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Production Companies (feature film)

Sleeping Beauty, The (2010)
In a castle somewhere in a bygone age, the fairy Carabosse cuts the umbilical cord of a newborn baby girl called Anastasia. Three young scatterbrained fairies arrive out of breath. Carabosse explains that they are too late--at sixteen the child's hand will be pierced and she will die. The fairies bu
Cavaliers Suls (2010)
Mark was an international horse-jumping champion. Now, he's stuck in a wheel chair and relies on his two sons to keep up his barn.
Hop-o'-My-Thumb (2010)
Short of food, a woodcutter and his wife decide to abandon their five sons in the forest. The youngest, nicknamed Hop-o'-My-Thumb, overhears their conversation. During their journey into the forest, he plans to drop small white stones to find his way back home. The next day, the father follows throu
Bluebeard (2009)
Catherine takes great pleasure in terrifying her elder sister Marie-Anne by reading her the infamous tale of "Bluebeard" until the poor girl is so frightened she bursts into tears. She also enjoys performing re-enactments of the fairy-tale in the role of Marie-Catherine, Bluebeard's last wife. Altho
Des Poupées et des anges (2008)
Lya is a teenager living on a suburban housing estate with her sisters Chirine and Inès and their abusive father. In Paris, Chirine meets Alex, who claims to be an agent and suggests she become a model. But through Lya's eyes, Chirine realises she is falling into prostitution. Lya's rebellion leads
Love Songs (2007)
The destinies of David, Alice and Julie. Julie and Ismael try to reignite their relationship by inviting Alice into their bed. In fact, they even end up singing about it. But eventually, things go awry and everyone is left at loose ends.
Last Mistress, The (2007)
A man is torn between two women--one demonic, one angelic. The young and dissolute Ryno de Marigny is betrothed to marry Hermangarde, a virtuous gem of the French aristocracy. But some, who wish the union not to occur, whisper that the young man will never break off his affair with Vellini, which ha
Lark Farm, The (2007)
The Avakians are a rich Armenian family. Aram, a land-owner living in a small town in Turkey, and Assadour, a successful doctor from Venice, are brothers who have not seen each other for a long time and decide to meet in Armenia. While Assadour prepares himself for his trip to his native land, the
Exit: The Right to Die (2006)
No one knows the day or hour of one's death, and most of us hope ours will be quick and painless. But when incurable illness strikes--accompanied by extreme pain, physical incapacity, and reduced quality of life--one is confronted with difficult questions about how to spare oneself, as well as famil
La vie est à nous! (2005)
Louise and her mother, Blanche, run "The Stopover", a small café in a village in the Savoy area of France. "The Stopover" isn't just a café, it's also a new family for whole bevy of problem-children that the two women have been taking in over the years. Louise, who has a caustic sense of humor, beli
Anatomy of Hell (2004) as Production Company
A tale which focuses on male identity that tells the story of an apprehensive homosexual man forced to confront female sexuality from his point of view. Following a post-night club encounter, a man and a woman move to a sole location: a house in the middle of nowhere, perched on a cliff. It chronicl
World According to Bush, The (2004)
French filmmakers Karel and Laurent examine the controversial actions and policies of the adminstration of George W. Bush. Includes interviews with Norman Mailer, Hans Blix, Richard Perle, David Kay, Colin Powell and others.
Marie's Sons (2002) as Production Company
Marie is a bereaved woman whose husband and teenage son have recently been killed in a car crash. Unable to get over her loss, Marie--a partner in a dress shop in Montreal--takes an ad in the paper: "Mother who has lost a son seeks a son who has lost a mother." Four young males respond to her plea f
Sex is Comedy (2002) as Production Company
Film director Jeanne is obsessed with directing a difficult sex scene between her young actress and actor who hate each other. Aided and prodded by her loyal assistant director, Leo, Jeanne is hell-bent on getting it right, wihtout compromise or dishonesty.
Fat Girl (2001) as Production Company
Elena is a gorgeous fifteen-year-old forced to drag along pudgy twelve-year-old Anais as she trolls for boys in the cafes of a seaside resort where their family is vacationing. Treating Anais with casual cruelty, Elena smooches a handsome young Italian as her sister gorges on a banana split and later, in their shared bedroom, commands her to sleep as the twentysomething Fernando climbs in through the window. As Elena is deflowered, Anais writhes in fascination, envy and her own budding desire. When Elena''s transgression is revealed to their parents, their furious mother breaks off the holiday and embarks on the long drive home with the girls in the back seat. The summer vacation is over but, as they discover on a tension-filled journey home, the family adventure is not.
Confession d'un dragueur (2001) as Production Company
A shy man from the provinces gets a crash course in meeting Parisian women.
