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Cast (feature film)

California Gold Rush (1981) as Jake Brown
Two Bret Harte adventures, "The Luck of Roaring Camp" and "The Outcasts of Poker Flat", are threaded together and related from Harte's point of view, with Robert Hays playing Harte as an aspiring young writer who goes west in the 1840's in search of adventure. Another in the "Classics Illustrated" s
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The (1981)
This latest retelling of the escapades of Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer and the runaway slave, Jim, drifting down the Mississippi on a homemade raft, and their encounter with the Duke and his cohort, Dauphin, is given the "Classics Illustrated" touch and was filmed at least two years before its belated TV p
Incredible Rocky Mountain Race, The (1977) as Sheriff Benedict
A lighthearted western involving a madcap grudge race from Missouri to California between a young Mark Twain and his long-time rival, Mike Fink, with the aid of a slightly daft Indian.
The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler (1971) as Jake
A U.S. Senator is spirited away to a secret New Mexico medical lab after a serious car crash. His injuries are completely healed by a secret organization that has developed advanced medical technology. What does the organization want in exchange for saving his life? Meanwhile, a reporter who witnessed the accident decides to investigate the senator's disappearance.
Skin Game (1971) as Speaker
Two western con artists team with a lady card shark to take on slavers.
Dirty Harry (1971) as
A maverick San Francisco cop tracks down a deranged sniper.
P. J. (1968) as Ape
Private eye P.J. is reluctant when he gets a new job: he shall protect Maureen Preble, mistress of millionaire Orbeson, mainly from attacks by his wife and her greedy family. In truth Orbeson plans a deadly intrigue in which P.J. is to play a central part. Meanwhile P.J. falls in love with Maureen and Orbeson's money.
The Night of the Grizzly (1966) as Sam Potts
A man-killing grizzly is on the loose on the homestead.
The Loved One (1965) as
An Englishman in Hollywood moves into the funeral business.
The Great Sioux Massacre (1965) as Sen. James Gillespie Blaine
General Custer''''s fight to win equal rights for Native Americans leads to his undoing.
That Funny Feeling (1965) as
A cleaning girl tries to pass off her workplace as her home, not knowing she''s dating her boss.
The Killers (1964) as Mail-truck driver
Supposedly based on the short story by Ernest Hemingway. In this film noir, two hitmen want to find out why their latest victim (a race car driver!) "just stood there and took it" when they came to shoot him. Ronald Reagan plays a rich, double-crossing bad guy. A young Angie Dickinson (looking just like Ellen Barkin) plays the femme fatale.
Muscle Beach Party (1964) as Riff
The beach gang goes head-to-head with the bodybuilders of a new gym that's interfering with their strip on the sand.
Hell Is for Heroes (1962) as Captain Mace
A small U.S. squadron holds off the Nazis in a desperate last stand.
Seven Ways from Sundown (1960) as Dorton
Audie Murphy is again the kid who puts on a badge to catch the bad guy, skillfully played by Barry Sullivan. On the way back to town the two develop a curiously close relationship - Sullivan passes up several chances to get away - but in the end Sullivan "asks for it" and Murphy obliges.
The Gunfight at Dodge City (1959) as Jim Regan
Bat Masterson fights to clean up Dodge City.
Some Came Running (1959) as Ted Harperspoon
A veteran returns home to deal with family secrets and small-town scandals.
Don't Give Up the Ship (1959) as Cmdr. Turner
A newlywed cannot remember what happened to the WWII battleship he commanded.
Blood Arrow (1958) as Gabe
Day of the Bad Man (1958) as Floyd
When a judge sentences a killer to be hanged, the latter's henchmen ride into town to put a stop to it. Soon, it boils down to a showdown beteween the judge and the four bad guys.
Cattle Empire (1958) as Ralph Hamilton
The Man Who Died Twice (1958) as Frank
Back from the Dead (1957) as John Mitchell
Chain of Evidence (1957) as Sgt. Mike Duncan
The Sad Sack (1957) as Capt. Ward
A hopelessly innocent private gets himself kidnapped in Morocco.
Jet Pilot (1957) as Sergeant
An Air Force colonel in charge of an Alaskan base has his hands full when he falls in love with a defecting Russian pilot.
