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7 Days in Hell (2015)
Documentary of the events that happened when two tennis pros... one an unconventional bad boy from the streets and the other, a tennis prodigy, play each other at Wimbledon 2004.
Blue Goose Hollow (2015)
A biography of Bessie Smith, the great singer known as the "Empress of the Blues." Considered by many to be the greatest blues singer of all time, Bessie Smith was also a successful vaudeville entertainer who became the highest paid African-American performer of the roaring twenties. This revised an
Entourage (2015)
Hello Ladies: The Movie (2014)
The movie continues the story of Stuart, a gawky 6'7" English transplant seeking excitement and romance in Los Angeles. Searching for the woman of his dreams amidst the city's dazzling nightlife, Stuart's romantic aspirations far outstretch his looks or appeal. Half as charming - and twice as desper
Normal Heart, The (2014)
The story of the rise of the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York between 1981 and 1984, seen through the eyes of Ned Weeks, the gay founder of a prominent HIV advocacy group. Weeks' affinity for public confrontation puts him at odd with his closeted lover and others within the HIV awareness movement.
Normal Heart, The (2014)
The story of the rise of the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York between 1981 and 1984, seen through the eyes of Ned Weeks, the gay founder of a prominent HIV advocacy group. Weeks' affinity for public confrontation puts him at odd with his closeted lover and others within the HIV awareness movement.
Behind the Candelabra (2013)
Wladziu Valentino Liberace, a musical prodigy, emerged as a concert soloist at age 11 and was performing in symphony orchestras by his teenage years. He soon become a worldwide star, known as much for his flamboyant dress and lifestyle as his records, media appearances and musical talent, up until
50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. and Mrs. Kraus (2013)
The documentary tells the dramatic, previously untold story of Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus, who traveled to Nazi Germany in spring 1939 to save 50 Jewish children. Amid the impending horrors of the Holocaust, they brought what was to date the largest known group of children to the United States, despi
Which Way is the Frontline from Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington (2013)
Shortly after the theatrical release of his Afghanistan war documentary "Restrepo," photographer Tim Hetherington was killed in Libya. Here, his colleague and co-director Sebastian Junger traces Hetherington's work to reveal how he transcended the boundaries of image-making to become a luminary in h
Casting By (2013)
A portrait of the late, legendary casting director Marion Dougherty who was a pioneer in the field of casting before the job even received a significant credit. Establishing herself in the early 1960s with two groundbreaking television series - "Naked City" and "Route 66" - she went on to become the
Clear History (2013)
After helping to market a new electric car, the executive loses his stake in the project, leaving him broke and in despair while his ex-partner acquires all the success and wealth.
Which Way is the Front Line From Here? The Life and Times of Tim Hetherington (2013)
Chronicles combat journalist Chris Hetherington's work on the battlefield to reveal what made him such a singular talent, and a remarkable human being.
Apology to Elephants, An (2013)
Explores the abuse of these ancient and intelligent animals and shows how some people are reversing the trend.
Moms Mabley: I Got Somethin' to Tell You (2013)
African-American stand-up comedienne Moms Mabley broke racial and sexual boundaries as a pioneering comic talent. Here, Whoopi Goldberg reveals Mabley's historical significance and her profound influence as a performer ahead of her time.
Americans in Bed (2013)
Features candid interviews with ten American couples - captured in the comfort of their own beds - as they openly discuss sex, infidelity and love.
Herblock: The Black & The White (2013)
The career of legendary editorial cartoonist Herbert L. Block -- famously known as "Herblock" -- at "The Washington Post" spanned fifty-five years and thirteen presidents. During his tenure there, he claimed three Pulitzer Prizes, the Medal of Freedom and a significant role in President Nixon's resi
Mary & Martha (2013)
Two women's lives unexpectedly cross paths when both of their children suddenly die from being exposed to malaria. Soon after, both women make it their life mission to bring more attention to this devastating disease and how it can be prevented.
Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012)
The life of Ernest Hemingway focusing on his years between 1936-1945, during which time he was involved in a tempestuous romance with war correspondent Martha Gelborn.
Me @ the Zoo (2012)
A portrait of Chris Crocker, a video blogger from a small town in Tennessee with 270 million hits to date, Here, we trace the journey of this controversial Internet folk hero through his personal videos as well as web comments, response videos, fans and haters.
Ethel (2012)
Game Change (2012)
A behind-the-scenes look at John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign, from the decision to select Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate to the ticket's ultimate defeat in the general election just sixty days later.
One Nation Under Dog: Stories of Fear, Loss & Betrayal (2012)
Documentary reveals the sobering realities behind America's obsession with dogs, using startling images to show not only how far some dog lovers will go for their pets, but how far the nation has to go before it treats all dogs humanely.
Girl, The (2012)
Based on the true story of the relationship between filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren, along with his obsession towards the actress.
Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present (2012)
Artist Marina Abramovi┬┐ prepares for one of the most challenging performances of her life: a major retrospective of her work at The Museum of Modern Art in New York. For Marina, this retrospective is far more than just a major milestone in her career as an artist -- it is an opportunity to finally
Project Nim (2011)
The story of Nim, the chimpanzee who in the 1970s became the focus of a landmark experiment which aimed to show that an ape could learn to communicate with language if raised and nurtured like a human child. Following Nim's extraordinary journey through human society, and the enduring impact he make
Sing Your Song (2011)
Harry Belafonte rose to fame as a singer, despite trying tours across a segregated country and his crossover into mainstream Hollywood. Belafonte's groundbreaking career personifies the American civil rights movement, while impacting many other developments in social justice. The documentary reveals
Union, The (2011)
An unprecedented look at the creative life of Elton John and his collaborative album with his early-career idol, Leon Russell. This behind-the-scenes look captures the never before filmed composing process of Elton John.
Cinema Verite (2011)
Biopic based on the PBS series "An American Family," where cameras follow a family as they go about their daily life.
Burma Soldier (2011)
After Myo Myint Cho, a Burmese soldier, lost his leg in a land mine accident, he joined the country's pro-democracy movement. During a rally, he was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in jail.
Hot Coffee (2011)
The infamous 1994 McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit has been routinely cited as an example of how citizens have taken advantage of America's legal system. The public outrage over this perceived legal frivolity resulted in legal reform to favor big business. This larger legislative agenda, sold to the pu
Mann V. Ford (2011)
A Native American community files a class action lawsuit against the Ford Motor company for polluting their community, leading to a legion of health problems.
Too Big to Fail (2011)
When the U.S. economy dangles on the precipice of disaster in 2008, Henry Paulson is tasked with holding it all together by gathering the heads of all of the top banks in the country to come up with a solution in this dramatization of a true story.
His Way (2011)
Battle for Marjah, The (2011)
A journalist's account of the time he spent embedded with Marine troops in Afghanistan on a mission to clear and secure a Taliban stronghold.
In Tahrir Square: 18 Days of Egypt's Unfinished Revolution (2011)
Documentary about the protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square which tipped off civil war and the eventual toppling of an entrenched regime.
Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory (2011)
An 18 year investigation into the case of the "West Memphis 3" who remain in prison for murders despite strong evidence pointing to their innocence. Here, the case is revisited and surprising new information is presented.
Sunset Limited, The (2011)
Based on the play "The Sunset Limited" where, after a man saves another man's life, they befriend one another and contemplate the worth of both their lives.
Superheroes (2011)
A journey inside the world of real life caped crusaders. From all over America, these everyday citizens, with their masks, homemade costumes and elaborate utility belts, have a mission to bring justice to evildoers everywhere.
Education of Dee Dee Ricks, The (2011)
Dee Dee Ricks was on top of the world. She was a successful business woman with two beautiful children and an energetic social life. At 39, her life completely changed--she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Here, we track the emotional rebirth of a survivor determined to help make life easier for le
Vito (2011)
A portrait of Vito Russo, gay activist and critic of LGBT representation in the media. His book "The Celluloid Closet" offers a critique Hollywood's portrayals of gays in movies and remains a landmark in the field.
Loving Story, The (2011)
An interracial marriage leads to a criminal trial in this gripping documentary of the Civil Rights era. White Richard and mixed-race Mildred Loving fell for each other at a time when interracial marriage was illegal in their home state of Virginia. When they're convicted of the felony crime of misce
Matter of Taste, A: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt (2011)
An intimate look inside the world of an immensely talented and driven young chef, Paul Liebrandt. At 24, he was awarded three stars by the "New York Times" for unforgettable and hyper modern dishes. He soon became a chef critics either loved or hated. Post 9/11, however, no one was interested in suc
Reagan (2011)
Sins of My Father (2010)
The life and times of notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar are recounted through the eyes of his son, who fled Colombia to move beyond his father's legacy.
Special Relationship, The (2010)
In 1993, Tony Blair was a rising young star in British politics. Three years later he ran for Prime Minister and began a "special relationship" with U.S. President Bill Clinton that endured through triumph, conflict and personal scandal. This is a behind-the-scenes story of two world leaders who fo
Small Act, A (2010)
Follows Chris Mburu, a Kenyan boy whose life was dramatically changed when an anonymous Swedish woman sponsored his primary and secondary education. Now a Harvard-educated human-rights lawyer, he hopes to replicate the generosity he once received by founding his own scholarship fund to aid a new gen
You Don't Know Jack (2010)
Life story of Dr. Jack Kevorkian who assisted in more than 150 cases of suicide and had beaten the state court system in Michigan numerous times, but he finally was convicted after he willingly sent a videotape of himself euthanizing a terminally ill man to "60 Minutes." He was convicted of second-
Promise: The Making of Darkness on the Edge of Town, The (2010)
Features Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band recording their pivotal album "Darkness on the Edge of Town". Never-before-seen footage shot between 1976 and 1978 captures home rehearsals and recording sessions that allow us to hear songs in their earliest stages.
Reporter (2010)
Chronicles the African voyage of Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, Nicholas D. Kristof.
