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Confidence (2003)
Jake Vig is con man and leader of a rag-tag group of grifters who swindle a few thousand dollars from a victim who turns out to be an accountant for a crime kingpin.
Stoked (2003)
The aggressive style of Mark "Gator" Rogowski (a.k.a. Gator Mark Anthony)--his unpredictable lines, and outrageous personal antics--made him a favorite on the 80's pro skateboarding circuit, and for years he rode a career wave of fame, wealth, and world travel. At the end of the decade Gator found h
Fulltime Killer (2003)
The story of a master assassin who is pursued by a young, flamboyant hitman who wants to usurp the veteran's place as number one killer, and the cop who won't give up until he brings the killer down.
It Had to Be You (2002)
Two strangers fall in love while planning their respective weddings.
Max (2002)
A fictional story which is loosely based upon the post-WWI period when the young Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) was an aspiring painter with a love for the classical periods. Set in 1918, the tale is based on an imagined relationship between young Adolf, and an influential Jewish art dealer and teacher, M
May (2002)
May has always been a bit of an outsider--you might consider her a quirky girl. If you passed her on the street, you wouldn't notice that she is any different from scores of other young women trying to make their way in the big city. She lives alone, works as a veterinarian assistant, makes her own
Rancid Aluminum (2002)
A desperate British businessman inadvertantly becomes entangled with the Russian Mafia.
Opponent, The (2002)
Patty, a victim of domestic abuse, meets her match in Tommy, a former boxing hopeful looking for a new star to put in the ring. But he never could have imagined it would be Patty.
Arachnid (2002)
A group of people travel to a remote South Pacific island to investigate a strange virus, only to find that the cause is an alien spacecraft.
Civil Brand (2002)
"Welcome to the plantation, sister Frances." With those words, Frances Shepherd, a beautiful young mother and nurse, is greeted upon her arrival at Whitehead Correctional Institute, a maximum-security prison for women. Surrounded by hardened repeat offenders, this meek woman--incarcerated for killin
Bully (2001)
Based on the true-life murder of Bobby Kent, a Hollywood, Florida teenager who was murdered by his own circle of friends once they tired of being bullied around by him: Best friend Marty is stuck in a complex and abusive relationship with Bobby, and his girlfriend Lisa urges him to stand up for hims
Tape (2001)
Within the confines of a tawdry motor lodge in Lansing, Michigan, three old friends come together to play out the unresolved drama of their final days in high school. John, a first-time filmmaker, is in Michigan to present his film at a local film festival. Vince, now a volunteer firefighter and sma
100 Girls (2001)
A college freshman has sex with a girl during a power outage and never sees her face. When he goes in search of the mystery girl, he realizes there are about one hundred suspects to consider.
Wash, The (2001)
With the rent due and his car booted, Sean has to come up with some ends... and fast. When his best buddy and roommate Dee Loc suggests that Sean get a job busting suds down at the local car wash, the first order of business is impressing Mr. Washington, the gun-toting, dominoes-playing owner of The
Stepdaughter, The (2001)
Growing up, Susan Miller survived countless foster homes and years of abuse and neglect with one, burning goal: to someday find the birth mother who abandoned her...and get revenge.
Xchange (2001)
In a not-so distant future, a company called Xchange offers an alternative, time-saving travel service that employs mind transference to allow its users to swap bodies with someone at their destination. For a public relations executive who unwittingly switches bodies with a dangerous assassin, the t
Shooters (2001)
Recently released from prison, Gilly has vowed to go straight -- until his best friend J drags him back into the life.
Believer, The (2001)
Inspired by real events, a tale about evolution and contradiction which tells the story of Danny Balint, who transformed himself from a Jewish religious student to a venerated principal in the Neo-Fascist political movement. Danny is an intense young man whose fierce intelligence and inexhaustible c
Final (2001)
A man suddenly finds himself in a mental hospital because he's convinced he's living in the year 2399.
Cut (2001)
A killer stalks the actors of a low budget horror film, killing them off one by one.
