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W. Howard Greene

W. Howard Greene



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Cinematography (feature film)

Three for Jamie Dawn (1956) as Director of Photography
The Violent Men (1955) as Director of Photography
The wife of a crooked cattle baron plots his murder.
Gun Belt (1953) as Director of Photography
A notorious outlaw tries to go straight, only to be framed by his former gang.
Raiders of the Seven Seas (1953) as Director of Photography
A legendary pirate captures a Spanish galleon and tries to claim a countess as his bride.
The Girls of Pleasure Island (1953) as Director of Photography
In the spring of 1945, World War II is coming to a close. Roger Halyard (Leo Genn), a dignified, strait-laced Englishmen, lives on a South Sea atoll with his three daughters, Gloria (Dorothy Bromley), Hester (Audrey Dalton) and Violet (Joan Elan), along with the housekeeper, Thelma (Elsa Lancaster), who has raised the girls since childhood. Other than their father, the girls have never seen another man. Halyard is informed that 1500 U.S. Marines will soon arrive to establish an air base on the island. Halyard is rather apprehensive over the prospect of his daughters, who have never met another man, being thrown together with 1500 Marines who haven't seen a woman in months.
The Brigand (1952) as Director of Photography
A disgraced military officer stands in for an injured Arab ruler.
When Worlds Collide (1951) as Director of Photography
Richard Derr, Barbara Rush, Peter Hanson, Larry Keating, John Hoyt. A landmark science fiction film of the fifties. Scientists race against time to build a super rocket ship that can save a select group before the earth collides with another planet. Naturally, no one wants to be left behind for the final Armageddon. The special effects which include a giant tidal wave crashing down on Broadway won an Oscar. Produced by fantasy film specialist George Pal (The Time Machine ) .
Al Jennings of Oklahoma (1951) as Director of Photography
The four Jennings brothers are Lawyers. When Al has a brother murdered, he goes after the murderer. He outdraws him but a witness says it was murder. Escaping the Sheriff he take refuge on a cattle ranch only to learn all the hands are rustlers. With a price on his head Al joins them and becomes an outlaw. His fame grows as does the reward for his capture.
Quebec (1951) as Director of Photography
High Lonesome (1950) as Director of Photography
The Big Cat (1949) as Director of Photography
1933. A city boy arrives in his late mother's birthplace to discover the locals have been pestered by drought, old fights and a cougar. He turns out to be pivotal in all of these.
A Song Is Born (1948) as Director of Photography
A group of music professors takes in a singer on the run from her gangster boyfriend.
Tycoon (1947) as Director of Photography
While building a tunnel through the Andes, an engineer falls in love with his possessive boss's daughter.
Pirates of Monterey (1947) as Director of Photography
Slave Girl (1947) as Director of Photography
A Night in Paradise (1946) as Director of Photography
Aesop takes a break from spinning fables to help a king and fall in love.
Salome, Where She Danced (1945) as Director of Photography
Gypsy Wildcat (1944) as Director of Photography
In an unspecified Renaissance kingdom, no sooner has Anube's gypsy tribe encamped near Baron Tovar's village when Count Orso is found murdered. The wicked baron blames the gypsies and imprisons them all in his castle. Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger on a white horse has hidden the murder arrow and won the heart of gypsy belle Carla, to the discomfiture of her erstwhile fiancée Tonio. Baron Tovar is also fascinated by Carla...especially when he notices her heraldic pendant.
Can't Help Singing (1944) as Director of Photography
A senator''''s daughter follows her boyfriend in the days of the California gold rush.
Cobra Woman (1944) as Director of Photography
Upon discovering his fiancée Tollea has been kidnaped, Ramu and his friend Kado set out for a Pacific isle where all strangers are to be killed on arrival and the inhabitants, who are frequently sacrificed to an angry volcano god, worship the cobra. The island is ruled over by Tollea's evil twin Naja, the Cobra Woman, who, besides having designs on her new prisoner Ramu, also desires to eliminate any competition from her benevolent sister.
