits suicide.
Viva Castro! (1994)
Based on a loose assemblage of autobiographical experiences, the story, set in the small towm of Gachina, revolves around Koyla, a high school teen with a messy home life, who has crush on his sexy, seductive, singing teacher.
Forbidden Quest, The (1994)
A retired explorer recounts a disastrous 1905 voyage to the Antarctic.
...And the Earth Did Not Swallow Him (1994)
Set in the 1950s, a poor Mexican American boy and his migrant farmworker family struggle to adapt to life in American society.
Viva Castro! (1994) as Production Company
Based on a loose assemblage of autobiographical experiences, the story, set in the small towm of Gachina, revolves around Koyla, a high school teen with a messy home life, who has crush on his sexy, seductive, singing teacher.
Wittgenstein (1993)
A humorous portrait of Austrian-born British philosopher Ludwig Josef Johan Wittgenstein (1889-1951).
Rhythm Thief (1993)
Simon is a downwardly mobile, urban white guy who hustles a living selling bootleg music on the streets of New York City's Lower East Side. Ludlow Street chick Cyd, who has a real job, humps Simon weekday mornings. Simon's bootleg-wannabe sidekick Fuller has innocent romantic fantasies about Cyd. En
Blue Kite, The (1993)
Spanning the years 1952 to 1967, film tells the story of the three tragic marriages of Chen Shujuan, a primary school teacher. Her first husband is mistakenly branded a rightist and dies in a reform camp. The second dies from poor health during the national famine of the Great Leap Forward Movement
Kaspar Hauser (1993)
Based on the renowned, 19th-century German legend. Who was Kaspar Hauser? Kept in a dungeon his entire childhood, Kaspar turned up in Nuremberg in 1828. He was sixteen, barely able to talk or walk, a virtual "wild child." The mystery unfolds as he quickly learns to talk, read and write, and therefor
Eagle Shooting Heroes, The (1993)
Two mad Taiwanese who are after the imperial jade seal held by the "Third Princess."
Benny's Video (1992)
With videotapes serving as his surrogate parents, a misguided teenager gains his the attention he desires through the act of murder.
Careful (1992)
Strange passions run amok in the alpine village of Tolzbad, whose residents live in obsessive silence, walking on tenterhooks to avoid the constant threat of avalanches, icy paths and lightning strikes that seem to plague them.
L.627 (1992)
An impassioned look inside the day-to-day activities of a small, ill-equipped branch of the Paris Drug Squad.
Pictures From a Revolution (1991)
The photographer Susan Meiselas, reknowned for her coverage of the Sandinistas during the late 70s, returns to Nicaragua a decade later and attempts to track down the people pictured in her original photographs.
Bix (1991)
Set in the 1920s, the story of the career and short life of the late jazz cornetist Bix Beiderbecke, who died at the age of 28 from alcohol poisoning.
Days of Being Wild (1991)
Set in 1960, this film focuses on the relationships of a self-centered young man.
Lyrical Nitrate (1991)
Montage film created from color tinted and toned nitrate footage, discovered in the Amsterdam attic of pioneer distributor Jean Desmet (1875-1956) and dating from 1905 to 1915, which constructs an emotional rather than technical history of the early silent cinema.
Daughters of the Dust (1991)
Three generations of Gullah women reunite in 1902 before the family emigrates to the North.
Second Circle, The (1990)
A young man confronts his own mortality upon the sudden death of his father.
The Match Factory Girl (1990)
An unskilled laborer in a match factory is oppressed by her parents and ignored by men at the local dances.
Diamond Skulls (1989)
A successful man becomes obssessed with the idea that his beautiful wife is unfaithful to him, leading him to murder and an eventual breakdown.
Ariel (1989)
A series of unfortunate events befall a Finnish coal miner in this coldly comedic film.
Easy Wheels (1989)
A woman raised by wolves grows up to lead a group of female bikers.
Tales From the Gimli Hospital (1988)
The relationship between two men who share a hospital room as victims of smallpox.
Egg (1988)
A middle-aged baker considers marriage when his foreign pen pal arrives and falls in love with him.
Winter Tan, A (1988)
A female writer takes off for Mexico in search of romance, entrenching herself in sexual exploits.
Daoma Zei (1987)
Broken Noses (1987)
Portrait of Any Minsker, a former lightweight champion who runs a boxing club for teenagers in Portland, Oregon.
Matter of Heart (1986)
A collection of interviews with influential psychologist Carl Jung and those who knew him, along with selections from Jung's writings on the unconscious, dreams and archetypes.
Gonza the Spearman (1986)
Set in Japan during the 17th Century, a young samurai falls in love with the wife of another man.