Leprechaun 4 in Space (2001)
The Leprechaun, now in space, and in the future, has kidnapped himself a Princess, Zarina, who he intends to marry and become a king. He has also been pilfering gold shipments. In response, the Space Marines launch a search and destroy to capture the dangerous little Leprechaun.
After the Storm (2001)
When a luxury yacht goes down in a violent storm the race is on to salvage the bounty at any cost, causing two couples to commit the ultimate betrayal.
Blood Surf (2001)
A group of surfers on a photo shoot on Palm Island, Australia are attacked by a killer crocodile.
Killer Bud (2001)
Two total losers, Waylon and Buzz, embark on a crazy misadventure to impress their reluctant dates, Barbie and Kristi. All they have to do is break into a discount food store and "score" the coveted Feed Bag. It isn't long before Waylon and Buzz are being chased by a drug dealer, a copy story cler
What's Cooking? (2000)
A tale focusing on the cultural and personal diversity of four Los Angeles families during Thanksgiving festivities.
Shark Attack II (2000)
A deadly breed of mutant great white sharks ravages a beachside metropolis. The local shark expert, a shark hunter and a scuba diver who watched her sister be attacked by one of the genetically altered sharks, ban together to rid the shoreline of these predators.
Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th (2000)
A female reporter is sent to investigate a series of murders known as the Spring Break Massacre.
After Alice (2000)
A washed-up detective discovers his own psychic ability when assigned to investigate a serial murder case. The killer has a deranged obsession with the novel "Alice in Wonderland." As the psychopath's bloody reign of terror continues, the cop spirals deeper and deeper into the case where the horrors
Crocodile (2000)
While on spring break vacation, one of the students in a group of eight disrupts a crocodile nest. The mother croc, furious at the destruction of her nest, hunts down each student.
Bogus Witch Project, The (2000)
Twenty-five spoofs on "The Blair Witch Project"
Homicide: The Movie (2000)
Television movie version of the NBC police drama series "Homicide: Life on the Street." When leading mayoral candidate Lieutenant Al Giardello is shot, the detectives reunite to search for the perpetrator.
Perfect Tenant, The (2000)
Twenty years ago David Summer found his father hanging from the rafters on Christmas Eve. Ever since that night he has been plotting revenge. When Bryan Hartwell moves into Jessica Michael's guesthouse, she has no idea that her new tenant has a deadly agenda to go with his new identity. Her daught
Risk (2000)
Ben Madigan has just started a new job as an insurance adjuster with the sweet but naive hope of helping people. Once there, however, he comes under the tutelage of a jaded John Kreisky, who uses Ben's innocence to his advantage, enlighting the young man in an "experiment." What seems at first like
Faust: Love of the Damned (2000)
A man sells his soul to the devil.
Spiders (2000)
Space mission experiments backfire when a deadly genetically engineered spider is created. The shuttle containing this hybrid crashes to Earth into the infamous Area 21. Investigating the truth behind this secret area, students from a local paper are caught in the middle of the deadly spider attack.
Silencer, The (2000)
FBI special agent Jason Wells receives an unsettling assignment; he's about to die a tragic death in order to infiltrate a long sought-after terrorist group. Jason Wells becomes Jason Black, a rookie hit man who's about to learn a thing or two from the best that the terrorist group has to offer--Qu
Convent, The (2000)
Forty years after a murderous rampage shut down the St. Francis Boarding School for Girls, a group of college students who venture inside become the targets of devil worshipers.
South of Heaven, West of Hell (2000)
A U.S. Marshall tries to bring down a gang of bank robbers.
Skipped Parts (2000)
A domineering father banishes his wife and son to a remote town.
St. Francisville Experiment, The (2000)
A psychic, a ghost hunter, a film student and a historian (all non-actors) are all give DV cameras to film footage inside the haunted Lalaurie House for one night in New Orleans.
Songcatcher (2000)
A musicologist takes a recorder up into the Appalachians and discovers a sound that changes her life.