Spoilers of the Forest (1957) as Williams
Footsteps in the Night (1957) as Sgt. Mike Duncan
The fifth and last of the Ben Schwab productions starring Bill Elliott as a L.A. sheriff's department detective begins with Henry Johnson (Douglas Dick) being sought by the sheriff's office for the murder of his neighbor and friend,Fred Horner (Robert Shayne), whose strangled body was found in Johnson's motel apartement. Lieutenant Andy Doyle (Bill Elliott) of the Los Angeles sheriff's department learns that Johnson had been an avid card-playing gambler, and had frequently argued violently with the deceased. Trailing Johnson's fiancee, Mary Raikin (Eleanore Tanin), the police capture Johnson, who insists he did not kill Horner, but fled in panic when he discovered Johnson's body in his room after an absence of only a few minutes. It is discovered that a wealthy tenant of an adjacent motel, Bradbury (James Flavin), bears a resemblence to the murdered man, and in order to set him up as a decoy, Doyle suggests the Bradbury spread the word he is leaving for his home the next day. That night, the real killer,Pat Orvello (Gregg Palmer), sneaks into Bradbury's room to rob him, but is shot and captured by Doyle and his men. Earlier, the robber/killer had mistaken the neighboring motels, killed the wrong man in his robbery attempt, and had left the body in Johnson's room.
Calling Homicide (1956) as Sgt. Mike Duncan
The third of five films (Dial Red-O, Sudden Danger, Calling Homicide, Footsteps in the Night and Chain of Evidence in release order and released across a full period of two years) in which Bill Elliott played a detective lieutenant (Andy Flynn in the first one, Doyle in the others) in the Los Angeles homicide department) with all five produced by Ben Schwab but a different director on each one. Lieutenant Andy Doyle (Bill Elliott) of the Los Angeles Sheriff;s homicide department, while investigation the mysterious dynamiting death of a young policeman, discovers that the strangling-murder of Francine Norman, owner of a modeling school, is linked with the firsy killing. While questioning those connected with the school, manager Darlene Adams (Jeanne Cooper), and executives Allen Gilmore (Thomas B. Henry) and Tony Fuller (Lyle Talbot), Lt. Doyle and his aide, Detective Sergeant Mike Duncan (Don Haggerty), find there is a blackmailing "baby racket" being run in conjunction with the school. Suspicion points to construction company owner Jim Haddix (Myron Healey) who had been in love with Francine. All evidence of the baby extortion racket is destroyed by an explosion, and the hunt narrows down to one man, the school handyman.
Crashing Las Vegas (1956) as Tony
When an electric shock turns one of them into a psychic, the Bowery Boys invade Las Vegas.
Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956) as Guard
True story of boxer Rocky Graziano's rise from juvenile delinquent to world champ.
I Cover the Underworld (1955) as Guard
Texas Lady (1955) as Sheriff Herndon
Prudence travels to an isolated Texas town where she has inherited the local paper. She finds the place ruled over by the two men who wrested the area from the Indians twenty-five years before, and it is clear they do not welcome her free-spirited intervention. Support comes in the unexpected shape of the gambler she has just bested in New Orleans for her own family reasons.
An Annapolis Story (1955) as Lieutenant Prentiss
Two brothers enrolled at the U.S. Naval Academy fall in love with the same girl.
The Desperate Hours (1955) as Detective
Escaped convicts terrorize a suburban family they're holding hostage.
The Private War of Major Benson (1955) as Mr. Hibler
An outspoken officer is forced to take charge of a military school.
Air Strike (1955) as Lt. Richard Huggins
The Eternal Sea (1955) as Commander
Strategic Air Command (1955) as Major patrol commander
A baseball star takes to the air to help plan the U.S.'' aerial defense.
The Atomic Kid (1954) as Lieutenant
A uranium prospector is eating a peanut butter sandwich in the desert where atom bomb tests are being done. He becomes radioactive, and helps the FBI break up an enemy spy ring.
Phantom Stallion (1954) as Gill
Ex-cavalry buddies, Rex and Slim, band together to capture a wild stallion, solve a murder and thwart the killers from cheating a boy out of his inheritance.