Faute a Voltaire, La (2000) as Production Company
27-year-old Tunisian Jallel is in a police station in the centre of Paris, where he has arrived as a clandestine immigrant. Using a false passport, he begins his adventure as a vagabond. He has no illusions and not so many hopes either. He tries to survive by selling fruit in the underground tunnel
Romance (1999) as Production Company
Marie's lover is the cool and unaffectionate Paul, who refuses to have sex with her and may be gay. She won't leave him, though, and rather decides on a masochistic sexual journey in which she sleeps with other men, while retaining her emotional connection to Paul. First there is Paolo, a stud with
Marthe (1998) as Production Company
Set in 1915 during World War I, a wounded soldier is sent far from the front to recuperate and falls in love.
Feuerreiter (1998) as Production Company
In 1796 the poet Friedrich Holderlin became a private tutor in the house of Gontard. Soon, Holderlin and Gontard's wife Susette begin an affair. But the friend who recommended Holderlin to the position is in love with him, and, jealous, reports the affair to Susette's husband. Thrown out, Holderlin
Foolish Heart (1998) as Production Company
The story of Juan and Ana and their self-destructive romance. Juan later becomes a film director, returning home to visit his dying father.
TGV (1998) as Production Company
A motley assortment of passengers are on a bus (nicknamed TGV) from Dakar in Senegal to Conakry, Guinea. There are troops in the streets, and warnings of a rebellion on the Guinea border, but the bus carries on. Along the way, it picks up a deposed government minister making a rapid exit, and two cl
Bandits (1997) as Production Company
The story of Emma, Luna Angel and Marie - four very different women - who have formed a rock band known as The Bandits. There is only one little problem - they are in prison. Music is the only resource left which they can all use to vent their anger and their dreams. An invitation to perform at a Po
Hostile Waters (1997) as Production Company
Thriller based on the previously untold true story of how a near-nuclear catastrophe was averted in the wake of a collision between American and Soviet nuclear submarines off the coast of the United States on October 3, 1986.
Tonka (1997) as Production Company
A burned-out, world class sprinter is re-invigorated when he meets a young woman who runs on instinct and orange soda. The girl, Tonka, lives in a giant Coca-Cola sign in the shape of a can and sneaks showers and food from a variety of sources. When she sprints away from a shop from which she has st
Jane Eyre (1996) as Production Company
As a child, young Jane is a poor orphan who is mistreated by her relatives. Cast out of Gateswood, her cruel Aunt Reed's house, she's sent to the grim Lowood School. Jane, who is spirited and outspoken, becomes the unfortunate scapegoat of Mr. Brocklehurst, the school's headmaster, and Miss Scatcher
Who Killed Pasolini? (1995) as Production Company
A provocative feature film which explores the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder of film director Pier Paolo Pasolini in 1975. Pasolini's life was one of almost constant controversy. His contentious views on religion, politics and culture aroused the full spectrum of emotions in Italian
Les Caprices d'un Fleuve (1995) as Production Company
The tale of an exiled 18th-century French aristocrat and his slowly awakening love for a charming, intelligent young slave girl in a West African desert town.
Secrets Shared With a Stranger (1995) as Production Company
In 1907 St. Petersberg, Russia, a young woman has all that she wants in her child, rich husband and lovers who desire her. One afternoon, following an ancient tradition, she makes a secret wish to a bird that has been set free. That evening her husband is murdered.
L'affaire (1994) as Production Company
The story of Cain and Abel as re-told from Abel's point of view; this time, however, the story centers around the complex world of international corporations and the wheeling and dealings of high finance.
Father and Son (1994)
A tale of Genoa's working class as shown through the conflict between a father and son who own very different opinions about class struggle and career choice.
Mario and the Magician (1994) as Production Company
A famous German author visits Torre di Venere, an Italian seaside resort, with his immediate family during the 1920s. While there, he encounters the rise of facism and the sad decline of liberal European values into a vulgar kind of barbarism.
Policemen (1994) as Production Company
An cop is left on his own to handle a smooth talking crime boss.
Death and the Maiden (1994) as Production Company
On a stormy night, at a secluded beach house, somewhere in Latin America, a chance encounter with Dr. Roberto Miranda leads to an intense confrontation with Paulina Escobar who was subjected to systematic torture fifteen years ago and now believes that she may have found the man responsible. Once Mi
Killer Kid (1994) as Production Company
An involving account of an improbable friendship between two 11-year-old Arab youths -- one, trained in Lebanon to be an efficient killer, will take the other, the plucky France-raised son of immigrants, as a role model in Paris before carrying out a deadly mission.