Chasing Sleep (2000)
A college professor struggles to find answers after his wife does not return home.
Love Come Down (2000)
About two brothers, one white and one black, and their struggle with drug addiction.
Bruiser (2000)
A business executive awakes one day with a featureless mask covering his face and seeks revenge on all that have wronged him in the past.
Golden Bowl, The (2000)
A wealthy expatriate American tries to maintain a surface of propriety despite romantic betrayals.
Steal This Movie (2000)
The rise and fall of Abbie Hoffman -- activist, radical, fugitive, lover. With the love of his life, Anita, by his side, Abbie outraged the establishment and seduced his passive generation into action. In 1968, Abbie, Anita, and a small circle of friends founded Yippie! -- a band of revolutionaries
Once in the Life (2000)
A dramatic story of brothership and friendship, about a man drawn into a life of crime.
Love, Honour & Obey (2000)
Jonny is a postman, living a nothing life in a nothing place, dreaming of excitement. Edging his way into a gang of North London criminals through his best friend Jude, the nephew of crimelord Ray Kreed, he is frustrated to find Ray and the "family" are more interested in wedding preparations and ka
When the Sky Falls (2000)
Based on the real-life story of the murder of journalist Veronica Guerin.
Held Up (2000)
A regular guy is put in a hostage situation
Maze (2000)
Downtown New York City. Lyle Maze is a sensitive and charming sculptor who has Tourette Syndrome. Isolated by his own fear, and other people's misconceptions, he is convinced he'll never find true love. In fact, Lyle feels comfortable only when he's with his best friend Mike or Mike's girlfriend Cal
Diamond Men (2000)
Aging diamond salesman Eddie Miller must mentor his brash young replacement, Bobby Walker, when the company he is working for downsizes. Though Miller doesn't care for Walker at first, the more time they spend on the road, including frequent trips to their favorite brothel, the closer the two men be
Octopus (2000)
While on a secret assignment, an elite nuclear submarine, on a deadly mission to deliver an international terrorist to American authorities, travels through a mysterious ocean portal known as "The Devil's Eye." Twenty-seven ships have disappeared in this area, fueling the legend of a killer mutant o
Attraction (2000)
A tale of obsessive love centering on the intersecting lives of four young people living in Los Angeles. First, there's Matthew, who writes a newspaper column and hosts a radio show featuring advice on relationships while his own relationship with Liz, his ex-girlfriend, could, at best be described
Cord (2000)
A desperate doctor and his wife kidnap a pregnant woman and fake her death for the outside world. They hold her in their basement, awaiting the birth of her baby.
Time Served (2000)
True story of a woman who takes the rap of her son's murder of her husband. In jail, the warden forces the inmates to be hookers.
Prince Of Central Park (1999)
A little boy runs away from an unhappy foster home and seeks refuge in Manhattan's Central Park. JJ hates his abusive mother and finds an alternative family in the people who live in Central Park. The Guardian lives in a cave and seems frightening, but turns out to be gentle and kind. Then JJ meets
Sweepers (1999)
Set in 1993 following the Angolan Civil War, ex-soldier Christian Erickson leads a humanitarian task force of "sweepers." Their mission is to remove land mines from rural villages where residents and children are being maimed and killed daily. After his son is killed during a rebel attack, Erickson
Simple Life of Noah Dearborn, The (1999)
An aging carpenter fights developers who are trying to force him to sell his land.
Agent of Death (1999)
On the eve of a possible election loss, an embittered CIA Agent is enlisted in a violently publicity stunt to kidnap the President of the United States. But a high-ranking Secret Service official turns double-agent, and the hoax becomes a horrifying reality. Now the only person who can save the Pr
Tail Lights Fade (1999)
Two couples go on a rally race between Toronto and Vancouver. The sister of one of the racers has been arrested under the suspicion of cultivating marijuana in a warehouse. The couples try to find the warehouse before the police do, but don't know where it is.