Cry Vengeance (1954) as Lt. Pat Ryan
Ex-cop Vic Barron crossed the wrong mobsters; his wife and child were killed and he himself scarred, framed and imprisoned. On release, Vic has but one desire, revenge on still-hiding Tino Morelli. The trail leads to the isolated city of Ketchikan, Alaska, where Vic finds his enemy...also the latter's charming little daughter...and tavern owner Peggy Harding, who's fascinated by the soft-spoken but volcanic Vic. And someone they're not expecting has violent designs on them...
The Rocket Man (1954) as Officer Mike O'Brien
Wacky complications ensue when a little boy comes into possession of a ray gun that compels anyone caught in its beam to tell the truth. He uses it to prevent his orphanage from being shut down by creditors and to help a cute couple fall in love.
Return from the Sea (1954) as Tompkins
A sailor vows to give up his wandering ways when he falls for a waitress.
Naked Alibi (1954) as Matt Matthews
Questioned as a murder suspect, solid (but drunk) citizen Al Willis attacks his police questioners, is beaten, and swears vengeance against them. Next night, Lieut. Parks is murdered; Willis is the only suspect in the eyes of tough Chief Conroy, who pursues him doggedly despite lack of evidence. The obsessed Conroy is dismissed from the force, but continues to harass Willis, who flees to a sleazy town on the Mexican border. Of course, Conroy follows. But which is crazy, Conroy or Willis?
Loophole (1954) as Neil Sanford
Jubilee Trail (1954) as Kimball
A pregnant widow ventures West in search of a new life.
Take the High Ground! (1953) as C.O.
A tough drill sergeant prepares green recruits for service in the Korean War.
The Roar of the Crowd (1953) as Chuck Baylor
Johnny Tracy (Howard Duff), son of veteran race driver Pop Tracy (Harry Shannon), is working his way up on the racing circuit, but is urged by his sweetheart, Marcy Parker (Helene Stanley), to give up the track if he wants to marry her. He persuades her to marry him on the promise that he will quit after racing once in the Indaanapolis 500, but he is injured in a qualifying race and goes to work as a spark plug salesman for Mackey (Minor Watson), an old family friend. He is a failure at selling but Marcy changes her attitude towards his racing, and he qualifies for the 500. Race-car drivers Johnnie Parsons, Duke Nalon, Manuel Ayulo (not the actor Manuel Ayuso) and Henry Banks play themselves.
The Stooge (1953) as Winston
A failed singer takes on a comedian to create a team act.
Hannah Lee (1953) as Bill Crashaw
City of Bad Men (1953) as Bob Thrailkill
Combat Squad (1953) as Sgt. Wiley
A plotless shot-on-the-lot and sound-stage Korean War entry that is even below the standard of house producer Sam Katzman, which is understandable when the name of Jerry Thomas, the producer of Lash LaRue PRC westerns, shows up as the producer. A small platoon of American infrantry, led by Sergeant Fletcher (John Ireland), captures a cave and smashes a roadblock and then heads back for some "R n' R" with some U.S.O hostesses. Then they clean some snipers out of a thicket, accomplished with the aid of a raw recruit, Martin (Lon McCallister.)
Bronco Buster (1952) as Dobie Carson
Tom Moody is a champion rodeo rider who sees real potential in newcomer Bart Eaton. However, while Bart may have a knack for riding a bull, he's not much for loyalty, and he betrays his mentor by stealing his girlfriend, Judy Bream. Tom wallows in self-pity until the death of his buddy Dan Bream, a
The Narrow Margin (1952) as Detective Wilson
A tough cop meets his match when he has to guard a gangster''''s moll on a tense train ride.
Skirts Ahoy! (1952) as M.P.
Three women join the Navy to find husbands.
Glory Alley (1952) as Gambler
A boxer's drinking problem threatens his career and his love life.
Denver & Rio Grande (1952) as Bob Nelson
Edmund O'Brien and his team of railroading men try to build a rail line through a mountain pass, while a group of less scrupulous construction workers sabotage the entire operation in the hopes that they can get their tracks laid first and get the money from the railroad.
Wild Stallion (1952) as Sgt. Keach
A horse hunter pursues a white colt that ran off when his parents were killed.
Sailor Beware (1952) as Lt. Connors
Two sailors wreak havoc on the Navy.
Hoodlum Empire (1952) as Mark Flynn
Gambling House (1951) as Sharky
A gambler faces deportation when he gets mixed up with murder.
