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Overview for Ennio Guarnieri
Ennio Guarnieri

Ennio Guarnieri


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Cinematography (feature film)

Seed of Discord, The (2008)
A woman discovers she is pregnant just as her husband discovers he is sterile.
Callas Forever (2003) as Director Of Photography
Maria Callas, having reached the twilight of her career, comes out of reclusive retirement only to confront painful memories of her past love affair with billionaire Aristotle Onassis and the fact that she can no longer pretend to have the voice she once had. Her eager manager, determined to re-igni
New Adventures of Pinocchio, The (2002) as Director Of Photography
Taking up where the classic fairy tale ends, we find Pinocchio a "real" 12-year-old who drinks a magic potion and turns back into a puppet. This time, he is joined by his father Geppetto.
Friends and Enemies (1998) as Director Of Photography
A satire about a pretencious bunch of Romans who belong to an elite rowing club.
3 (1996) as Director Of Photography
Set during the French Revolution in the Tuscan villa of Baron Jacopo Del Serchio and his wife, Chiara, a story which centers on the adoring aristocrats' effort to stave off monotony by keeping their sexual instincts well-oiled, such as by watching the hired help fornicate.
C'e Kim Novak al Telefono (1994) as Director Of Photography
An impulsive producer, Enrico, has a problem -- he has to lay his hands on $250,000 fast to close a deal with Kim Novak for his next movie.
Jacob (1994) as Director Of Photography
Telefilm on the Biblical patriarch Jacob. Jacob conspires with his mother Rebakeh to cheat his brother Esau out of his birthright. Fleeing his family home in fear of his brother''s wrath, Jacob spends the next 14 years in servitude to his Uncle Laban in return for the hand of his daughter Rachel.
Killer Rules (1993) as Director Of Photography
Two men, one a hitman, the other a U.S. Department Justice investigator, discover they're brothers when they fall in love with the same woman.
Sparrow (1993) as Director Of Photography
During the terrible epidemic of cholera which devastates Catania, Sicily in 1854, a young cloister novice regains her liberty and finds love. But love brings pain and difficulties which the innocent girl does not know how to deal with.
Atlantide (1992) as Director Of Photography
Two officer friends experience tension in their relationship when they encounter a beautiful queen while exploring the Sahara.
Carne, La (1991) as Director Of Photography
A hypochondriac nightclub singer becomes infatuated with a voluptuous sexpot.
Homme au masque d'or, L' (1991) as Director Of Photography
A priest moonlights as a wrestler so that he and his sister can better care for the deprived children of his small town.
Inner Circle, The (1991) as Director Of Photography
The story of Josef Stalin's inner circle, focusing on his personal projectionist, a relatively uneducated man put in an influential position, and his slow realization of Stalin's evil.
Medea (1990) as Director Of Photography
To win the kingdom his uncle took from his father, Jason must steal the golden fleece from the land of barbarians, where Medea is royalty and a powerful sorceress, where human sacrifice helps crops to grow. Medea sees Jason and swoons, then enlists her brother's aid to take the fleece. She then murders her brother and becomes Jason's lover. Back in Greece, the king keeps the throne, the fleece has no power, and Medea lives an exile's life, respected but feared, abandoned by Jason. When she learns he's to marry the king's daughter, Medea tames her emotions and sends gifts via her sons; then, loss overwhelms her and she unleashes a fire storm on the king, the bride, and Jason.
Francesco (1989) as Director Of Photography (Perugia Sequences)
The story of Saint Francis of Assisi.
Gli Indifferenti (1989) as Director Of Photography
Grand embouteillage, Le (1988) as Director Of Photography
Dancers (1987) as Director Of Photography
The leader of a ballet company in Italy attempts to make a film of his greatest work. In preparation for the film, the dance instructor is working with a talented, but untried young dancer. It is through her that he hopes to re-ignite the flames of passion and renew his flagging career.
Mosca Addio (1987) as Director Of Photography
A story about the trials and tribulations of a Russian Jew.