Smash His Camera (2010)
Features the original American paparazzo, Ron Galella. Dogged in his quest to photograph celebrities in unguarded moments, Galella defines his passion for his work by the ups and downs of his career, documenting the parade of stars at a thriving Studio 54, having the dubious honor of being sued by J
Teenage Paparazzi (2010)
Actor Adrian Grenier explores his relationship with a 14-year old paparazzo who took his picture and interviews other celebrities about the culture of fame.
Google Baby (2010)
Crossing three continents, we follows entrepreneur Doron who takes pregnancy and makes it into a globalized business. Doron has developed a way to outsource the birth process--the system is driven by law and economics. In Israel, the practice of using surrogate mothers is marred by legal roadblocks.
Temple Grandin (2010)
Based on the true story of an autistic woman, Temple Grandin, Ph.D. who becomes a cattle industry leader by designing better surroundings for the animals.
Monica & David (2010)
A year-in-the-life portrait of a Down Syndrome couple, Monica and David, who are blissfully in love. We observe as they prepare for their fairy tale wedding and face the realities of married life afterward.
Gas Land (2010)
When a company approached the director requesting permission to drill for natural gas on his property, he began to investigate the process. He found that drilling methods that have been exempted from the standards required by the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts have resulted in various types of serio
My Trip to Al-Qaeda (2010)
A one-man show that chronicles fundamentalist Islam's rise to power and explores playwright/actor Lawrence Wright's struggle to maintain his objectivity as a journalist writing about Islamic terror.
Earth Made of Glass (2010)
President Kagame of Rwanda and citizen Jean-Pierre Sagahutu, a survivor of the horrific 1994 genocide, find themselves bound together by a profound love of country and an unquenchable desire to see the truth exposed about France's hidden role in the Rwandan genocide.
Secrets of the Tribe (2010)
The field of anthropology goes under the magnifying glass in this investigation of the seminal research on Yanomami Indians. In the 1960s and '70s, a large number of anthropologists filed into the Amazon Basin to observe this virgin society untouched by modern life. Thirty years later, the events su
Sergio (2010)
Examines the role of the United Nations and the international community through the life and experiences of Sergio Vieira de Mello, the U.N.'s High Commissioner for Human Rights.
Sex and the City 2 (2010)
The fun, the fashion, the friendship: "Sex and the City 2" brings it all back and more as Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda take another bite out of The Big Apple--and beyond--carrying on with their busy lives and loves. What happens after you say "I do"? Life is everything the ladies ever wis
Assault in the Ring (2009)
Chronicles the life of boxer Luis Resto 24 years after the scandal that changed his life forever. Resto fulfilled a boxer's dream in 1983 when he was able to conquer the previously undefeated Billy Collins Jr. in front of a capacity crowd at Madison Square Garden. But Resto's post-fight victory cele
They Killed Sister Dorothy (2009)
On February 12th, 2005, a 73 year-old Catholic nun from Ohio, was shot six times at point blank range and left to die on a muddy Amazon road. Her murder leads to lots of questions: Who was this woman, and why was she killed? What will become of her murderers, and who else was involved? What are the
American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong, An (2009)
Young Chrissa finds the transition difficult when she moves to Minnesota and must assimilate into a new school in the middle of the year. She must find strength within to combat the bullies who torment her.
Dog Year, A (2009)
Based on the real-life memoir by best-selling author Jon Katz, A Dog Year tells the story of a 50-something writer in mid- existential crisis, who impulsively agrees to adopt a high-strung border collie named Devon. At first, the dog wreaks chaos on the household Jon shares with two older, mellower
Trouble the Water (2008)
A would be rapper tries to rebuild her life after she''''s caught in Hurricane Katrina.
Black List: Volume One, The (2008)
Presents miniportraits of 20 influential African Americans, ranging from artists to politicians to CEOs. Each share their individual experiences and viewpoints in regards to societal, familial and personal identity.
Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired (2008)
The victim has forgiven him. The judge is dead. It's been almost 30 years since Roman Polanski fled the United States after pleading guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with an underage girl and serving time in jail. The public scandal and private tragedy which led to Polanski's sudden flight from
Resolved (2008)
A high school debate provides a unique perspective on racial and class divisions in American education as two inner city debaters attempt to change the rules of the game.
Bernard and Doris (2008)
The story of tobacco billionairess Doris Duke and her relationship with her gay Irish butler, Bernard Lafferty, to whom she left her entire fortune.
Autism: The Musical (2008)
The film recounts a year in the life of five autistic children in Los Angeles, California as they write and rehearse for an original stage production.
Gates, The (2008)
Documents the decades long struggle for approval by the city and the final installation of 7,500 sixteen-foot-high gateways adorned in flying saffron fabric that stood New York's Central Park for sixteen days in February, 2005 created by the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude.
Recount (2008)
A behind the scenes view of the 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore and the voting scandal that ensued in Florida, forcing them to recount the votes.
Einstein and Eddington (2008)
Set against the backdrop of World War I, story follows how Einstein developed the theory of relativity while maintaining a relationship with Sir Arthur Eddington, a famed British scientist who was one of the few who understood it and informed it with theories of his own.
China's Stolen Children (2008)
Set in China, where the infamous one child policy has had the side effect of a boom in stolen children. Through candid interviews with parents of stolen children, a man who brokers the deals and has sold his own offspring, to new parents grappling with giving up their daughter through lack of option
Sex and the City (2008)
Carrie Bradshaw, successful author and everyone's favorite fashion icon-next-door, continues to narrate her own story about sex, love and the fashion-obsessed single woman in New York City. Carrie and her friends, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, juggle jobs and relationships while navigating mothe
Taxi to the Dark Side (2007)
An examination of the death of an Afghan taxi driver at Bagram Air Base from injuries inflicted by U.S. soldiers. Incorporating rare and never-before-seen images from inside the Bagram, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay prisons, and interviews with former government officials such as John Yoo, Alberto M
As You Like It (2007)
Rosalind, daughter of a Duke, falls in love with Orlando, a young man who is subsequently banished. In order to pursue her beloved, Rosalind disguises herself as a man, resulting in comedic misunderstandings and adventures.
PU-239 (2007)
After a nuclear facility technician has an accident, he travels to Moscow in search of work and finds himself involved with the city's low-level mobsters.
Trials of Darryl Hunt, The (2007)
In 1984, a young white newspaper reporter, Deborah Sykes, was raped, sodomized and stabbed to death just blocks from where she worked in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Based on an I.D. made by a former Klan member, a 19-year-old black man, Darryl Hunt, was charged. No physical evidence linked Hunt t
PU-239 (2007)
After a nuclear facility technician has an accident, he travels to Moscow in search of work and finds himself involved with the city's low-level mobsters.
Fever, The (2007)
A woman from a privileged world travels to a country in the middle of a civil war. She takes ill, and is left to ponder the difference between the comforts of her life and the images of violence and oppression she has encountered in the middle of the civil war. She struggles with finding the "moral
Grey Gardens (2007)
Two eccentric relatives of Jacqueline Kennedy made headlines when the health department threatened to raid their flea-and raccoon-infested East Hampton, New York, estate.
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (2007)
An adaptation of the book which describes the destruction of the Native American people and their way of life as they were pushed from ancestral lands into ever-diminishing reservations during the latter half of the 19th century. Monumental events will be revisited such as the massacre of hundreds
Life Support (2007)
Based on writer Nelson George's sister, the story follows one day in the life of an African-American AIDS activist, a former drug addict, devoted mother and wife who is also HIV positive.
TV Junkie (2007)
From the time he was born Rick knew he had a special purpose. If he could only record it he might be able to figure out what it is. Forty-six years, 5,000 hours of video and over 3,000 photos later he may have figure it out.
Death of Two Sons (2007)
On February 4, 1999, four New York City Police officers killed Amadou Diallo on his own doorstep in a hail of 41 bullets. Jesse Thyne, an American Peace Corps volunteer who lived and worked with Amadou's family in his home village in Africa, died there less than a year after Amadou's shooting. The d
We Are Together: The Children of Agape Choir (2006)
Slindile, a young 12-year-old South Africa girl, lives at the Agape Orphanage in KwaZulu Natal. It's a home for children, many of whom have lost their parents to AIDS. She and the other children from the orphanage form a choir which becomes their greatest source of comfort and hope, and which takes
Mrs. Harris (2006)
The story of Jean Harris, the WASPy headmistress of a prestigious girls academy, who murdered her rich Jewish boyfriend, Dr. Herman Tarnower, the creator of the Scarsdale Diet.
Starter For 10 (2006)
Brian Jackson, a working-class student from Essex navigating his first year at Bristol University, has a lot to prove. While his hometown mates worry about him turning into a poncey wanker, Brian's biggest concern is making the team for the long-running British television quiz show University Challe
Angel Rodriguez (2006)
A counselor and her troubled charge try to navigate their way through a minefield of conflicts and cultural differences. Angel is the kind of inner-city kid that the system would flag as a "deliquent," but in reality his crimes never extend beyond petty thieving, lying and generally refusing to live
Wide Awake (2006)
A first-person account of filmmaker Alan Berliner's struggle with sleeplessness, as both a blessing and a curse. Portrait of an artist as an insomniac.
Angel Rodriguez (2006)
A counselor and her troubled charge try to navigate their way through a minefield of conflicts and cultural differences. Angel is the kind of inner-city kid that the system would flag as a "deliquent," but in reality his crimes never extend beyond petty thieving, lying and generally refusing to live
Mrs. Harris (2006)
The story of Jean Harris, the WASPy headmistress of a prestigious girls academy, who murdered her rich Jewish boyfriend, Dr. Herman Tarnower, the creator of the Scarsdale Diet.
Sometimes in April (2005)
Drama about the acts of genocide in Rwanda in 1994, from the point of view of a former Rwandan army officer who must relive the horrors he experienced ten years later, after receiving a letter from his brother who is now on trial for supposed crimes as a rebel frontman. Not knowing what fate befell
Rape in a Small Town: The Florence Holway Story, A (2005)
In 1991, an intruder invaded 76-year-old Florence Holway's home and raped her. After an unsuccessful fight against her attacker's plea bargaining, she went on a one woman crusade to revamp her home state of New Hampshire's rape laws, and succeeded.