Go for Broke! (1951) as Sgt. Wilson I. Culley
The true story of World War II''''s all Japanese-American unit.
Rhubarb (1951) as Officer
Rich, eccentric T.J. Banner adopts a feral cat who becomes an affectionate pet. Then T.J. dies, leaving to Rhubarb most of his money and a pro baseball team, the Brooklyn Loons. When the team protests, publicist Eric Yeager convinces them Rhubarb is good luck. But Eric's fiancée Polly seems to be allergic to cats, and the team's success may mean new hazards for Rhubarb.
That's My Boy (1951) as Tom
Fighting Coast Guard (1951) as Marine captain
No Questions Asked (1951) as Policeman
A young lawyer''s primrose path to success gets him framed for murder.
Rich, Young and Pretty (1951) as Tom
A rancher's daughter visits Paris to meet her mother and find love.
The Strip (1951) as Deputy
A jazz drummer fights to clear his name when he's accused of killing a racketeer.
Quebec (1951) as Colonel [Jean] Durossac
Spoilers of the Plains (1951) as Ben Rix
This is an odd one for Roy. There are foreign spies, desert sites for rocket-launching and artificial satellites. The climax is a one-on-one fight on top of an oil derrick.
Cause for Alarm! (1951) as Mr. Russell
A woman fights to intercept a letter in which her husband tries to prove her guilty of murder.
Callaway Went Thataway (1951) as Director
A real cowboy signs on to impersonate a faded western star for public appearances.
Angels in the Outfield (1951) as Rube Ronson
The short-tempered manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates mends his ways in return for a little divine assistance.
Shadow on the Wall (1950) as Intern
A child is left mute by the sight of her stepmother's murder.
The Asphalt Jungle (1950) as Andrews
A gang of small time crooks plots an elaborate jewel heist.
Lonely Hearts Bandits (1950) as Dane
Two con artists join forces and pose as brother and sister. He then meets rich widows through the "personals" sections of newspapers, marries them, and both kill the widows for their money.
Vigilante Hideout (1950) as Jim Benson
Rocky, a Range Detective, arrives to help Nugget with rustlers. When he learns Nugget owns only three cows, he stays on anyway and soon becomes involved in Benson's attempt to blow open the banks's safe. When Rocky upsets his plans, Benson supposedly gets rid of him by having him declared an outlaw wanted dead or alive. Then Benson takes a load of explosives into an old mine located directly under the bank vault.
Armored Car Robbery (1950) as Cuyler
A police officer tries to find half a million dollars stolen by gangsters.
The Sundowners (1950) as Elmer Gaul
Dynamite Pass (1950) as Sheriff
Highwaymen invade a road built by cowboys.
Storm Over Wyoming (1950) as Marshal
Two drifters get caught in the middle during a cattlemen-sheep men feud.
The Kid from Texas (1950) as Morgan
Billy the Kid (Murphy) becomes embroiled in Lincoln County, NM, land wars. When rancher who gave him a break is killed by rival henchman, Billy vows revenge. New employer takes advantage of his naivete to kill rivals, lets the Kid take rap. Kid takes to the hills with friends until caught. Escapes hanging but remains in area to be near employer's young wife (Storm) with whom he's infatuated. Falls into trap by Pat Garrett and is shot down while gazing at woman thru window.
Side Street (1950) as Rivers
A New York City mailman is chased by both cops and crooks when he steals a shipment of dirty money.
Command Decision (1949) as Command officer
A senior officer faces the horror of sending his men on suicide missions over Germany during the last days of World War II.
Sands of Iwo Jima (1949) as Colonel
During World War II, a marine sergeant must turn his recruits into fighting men.