Bonsoir! (1994) as Production Company
A homeless tailor, who manages to get himself invited to stay in a different Paris apartment almost every night, is followed by a mysterious stranger and a string of thefts from the homes that have hosted him.
Elles ne pensent qu'a ca (1994) as Production Company
As viewed particularly through female opinion, this story presents a portrait of an amourphous, extended Parisian family, united through a series of marital disasters and resolute in its airing of unorthordox opinions on the nature of sex and love.
Barnabo of the Mountains (1994) as Production Company
Set circa 1919 in the snowy Dolomites of northern Italy. When the rangers' commanding officer is killed by local poachers, a patrol is organized but turns up no trace of the murderers, until a fresh young recruit stumbles upon them.
Sacred Night, The (1993) as Production Company
Room 108 (1993) as Production Company
A young man, fearing he has a deadly sickness, goes to the hospital for tests. With no more individual rooms available he is stuck with a crabby old man; the two do battle, while a maternal and authoritative young nurse arbitrates.
Bezness (1992) as Production Company
Rufa, a charming, enterprising hustler, longs to leave Tunisia behind. Foreign tourists represent his ticket away, but time is running out on his dreams.
Leolo (1992) as Production Company
The story of an imaginative boy who pretends he is the child of a sperm-laden Sicilian tomato upon which his mother accidentally fell.
Dien Bien Phu (1992) as Production Company
The famous battle of Dien Bien Phu from the points-of-view of soldiers and an American war reporter.
Brasier, Le (1991) as Production Company
Set in the 1930s, the troubled love affair between the son of a Polish immigrant living in a small French mining town, and a beautiful young French woman.
Isabelle Eberhardt (1991) as Production Company
Biopic of Isabelle Eberhardt, a journalist in turn-of-the-century Algeria who sided with the Arabs against the French.
Rio Negro (1990) as Production Company
Men battle for power and leadership in the Rio Negro region of South America.
J'ecris dans l'espace (1989)
Film deals with the invention of Claude Chappe's telegraph system and its approval by the Convention during the French Revolution.
Chambre a part (1989) as Production Company
Il Maestro (1989) as Production Company
Near the end of World War II, an unlikely friendship develops between a famous conductor and a mediocre musician while both are in hiding from the Nazis.
China, My Sorrow (1989) as Production Company
A young boy is banished to a "reeducation center" during China's Cultural Revolution.
J'ecris dans l'espace (1989) as Production Company
Film deals with the invention of Claude Chappe's telegraph system and its approval by the Convention during the French Revolution.
Lumiere du lac, La (1988) as Production Company
A fortune-hunting young man gets involved with a lonely writer in an isolated village.
Les Noces barbares (1987) as Theatrical Distributor
After his mother scorns him, a boy is locked away in an attic.
Last Summer in Tangiers (1987) as Production Company
Three Men and a Baby (1987) as Production Company
Actor Jack Holden lives a hedonistic life along with his roommates Peter and Michael in New York City. But everything changes when a baby is left on their doorstep with a note saying that "Mary" is Jack''s child, the product of a fling with a recent co-star. Jack is away on a shoot when the infant arrives and Peter and Michael do their best to take care of her. When two men arrive asking for "the package" they assume that they mean the baby, but soon find that they are drug dealers looking for heroin, and get rid of them by giving them some powdered milk. When Jack when returns, he also rises to the occasion and soon loves his baby daughter. The drug dealers eventually return looking for the heroin and the roommates successfully trap them and have them arrested. Eventually Mary''s mother Sylvia arrives, wanting to take Mary back to England with her. The agree, but after giving it some thought, the three men realize they cannot stand losing their little charge and rush to the airport to stop her, but Sylvia is gone. Happily for everyone, when they return home, they find Mary with Sylvia, who has decided that she does not want to raise the child alone and the men invite her to move in with them.
Sale destin! (1987) as Production Company
Grand Chemin, Le (1987) as Production Company
Fuegos (1987) as Production Company
Les Noces barbares (1987) as Production Company
After his mother scorns him, a boy is locked away in an attic.
Under the Sun of Satan (1987) as Production Company
A country priest battles the war against the temptations of Satan.
Summer on a Soft Slope (1987) as Production Company
Jour et Nuit (1986) as Production Company
Trois hommes et un couffin (1986) as Production Company
Life will never be the same again for womanizing roommates Pierre, Jacques and Michel when a basket bearing a small infant -- presumably the by-product of one of Jacque's passion plays -- suddenly arrives on their doorstep. Now, three men whose entire lives revolve around wine, women and late partie
Femme secrete, La (1986) as Production Company
Dust (1985) as Production Company
Vie de Famille, La (1984) as Production Company

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