Beautiful People (1999)
Set in 1993, the war raging in Bosnia manages to spill over into London and into the lives of several citizens who long for human connection. These include: a Croat and a Serb, originally from the same village but now sworn enemies, who meet by chance on a London bus; a BBC reporter who travels to B
Family of Cops III (1999)
Just as Inspector Paul Fein's lifelong ambition to become chief of police is attainable, circumstances cause his promotion to slip out of reach. Paul is in a meeting with the current chief of police to discuss the murders of multi-millionaire Phillip Chandler and his wife, as well as Paul's possible
Seven Girlfriends (1999)
After his umpteenth relationship goes belly-up, perennial bachelor Jesse turns to some former girlfriends for advice on his dating skills.
Tequila Body Shots (1999)
A group of hip college students go to Mexico for the Day of the Dead celebrations. Johnny gets mind-reading powers from a medicine man's magic tequila. While his friends want him to use his powers to get women, Johnny knows he must save the girl of his dreams from her past-life husband who is stalki
Last September, The (1999)
The portrait of an end of an era--British rule in Ireland--and the demise of a class and way of life which had survived for centuries. A depiction of a young woman's coming of age in a brutalized time and place, the story is set in 1920 in County Cork, southern Ireland at the country home of Sir Ric
Uninvited Guest, An (1999)
During a small gathering, a smooth, seductive stranger is invited into a couple's house party and falls in love with the wife. Turns out the stranger is an escaped convict who demands that the wife leave the country with him and threatens to kill anyone who stands in his way.
Leprechaun in the Hood (1999)
A struggling Los Angeles based rap group unwittingly steals gold and a magic flute from a ruthless Leprechaun. The down and out group, with help from the magic flute, experiences instant success only to learn that paybacks will come in the form of a blood-thirsty Leprechaun intent on recouping his
Joe the King (1999)
Set in upstate New York, the story of a kid who feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. Fourteen-year-old Joe Henry manages a fragile existence. He is a young boy coming of age in the 1970s amidst chaos: Joe's father is an abusive drunk, his mother is barely able to keep the pieces of her br
Spy Games (1999)
The romance bewteen Harry, a seasoned CIA vet and Natasha, a beautiful SRV (KGB) agent trying to make a name for herself, gets even trickier when a pornographic videotape containing confidential U.S. satellite codes falls into the wrong hands.
Mutiny (1999)
True story based on a landmark case that forced the military to fully integrate blacks into their ranks. In 1944, 50 black seamen were convicted of mutiny because they refused to return to work after 320 of their crew were killed in a munitions explosion. The following year, a young attorney named T
Under Hellgate Bridge (1999)
In a world where easy money, guns and drugs are a way of life, two old enemies, Ryan and Vincent, confront each other in a battle for love and power. Returning to Astoria, Queens, after being falsely imprisoned, Ryan is drawn back to his ex-girlfriend Carla who is now married to the small time mobst
Better Than Chocolate (1999)
Maggie is a young college drop-out who is doing quite well working in a lesbian bookstore in Vancouver. She meets and falls for Kim, and her life seems to be stable. Then her mom calls, telling her that not only is she getting divorced for the second time, but she and Maggie's little brother are mov
Treehouse Hostage (1999)
A counterfeiter falls unconscious in a boy's garage and is held hostage by the boy, who hides him from his parents and from the police. He wants to use him in his current events diary in school to get a better grade and avoid having to go to summer school.
Warlock III: End of Innocence, The (1999)
A group of college students visit an old house, in which 300 years ago, a demonic Warlock tried unsuccessfully to sacrifice the offspring of a witch in an attempt to create his eternal bride of darkness. But his plan failed and he was banished, until now...
Sex Monster, The (1999)
About a guy who has a menage a trois and awakens his wife's bisexuality which in turn ruins his life.
Diplomatic Siege (1999)
A career diplomat and a computer expert attempt to thwart Serbian terrorists holding 37 hostages in the American Embassy, while a time-bomb ticks away in the basement.
Romance (1999)
A sexually frustrated schoolteacher finds herself in increasingly risky sexual situations.