Lackawanna Blues (2005)
Based on the Obie award winning play written by and starring Ruben Santiago-Hudson, a tale that recounts his childhood growing up in a boarding house in Lackawanna, New York that was run by an incredible woman.
Warm Springs (2005)
Chronicles the life of president Franklin Delano Roosevelt before he became president until his death, centering on his paralysis from polio, his treatment at the Warm Springs rehab facility, and his battle to overcome his handicaps. As he seeks out a cure for his paralysis, he discovers other with
Twist of Faith (2005)
An account of how one man's confrontation of his boyhood sexual abuse by a Catholic priest--who lives just five houses away--disrupts his relationship with his family, community and faith.
Yesterday (2004)
After a young South African woman named Yesterday falls ill, she discovers she is HIV positive. When her husband learns of this he leaves her, leaving her alone to fend for herself and hope she survives long enough to see her daughter Beauty go to school.
Paperclips (2004)
Whitwell Middle School in rural Tennessee is the setting for this documentary about an extraordinary experiment in Holocaust education. Struggling to grasp the concept of six-million Holocaust victims, the students decide to collect six-million paper clips to better understand the extent of this cri
Strip Search (2004)
A look at how crime and punishment have changed since the attack on the World Trade Center, September 11, 2001. Civil rights violations are compared as humiliating interrogations of a American student in China and a Saudi student in New York are portrayed side by side.
Shelter Dogs (2004)
A look at the treatment of animals at shelters, specifically the Rondout Valley Kennels in Accord, NY and it's owner Sue Sternberg.
Everyday People (2004)
Raskin's is the kind of neighborhood Brooklyn restaurant where young and old, black and white, artists and professionals have mingled for generations. But now everything is about to change. Faced with a business slump, Ira, the stressed-out Jewish owner decides to shut down--or rather, sell out to a
Iron Jawed Angels (2004)
Based on the true story of women's rights activists Alice Paul and Lucy Burns whose efforts gave American women the right to vote.
Deal, The (2004)
The true story abot the relationship between England's Prime Minister, Tony Blair and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown following how they went from close allies in the development of the new Labor party to the divide that grew between them when Blair dishonored an agreement between them
Looking for Fidel (2004)
Oliver Stone documentary on Cuban dictator Fidel Castro that specifically addresses the execution of three Cuban ferry hijackers.
Something the Lord Made (2004)
The true-life account of how Alfred Blalock, a white Johns Hopkins surgeon, and Vivien Thomas, a black medical technician pioneered the processes leading to successful open-heart surgery in the 1940s.
Life and Death of Peter Sellers, The (2004)
Based on the biography "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers," the movie examines the life and times of the great English actor, Peter Sellers, best known for his role as Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies but had his darker personal life as he battled depression, lonliness and troubled re
My Flesh and Blood (2003)
A documentary centering on eleven special-needs children and Susan Tom, their adoptive mother. The film focuses on the kids' and their mother's irreverent, honest way of confronting raw reality. From legless Xenia, who joyously plays a dead biker for Halloween, to Joe, a frustrated 15-year-old with
Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer (2003)
A look beyond his 1992 documentary "The Selling of a Serial Killer," delving into Aileen Wuornos' past to uncover the disturbing personal history of the woman, including her final interview before being executed in 2002.
Journeys With George (2003) as Cable Network
NBC News Producer Alexandra Pelosi (daughter of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi) was assigned as one of the group of reporters traveling with George W. Bush during his campaign for the Republican nomination. During this period, Pelosi, using her mini-DV camera, filmed everything that was going on includi
My House in Umbria (2003)
Based on the story by William Trevor about a romance writer who lives in Italy, survives after a terrorist's bomb in her train in Italy. She finds solace by inviting the survivors to stay at her home in Umbria to recover. One of the victims is a young girl who is severly traumatized by the explosion
Checker King, The (2003)
Cameras follow Harold O'Brien, an 81-year-old senior citizen, as he joins a national checker tournament.
Under Heavy Fire (2003)
A documentarian takes six war veterens back to Vietnam to help them confront their issues about the war.
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself (2003)
Based on the true story of Mexican General Francisco "Pancho" Villa and his outrageous offer to Hollywood filmmakers in 1914 to make a movie of his life as Mexican General fighting the government. In exchange, he gained publicity and the money he made went to fund his war efforts.
Normal (2003)
A husband and father of two announces to his family his plans to have a sex change, an event that will change all their lives forever.
Uncle Frank (2003)
The story of TV journalist Matthew Ginsberg as he accompanies his 85-year-old great uncle, musician Frank Pour, on a tour of old people's homes in Rome, New York.
Ruthie and Connie: Every Room In The House (2003)
Ruthie and Connie are Jewish lesbian grandmothers hailing from working class Brooklyn. They are also two of the funniest and most outrageous queer activists you'll ever see. Whether they are in City Hall, on the shores of West Palm Beach, or dancing on the Coney Island boardwalk, they move, enlighte
Consequence (2003)
When a dentist botches an operation and ends up disbarred, he fakes his own death to collect insurance and assumes the identity of his dead brother. Then he discovers that not only is his brother still alive, but people are out to kill him. Now the erstwhile dentist must abandon hopes of living in
Undefeated (2003)
The story of fictional boxing great Lex Vargas, a first-generation Puerto Rican kid from the Bronx whose life changed from poor immigrant to beloved champion once he finds fame in the ring.
Wisegirls (2002)
Three waitresses, working together at a restaurant that serves as a Mafia front for illegal drug dealing, become unwitting participants in an underworld crime operation.
Live From Baghdad (2002)
A dramatization of CNN's coverage of the Gulf War. In August 1990, CNN producer Robert Wiener, along with his producing partner and alter ego Ingrid Formanek, led their group of journalists and crew to the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, a few months before the U.N.-imposed deadline for the Iraqis to with
American Standoff (2002)
Organizers from around the country are rallying to support a strike against Overnite Transportation, a nationwide freight company that has repeatedly resisted union organizing. Employees are seeking safer work conditions, relief from wrongful firings, and contracts, all of which the company has refu
Execution of Wanda Jean, The (2002)
Wanda Jean was sentenced to death in 1989 after she shot and killed her lover, Gloria Leathers, outside an Oklahoma City Police Station. The film finds her eleven years later, her execution date just months away. This documentary follows Wanda Jean's final months on death row, as she and her legal t
Laramie Project, The (2002)
An adaptation of the play by Moises Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theater Project about the brutal 1998 murder of gay college student Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming. The story focuses on the reactions of local citizens in the aftermath of the murder as they are interviewed by the members
Gathering Storm, The (2002)
An intimate look at the marriage of Winston and Clementine Churchill during a particularly troubled moment in their lives. In the years before World War II, Churchill found himself on the fringe of British politics and a lone voice in the wilderness as he warned the world of a Nazi threat. Together
Lonely War, The (2002)
An intimate look at the marriage of Winston and Clementine Churchill during a particularly troubled moment in their lives. In the years before World War II, Churchill found himself on the fringe of British politics and a lone voice in the wilderness as he warned the world of a Nazi threat. Together
Hysterical Blindness (2002)
Three working class, New Jersey women go on a quest for love and meaning that threatens the very relationships they share with each other.<P>Best friends Debby and Beth (both pushing thirty) go looking for love in the wrong place -- namely their favorite bar, Ollie's. Rugged contractor Rick eyes Bet
Path To War (2002)
A behind-the-scenes look at the Johnson White House as Lyndon B. Johnson and his inner circle scrambled to manage the war in Vietnam as it careened out of control at the expense of LBJ's vision of The Great Society.
Ping! (2002)
The life of a homeless Chihuahua becomes a series of adventures after he is suddenly adopted by a wealthy elderly woman.
Point Of Origin (2002)
A serial arsonist's terrifying six-year crime spree is juxtaposed with the increasingly desperate efforts of fire-department investigators to bring him to justice. The story is based on a true case involving a string of suspicious fires set along the coast of California from the late 1980s through e
Stranger Inside (2001)
A fearless, young inmate attempts to connect with the incarcerated mother who gave her up years earlier. Treasure Lee, an African American woman, has been in and out of the juvenile detention system for as long as she can remember. Transferred on her 21st birthday to the State Facility for Women, sh
Rock the Boat (2001)
After a six-year sabbatical to help her mental health, a young woman returns to the environmental investment company she started. But upon her return, things take a downward turn as she must deal with old business partners who have other ideas for her.
Double Bang (2001)
A cop whose corrupt partner has been killed by a hit man gets involved in mob business with revenge on his mind. Seeking retribution and trying to protect a female witness, Brennan goes straight to the top to try to bring down the young mob boss responsible for his partner's death, while at the same
Boycott (2001)
A dramatization of the historic mid-50s public bus boycott that played a pivotal role in the Civil Rights movement. In Montgomery, Alabama, on December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks, exhausted after a long day at work, refused to give up her seat to a white man in the "whites only" section of a city bus. Mrs.
Good Advice (2001)
A crackerjack stock trader comes up with surprising new work after an investment deal goes bad and costs him his job. The wheeler-dealer's humbling work experience is compounded when his girlfriend Cindy leaves him and moves to Brazil. Desperate for work, Ryan begins writing Cindy's advice column fo
Dinner With Friends (2001)
Adaptation of Donald Margulies' play. Gabe and Karen, the perfect couple, are shocked when best friends Beth and Tom announce they are divorcing, forcing them to examine their own seemingly happy relationship as well as their friendship with Beth and Tim.
Wit (2001)
Adaptation of Margaret Edson's play about Dr. Vivian Bearing, a renowned professor of English and scholar of poet John Donne who is forced to reassess her life when she is diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer.
