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Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall



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  • Gorgeous Woman

    • Eva
    • 2014-08-13

    There are few women that I have placed on my list as "gorgeous"...Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn, Christy Brinkley, Cindy Crawford, Nelly Furtado, and again, Lauren Bacall. I love the little "swaying" dance she did in the movie with Humphrey Bogart. Humphrey has waited a long time in paradise for Laure to have arrived; and she did; yesterday. I visulize Bogart welcomed her to paradise with a long lingering kiss! Rest in Peace, Lauren. I love you! Eva

  • Lovely Lauren

    • Jenny
    • 2014-08-13

    I just got the news, finding out 30 mins a go Lauren Bacall died yesterday, She was so Lovely and amazing person and Actress, I Love how She talked, She had one of those great voices, I could be in the next room and hear Her talk, made me smile I knew "Lauren BaCall" is on TV. I'm glad for you Turner Classics, I'm sure you'll do a Lovely Tribute to Her "I'm going to miss Her" She was really a Lovely amazing person and Actress. I'm 16 years old, I grew up to watching Lovely movies 1930s, 40s, all the classics and Lauren is such a part of me, someone I have looked up too. I'm really going to Miss Her.

  • we will miss you

    • vellessia solomon
    • 2014-08-12

    just hear she passed away loved all her movies she was a beautiful women who made a statement in films in her time may she rest in peace and my prayers go out to her family n friends n fans .......LOVE YA LAUREN R I P

  • Lauren Bacall

    • ilovelucy8
    • 2013-01-07

    Lauren Bacall is one of the bests, if not the best. She's is a great actress, pretty, and you can tell that in every role she plays. I think she is awesome and there will never be another like her.

  • Lauren Bacall: What a Character

    • Jezebelle
    • 2012-09-25

    What is there to say about Lauren Bacall? What can't you day about her? She is classy, funny, sexy, witty, charming, sparkling, the list goes on. A true professional in every sense of the word. Yet she was never given a movie of her own. She helped support other film greats like Bogart, Peck, Monroe, Hudson, again the list goes on. And because of this she is classified as a "character actor." Nothing is wrong with that at all, I for one thank her for being so compromising and understanding of the other film stars ego's. She knew that her named didn't need to be put first in order to be recognized (which she was fairly often. Go ahead and watch her movies, see if she doesn't steal the show). She cared more about making the movie good; enjoyable, rather than focus on her own star power. It takes these kinds of actors to make the film industry work, and being a character actor work never dies out. Even in today's modern times she works, giving great dramatic and comedic performances. The acting community and film industry hit a lucky chime when Betty Bacal fell into their laps. At least that's how I feel.

  • Wow, don't make um like this anymore!!!

    • Julie Barnes
    • 2010-06-18

    Ms.Bacall has alwas been to me all woman should be classy, smart , sexy to death, savy and wisely sarcastic (when needed). She has alwas been one actress i will never grow weary of watching. Her films with Bogart were amazeing but she stood out all on her own too. And as far as i am concerned the only woman that i thought could good toe to toe with the "strong actors like Bogart" she is and always will be in a class of her own . She is Bacall baby and that's all there is !!!!!!! Thank you madam for being one of the Very, Very best!!!!

  • From a Major Fan

    • EstherMorgan
    • 2009-06-16

    Keep going strong, Miss Bacall. You are better than ever in films. The 2000's have been really great years for your film career so I hope you will continue to make many more. Sending you all energy to do so.

  • Still Playing the Leads

    • Jacksons
    • 2009-06-16

    The film career of Lauren Bacall is nothing short of amazing. She started out on fire she was so hot and so young of an adult, around 19 years young. Now she's still going very strong as a leading actor in large roles at 84.5 years of age. I've just finished watching "The Walker" for the 5th time. It's Bacall's performance that keeps drawing me back to it. Her effect upon me hasn't changed one bit over all of the years of her films.

  • Great Then, Great Now

    • Corbinn
    • 2009-06-16

    When Lauren Bacall first appeared in films she was a sensation. When she appeared with Bogie the silver screen got very steamy. After Bogie's death in 1957, Bacall continued to make films. Lately, she's been in a host of top drawer ones. Now in her 8th decade, it's amazing that she's still working let alone playing leading roles with the same sex appeal, gusty and eloquent quality. I'm a goner for Miss Bacall.