Carnival of Souls (1998)
A church organist battles demons and delusions after a car accident.
Chairman of the Board (1998)
An eccentric young surfer dude inherits a top job at a faltering company and attempts to run it in his own wacky style.
Dish Dogs (1998)
Two guys who travel around the country in their old Ford taking dishwashing jobs return home to attend a friend's wedding.
Sometimes They Come Back...For More (1998)
Military police officers are sent to Antarctica to investigate a series of unexplained murders.
Ground Control (1998)
A look at the high-pressure world of air traffic controllers.
Circle of Passion (1998)
The pain of losing one woman, the passion of loving another.
Colony, The (1998)
Space aliens kidnap Earthlings to probe their weaknesses and pave the way for the colonization of Earth.
Another Day in Paradise (1998)
A teenage junkie goes on the run with his girlfriend, and end up with a family of criminals.
Slam (1998)
A young rapper is arrested when his drug dealer is shot dead. he is sent to prison and must decide between rival gangs in order to survive.
Trance (1998)
A woman suffering from dark visions returns to her childhood home in Ireland, accompanied by her husband and child, to reconcile with her estranged grandmother. There they encounter an re-animated corpse that takes on her identity and terrorizes them.
Tactical Assault (1998)
An ace Air Force pilot and his pregnant wife find themselves stalked by a deranged buddy with vengeance in mind.
Baywatch: White Thunder at Glacier Bay (1998)
Baywatch lifeguards Mitch, Cody, and Mitch's son Hobie win a free ocean cruise to Alaska where coincidently lifeguards Neely, Lani and Donna are also along for a photo shoot. Hobie unknowlingly brings along Claire Hodges who, unbeknownst to him, is a professional jewel thief and con artist named Les
Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment" (1998)
Telefilm based on the classic Dostoyevsky novel, "Crime and Punishment." Set in 19th century Russia, a young student named Rodya Raskolnikov believes that extraordinary people, merely because of their greatness, have the right to commit any crime and remain unpunished if it is for the betterment of
Tempest, The (1998)
Adaptation of Shakespeare's play about love, honor and betrayal. Set in Mississippi before and during the Civil War, Anthony Prosper is a dishonest scoundrel who has taken over the family plantation from his older brother, Gideon. When Gideon uses a powerful voodoo spell to save the life of the slav
Scarred City (1998)
A young cop with a quick trigger finger is recruited into a secret vigilante police force named SCAR (Select Unit Army Response), which employs brutal, ruthless methods, but he can't get out when he changes his mind.
Twice Upon A Yesterday (1998)
Victor Bukowski is an out-of-work actor with problems. He's got a lousy agent, he has a habit of falling out with directors and he's still in love with his ex-girlfriend. However, Victor is about to embark on an unexpected emotional journey which will make him confront his future and his past mistak
StandOff (1998)
An FBI operation to storm the Texas headquarters of a fanatical religious sect goes disastrously wrong, leaving two agents stranded in the line of fire.
Operation Delta Force II: Mayday (1998)
The fate of a cruise ship carrying 3,000 passengers in the hands of the Delta Force military team when a terrorist threatens to destroy the ship.
Phoenix (1998)
Gambling fever -- along with a brutal bookie -- leads three crooked cops into a double-dealing scheme that lands them in hot water way over their heads.
Uncorked (1998)
Ross is an entrepreneur who has lost his way, financially and spiritually. Kendal is his fiance, but is carrying a torch for someone else. And eccentric Uncle Cullen may be a reincarnation of Saint Simeon. At their lush New England estate, he builds a pillar, sleeps on it day and night, and spouts n
Galaxis (1998)
A young rapper is arrested when his drug dealer is shot dead. he is sent to prison and must decide between rival gangs in order to survive.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's: The Lost World (1998)
Four explorers battle dinosaurs when they discover a world that time forgot.