Shot In The Heart (2001)
Telefilm based on the true story of two brothers torn apart by a tortured family legacy and brought together by the notorious 1977 execution of convicted killer Gary Gilmore as the eyes of the world looked on. Set in the days prior to his execution, the telefilm examines the relationship between Gar
61* (2001)
During the 1961 baseball season, friends and Yankee teammates Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle compete against each other to break Babe Ruth's single-season record of 60 home runs. As the flamboyant superstar Mantle and the aloof family man Maris chased the ghost of the Babe, they found themselves caug
Conspiracy (2001)
On January 20, 1942, the administrative apparatus of the Third Reich, mobilized by Reinhard Heydrich, gathered at Wannsee, outside Berlin, to set in motion the detailed plans of Adolf Hitler's "Final Solution," the extermination of the entire Jewish population of Europe. At the top-secret Nazi meeti
Josie and the Pussycats (2001)
Josie, Melody and Val are life-long friends from Riverdale determined to take their band out of the garage and into the stratosphere--while staying true to their own look, style and sound. Neither their look nor their sound is trendy, but they mean every word they sing. And when nobody shows up at their gigs, they understand that real musicians have to pay their dues. Unfortunately, the Pussycats live in a glitz-obsessed world where trends change every week, and status symbols rule. Then one day everything changes. Josie and the Pussycats are "discovered" by hot-shot manager Wyatt Frame who presents them to MegaRecords CEO Fiona as the next best thing, and instantly positions them for success beyond their wildest dreams. Within days, they have a number one single in the country, everyone is wearing cat ears and they are swarmed by fans. But soon they learn that Fiona and Wyatt have devised a high-tech scheme to control the youth of America through subliminal messages in songs--their songs.
Disappearing Acts (2000)
A love story following the relationship between Franklin Swift, a sometimes-employed Brooklyn construction worker and Zora Banks, a music teacher and aspiring singer-songwriter who's about to get her big break. Confronted with a myriad of financial, social and job-related challenges, the couple is f
If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000)
Three stories that examine the lesbian experience in America through three different decades in the same house. The three stories are: "1961" -- Edith, an older woman who loses her lifelong companion, learns the hard way that their bond was not recognized by family or society; "1972" -- Against the
Dancing in September (2000)
Tommy, an African-American TV writer, has always dreamed of putting on a show that represents African-Americans in a positive, realistic light. She gets a lucky break when she pitches a new idea to George, a rising African-American TV executive. George is young and hungry, too, and tells her he also
Second Skin (2000)
Sam Kane, a former book with a peaceful new life as the owner of a used bookstore, becomes involved with beautiful, mysterious Crystal Ball, who gets hit by a car outside of his shop and suffers amnesia. Sam helps her out and the pair quickly become lovers until a dangerous Cleveland mobster tracks
Better Way to Die, A (2000)
A police officer's plan to to quit the force and marry his girlfriend takes a frightening turn for the worse when he is beaten, robbed and involved in a dangerous mystery. Mistakenly believed to be a missing FBI agent, the young cop finds himself on the run from both a federal agent who needs the mi
Dinner & Driving (2000)
A struggling writer with a severe commitment phobia finally gives in to his live-in girlfriend of three years and proposes. But problems set in when she takes off on business -- and he is shaken by his womanizing brother, a miserable married friend, and a sexy former girlfriend, who suddenly pops ba
No Alibi (2000)
Businessman Bob Lessing becomes the target for Vic Haddock, a hard-nosed racketeer who mistakes Bob for the petty thief who accidentally made off with a large stash of his drug money.
Substitute 4: Failure Is Not an Option, The (2000)
Former mercenary Karl Thomasson changes careers to become a teacher. When a general discovers that his son has become a member of a pro-Nazi unit at an elite military academy, he enlists Thomasson to go undercover and stop the group's leader.
Me, Myself and Irene (2000)
Meet Charlie Baileygates, a 17-year veteran of the Rhode Island police force. Charlie is mild-mannered, hard working always helpful, and a devoted and loving father to three sons. Unfortunately, Charlie has Split Personality Disorder, and when he runs out of his medication... Meet Hank Baileygates
Bamboozled (2000)
Pierre Delacroix is a young, Harvard-educated man who is the sole person of color writing for an upstart network with floundering ratings. Despite several attempts, Delacroix has yet to see any of his concepts go into production. Now his boss, the ratings-hungry, culture-vulture Dunwitty, issues him
Stealth Fighter (1999)
Ten years after faking his death, decorated fighter pilot Turner leads a team into a military compound and steals a Stealth bomber. Joining forces with an arms dealer who has taken control of a nuclear sub, Turner wants big bucks, or he'll bomb targets in the United States. His former Air Force budd
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999)
Story of singer/actor Dorothy Dandridge (1923-65), who rose to fame in the 1950s with roles in such films as "Carmen Jones" (1954), for which she was the first black woman ever nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award, and "Porgy and Bess" (1959). She died at the age of 42 after her career and per
Mixed Signals (1999)
The relationship among three friends, graduating high-school students, is tested when the female of the trio gets a marriage proposal.
Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)
After a shoot-out in an art museum frees the evil genie Djinn from his red crystal prison, he changes into human form and gets sent to jail. Needing souls so he can inherit the Earth, the Djinn starts granting wishes to inmates--and then stealing their souls. It's up to one remorseful convict and he
Resurrection (1999)
A serial killer in New Orleans begins a murder spree with a religious slant. A detective's investigation of the grisly slayings leads him to a horrifying conclusion: the madman is collecting body parts to assemble the body of Christ for the resurrection on Easter morning.
Candyman: Day of the Dead (1999)
When a young woman -- who happens to be a relative of Candyman -- sets out to clear his name, the result is another gory killing spree by the hook-handed madman.
Malaika (1999)
Four children decide to adopt a pet elephant named Malaika and nurse her back to health after the frightened animal escapes the clutches of a cold-blooded big-game hunter. But hiding a beast of Malaika's size is no easy task and the quartet are soon on the run from the cunning gunman.
Letters From A Killer (1999)
A death-row inmate is involved in epistolary romances with four different women. When he is released after a retrial, he realizes that his most recent tapes got mixed up -- and a jealous woman wants him dead.
Substitute 3: Winner Takes All, The (1999)
At a college to visit a war buddy's professor-daughter, a mercenary finds her brutally beaten. He becomes an English teacher at the New York college and sets out to deliver a lesson in vigilante justice to the steroid-using football jocks responsible for the assault and for brutalizing faculty membe
Vendetta (1999)
A story of corruption and mob violence in turn-of-the-century New Orleans. A new wave of Italian immigrants from Sicily find themselves exploited by a group of men who seek control of the docks. Immediately following the assassination of the New Orleans police chief, hundreds of Sicilian men are rou
Excellent Cadavers (1999)
Based on a true story, a courageous prosecutor, Giovanni Falcone, wages a one-man war against the Sicilian Mafia, facing death threats, a lack of public support and obstruction by crooked officials. Fighting with the help of a reformed mob boss and his determined wife, Falcone launched dozens of pro
Judgment Day (1999)
The world faces Armaggedon when an outer-space collision sends huge chunks of debris straight for Earth. A scientist who created a device that could stop the largest meteor is abducted by a religious cult with other plans. It's up to a female FBI agent and a convicted murderer with a terrible connec
Jack Bull, The (1999)
Western set during the late 19th century when the territory of Wyoming was seeking statehood. Myrl Redding, a Wyoming horse trader, clashes with fellow rancher Henry Ballard after Ballard abuses two of Myrl's horses and their Crow Indian caretaker Billy. When Judge Tolliver throws out Myrl's complai
Flypaper (1998)
Some people would die for a million dollars. Others would kill for it. In a frenzy of back-stabbing and double dealing, low-lifes in three unrelated storylines manage to entangle themselves in each other's affairs. The fates of the characters mesh, and they get what they deserve as they main, fon
Winchell (1998)
The story of Walter Winchell, chronicling the gossip columnist''s rise from a vaudeville entertainer to one of New York''s most powerful media personalities. From 1925 through the 1960s, Winchell blurred the line between tabloid and hard news, redefining modern journalism in the age of celebrity by revealing the private lives of public people. Based on a book by Winchell''s longtime ghostwriter, Herman Klurfeld.
Sender, The (1998)
A goddess from another planet helps a military man save his little daughter from a kidnapping plot.
Second Arrival, The (1998)
A computer scientist takes up his late brother's mission to save Earth from an evil space conspiracy by an alien force that has the ability to appear human.
Substitute 2: School's Out, The (1998)
When a popular high school teacher is murdered, his brother, an ex-mercenary, becomes a teacher in the inner-city school to exact revenge on those responsible for the death.
Lenny Bruce: Swear to Tell the Truth (1998)
In the late '40s stand-up comic Lenny Bruce shared the stage with the local strippers, and married one of them. By the '50s he had perfected a jazzy, improvisational delivery that led to TV dates with hosts Steve Allen and Hugh Hefner. By the early '60s Bruce's sold out club dates were cracking up a
Butter (1998)
When he finds his pop-star sister dead of an apparent drug overdose, a young music industry hot-shot suspects his boss and mentor may be behind the crime.
Bone Daddy (1998)
A medical examiner turned novelist trails a serial murderer who debones his victims.
White Raven (1998)
An American journalist is on the trail of an extremely valuable diamond which disappeared during World War II. Complications arise when the huge diamond also becomes the object of a worldwide search by international terrorists.
Gia (1998)
Television movie based on the life of the model Gia, who died of AIDS in 1986 at the age of 26. Deals with drug use, the phenomenon of early fame, the relation of celebrity and beauty, the hedonism of the late 1970s and early 80s, and AIDS.
Under the Lighthouse Dancing (1998)
A true story about three couples who go to an idyllic island and create a magical wedding when one of the friends insists that she wed, having revealed that she's terminally ill.
Unmade Beds (1998)
A "fictional documentary" depicting the struggles of four New Yorkers desperate to find "suitable" partners: an ex-stripper searches for a "sugar daddy;" a heavy-set 28 -year-old woman looks to be married before 30; an older man searching for love for 15 years; and a middle-aged screenwriter who has
Night Hunter (1997)
A kickboxer uses his skills to defeat the "king" of the vampires.
Breast Men (1997)
Medical resident Kevin Saunders is bored with routine facial reconstructions and feels neither challenged or creative. When he finds himself alone one night, he accidentally catches sight of a buxom neighbor undressing in front of her window, and discovers that her cleavage is the result of stuffing
Dead Silence (1997)
An FBI negotiator tries to free a group of kidnapped deaf students and their teacher held hostage by three violent convicts. Based on a true story.