Garden of the Finzi-Continis, The (1987) as Director Of Photography
In the late 1930s, in Ferrara, Italy, the Finzi-Contini are one of the leading families, wealthy, aristocratic, urbane; they are also Jewish. Their adult children, Micol and Alberto, gather a circle of friends for constant rounds of tennis and parties at their villa with its lovely grounds, keeping the rest of the world at bay. Into the circle steps Giorgio, a Jew from the middle class who falls in love with Micol. She seems to toy with him, and even makes love to one of his friends while she knows Giorgio is watching. While his love cannot seem to break through to her to draw her out of her garden idyll, the forces of politics close in.
Ginger and Fred (1986) as Director Of Photography
A song-and-dance team are reunited for a nostalgic television special.
Otello (1986) as Director Of Photography
Traviata, La (1983) as Director Of Photography
Storia di Piera (1982) as Director Of Photography
Les Ailes de la Colombe (1981) as Director Of Photography
Borotalco (1981) as Director Of Photography
Vera Storia Della Signora Delle Camelie (1981) as Director Of Photography
Un Sacco Bello (1979) as Director Of Photography
The Visitor (1979) as Director Of Photography
A young girl with telekinetic powers becomes the center of a battle between good and evil.
Enfant de la nuit, L' (1978) as Director Of Photography
Un Uomo in ginocchio (1978) as Director Of Photography
Il Giocattolo (1978) as Director Of Photography
Il Gatto (1978) as Director Of Photography
Mogliamante (1977) as Director Of Photography
Since her husband pronounced her frigid on her wedding night, Antonia DeAngelis has been an invalid. When he disappears, she believes him dead: she leaves her bed and takes over his business, traveling to see clients. She discovers her husband's passions, his political writing, mistresses, and his indifference to the peasants on her family's land. She improves their lot, begins an affair with a young foreign doctor, and publishes her husband's writings. All this time, he's hiding from a murder charge in a house across the square. Amazed, he watches her become his sexual and social equal. After the police drop the murder charge, will he disappear, end his life, or rejoin her on new terms?
The Cassandra Crossing (1977) as Director Of Photography
When a train''''s passengers are exposed to a deadly virus, it triggers an international incident.
Il Bel Paese (1977) as Director Of Photography
Dernier Baiser, Le (1977) as Director Of Photography
Cours apres moi que je t'attrape (1976) as Director Of Photography
Inheritance, The (1976) as Director Of Photography
An Italian paterfamilias enjoys the manipulative sexual attentions of his daughter-in-law.
chacun son enfer, A (1976) as Director Of Photography
Al piacere di rivederla (1976) as Director Of Photography
Murder on the Bridge (1975) as Cinematographer
Swiss police inspector Hans Barlach lost the woman he loved to a murderer 30 years ago and has spent all that time trying to pin the crime on an industrialist named Richard Gastmann. When Barlach's assistant is killed while working on the case, Barlach replaces him with idealistic detective, Walter
Per le Antiche Scale (1975) as Director Of Photography
Infermiera, L' (1975) as Director Of Photography
Gente di rispetto (1975) as Director Of Photography
A female school teacher is implicated in a murder in a Sicilian town only hours after her arrival. The dead man insulted her on the bus on the way into town. As the mystery unfolds, it becomes clear that the town is hiding some very sinister secrets.
Fatti di Gente Perbene (1975) as Director Of Photography
That's Entertainment! (1974) as Cinematographer
An all-star cast, including Fred Astaire and Frank Sinatra, introduces clips from MGM's greatest musicals.
Voyage, The (1974) as Director Of Photography
A man falls in love with his brother's widow.
Swept Away (1974) as Director Of Photography
A rich woman, Raffaella, and some friends rent a yacht to sail the Mediterranean Sea during summer. The sailor, Gennarino, who is a communist, does not like this woman but has to bear with her bad mood. One day she wakes up late in the afternoon and asks to be taken to land where everyone had gone earlier. Gennarino sets up a boat but during the trip, the boat breaks down. They spend the night in the middle of the sea.
Una Breve Vacanza (1973) as Director Of Photography