Kid in Aladdin's Palace, A (1998)
Calvin, a young pizza delivery boy, is mistaken for the "Great Deliverer" by Aladdin, an eighth century genie imprisoned in a lamp. Thinking that the boy is his only hope for deliverance, the genie lures him back to the eigth century where he must join forces with Ali Baba in order to save Aladdin f
Landlady, The (1998)
A man believes he's rented the perfect apartment until his landlady starts to wreak havoc.
Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss (1998)
A young gay photographer falls in love with a straight waiter who he hires as a model in the hopes of winning him over.
Dentist II, The (1998)
After escaping from a mental hospital, a dentist flees to a small town where there happens to be an opening at the local dentist's office and he commences to inflict pain in the most diabolical ways.
Zorba and Lucky (1998)
Zorba, a young male cat, finds a seagull dying from exposure to an oil slick. He promises to hatch the bird's egg, raise the chick and teach it to fly. When Lucky is born, Zorba and his cat friends begin her eduction, but the bird is kidnapped by sewer rats. Zorba undertakes a daring rescue bid by h
My Teacher's Wife (1998)
A high schooler with dreams of going to Harvard hires a female tutor to improve his grades and ends up having an affair with her, only to find out that she is the wife of his math teacher, whose recommendation he needs to get into college.
Lulu on the Bridge (1998)
A jazz saxophonist's life changes after he is shot by a stray bullet during a performance. Izzy recovers and then finds a bag belonging to a dead body. Inside is a mysterious stone and a phone number. The number leads him to actress Celia, with whom he falls in love, influenced by the magic stone. T
Flypaper (1998)
Some people would die for a million dollars. Others would kill for it. In a frenzy of back-stabbing and double dealing, low-lifes in three unrelated storylines manage to entangle themselves in each other's affairs. The fates of the characters mesh, and they get what they deserve as they main, fon
Do Me a Favor (1997)
A shy college freshman becomes involved with an unusual woman.
Lawn Dogs (1997)
Morton and Clare Stockard move into a gated community known as Camelot Gardens with their 10-year-old daughter Devon. Trent, a working-class guy who mows lawns around the neighborhood, shares with Devon the secret that he almost died from a gunshot while she tells him about her heart surgery from wh
Sweethearts (1997)
Manic-depressive Jasmine has a blind date on her birthday. When the date arrives and discovers Jasmine's troubled personality, he wants to leave, but she pulls out a gun and demands he stay with her. She is suicidal and wants to have one last good time before she kills herself at sunnrise.
Crossworlds (1997)
A young man receives a crystal that becomes a dangerous and powerful weapon when he is caught between two warring worlds from a different dimension fighting to dominate the Earth.
Breach of Faith: Family of Cops II (1997)
Sequel to "Family of Cops" about Inspector Paul Fein, the proud patriarch of a family that includes two law-enforcing sons, a daughter who is a public defender and another who is a free spirit looking for a job. When a priest is murdered, Fein returns to the neighborhood he left 40 years ago. The ev
Lolita (1997)
An older man lusts after a teenage girl.
Lovelife (1997)
A number of couples, all linked in the intimate environment of a university graduate school, are experiencing varying degrees of difficulties in their relationships - and wind up seeking greener pastures.
Ugly, The (1997)
Set in a scrungy mental hospital, the interrogation of a seemingly placid serial killer, Simon Cartwright, by an attractive, self-confident, female psychiatrist, Dr. Shoemaker, who has earned a reputation, and has made headlines getting through to another killer. Told through his repetitive psychede
Vicious Circles (1997)
An incestuous half-brother and sister become involved in the Parisian criminal underworld.
Blood Oranges, The (1997)
Set in 1970, the lifestyle of a highly erotic couple is altered when a family moves into the neighboring villa.
Fever Pitch (1997)
The possibility that Paul's favorite soccer team may win the championship this season threatens to break up his relationship with his girlfriend Sarah.