Don King: Only in America (1997)
Television movie chronicles the life of Don King, former numbers runner and convicted felon, who after serving time in prison for manslaughter, rose from life on the Cleveland streets to become the world's most successful boxing promoter, transforming boxing into an international multimillion-dollar
DNA (1997)
Unorthodox DNA experiments on fossils lead to the emergence of a flesh-eating creature.
Exception to the Rule (1997)
After cheating on his pregnant wife during a business trip, a gems trader finds himself trapped in a blackmail plot.
Plato's Run (1997)
When he's framed by a ruthless arms dealer for the murder of a rival, a former Navy commando must elude the feds while he takes on the enemy.
Maker, The (1997)
An adopted teenager gets a shocking surprise when his long-lost older brother suddenly shows up. Learning that his sibling is a grifter, the boy quickly succumbs to a life of thievery and wrongdoing -- only to discover that his family tree is rooted in crime.
Murder in Mind (1997)
A woman is the chief suspect in the murder of her husband and their handy man when she is found huddled in the corner of her bedroom clutching a bloody knife. With the help of a hypnotherapist, her subconscious mind begins to remember things differently than her conscious mind.
Acts of Betrayal (1997)
The witness protection program offers scant cover for a mobster's talkative wife when she's tracked to a small Arizona town -- and marked for death by her husband's murderous colleagues.
Skeletons (1997)
A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist relocates to rural Maine and finds his new hometown run by a stern preacher with no tolerance for outsiders.
Perfect Target (1997)
When a South American president is assassinated and his ruthless wife takes control of the country, a former soldier-of-fortune leads rebel forces against her.
Retroactive (1997)
Fleeing a murderous bully, a police psychologist stumbles upon the inventor of a time machine. Boldly and cleverly the woman uses -- and reuses -- the machine to outwit destiny and alter the fate of her homicidal pursuer as well as prevent a murder she witnessed.
Serpent's Lair (1996)
A young couple buys their first home, a spacious apartment, at an incredible price, unaware that the building is haunted by a murderous succubus who literally "sexes" men to death.
Terminal Justice (1996)
A 21st century cop moonlights as a bodyguard for a sexy screen star who's coveted by a ruthless businessman -- to use as a model for a virtual-reality clone.
Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (1996)
In 1993, the bodies of three eight-year-old boys, all brutally murdered, were found in a shallow creek in West Memphis, Arkansas. A surprise confession implicated two teenagers known for their interest in the occult and their penchant for black clothes and heavy metal music. With remarkable access t
Silent Trigger (1996)
An undercover sniper and his spotter are commissioned to execute a political assassination in the Algonquin skyscraper complex. The mission is thwarted by an anti-terrorist unit and the partners take each other for dead. Unbeknownst to the pair, they are reunited in a subsequent assignment, this tim
Persons Unknown (1996)
A one-night stand puts a security consultant onto two sisters who are planning to rob one of his drug-dealing clients. He grabs the loot for himself, but after falling for one of the women, risks his own neck to protect them.
Crime of the Century (1996)
Exploration of the kidnapping and murder of aviation hero Charles Lindbergh's infant child. Bruno Richard Hauptmann, a German immigrant, was convicted and executed in what may have been a miscarriage of American justice. Based on the book "The Airman and the Carpenter" by Sir Ludovic Kennedy.
No Way Back (1996)
An FBI agent gets caught in the middle of a war between the mob and the Japanese underworld. While the G-man is extraditing a Japanese gangster, the mobster breaks free and forces their plane to land in Arizona. Before they know it, American mobsters, Japanese Yakuza and the FBI are all on their tai
Almost Dead (1996)
A woman is haunted by terrifying visions of her mother, who committed suicide four years ago.
One Tough Bastard (1996)
John North is a tough army drill sergeant whose life is turned upside down by the discovery that his wife and daughter have been brutally murdered in what seems like a random act of violence. North's own personal quest for vengeance takes him to the mean streets of Venice, California, where he meets
Cherokee Kid (1996)
Movie about Isaiah Turner, an adventurous farmboy whose quest to avenge his parents'' death sets him on a journey where he encounters an array of fictional and historical characters, ultimately becoming a self-assured gunslinger known as the Cherokee Kid. The story is narrated by The Cherokee Kid''s supportive sidekick, Juan Nepomuceno Cortina.
Edie & Pen (1996)
Two women, both in Reno to divorce their husbands, meet each other and a few cowboys at a local bar.
Past Perfect (1996)
A police officer battles killers from the future who travel back in time to kill troublesome teenagers who threaten to become criminals in the years to come.
Invasion of Privacy (1996)
Following a hasty romance with a model, a florist discovers she's pregnant -- and begins to realize her lover harbors a psychotic side to his personality.
First Degree (1995)
A New York homicide detective falls in love with the wife of a wealthy businessman whose murder he's been assigned to investigate. When the widow is charged with her late husband's murder, the detective takes unusual measures to clear her name.
Night of the Running Man (1995)
A Las Vegas cabdriver takes the money and runs after a gangster leaves a million dollars in his car.
Rage (1995)
An elementary-school teacher is kidnapped by a crooked cartel that wants him for evil cloning purposes.
No Contest (1995)
International terrorists take over the Miss Galaxy beauty pageant and threaten to kill the contestants one by one unless their demands are met. Former Miss Galaxy and martial arts expert, Sharon, and Crane, a private detective, work together to outwit the terrorists.
Blue Tiger (1994)
After losing her son in a bloody Yakuza hit, a young mother slowly disintegrates into madness, but her recovery is triggered by the memory of one detail that distinguished her son's killer -- an elaborate tattoo of a blue tiger. She begins her own investigation and soon finds herself caught in the c
Last Seduction, The (1994)
A conniving New York woman cons her medical-student husband into engineering a lucrative drug deal, then flees with the loot, hiding out in a small town in upstate New York. Devising an insurance scam, she talks a lovestruck claims adjuster into murdering her vengeful spouse.
Beyond The Law (1994)
True story of a Justice Department official who goes undercover in a motorcycle gang.
Crackerjack (1994)
A deluxe Rocky Mountain resort is the setting for a mercenary's attempted theft of a fortune in diamonds from a murderous mobster.
Flashfire (1994)
A prostitute witnesses a cop's murder and helps his partner find the killers, uncovering a conspiracy involving police corruption.
Viper (1994)
Trucker Travis Blackstone has given up his dangerous ways and is trying to forget his past when he learns that his estranged brother, Franklin, has been marked for death by a ruthless drug lord because the brother embezzled $5 million during a money-laundering operation. Franklin's wife, Rhonda, who
Red Sun Rising (1994)
A Japanese cop in Los Angeles is on the trail of the gun dealers who killed his partner.
White Mile (1994)
A white-water rafting trip by a group of leading advertising executives results in tragedy and a legal controversy. Based on a true story.
Reality Bites (1994)
Film about four recent college graduates, and how difficult it is to find good jobs (even if you're the valedictorian) and romance after college.
Slaughter Of The Innocents (1993)
A legendary FBI agent and his computer-whiz son solve a series of horrifying children's murders that have remained unsolved for over fifteen years in the Utah badlands.
Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom, The (1993)
Based on the story of Wanda Holloway of Channelview, Texas, who was found guilty of conspiring to kill the mother of her daughter's cheerleading rival. Examines the entire phenomenon of the case -- the eighth-grade tryouts, the alleged murder plot, the trial, the media madness, and the battle over m
Arctic Blue (1993)
When a city couple moves from Los Angeles to the wilds of Alaska, they find themselves fighting for their lives against an old-time trapper and his gang of toughs.
Red Rock West (1993)
A young drifter arrives in a small town and is promptly mistaken for a professional hit man. Flat broke, he accepts the assignment, but then real one turns up on the scene.
And the Band Played On (1993)
Based on the best seller by Randy Shilts about the history of the AIDS epidemic in America and how the medical, political and social establishments have dealt with the crisis.
Blown Away (1993)
A teenage girl seduces a young man and then sets him up as the fall guy when she kills her apparently abusive, and definitely wealthy, father.
Intent to Kill (1992)
A beautiful woman, born into the brutal world of drugs, degeneracy and a father's abusive alcoholism, has to choose between escaping from such an existence or dying young. Armed with her natural sensual charms, quick-witted intelligence, a small handgun and a martial arts expert cohort, she finds he
Sunset Heat (1992)
A photojournalist who has returned to Los Angeles on an assignment discovers that the old friend he is staying with is involved in drug dealing.
Dead Ahead: The Exxon Valdez Disaster (1992)
A television movie dramatizing the events surrounding the massive 1989 oil spill from the Exxon Valdez in Prince William Sound, Alaska.
Citizen Cohn (1992)
Based on the life of Roy Cohn, the controversial lawyer and former assistant to Senator Joseph McCarthy.
Prisoner of Honor (1991)
Set in turn-of-the-century France about an anti-Semitic army officer who challenges the massive government coverup in the imprisonment of Alfred Dreyfus for espionage.
One Man's War (1991)
A South American doctor vows revenge when his teenage son is tortured and killed by the military dictatorship.
Homesick (1990)
The relationship between a teenage boy and his grandfather who lives in an old-age home.
Heist, The (1989)
A television movie about a man just out of prison who plots a daring racetrack robbery in order to avenge himself against the business partner who framed him.
84 Charlie Mopic (1989)
The Vietnam war as seen through the eyes of an Army cameraman, and the six soldiers whose maneuvers he records.
Nights in White Satin (1987)
Story revolves around a photographer who gets involved with a homeless girl.
Apology (1986)
A web of terror surrounds Lily McGuire, a conceptual artist living in New York City's SoHo district. As artistic inspiration she solicits and tapes anonymous apologies over the telephone. A caller confesses to a series of brutal gay murders being investigated by a detective and Lily refuses to turn
Fellow Traveller (1986)
Drama about a McCarthy-era American screenwriter in Hollywood who exiles himself to London to avoid testifying before the House Un-American Activities Committee.