South of Rio (1949) as Chuck Bowers
The Cowboy and the Prizefighter (1949) as Steve Stevenson
In the fourth and last Red Ryder (following "Ride, Rider, Ride", "Roll, Thunder, Roll" and "The Fighting Redhead" in that order) of the Equity Pictures for Eagle-Lion distribution, filmed in Cinecolor, Red Ryder (Jim Bannon) takes Steve Stevenson (Don Haggerty), who has saved Red's life, to his ranch and gives him a job. Red's aunt, the Duchess (Marin Sais), knew Steve's father (Forrest Taylor), who supposedly committed suicide after losing his ranch betting on a prizefight. Steve refuses to believe that his father took his own life and the Duchess backs him up. On the way to town, Red, Steve, ranch hand Buckshot Blodgett (Emmett Lynn) and Red's young Indian pal, Little Beaver (Don Kay Reynolds as Little Brown Jug), break up an attempted stagecoach robbery. Mark Palmer (John Hart), the gambler who caused the death of Steve's father, is a passenger. In town, Steve meets Sue Evans (Karen Randle), who is going to work for saloon owner Bart Osborne (Marshall Reed). Palmer and Osborne are working together and want Ryder's ranch, and they develop a plan to have Red fight Palmer's pugilist, Bull Massoon (Lou Nova, former fighter who lost a heavyweight championship fight to Joe Louis in 1941, who has never lost in the "film" ring. Steve, a boxer in college, takes Red's place. Steve loses to Massoon, but before Red can determine whether it was a fair fight, a rider reports a robbery of the stage office. Red goes after the outlaws, and the gold is recovered. Red maneuvers a fight with Massoon, and beats him after Massoon drops a piece of lead pipe hidden in his hand. Palmer admits to having murdered Steve's father, and teve learns that Sue was forced to work for Osborne to pay off a debt owed by her brother.
Canadian Pacific (1949) as Cagle
A railroad surveyor faces an Indian rebellion.
The Crooked Way (1949) as
A war hero''''s amnesia keeps him from dealing with his criminal past.
Malaya (1949) as Submarine officer
Two men join forces to smuggle rubber out of occupied Malaya during World War II.
Scene of the Crime (1949) as Detective
A detective tries to solve a policeman's murder.
Rustlers (1949) as Drake
Two cowboys get mixed up in rustling and counterfeit schemes.
Act of Violence (1949) as Policeman
An embittered veteran tracks down a POW camp informer.
The Dead Don't Dream (1948) as Deputy
Hoppy, California, and Lucky arrive at an inn for Lucky's wedding only to find it called off as Lucky's fiancee's uncle is missing. He is found murdered and on each of the next two nights a man is found missing the next morning. All three stayed in the same room and Hoppy has lots of suspects. That night he announces the murderer is right here among them and then takes that same room for the night hoping to flush out the murderer.
Borrowed Trouble (1948) as Lippy
Finishing a trail drive, Hoppy and the boys head to town and immediately get caught up in the conflict between school teacher Miss Abott and next door saloon owner Mawson. When Miss Abott disappears, Hoppy gets a clue to her location and rescues her from Mawson's cabin. It looks like Mawson is the man he wants, but Hoppy finds an item that indicates otherwise.
Angel in Exile (1948) as Deputy sheriff
Sinister Journey (1948) as Harmon Roberts
False Paradise (1948) as Deal Marden
After Bentley sells Professor Larson a worthless ranch, Hoppy tells banker Waite there is silver on the ranch. Waite tells Bentley and Bentley tries to buy it back. When he fails, Waite lends money to finance a mine but puts a 30 day due date on it. Hoppy takes over running the mine but Bentley puts his henchman to work to make sure the venture fails.
Fighting Father Dunne (1948) as Gorilla Blake
A dedicated priest tries to reform a group of homeless boys in turn-of-the-century St. Louis.
Train to Alcatraz (1948) as Billings
That Lady in Ermine (1948) as Staff officer
A newlywed countess falls for a Hungarian invader.
Gun Smugglers (1948) as Sheriff Shurlock
A young boy threatens to follow in his outlaw brother''s footsteps.
The Gentleman from Nowhere (1948) as Bill Cook
Silent Conflict (1948) as Second rancher
After receiving money for delivering a large herd, Hoppy, California, and Lucky retire to an inn for the night. The next morning both Lucky and the money are gone. At first Hoppy suspects Blaney and his gang but later realizes Doc Richards is responsible. He and his mysterious concoctions have put Lucky under a spell and Hoppy and California set out to find him.
The Gangster (1947) as Stranger
A troubled gangster, who has lost all faith in people, loses his weak grip on life.

Cast (special)

Alias Mike Hercules (1956) as Leo Brady (Guest)
The exploits of Mike Hercules, a two-fisted private detective working out of San Francisco. In the pilot episode, Mike attempts to rescue a wealthy ex-convict from a gang of kidnappers.

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