Sub Down (1997)
The "Portland," a US Navy nuclear submarine, sets off on a two-week training and patrol mission in the Arctic with a small scientific team on board. It begins as a standard mission, until a deadly collision with another sub leaves the "Portland" crippled at the bottom of the sea, 300 feet below crus
Peacekeeper, The (1997)
When terrorists seize the President's "black bag" -- and America's secret nuclear launching codes -- the lieutenant assigned to guard it must prevent them from launching missiles at the nation's capital.
Redline (1997)
Left for dead after being shot by his ruthless Russian partner, an American smuggler with revenge on his mind is resuscitated by the government to infiltrate the Moscow underworld.
Trucks (1997)
Ray is a single father who moves to the small town of Lunar, Nevada, to raise his son Logan and run a garage and gas station. Hope is a recently divorced woman who returns to her hometown of Lunar to start anew. As the proprietor of the local inn, Hope awaits the arrival of several tourists. Lunar i
Mean Guns (1997)
A crime boss creates mayhem when he hosts a million-dollar fight-to-the-death among all his enemies.
Volcano: Fire on the Mountain (1997)
Lurking under the popular Angel Summit ski resort is a long-dormant volcano, which geologist Peter Slater predicts will soon erupt. No one believes him, including holiday skiers and his ex-girlfriend who is a park ranger on the mountain.
Another Nine and a Half Weeks (1997)
A dominating woman throws her attentions at a rich New York businessman who goes to Paris to find romance.
In Dark Places (1997)
Chapelle, a mysterious beauty is reunited with her half-brother after a 15 year separation. A story of family secrets, forbidden passions and betrayal.
Cube (1997)
Six ordinary strangers awaken from their daily lives to find themselves trapped in a surreal prison, a seemingly endless maze of interlocking cubical chambers armed with lethal booby traps. A cop. A professional thief. A student math whiz. A psychologist. An autistic adult. The assortment of individ
Chinese Box (1997)
John, a Hong Kong-based British financial reporter has long held a torch for the bar owner Vivian, a former "hostess" from mainland China. She is already romantically linked to a fast-rising businessman Chang who set her up with a bar but is reluctant to marry her given her shady past. John has been
Star Kid (1997)
A lonely seventh grader stumbles upon a super suit left after a meteor crash.
Meet Wally Sparks (1997)
Is America ready for Wally Sparks? Television viewers often accuse today's talk show hosts of crossing the line when it comes to good taste and wise judgment. Ladies and gentleman... meet Wally Sparks. A fast-talking host of a tactless, uncouth TV tabloid show, Wally makes half of America laugh hyst
Santa Fe (1997)
After having suffered a terrible cult experience, a man returns to his Santa Fe hometown to reunite with his wife and daughter only to learn that they have become deeply involved in New Age philosophies. Weary of anything remotely cultish after his near-fatal experience, he still manages to fall in
First Love, Last Rites (1997)
Joey and Sissel share a one-room house as a couple intent on learning all they can about each other. Sissel is estranged from her parents, but she wants Joey to meet her father, Henry, a talkative Vietnam vet whose interests range from Eastern culture to fishing. The two men eventually become partne
Sprung (1997)
The story of two pairs of best friends, and their attempts at romance through lying and love.
Casualties (1997)
A woman meets a professional assassin in a cooking class and the pair fall in love.
Bombshell (1997)
Buck Corgan works for Nanolab, a company trying to develop a cancer-fighting nanotechnology-based drug. When he realizes the project is flawed, Buck urges his boss Donald to delay the product's launch. Buck is ordered to launch the product nonetheless, and not worry about whether it is ready or not.