Fortress (1985)
A television movie about Sally, a teacher in the rugged Australian coutryside, and her nine students who are kidnapped by thugs and are taken into the wilds of the Australian outback. Terrorized and abandoned, they find themselves forced into a primitive struggle for survival.
Countdown to Looking Glass (1984)
A drama, shown through the eyes of a network television news team, focusing on the events that occur when an international crisis in South America brings the world to the edge of nuclear disaster and then over that edge in only nine days. The special uses real events written up in daily newspapers t
Terry Fox Story, The (1983)
Young Canadian athlete Terry Fox's cross-country Marathon of Hope after losing a leg to cancer was dramatized in this movie heralded as the first made exclusively for HBO. Filmed in Canada with a basically local cast and crew (and Eric Fryer making his acting debut as Fox), it had two actors from th
Fortress (1981)

Producer (special)

Marie Curie: More Than Meets the Eye (1998) as Funding
In World War I France, two spunky sisters, Martine and Eliane, are determined to help with the war effort. When they mistake famed scientist Marie Curie for a spy, they follow her and her daughter Irene to the front, where the Curies try to save soldiers' lives with the X-ray machine. One of the sol

Production Companies (special)

Tales From the Organ Trade (2013)
The investigative documentary tracks the global market in the illegal sales of human body parts.
Crossfire Hurricane (2012)
Follow Mick, Keith and the rest of the Stones from their days as British school kids to the heights of fame and stardom with interviews, film clips, unseen concert footage and more. With live performances of "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Gimmee Shelter," "I Wanna Be Your Man" and much more.
Precious Life (2011)
Mohammad Abu Mustaffa, a four-month-old Palestinian boy who was born without an immune system, needs a bone marrow transplant that can only be done in an Israeli hospital. The film tracks the efforts of his mother and pediatrician to save the baby's life.
Saving Pelican 895 (2011)
After the BP oil spill of 2010, the Fort Jackson Oiled Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Louisiana works to save pelicans that were drenched in the oil. This documentary tells the story of one rescued bird, the 895th pelican saved.
Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, The (2011)
An examination of the federal government's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy regarding the sexual orientation of military service members using archival footage and interviews with soldiers and other critical players.
Broad Street Bullies (2010)
Documentary that tells the story of the controversial Philadelphia Flyers Stanley Cup winners of the 1970's.
If God is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise (2010)
Documentary that follows-up to the film "When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts," and takes a look at the conditions of New Orleans five year after Hurricane Katrina struck.
Public Speaking (2010)
Documentary that showcases writer Fran Lebowitz's worldview and experiences.
Wishful Drinking (2010)
Documentary that takes a look at the life and insight of actress Carrie Fisher as she performs her one-woman play based on her book, "Wishful Drinking."
Churchill At War (2009)
Sequel to "The Gathering Storm" which focuses on Winston Churchill up until the end of WWII.
Capturing Mary (2009)
Once a brilliant writer and critic, Mary remembers the palazzo's past as a social hub for the cultural elite. Joe, the son of the home's caretaker, comes to realize his life is intertwined with Mary's, as she recounts her past and becomes haunted by the memory of a charming but evil figure in her yo
By the People: The Election of Barack Obama (2009)
Chronicles the historic presidential campaign mounted by Senator Barack Obama.
Death on a Factory Farm (2009)
An investigator goes undercover to reveal animal cruelty on a factory hog farm.
Taking Chance (2009)
Based on the true story of volunteer military escort officer Lt. Col. Michael Strobl, also a Desert Storm vet, who was asked to accompany the body of slain soldier Lance Cpl. Chance Phelps back to his home in Dubois, Wyoming in the Spring of 2004. Phelps had been deployed just a month earlier and w
My Zinc Bed (2008)
Based on the stage play by David Hare, which explores addiction, love and loss. It focuses around a young and idealistic alcoholic, who has an affair with his wealthy boss' wife.
Art of Failure: Chuck Connelly's Not For Sale, The (2008)
This biopic tells the story of 80's artist Chuck Connelly. Filmed over the course of six years, it shows his rise to fame and subsequent alienation in the art world.
Dirty Driving: Thundercars of Indiana (2008)
A look at the decline of rust-belt America, where high-speed racing is an all-consuming obsession. Since the closing of a General Motors plant and the loss of 33,000 jobs, the once-thriving town of Anderson, Ind., now stands witness to empty factories and shuttered stores. But every Friday night,
Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven (2008)
Documentary that follows Sirio Maccioni, his wife and his three sons during the ups and downs of his famous restaurant Le Cirque in New York.
Thank You, Mr. President: Helen Thomas at the White House (2008)
A profile of journalist Helen Thomas, a legend in political reporting, who has covered every president since John F. Kennedy. Now in her 80s, Thomas sits down for a one-on-one interview in which she reflects on her storied career and the distinct personalities and foibles of the presidents she has
Ganja Queen (2008)
The true story of an Australian woman on vacation in Bali who is accused of trafficking drugs when marijuana is found in her bag.
Recruiter, The (2008)
Features one of the top U.S. Army recruiters.
Baghdad Hospital: Inside the Red Zone (2008)
Dr. Omer Salih Mahdi put himself and his colleagues at risk to film inside Al-Yarmouk hospital, whose emergency room is too dangerous for an American crew. In this documentary, Dr. Mahdi reveals his identity to the world for the first time. Until now, he has remained anonymous to protect himself
Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery (2008)
The third part of an Iraq War trilogy, this documentary focuses on the section of the historic Arlington National Cemetery; where deceased soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq combat are buried.
Hard Times at Douglass High: A No Child Left Behind Report Card (2008)
Cameras follow students for one year in an inner-city Baltimore High School, to see how they have been affected by the "No Child Left Behind" policy.
Baghdad High (2008)
Four Iraqi teen boys, all friends, come of age in the most dangerous city on earth--Baghdad. Filmed by the students themselves, offers insight into ordinary Iraqi lives rarely seen. One boy is Kurdish, one Christian, one Shia and one mixed Sunni and Shia. As they enter their last year in school, can
Heidi Fleiss: The Would-Be Madam of Crystal (2008)
Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss is launching the first male brothel servicing women on a 60-acre property in Nevada.
Number, A (2008)
Based on the play of the same name, story revolves a father who is confronted by the twin sons he had cloned decades before.
Sand and Sorrow (2007)
While analyzing the historical events that have given rise to an Arab-dominated government's willingness to kill and displace its own indigenous African people, the documentary also examines the international community's "legacy of failure" to respond to such profound crimes against humanity in the
Joe's Palace (2007)
Telefilm revolves around a dark, moody home owned by Elliott, a wealthy and eccentric Londoner, and his relationship to Joe, the young son of the home's caretaker and cleaner. Part messenger, part protege, the son becomes the billionaire's link to the outside world and the goings-on within the house
Revolving Door, A (2007)
Tommy Lennon is a 33 year old who has been struggling with drug addiction and mental illness since he suffered a head injury while surfing at age 17. The film focuses on the family's struggle to help Tommy break the cycle of drug abuse and homelessness.
Longford (2007)
Frank Packenham, the Earl of Longford, championed the cause of rehabilitation for Myra Hindley, a convicted serial killer of children, who was serving a lifelong prison sentence. During the last three decades of his life, the unconvential politician and devout Catholic Longford advocated for rehabi
Cracked Not Broken (2007)
A profile of the life of Lisa, a 37-year-old cocaine addict who has become estranged from her daughter and works as a prostitute to support her drug habit. Lisa speaks openly about her addiction and struggles with filmmaker Paul Perrier.
Bastards of the Party (2007)
A comprehensive history of the growth of gang culture of Los Angeles surveyed by former gang member Cle Sloan. Raised in the Athens Park, L.A., Cle "Bone" Sloan was four when his father died, and 12 when he became a member of the Bloods. Now an inactive member of the notorious gang, Sloan makes a po
Montana Meth (2007)
Montana Meth takes a look at the meth problem in Montana. The filmmakers interview meth addicts and take a look at the effects of meth on these individuals. The film also focuses on the toll meth is taking on the Native American population in Montana.
Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project (2007)
A portrait of comedian Don Rickles who continues to entertain us at age 81.
Stuart: A Life Backwards (2007)
A tragicomic account of a homeless, violent alcoholic and drug addict who enlists the help of a writer friend to help tell his story.
Coma (2007)
Follows four patients who emerge from comas, raising questions about defining quality of life and offering insight into the power of love.
Pinochet's Last Stand (2007)
Docudrama chronicling Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet's legal battles while under house arrest in England in 1998. Then British prime minister Margaret Thatcher appealed for his release.
When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts (2006)
Documentary revolving around New Orleans following the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina.
Boffo! Tinseltown's Bombs and Blockbusters (2006)
Documentary film takes a behind the scenes look at big Hollywood blockbusters, their development, production and their recipe for success. Zeitgeist films, such as "American Graffiti," the epic genre-films, such as "Birth of a Nation," and films made from a best-selling book, such as "The Godfather
Walkout (2006)
One of the milestone events in the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement in 1968, the East Los Angeles Thirteen: 12 Latino students and 1 teacher, organized a walk out protest of over 20,000 students from the LA school district. Their protest over inadequate Latino education landed them in jail whe
Sexual Intelligence (2005)
A feature-length documentary tracing the history of sexuality in America.
Dare To Dream: The Story of the U.S. Women's Soccer Team (2005)
During the 1980s, a group of young women struggle to establish themselves as high school and then U.S. National Team soccer players. During its 18-year journey, the team won two Olympic gold medals, two World Cup titles and has since redefined access for young women in team sports in the U.S. Duri
The Girl in the Caf├ę (2005)
Lawrence, a shy, civil servant, meets the mysterious Gina in a cafe and develops a life-changing relationship with her. As part of the British delegation to the G8 Summit in Iceland, Lawrence invites Gina along for a romantic getaway. As world issues are being debated by international leaders and
Father... A Son... Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, A (2005)
Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas provide a candid look into their lives off screen via a series of interviews. They discuss the highs and lows of their respective lives and careers as well as their troubled father-son relationship. Interviews with loved ones and other Hollywood associates also pro
Heir to an Execution: A Granddaughter's Story (2004)
As the the eldest granddaughter of executed traitors Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, filmmaker embarks on a quest to understand who her grandparents were and how this could have happened to her family. What choices were the Rosenbergs faced with and what did they die for? What is "guilt" and what is "in
Happy to be Nappy And Other Stories of Me (2004) as Cable Network
A selection of animated stories and poetry that celebrate diversity and self-esteem.
