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Production Companies (feature film)

City of Your Final Destination, The (2009)
28-year-old Kansas University doctoral student Omar Razaghi, has won a grant to write a biography of Latin American writer Jules Gund. Omar must get through to three people who were close to Gund - his brother, widow, and younger mistress - so he can get authorization to write the biography.
City of Your Final Destination, The (2009)
28-year-old Kansas University doctoral student Omar Razaghi, has won a grant to write a biography of Latin American writer Jules Gund. Omar must get through to three people who were close to Gund - his brother, widow, and younger mistress - so he can get authorization to write the biography.
Before the Rains (2007)
Amidst the growing nationalist movement in 1930's India, T.K. Neelan, a Western-educated idealistic young Indian man, finds himself torn between his ambitions for the future and his loyalty to the past when the local villagers learn of an adulterous affair between his boss, Henry Moores, a British c
White Countess, The (2005) as Production Company
Set in Shanghai in the late 1930s, the story of the relationship between a disillusioned former US diplomat and a refugee White Russian countess reduced to a sordid life in the city's bars. Todd Jackson (mid-40s), once an American diplomat filled with idealism, has lost his sight several years earli
Heights (2004) as Production Company
In New York City, Isabel, a photographer, is having second thoughts about her upcoming marriage to Jonathan, a lawyer. On the same day, Isabel's mother Diana learns that her husband has a new lover, and begins to re-think her life choices and her open marriage. Diana and Isabel's paths cross with Al
Merci Docteur Rey (2003) as Production Company
Thomas Beaumont is recruited into an illicit love triangle to watch a much older man's sexual liaison, but ends up witnessing what turns out to be his murder. The next day Thomas' opera diva mother informs him that his long lost father has been in Paris--until the previous night when he was murdered
Golden Bowl, The (2001) as Production Company
A wealthy expatriate American tries to maintain a surface of propriety despite romantic betrayals.
Mystic Masseur, The (2001) as Production Company (Usa)
In colonial 1940s Trinidad, schoolteacher Ganesh is a man determined to write a book. Moving from the Port of Spain to his country village, Ganesh sets up shop as a masseur to support himself and his radiant new wife, Leela, while pursuing his dream. He soon becomes an expert on Hinduism and mystica
Set Me Free (1999)
Hanna is an unhappy adolescent in 1960s Quebec. Her mother, who is constantly ill, and her father, a Jewish-Polish immigrant, have a confusing love-hate relationship. Feeling isolated and somehow different from the other girls at her Catholic school, Hanna fixates on the beautiful character of Nana, as played by Anna Karina in Godard''s "Vivre sa vie." When she finds that one of her teachers reminds her of the alluring Nana, she becomes fixated on the teacher while adopting the mannerisms and philosophy of the doomed heroine as her home life goes from bad to worse.
Ratcatcher (1999) as Production Company
James'' family live in a poor neighborhood of Glasgow in the late 1970s. While they wait for relocation to a nicer part of town, James makes do with playing by the canal with Margaret Anne and Kenny. Margaret Anne is older, and willing to sleep with the local boys for a bit of affection, while Kenny loves animals, but is slow-witted. As the garbage piles up during a prolonged strike by the garbage collectors, James dreams of a better life and tries to escape the realities of his family and personal tragedies. As his family''s dream of moving to a new home slowly fades, James also finds himself increasingly estranged from his loved ones and surroundings. The only place where he can find any solace is in a half-constructed housing subdivision in the pastoral suburbs--a bus journey away--for it is here where James feels he truly belongs.
Cotton Mary (1999) as Production Company
When Lily, a British woman living on her family's estate in post-independence India circa 1954, gives birth prematurely in a former British hospital while her journalist husband is away on assignment, she turns to Cotton Mary, an Anglo-Indian nurse who promises that "God will feed the child." "God,"
Same Old Song (1998)
Six men and women criss-cross in the streets of Paris as they negotiate real estate deals and relationships gone wrong. Finally merging at a housewarming party, the six duplicitous characters are unmasked, exposing the ugly lies that tear lovers apart.
Eternity and A Day (1998) as Production Company (Usa)
Alexandre is a famous writer who still lives in the house by the sea in Thessaloniki where he grew up. Lately, however, the house has become structurally unsound and his son-in-law has decided to sell. Alexandre has to move out because he is seriously ill but is worried that once he checks into a ho
Soldier's Daughter Never Cries, A (1998) as Production Company
Based on memoirs, the story of an American family living in Paris in the sixties and seventies, told from the point of view of the daughter, Channe. The father, Bill Willis, is a successful expatriate writer, a WWII veteran haunted by his experiences in the Pacific. His wife, Marcella, is an emotion
Tree, The (1998) as Production Company
A look at the life and art of the reknowned Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee. In a career that has spanned thirty years, he has appeared in almost 150 films and is distinguished for having starred in several works by the legendary director Satyajit Ray. Chatterjee first worked with Ray when he play
Side Streets (1997) as Production Company
An urban comedy anthology that takes place over a 24 hour period on the hottest day of the year, with interconnecting stories from each of the five boroughs of New York City. In Queens, Romanian butcher's apprentice Josif dreams of a house in the suburbs for himself and his wife. In the Bronx Puerto
Surviving Picasso (1996) as Production Company