Sunday in the Country, A (1984)
An elderly widower, who never quite succeeded as a painter, has a visit from his children and grandchildren at his country home.
Before the Nickelodeon: The Early Cinema Of Edwin S. Porter (1982)
A tribute to director Edwin S. Porter of "The Great Train Robbery" fame.
Eijanaika (1981)
On the eve of the Meiji Restoration, the cataclysmic upheaval which ended Japan''s Tokugawa Shogunate, Genji returns from six years in America, only to find the life he had known irretrievably lost, his young wife sold into prostitution. Discovering her in sleazy East Ryogoku, Genji is drawn into the underworld in which she lives. Strife among the ruling parties spreads throughout the city, and the people begin to riot, shouting "Eijanaika!" ("Why not?!!" or "What the hell!") as they loot the storehouse of wealthy merchants. As troops advance on the rioting mob, Genji, now an agitator planted by the Satsuma clan, is among them, stirring their anger.
The Tempest (1979)
Adaptation of Shakespeare''''s play about the machinations of an exiled magician.
Siberiade (1979)
The story about a very small god-forgotten village in Siberia reflects the history of Russia from the beginning of the century till early 80s. Three generations try to find the land of happiness and to give it to the people. One builds the road through taiga to the star over horizon, the second 'build communism' and the third searches for oil. The oil is found but the destruction of the old cemetry and everything the people of the village cared for followed to get the 'black treasure' of Siberia.
Last of the Blue Devils, The (1979)
Chronicles the reunion of the leading lights of the Kansas City jazz scene from the 1930s and 1940s.
Dersu Uzala (1975)
A Russian explorer brings the Asiatic hunter who saved his life back to civilization.
Violence at Noon (1966)
Idealistic young Japanese villagers attempt to organize a collective farm, but a catastrophic flood washes it away. Crushed, a young couple, Genji and Shino, resolve to hang themselves, but only Genji dies, his girlfriend revived by Eisuke, a comrade from the collective who happens upon the scene. Formerly the most idealistic of the farmers, Eisuke shockingly rapes Shino while reviving her. While Shino conceals this crime, Eisuke continues to assault women, and is eventually caught.
Ro.Go.Pa.G. (1963)
LA RICOTTA Nelle campagne fuori Roma, un regista (Orson Welles) sta girando un film di carattere religioso. Durante le riprese della crocifissione di Cristo, la comparsa Stracci, che interpreta uno dei ladroni, lascia ai propri familiari affamati il cestino fornito dalla produzione e, preso dai morsi della fame, si avventa su una tavola imbandita per le riprese e divora una enorme quantità di ricotta. Mentre è appeso in croce si sente male per l'indigestione di ricotta e muore, proprio come il ladrone del Vangelo.
Siberian Lady Macbeth (1962)
A cleverly ruthless woman has an affair while her husband is away on business, kills her father with rat poison, and then does her husband in upon his return.
The Golden Coach (1953)
The star of a theater company hesitates between three men.
The Golden Coach (1953) as Domestic Video Distributor
The star of a theater company hesitates between three men.
Journal d'un curé de campagne (1951)
A young priest taking over a parish tries to fulfill his duties even as he fights a mysterious stomach ailment.
Desert Victory (1943)
The British army defeats Rommel''''s troops in North Africa.
Contraband (1940)
While held up in a British port, a Danish sea captain tussles with German spies.
Le Crime de Monsieur Lange (1936)
A man and a woman arrive in a cafe-hotel near the belgian frontier. The customers recognize the man from the police's description. His name is Amedee Lange, he murdered Batala in Paris. His lady friend Valentine tells the whole story : Lange was an employee in Batala's little printing works. Batala was a real bastard, swindling every one, seducing female workers of Valentine's laundry... One day he fled to avoid facing his creditors, and the workers set up a cooperative to go on working. But the plot is less important that the description of the atmosphere just before the Popular Front.
La Chienne (1931)
A streetwalker leads a married man along to make money for her pimp.
The Blue Angel (1930)
A stodgy professor falls from grace when he's seduced by a nightclub singer.
Strike (1925)
Russia's Czarist rulers go all out to thwart a factory workers' strike.
Kino-Eye (1924)
An example of Vertov's theory of 'kino-pravda' or cinema-truth, this film attempts to capture the reality of everyday life in the Soviet Union by filming life unawares. The camera explores all aspects of 1924 modern life, from markets and factories to hospitals and doss-houses,
Die Spinnen (1920)
Adventurer Kay Hoog finds a note in a bottle from an anthropologist being held captive by South American Indians. Along the way there is a treacherous spider cult to avoid, an Incan treasure to locate and a femme fatale to best.

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