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Spagnola, La (2001)
In a dusty backwater of Australia in the 1960s, Lola, a Spanish woman, stands out as exotic and foreign. But her husband, Ricardo, has had enough of her tempestuous ways. He heads for calmer waters with his all-Australian mistress, Wendy, and the family savings. Lola and her adolescent daughter, Luc
Better Than Sex (2000)
3 days in a relationship that begins in a bar.
With A Friend Like Harry (2000)
A man's life is changed when an old school buddy shows up.
Better Than Sex (2000) as Production Company
3 days in a relationship that begins in a bar.
Strange Planet (1999)
Over the course of one year six Sydney singles search for love and fulfillment. After quickly breaking their New Year's resolutions, roomates Sally, Judy and Alice find themselves in a series of romantic disasters until they cross paths with Ewan, Joel and Neil one year later for New Year's 1999.
Acid House, The (1998)
A trilogy of dark, surreal and caustic comedies. In "The Granton Star Cause", Boab finds his life falling apart on all fronts: sacked from his job, dumped by his girlfriend and thrown out of the house by his parents. He meets someone in a pub who radically changes his life and allows him some brief
Tango (1998)
Film director Mario Suarez is left by his wife. Throwing himself into his work, he decides to make a film on the tango. While casting, he meets Elena Flores, an amazing tango dancer, and the two fall in love. But Elena is the mistress of Angelo, the main investor in the film, and a man it is prudent
Twice Upon A Yesterday (1998)
Victor Bukowski is an out-of-work actor with problems. He's got a lousy agent, he has a habit of falling out with directors and he's still in love with his ex-girlfriend. However, Victor is about to embark on an unexpected emotional journey which will make him confront his future and his past mistak
True Love And Chaos (1997)
Mimi, a waitress and singer, and Hanif begin a road trip from Melbrourne to Perth - Mimi heading home to make peace with her mother, Hanif running from the consequences of his involvement in a drug theft masterminded by his friend. Mimi is pregnant with Hanif's child as they begin their journey dur
Last of the High Kings (1996)
It's 1977--a time when Dublin rocked to the music of Thin Lizzy, Elvis died and 17-year-old Frankie Griffin walked that line between leaving school and starting the rest of his life.
Love and Other Catastrophes (1996)
Film students Mia and Alice have just moved into a warehouse apartment. They have planned a party for the night but find themselves preoccupied by a few more pressing issues: finding another roommate; paying a mysterious $663 library fine; changing majors in order to pursue an enticing professor; fi
Heaven's Prisoners (1996)
Ex-New Orleans cop Dave Robicheaux is turning his back on the Big Easy. With the support of his loving wife Annie, he's stopped drinking, and retreated to the beauty and serenity of the Louisiana bayou country. However Robicheaux's world is turned upside down when a planeload of illegal immigrants crashes into the nearby Gulf. He risks his life to save a little Salvadoran girl, whom he and Annie adopt. She is the child they never had, and the family quickly bonds. But the precarious balance of Robicheaux's life is suddenly threatened when he attempts to clear up the mystery surrounding the crash. Each query draws him further down a road of deceit, and ultimately leads him to the doorstep of old high school friend Bubba Rocque and his alluring Cajun wife Claudette. With only his longtime friend Robin to help him, Robicheaux's mettle is tested. In the face of personal tragedy, he seeks salvation in a bottle of booze while planning retribution against those who have shattered his life.
Haunted (1996)
A skeptical professor is asked to a supposedly haunted house in England to debunk the notion. However, soon after arriving, he begins to believe that it actually is haunted.
Love and Other Catastrophes (1996) as Production Company
Film students Mia and Alice have just moved into a warehouse apartment. They have planned a party for the night but find themselves preoccupied by a few more pressing issues: finding another roommate; paying a mysterious $663 library fine; changing majors in order to pursue an enticing professor; fi
Leaving Las Vegas (1995)
An avowed alcoholic, Ben drank away his family, friends and, finally, his job. With deliberate resolve, he burns the remnants of his life and heads for Las Vegas to end it all in one final binge. On the strip, Ben picks up a street-smart hooker named Sera in what might have been another excess in his self-destructive jag. Instead their chance meeting becomes a respite on the road to oblivion as something connects between these two disenfranchised souls.
Red (1994)
An accident creates a relationship between a model and a retired judge who spies on his neighbors.
Visitors, The (1993)
The King of France has decided to reward the valiant Godefroy de Papincourt for saving his life by betrothing him to a charming noblewoman. On the way home to his wedding, Godefroy and his squire cross paths with a powerful witch and soon find themselves transported into the twentieth century, where
Love and Human Remains (1993)
The relationships between seven characters, one of whom is a serial killer who preys on women.
Edward II (1991)
A biography, based on the Christopher Marlowe play, of Britain's only acknowledged gay monarch (1307-1327), whose preference for his male lover over his queen created conflict with his barons and eventually led to civil war.
Riff Raff (1991)
An unemployed young Scotsman, recently released from prison and newly arrived in London, begins a relationship with a young, unstable woman with desperate ambitions to be a singer.
My Own Private Idaho (1991)
Two street hustlers from the Northwest, one abandoned as a child, the other rebellious scion of a wealthy and powerful family, travel as far as Rome, Italy in search of the former's missing mother.
Madame Bovary (1991)
The story of a 19th Century farmer's daughter who dreams of a life of romance, is dulled by her marriage to a provincial doctor, finds passion with a philandering aristocrat, and who, in time, abandoned and blackmailed, commits suicide.
Hardware (1990)
The abandoned parts of a disfunctional android, after being brought into the home of a scrap-metal artist, reconstruct themselves into its former self, a violent killer.
Cyrano de Bergerac (1990)
A poet-soldier allows his oversized nose to stand in the way of love.
Fourth War, The (1990)
A Soviet officer and a Vietnam veteran are two protagonists in a war drama which may lead to a major American-Soviet confrontation.
Hairdresser's Husband, The (1990)
A man fulfills a lifelong ambition when he marries a beautiful hairdresser.
Company of Strangers, The (1990)
Eight elderly women are marooned in an abandoned country house after their bus breaks down.
Boda Secreta (1989)
A revolutionary, presumably killed fifteen years earlier, suddenly reappears in his home village.
Roadkill (1989)
A woman discovers herself when she sets off in search of a missing rock 'n' roll band.
Sex, Lies And Videotape (1989)
A sexually repressed woman's husband is having an affair with her sister. The arrival of a visitor with a rather unusual fetish changes everything.
Icicle Thief, The (1989)
Both a parody of the neo-realist film tradition and a satirical look at the way advertising invades modern life.
Jesus of Montreal (1989)
A young actor returns to Montreal and achieves notoriety when he stars in a modernized version of the Passion play. However, problems arise as he attempts to deal with the press and the world of public relations.

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