This is the story of a famous painter and of a young girl, Francoise, an aspiring painter. Their affair, which lasts 10 years, begins in 1943 during the German occupation of Paris. The painter is Picasso; he is in his 60s, and as wild and passionate as a youth. His path is littered with former mistresses and, while swearing eternal love to Francoise, he pays regular visits to the sensual, phlegmatic Marie-Therese, the brilliant Dora, also a painter, whose feelings for him have brought her to a nervous breakdown, and his Russian wife, Olga, a former dancer, whom he has driven to the point of actual madness. Francoise has to accept all these women and their offspring as part of her relationship with Picasso. Moreover, she has to accept his unpredictable moods, his outrageous sense of humor, his stinginess, his childish tyrannies, and his delight in making others submit to his whims. But when Picasso begins yet another new affair, Francoise realizes that, to save herself, she must leave him.
Proprietor, The (1996) as Production Company (Usa)
After spending thirty years in New York, a revered French expatriate author returns to Paris and the home in which she lived with her mother before the German Occupation separated the two of them forever. The author, in her 60s, is confronted by two cultures, American and French; two time periods, the past and present, and relationships with friends and lovers old and new as she attempts to re-consider her life and memories.
Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day (1996)
When twenty-three-year-old John Lee learns that the Yosemite Valley Railroad is being scrapped, he yearns to save it. An ardent fanatic, John has railroading in his blood since his grandfather emigrated to the United States to work as a laborer on the first transcontinental. John arranges financing
Feast of July (1995) as Production Company
Bella Ford is a young woman who sets forth in winter on an arduous journey to locate Archie Wilson, the lover who has abandoned her. Suffering a grave personal misfortune along the way, Bella finds shelter in the home of the Wainwright family whose three sons, Jedd, Matty and Con, eventually battle
Jefferson in Paris (1995) as Production Company
Set just prior to the French Revolution, the story revolves around Thomas Jefferson, then US ambassador to France, and his relationship with Maria Cosway, the unhappy wife of an unfaithful husband.
In Custody (1994) as Production Company
A teacher tries to get past a great poet''''s feuding wives to interview the man.
The Remains Of The Day (1993) as Production Company
A proper British butler sacrifices happiness to remain faithful to his position.
Howard's End (1992)
A noblewoman''''s surprising bequest puts three families from different social levels on a collision course.
Howard's End (1992) as Production Company (Usa)
A noblewoman''''s surprising bequest puts three families from different social levels on a collision course.
The Ballad Of The Sad Cafe (1991) as Production Company
A small-town eccentric opens a café in her decaying home.
Mr. And Mrs. Bridge (1990) as Production Company
Screen adaptation of Connell's two novels "Mrs. Bridge" and "Mr. Bridge," written in 1958 and 1968, that chronicle 40 years in the lives of a couple and their family in Kansas City, Missouri. Joanne Woodward was named Best Actress of 1990, and Ruth Prawer Jhabvala cited for best screenplay, by the N
Slaves of New York (1989) as Production Company
A trendy hat designer and her chic graffiti artist boyfriend live and love in Manhattan's East Village.
The Perfect Murder (1988)
A Bombay police detective reluctantly accepts a Swedish investigator as partner on a murder case.
The Perfect Murder (1988) as Production Company
A Bombay police detective reluctantly accepts a Swedish investigator as partner on a murder case.
The Deceivers (1988) as Production Company
A British tax collector tries to unmask a murderous Indian cult.
Maurice (1987) as Production Company
A young Englishman struggles to build a life as a gay man.
Courtesans of Bombay (1986) as Production Company
Cameras visit a Bombay compound noted for its female musicians and prostitutes.
My Little Girl (1986) as Production Company
Idealistic Franny is a teenager who wants to do good in the world. While volunteering at a shelter for disadvantaged girls, she finds that her privileged background is met with skepticism and hostility. When she does start to be effective, she realizes that she has been changed by the experience herself.
A Room With a View (1986) as Production Company
An Englishwoman visiting Florence is torn between her straitlaced fiance and a young Bohemian.
The Bostonians (1984) as Production Company
A bored lawyer and a suffragette vie for the attentions of a faith healer''''s charismatic daughter.
Heat and Dust (1983) as Production Company
As she searches for answers to the mystery surrounding a long-ago affair between her aunt Olivia and an Indian prince, Anne becomes immersed in the local culture, the pull of the past simultaneously leading her into a clearer view of her own future.
Quartet (1981) as Production Company
When her husband's arrest leaves her penniless, a woman accepts an invitation to move in with a strange couple.
Jane Austen in Manhattan (1980) as Production Company
Two teachers compete for stage rights to a long lost play by Jane Austen.
Hullabaloo Over Georgie and Bonnie's Pictures (1979) as Production Company
Collectors converge on a remote palace housing a long unseen art collection.
The Europeans (1979) as Production Company
A New England household is upset by the arrival of two cousins from Europe.
Roseland (1977) as Production Company
Three stories set in the famed dance hall center on the search for a perfect partner in dancing and life.
Autobiography of a Princess (1975) as Production Company
An Indian princess in London visits her father''''s former tutor.
Mahatma and the Mad Boy (1974) as Production Company
A homeless boy struggles to survive another day on a Bombay beach.
Helen, Queen of the Nautch Girls (1972) as Production Company
Cameras trace the career of Bollywood's most popular dancing star.
Adventures of a Brown Man in Search of Civilization (1972) as Production Company
Scholar Nirad C. Chaudhuri shares his views on culture and society.

Misc. Crew (special)

69th Annual Academy Awards, The (1997) as Film Footage
Live presentation of the 69th annual Academy Awards.
66th Annual Academy Awards Presentation, The (1994) as Film Footage
Broadcast of the 66th annual Academy Awards presentation.
64th Annual Academy Awards Presentation, The (1992) as Film Footage
Live coverage of the sixty-fourth annual Academy Awards ceremony.

Production Companies (short)

Sweet Sounds (1976) as Production Company
Teachers introduce their students to the joy of music at a New York school for the arts.

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