  • A Long Successful Classic Acting Career

    • marlenes
    • 2009-06-14

    From the first films Lauren Bacall played leading roles in with Humphrey Bogart, when she was only around 20 years of age, to date in 2009, some 65 years later, Lauren Bacall is one of the rare few actors who is still playing the lead in films. Bacall was so young to have had such confidence and strong sense of her identity as an actor. She hasn't changed over all of those years. "The Walker" (2007) provides a primary example. I keep cheering her on because she's such a classy actor that she'll never settle for mindless roles. Bacall is still making her mark in filmmaking history.

  • She is Great!!!!

    • Ms. M
    • 2009-05-03

    I love Lauren Bacall. She is the very essence of what people would call "Cool."

  • Bacall's Voice

    • soulforcee
    • 2009-04-18

    No matter which film or stage performance Bacall's in, what stands out most about her is that voice! I'd know it anywhere. A lot of what's made her extra long acting career remarkable success is her speaking voice. There's some quality vocal intonations that lend credance to whatever it is she's saying, through whatever character she's playing. Applauding ovation that she's still working, even when speaking through animated characters in children's films.

  • The Legend Turns Into a Legacy

    • ASingerSings
    • 2009-04-14

    When Bogie performed with Bacall, their films became legendary. Now that Bogie's been gone for half a century, it's time to consider that Bacall's been in leading roles to date, at age 84 & counting. What was for a brief period of her life the legendary part with Bogie has already turned into an acting career legacy of her own. Can TCM possibly broadcast more of Bacall's films than the few it keeps repeating time and again?

  • Can't Get Enough of Her Films

    • VAKennedy
    • 2009-04-11

    I often wonder why it seems like I can't get enough of Lauren Bacall's films. After all, she's been on screen for more than half a century and with some of the most legendary actors of all time. It's as if even TCM can't show more than an extremely limited selection of Bacall's massive collection of wonderful films. Why? Is it that all networks are in a rut? Sort of like radio stations are still playing "The Eagles" album from the 1970's as if it's a top 40 today. What's with networks that they can't give viewers more wide selections of the great actors' films? Why do we have such limited choices so that we only get to select from a list of the same films over and over and over again, ad nauseum? Do production companies have some sort of monopoly on the bulk of the older actors' films? Do tell. Bacall deserves to be seen in the films she's made from her start up to date. Not just with Bogie!

  • Way Back When Through to Now and How!

    • Calvert
    • 2009-04-02

    Bette Davis was asked by a interviewer how she managed to survive in show business when Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe couldn't. She replied that it took great discipline, but also, that an actor had to treasure their talent and take good care of it. She did. And so has Lauren Bacall. Almost 85 years of age and still a formidable leading lady? That's nothing short of remarkable. Bacall said that 'you can't have it all', adding that she sacrificed her career for her children. It's heartening to know now that audiences have had Lauren Bacall's film and stage performances long after her children became adults. It's amazing to sit for a spell to consider the very long list of other great actors with whom Bacall has graced the stage and silver screen. Of course, the films she co-starred in with Bogie remain classic greats. However, Bacall established her own career. She's shattered the age typecasting limits for women and her tracks are still red hot.

  • 84.5yo and Still Going Strong in Leading Roles!

    • Grouix
    • 2009-04-01

    When Bogie found Bacall, she was 25yo. and he was 46yo.. Who wouldn't have fallen head over heals for Bacall? What a dynamic duo they were in films. "Big Sleep" is my personal favorite; the 1946 ending, and with Bacall being a tough gal. The film I like her in now gets overlooked: "Gone Dark." Because she dares to play her age, blasting away all of those stupid age limits that used to be put upon actresses. I love to hear Bacall sing on stage as well, such as in "Applause" (the musical of "All About Eve"). But she's also seriously great with Gregory Peck and Marilyn Monroe. Most of all, I just love to hear Bacall talk. What a voice.

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