Chris Rock: Never Scared (2004) as Cable Network
Chris Rock's fourth stand-up comedy special, featuring material from his 'Black Ambition Tour'.
Wild Ride to Super Bowl 1, The (2004) as Cable Network
Special which focuses on the first NFL Super Bowl played in 1967, shown from the perspectives of the players from both teams, and the time frame within history that helped shape the game's impact.
Terror in Moscow (2004) as Cable Network
A look at the October 2002 capture of a Moscow theater by 41 Chechen gunmen. Demanding the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Chechnya, they laid siege to the theater occupants for 57 hours. Using video taken within and outside the building, phone taps, survivors' testimony, documentarian
Celibacy (2004) as Cable Network
A look into the practice of celibacy through the prism of religions including Catholicism, Buddhism and Hinduism.
Jockey (2004) as Cable Network
Documentary focusing on the lives of three jockeys as they tackle the demanding sport of thoroughbred racing.
Three Sisters: Searching for a Cure (2004) as Cable Network
A look at the three Estess sisters and their battle to save Jennifer Estess' life against Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS aka Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) before succumbing to the disease in December 2003.
Lewis Black: Black On Broadway (2004) as Cable Network
Special featuring the stand-up comedy of Lewis Black.
Death in Gaza (2004) as Cable Network
Documentary following two young Palestinian children, one who has lost her family to the fighting and one who hopes to join the fighting. While making this documentary, one of the filmmakers, James Miller, was killed.
Elaine Stritch at Liberty (2004) as Cable Network
A documentary about Elaine Stritch and her one-woman show, "Elaine Stritch at Liberty." The Broadway stage production traces Stritch's life from her youth in Michigan through the loss of her husband and break-up with alcohol. The film combines footage from Stritch's show with a behind-the-scenes loo
Dirty War (2004)
Chronicles a hypothetical "dirty bomb" radiological attack on London focusing on the experiences of a fireman, two anti-terrorist squad police officers and the international terrorists they are tracking both before and after the attack.
Heir to an Execution: A Granddaughter's Story (2004)
As the the eldest granddaughter of executed traitors Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, filmmaker embarks on a quest to understand who her grandparents were and how this could have happened to her family. What choices were the Rosenbergs faced with and what did they die for? What is "guilt" and what is "in
Hamburg Cell (2004)
A look into the lives of the young Arab men who would eventually lead the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th.
Graduating Peter (2003) as Cable Network
Follow-up to "Educating Peter," this documentary follows the struggles of a boy with Down syndrome from sixth grade through his high school graduation.
Tracey Ullman in The Trailer tales (2003) as Cable Network
Special in which actress/comedian Tracey Ullman plays a cast of eclectic characters whose anecdotes are documented by alter-ego Ruby Romaine, a showbiz make-up artist and mingler who tells tales big and small while prettying up the faces of Hollywood.
Showgirls: Glitz and Angst (2003) as Cable Network
A backstage look at the lives of Las Vegas showgirls, including interviews with the dancers, choreographers and backers.
Rolling Stones: Live from Madison Garden (2003) as Cable Network
To support their "Forty Licks" album, the legendary band throws a live concert in New York.
Actual Autopsy with Dr. Michael Baden and a Reexamination of Autopsy's Most Complex Cases, An (2003) as Cable Network
Dr. Michael Baden, the prominent forensic physician on the network's Autopsy series, takes the audience step-by-step through a genuine autopsy and looks back on unusually difficult cases involving arsenic poisoning.
Curse of the Bambino, The (2003) as Cable Network
Documentary special which chronicles the rise and struggles of the Boston Red Sox ballclub, who won 15 championships before its owner Harry Frazee sold star pitcher Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees in 1920. The Yankees went on to become a championship team under the hitting power of Ruth, but the
Cathouse 2: Back in the Saddle (2003) as Cable Network
Part of the American Undercover series of documentaries that returns to look behind the closed doors of the renowned legal brothel Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada to tell the story of several consenting clients.
Crank: Made In America (2003) as Cable Network
Documentary which takes a look at methamphetamine addiction in the midwestern United States.
Born Rich (2003) as Cable Network
Access to the lives of kids who have names synonymous with wealth--Bloomberg, SI Newhouse, Trump, Whitney--and allows them to discuss the one subject everybody in the world knows it's not polite to talk about in public: money.
Ellen DeGeneres: Here and Now (2003) as Cable Network
Stand-up comedy special starring Ellen DeGeneres live from the Beacon Theatre in New York City.
Taxicab Confessions 2003: Girls Like It Hot (2003) as Cable Network
Three women talk about seducing their mates; a woman goes topless for Internet viewers; two girlfriends relate some of their wild sexual encounters; a couple squabbles both violently and tenderly; a former philanderer convinces his girlfriend to get married.
Real Sex Presents: Porn 101 (2003) as Cable Network
Reality special that documents the various films entered in Boston's annual Amateur Porn Film Festival.
Taxicab Confessions: New York, New York (2003) as Cable Network
Real stories told by real people in real New York City taxicabs.
Facing Arthur (2003) as Cable Network
A young German cellist who is a descendant of nazis and a 100 year old Jewish Holocaust survivor and former concert violinist, strike up an unlikely friendship and try to understand each other as they bond over their mutual passion for music and try to overcome their differences and pasts.
Judgment Day: Should the Guilty Go Free? (2003) as Cable Network
An examination of the country's parole board system that follows three prisoners who anxiously await the decisions of parole boards determining whether or not they'll be set free.
Autopsy 9: Dead Awakening (2003) as Cable Network
The cases reviewed by medical examiners like Dr. Michael Baden include an infant girl who died under mysterious circumstances; an entire family apparently wiped out by Thallium poisoning; a brutal killer targeting women along Highway 40; a murdered cab driver whose most likely killer refuses to give
Dennis Miller: The Raw Feed (2003) as Cable Network
Stand-up comedy special starring Dennis Miller live from The Vic Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.
Bill Maher: Victory Begins at Home (2003) as Cable Network
In his sixth HBO stand-up special, the comedian riffs on politics and current events.
Latin Kings: A Street Gang Story (2003) as Cable Network
Documentary about Antonio "King Tone" Fernandez, who was the leader of one of New York's largest gangs, The Latin King Nation, and a major presence in the city's Puerto Rican community.
Jim McKay: My World in My Words (2003) as Cable Network
Sports announcer Jim McKay takes a look back at his life and the major sporting events he's covered over the past four decades.
Persona Non Grata (2003) as Cable Network
Culling interviews with, among others, Benjamin Netanyahu, Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon, Oliver Stone presents a look at Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Yassir Arafat and the state of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
Rebels of Oakland: The A's, The Raiders, The 70's (2003) as Cable Network
A documentary about Oakland's baseball and football teams in the 1970's.
Smashing Machine: The Life and Times of Mark Kerr, The (2003) as Cable Network
As Mark Kerr, a major contender in the sport of no-holds barred fighting - considered so dangerous it's banned in the United States - prepares to particpate in the international competition in Japan, filmmakers follow him around to reveal the personal demons and motivations that drive him to sacrif
Through a Child's Eyes: September 11, 2001 (2003) as Cable Network
A documentary on the 9/11 tragedy told through the perspective of children all over the world as they describe their feelings and methods of coping with the terrorist attacks and the possibilities of war. The interviews range from American children who lost family in the attack and the war on terror
Virtual Corpse, The (2003) as Cable Network
Documentary about the first human to donate his body to science so that it could be studied in the form of a 3D database of the entire anatomy that is available to view online. Convicted killer Joseph Paul Jernigan donated his body to science shortly before he was executed in 1993 and this document
Nine Good Teeth (2003) as Cable Network
Filmaker Alex Halpern documents the life of his Sicilian-American grandmother, Mary Mirabito, as she approaches her 96th year and celebrates her life and family.
Cathouse (2003) as Cable Network
Part of the American Undercover series of documentaries that goes behind closed doors of the renowned legal brothel Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada to tell the story of several consenting clients.
Unchained Memories: Readings From the Slave Narratives (2003) as Cable Network
Various African-American actors come together to read excerpts from first-hand accounts of slave life collected during the 1936-1938 Federal Writers' Project.
Iceman and the Psychiatrist, The (2003) as Cable Network
A renowned psychiatrist sits down with convicted Mafia gangster Richard Kuklinski in an attempt to dissect why he turned into such a cold-hearted killer and to help him come to terms with his condition.
Taxicab Confessions: New York, New York (2003) as Production Company
Real stories told by real people in real New York City taxicabs.
John Leguizamo's Sexaholix . . . A Love Story (2002) as Cable Network
An adaptation of John Leguizamo's one-man Broadway production that explores subjects ranging from the history of Latino people to more personal topics such as his relationships with women and his complicated family dynamics. Leguizamo tells his story from childhood to fatherhood through the eyes of
Autopsy 8: Dead Giveaway (2002) as Cable Network
This edition of the documentary series that explores forensic pathology and bizarre criminal cases includes: a case of sibling sabotage involving a serial rapist/killer in Toronto; a strange mystery where saliva turned a suicide investigation into a homicide conviction; the sordid story of a convict
Monica in Black and White (2002) as Cable Network
Documentary about the Monica Lewinsky scandal with the cooperation of the former White House intern. Filmed over the course of three days, Lewinsky fields questions from an audience of students, HBO staff, production crew and other invitees who were allowed to ask any questions they wished. The answ
Real Sex 30: Down and Dirty (2002) as Cable Network
The long-running erotic documentary magazine features segments on a website designed for the sale and demonstration of sex machines; New Orleans' Bindlestiff Family Cirkus - a cabaret-type spectacle sporting a variety of unusual erotic acts; a video production company that provides sets, costumes an
On the Record with Bob Costas: A 2002 Special Edition (2002) as Cable Network
A look back at the important people and events in sports for 2002 includes an interview with Serena Williams, a profile of Tiger Woods, an examination of the health and legal issues surrounding performance enhancing drugs and an homage to the sports figures that have passed on.