A women lives a miserable life in the basement of her Milan apartment, with her boring inlaws and two children. Her husband has been injured. Her bleak life takes a turn for the better when she is diagnosed with tuberculosis and has to go to a sanatorium in the Italian Alps. There she meets a handsome aristocrat and they have a passionate love affair. All good things must come to an end. When she is cured, she has to return to that rathole from which she only briefly emerged.
Hitler: The Last Ten Days (1973) as Director Of Photography
Ash Wednesday (1973) as Director Of Photography
Barbara gets secret plastic surgery in Switzerland in an attempt to save her marriage to Mark, but he doesn't seem interested in meeting her. She checks in to a ski resort to wait for Mark, and begins getting attention from young men. Her daughter tries to warn her that even though she has had the surgery it might be too late for her marriage, but she clings to the hope that Mark will come back once he sees her new look. Meanwhile, she must decide whether or not have an affair with a young man she's met.
Daniele e Maria (1973) as Director Of Photography
Uccello migratore, L' (1972) as Director Of Photography
We'll Call Him Andrea (1972) as Director Of Photography
Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1972) as Director Of Photography
This is a dramatization of events in the life of St. Francis of Assisi from before his conversion experience through his audience with the pope, including his friendship with St. Clare.
Marta (1971) as Director Of Photography
Arabella (1970) as Director of Photography
Better a Widow (1969) as Director of Photography
Camille 2000 (1969) as Director of Photography
Marguerite, a beautiful woman of affairs, falls for the young and promising Armand, but sacrifices her love for him for the sake of his future and reputation.
Seven Golden Men (1969) as Director of Photography
The Girl Who Couldn't Say No (1969) as Director of Photography
Anyone Can Play (1968) as Director of Photography
The Queens (1968) as Photog for "Queen Sabina"
Made in Italy (1967) as Director of Photography
The Girl and the General (1967) as Director of Photography
An Italian soldier and a peasant girl capture a Nazi general.
White Voices (1965) as Director of Photography
Bambole (1965) as Photog for "The Telephone Call"
High Infidelity (1965) as Director of Photography
This Time Let's Talk About Men (1965) as Director Of Photography
Malamondo (1964) as Director of Photography
The Conjugal Bed (1963) as Director of Photography
A middle-aged car salesman, married to a nymphomaniacal wife, finally succeeds in getting her pregnant but suffers a fatal heart attack in the process.
Il Mare (1962) as Director Of Photography
A well known actor comes to off-season Capri to unwind and meets a teenaged boy. The attraction is immediate and mutual but before their relationship can get off the ground, an alluring woman with a spontaneous sexuality and care free attitude joins the triangle and the boy is slowly pushed out of the picture.
La dolce vita (1961) as Camera Operator
A young writer gets initiated into the decadent lifestyle of Rome.

Cinematography (special)

My Palikari (1982) as Director Of Photography
The story of a man who immigrated to the U.S. in 1918 and became a successful proprietor of a small cafe in Yonkers, New York. In 1953, he realizes his dream of taking his son on a six-week pilgrimage to Greece where his old mother and brother still live. The journey is complicated by the fact that

Film Production - Main (TV Mini-Series)

Ellis Island (1984)
Fred Mustard Stewart's sprawling saga chronicling several European immigrants who come to New York just after the turn of the century in search of the American dream. One, patterned after Irving Berlin, is a Russian Jew hoping to develop a career in songwriting; another is an ambitious Italian garde

Cinematography (TV Mini-Series)

Vendetta: Secrets of a Mafia Bride (1991) as Director Of Photography
A.D. (1985) as Director Of Photography
The plot of this miniseries picks up where NBC's 1977 miniseries, "Jesus of Nazareth," left off. Recreating the years following the death of Christ, the narrative depicts the opulence and decadence of Imperial Rome pitted against the activities of a determined group of Judeo-Christians armed only wi

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