Sticky Fingers of Time (1997)
When Tucker Harding, a writer of hard-boiled fiction, steps out to buy coffee one day in 1953, she finds herself mysteriously transported to 1997. Wandering dazed and time-confused through New York's East Village, she collides with Drew a jaded woman with blossoming self-destructive urges. Unable to
Suspicious Minds (1997)
A private detective hired to follow the beautiful, unfaithful wife of a powerful lumber magnate is drawn into investigating the murder of her lover and her husband. Not long after getting romantically involved with the seductive siren, he begins to suspect her of the murders, and finds himself runni
Heaven's Burning (1997)
A contemporary love story about an unhappy Japanese honeymooner, Midori, who fakes her disappearance and ends up being taken hostage during a bank robbery by two Afgani gangsters. Midori is saved by the getaway driver Colin and the unlikely pair are pursued across the outback by her obsessive husban
Underworld (1996)
It's late night on Father's Day in Underworld. Just released from prison, Johnny Crown is on a tour of revenge, hunting down the men who brutally attacked his father exactly seven years earlier. But like everything else, Johnny's going to do it in style. Licensed as a psychotherapist in prison, John
Female Perversions (1996)
Eve Stephens is a high-powered prosecutor who is about to reach a professional peak with her imminent appointment to the bench. Though Eve appears to have an exemplary life--perfect job, perfect lover, perfect car, perfect home--beneath her exquisitely groomed surface is a woman plagued by doubt and
Ripe (1996)
Two tough 14-year-old sisters crawl from the wreckage of the car crash that killed their parents and hide out in a nearby Army base. Driven initially by a fear of separation, the sisters soon end up at odds with one another when the sexual tension of the all-male military base drives a wedge between
Box of Moonlight (1996)
Emotionally stifled, socially awkward Al Fountain is an ordinary man supervising a contruction job in the midwest. When the job is cancelled, Al decides not to go home, but instead to revisit a childhood lake. After a disappointing visit to the now polluted lake, he stops to help a young drop-out na
Kama Sutra (1996)
An epic tale of love and desire infused with all the pageantry, passion and vibrant color of 16th century India. Tara, a noble princess, and Maya, a palace servant girl, have been raised together as childhood friends and rivals. While Tara wears fine silks and jewels and learns the etiquette of the
Day of the Beast, The (1995)
An update of the "Don Quixote" story about a scholarly priest and his "metalhead" sidekick. Father Angel is convinced by his studies of the Apocrypha that the Antichrist is to be born in Madrid before dawn on Christmas Eve. With only hours to spare, he enlists the aid of Jose Maria, a body-pierced a
Livers Ain't Cheap (1995)
A prisoner lets his cellmate in on his plan to mastermind a New Year's Eve robbery from jail, but the cellmate gets out early on parole and plans on committing the crime himself. When a shot in the back stops him, his brother is pulled into the heist to raise the cash for the liver that will save th
Nothing Personal (1995)
Set during 1975, the most difficult period of "The Troubles", story unfolds over a 24-hour period during a tense truce between the Protestant (Loyalists) and Catholic (IRA) militias in Belfast. Once childhood friends, Protestant paramilitarist Kenny and Catholic single father Liam are both caught up
Warhead (1995)
The UPM (United Patriot Movement), a radical paramilitary terrorist group, takes over an ICBM missilie silo and obtain access to a nuclear warhead. Jack Tannen, the Chief Field Officer of a special operative force, battles to prevent the UPM from any further destruction.
Blue Juice (1995)
A surfer named JC, approaching his 30th birthday, is torn between the sea and his girlfriend Chloe. The sudden arrival in Cornwall of three old schoolfriends, each with problems of their own, brings matters to a head.
Ordeal in the Arctic (1993)
After a military transport carrying 18 people crashes 500 miles from the North Pole, search-and-rescue teams battle to save the survivors. Based on the true story of the October 30, 1991 crash of a Canadian Forces CC-130 Hercules cargo plane.
Woman Who Loved Elvis, The (1993)
After her husband leaves her, a welfare recipient becomes obsessed with Elvis Presley.
All Of Me (1984)
A lawyer''s body is invaded by the soul of a recently deceased female client.

Production Companies (special)

Top of the World (1998)
An ex-cop just out of jail heads for Las Vegas to get a divorce, but instead gets ensnared in a big casino heist.

Production Companies (TV Mini-Series)

Badge, The (2002) as Domestic Video Distributor
Inferno (1999) as Domestic Video Distributor
Operation Delta Force III: Clear Target (1999) as Domestic Video Distributor

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