Robin Williams: Live On Broadway (2002) as Cable Network
Robin Williams performs stand-up on Broadway.
O.J.: A Study in Black and White (2002) as Cable Network
An examination of race relations in America through the experiences of O.J. Simpson. During his football career, high-profile endorsements, acting and broadcasting careers, and his trial for the murders of his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, in 1994, for which he was acq
Question of Miracles, A (2001) as Cable Network
Documentary about the thousands of people around the world who are flocking to evangelical healers in search of a cure for pain and disease. The program goes behind the scenes to find out what happens at mass evangelical gatherings, follows a number of people searching for miracles and investigates
George Carlin: Complaints and Grievances (2001) as Network
Comedian George Carlin performs from the Beacon Theater in New York City.
Iceman Confesses: Secrets of a Mafia Hitman, The (2001) as Tv Distributor
The program goes inside Trenton State Prison for an interview with mob hitman Richard Kuklinski, better known as "The Iceman." His confessions helped to solve murder cases that have baffled law enforcement for years.
Dave Chappelle: Killin' Them Softly (2000) as Cable Network
Comedian/actor/writer Dave Chappelle performs a stand-up routine before an audience at the Lincoln Theater in Washington, D.C.
Thug Life in D.C. (1999) as Foreign Distribution Sales (International)
Filmmakers go inside the Washington, D.C. prison system to hear the stories of young African-American inmates.
First 100 Years: A Celebration of American Movies, The (1995) as Cable Network
A retrospective of filmmaking over the past 100 years. Included are interviews with actors, directors and screenwriters, along with film clips and archival footage from current and past Hollywood productions.
Bobby Kennedy: In His Own Words (1990) as Cable Network
A documentary featuring rare film footage and audio tapes of Robert Kennedy.
Best Hotel on Skid Row, The (1990) as Tv Distributor
An "America Undercover" documentary special focusing on the inhabitants of the Madison Hotel in the skid-row section of downtown Los Angeles.

Misc. Crew (special)

53rd Presidential Inaugural Gala (1997) as Footage
Broadcast of the entertainment gala marking the presidential inauguration of Bill Clinton for his second term.
Up For the Golden Globes (1996) as Film Clips ("The Tuskegee Airmen")
Special preceding "The 53rd Annual Golden Globes," featuring interviews with some of the stars nominated in the motion picture and television categories.
American Athlete, The (1996) as Oscar De La Hoya Footage
Interviews with some of the world's top athletes.
1996 NCLR Bravo Awards, The (1996) as Clips
Presentation of the NCLR Bravo Awards, which celebrates Latin music and culture and honors individuals who are responsible for the creation and positive portrayal of Latinos in American film and television.
Celebrate the Dream: 50 Years of Ebony (1996) as Film Clips
Special celebrating the 50th anniversary of "Ebony" magazine.
Comedy Club Superstars (1996) as Footage
Special gives viewers a backstage look at some of the most popular comedians, including early performances, new interviews, and a roundtable discussion.
67th Annual Academy Awards, The (1995) as Film Footage
A live presentation of the 67th Annual Academy Awards Presentation, honoring achievements in motion pictures released during 1994.
50 Years of Funny Females (1995) as Clips
Special looking at funny women of TV and film.
But... Seriously (1994) as Clip Provider (Rick Ducommun)
A documentary reflecting on comedy's role as America's social conscience. Combines historical news footage with vintage concert and club footage to reflect the times when comedians served as social critics on such issues as homelessness, AIDS, the Los Angeles riots and the Gulf War.
Second Annual Comedy Hall of Fame, The (1994) as Video Clips
A special honoring legendary performers for their lifetime achievements in comedy. Included are tributes to Sid Caesar, George Carlin, Bob Hope, Shirley MacLaine, Mary Tyler Moore, and Richard Pryor.
19th Annual People's Choice Awards, The (1993) as Promotional Footage
A live presentation of The People's Choice Awards honoring entertainers in the fields of television, motion pictures and music in which the public determines the winners by a special Gallup poll.
Word From Our Sponsor II, A (1993) as Cinemax Clip
Highlights humorous national and international ads and commercials.
20th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, The (1993) as Clips Provider
Broadcast of the 20th annual daytime Emmy Awards.
6th Annual American Comedy Awards, The (1992) as Film Clips
The 6th annual American Comedy Awards honors top comedic performers in all fields of American entertainment.
19th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, The (1992) as Clips
A telecast of the 19th annual Emmy Awards for excellence in daytime television programming.
Creative Arts Emmy Awards, The (1991) as Television Clips
Presentation of the creative arts portion of the 43rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.
18th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, The (1991) as Clip Footage
A telecast of the eighteenth annual Emmy Awards for excellence in daytime television programming.
Entertainers '91: The Top 20 of the Year (1991) as Film Clips; Stills
A special focusing on 20 key entertainers of 1991.
1991 Emmy Awards (1991) as Film Clips; Stills
A presentation of the forty-third annual prime-time Emmy Awards honoring the best in television.
4th Annual American Comedy Awards, The (1990) as Television Extract
Broadcast of the Fourth Annual American Comedy Awards honoring top comedic performers in all forms of American entertainment.
42nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Presentation (1990) as Clips And Photos
Live telecast of the forty-second annual prime time Emmy Awards honoring the best in television.

Production Companies (TV Mini-Series)

Witness (2012)
HBO Documentary films takes you to some of the most harrowing places on Earth. Gang violence, ethnic cleansing, drug wars and political corruption has left some regions of the world in states of chaos. This chilling project is a look inside some of the most violent places on the planet, including Ju
Mildred Pierce (2011)
A former housewife turns into a successful businesswoman but loses control of her spoiled daughter when a playboy seduces both her and the daughter.
Finishing Heaven (2009)
In 1970, at the height of New York's Warhol Factory scene, ambitious NYU student Robert Feinberg began shooting his debut feature film. Thirty-seven years later, the cans of 16mm film footage languish in storage. When Feinberg's ex-girlfriend actress Ruby Lynn Reyner convinces him to finally finish
House of Saddam (2008)
Based on the book, project explores the lives of the former dictator, his family and closest associates. Stories include never-before-seen footage of Saddam Hussein's meetings with his advisers where he reads off the names of people who will be executed for the charge of treason. In addition, new
Generation Kill (2008)
Based on his book of the same name, Rolling Stone contributing editor Evan Wright chronicles his dangerous experiences during the Iraqi war with the First Reconnaissance Battalion Marines on a 16-day trek from Kuwait to Iraq, when he was an embedded reporter in 2003. Project revolves around the indi
John Adams (2008)
A miniseries on the life of American Revolutionary leader and second President of the United States John Adams. This biography takes a fresh perspective of the Revolutionary period, making a case for Adams' work being the force behind Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence, many of the triu
Five Days (2007)
Over five days the mystery behind the disappearance of a young mother, her abandoned children and its rippling effects in the community unfolds.
Addiction (2007)
A documentary that brings together the nation's leading experts on drug and alcohol addiction with a collection of award-winning filmmakers to shed light on addiction, its causes and the latest and most promising developments in treatments. It consists of nine separate segments that focus on case s
Tsunami, The Aftermath (2006)
Ensemble drama revolving around the deadly 2004 tidal wave which devastated Thailand's coastline.
Journalist and the Jihadi, The (2006)
Documentary examining the parallel lives of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and jihadi Omar Sheikh. Both from highly educated and priveleged backgrounds, Pearl sought to promote cross-cultural understanding between the Islamic and Western worlds. Sheikh ultimately chose a violent path w
Empire Falls (2005)
Miles Roby is the proprieter of the local diner, Empire Grill, where everyone gathers in the once prosperous mill town of Empire Falls. Divorced with a teenage daughter, Miles comes to a crossroads in his life where the past of this sleepy, New England town catches up with the present to make clear
Elizabeth I (2005)
The miniseries explores the public and personal life of the Virgin Queen during the last half of her rule, taking a personal look at her friends, enemies and suitors and how she survived a male-dominated world.
Boy's Life, A (2004) as Cable Network
Documentary detailing the lives of a poor, fragmented family in Eupora, Mississippi, including emotionally troubled seven-year old son Robert and his struggles in school and at home, and his repeated interactions with Social Services.
My Uncle Berns (2004) as Cable Network
Documentary about 89 year old Bernhardt Crystal, Uncle to actor/comedian Billy Crystal.
Naked World (2003) as Cable Network
A yearlong quest to photograph nudes on all seven continents that serves as a follow up to "Naked States," also featuring artist Spencer Tunick. From relative openness in formerly communist Russia to resistance in purportedly free-willed Paris, we see the contrasts in attitudes to nakedness, proving
Everybody Hates the Phone Company (2003) as Cable Network
A young computer nerd hacks into the phone company's diagnostics system, allowing him to divert calls and money transfers from the unsuspecting public.
Pandemic: Facing AIDS (2003)
A five-part documentary series that looks at the AIDS crisis in a different part of the world each week, highlighting Thailand, India, Russia, Uganda and Brazil.
Mata Hari (2002) as Cable Network

Production Companies (TV Mini-Series)

Pacific, The (2010)
Based on multiple true accounts of the war, miniseries examines the U.S. battle against Japan in the Pacific during World War II, tracking the intertwined odysseys of three U.S. Marines - Robert Leckie, John Basilone and Eugene Sledge - across the vast canvas of the Pacific. The experiences of thes
Angels in America (2003)
Interwoven AIDS-related stories revolving around shamed bisexual Mormon Joe Pitt and his despairing wife Harper; AIDS patient Prior Walter; and Walter's lover Louis who eventually becomes Joe's lover. Based on Tony Kushner's Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name
30 Years of Boxing (2003)
A twelve part series of footage from the past 30 years from HBO's "World Championship Boxing" fanchise featuring classic matches along with behind the scenes clips.

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