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1944) as Director of Photography
Ali Baba, son of the Kalif of Bagdad is brought up by the 40 Thieves after his father is killed by the soldiers of Hugalu Khan, who received the necessary information by traitor Cassim. Ali becomes the leader of the thieves and they are fighting for the freedom of his land. Per chance Ali captures the fiancée of Hugalu Khan, who turns out to be his girl friend Amara. After a few misunderstandings Ali uses her wedding day with Hugalu Khan as the day for the liberation of Bagdad.
The Climax (1944) as Director of Photography
Dr. Hohner (Karloff), theatre physician at the Vienna Royal Theatre, murders his mistress, the star soprano when his jealousy drives him to the point of mad obsession. Ten years later, another young singer (Foster) reminds Hohner of the late diva, and his old mania kicks in. Hohner wants to prevent her from singing for anyone but him, even if it means silencing her forever. The singer's fiancée (Bey) rushes to save her in the film's climax.
Salute to the Marines (1943) as Director of Photography
A retired Marine gets caught in the middle of the Philippines campaign.
Phantom of the Opera (1943) as Director of Photography
Pit violinist Claudin hopelessly loves rising operatic soprano Christine Dubois (as do baritone Anatole and police inspector Raoul) and secretly aids her career. But Claudin loses both his touch and his job, murders a rascally music publisher in a fit of madness, and has his face etched with acid. Soon, mysterious crimes plague the Paris Opera House, blamed on a legendary "phantom" whom none can find in the mazes and catacombs. But both of Christine's lovers have plans to ferret him out.
Arabian Nights (1942) as Assoc
Half-brothers vie for an Arabian throne and the love of a beautiful storyteller.
Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book (1942) as Director of Photography
A boy raised by wolves adjusts to life among humans.
Blossoms in the Dust (1941) as Director of Photography
True-life story of Edna Gladney, who fought for orphans' rights in Texas.
The Shepherd of the Hills (1941) as Director of Photography
A young man seeks to murder his father that abandoned his mother, yet fate plays a hand when a stranger appears.
North West Mounted Police (1940) as Director of Photography
In 1885, three mismatched frontiersmen (teacher Riel, whiskey trader Corbeau, and trapper Duroc) foment rebellion in central Canada; only the local Mounties stand in their way. Constable Ronnie Logan loves Corbeau's savage daughter Louvette; his pal Jim Brett loves April, the district nurse, but finds a rival in visitor Dusty Rivers, a Texas Ranger who wants Corbeau for murder. Treachery, battle, and tense situations follow in rapid order, with more lighthearted intervals.
Untamed (1940) as Assoc [photog]
Jesse James (1939) as Technicolor photog
When a railroad agent kills their mother, Frank and Jesse James take up robbing banks and trains.
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) as Assoc
Elizabeth I''''s love for the Earl of Essex threatens to destroy her kingdom.
The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) as Technicolor photog
The bandit king of Sherwood Forest leads his Merry Men in a battle against the corrupt Prince John.
Men with Wings (1938) as Photography
Nothing Sacred (1937) as Camera
When a small-town girl is diagnosed with a rare, deadly disease, an ambitious newspaper man turns her into a national heroine.
A Star Is Born (1937) as Photography
A fading matinee idol marries the young beginner he's shepherded to stardom.
Kliou (The Tiger) (1936) as Photography
The Garden of Allah (1936) as Photography
A monk deserts his calling to marry a beautiful woman he meets in the Sahara.
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1936) as Technicolor photog
Legong (Dance of the Virgins) (1935) as Photography
A Balinese beauty's sister plots to keep her from finding love.
Becky Sharp (1935) as Camera Operator
An unscrupulous Englishwoman sets out to steal a place in society.
Beyond the Great Wall (1920) as Camera

Cinematography (short)

The Bill of Rights (1939)
This short film dramatizes the birth of the American Bill of Rights. Vitaphone Release 9300-9301.
Little Pioneer (1937)
A young girl has several adventures in South Africa in this short film. Vitaphone Release 8157-8158.
Changing of the Guard (1936)
In this short film, a girl is told a story by her grandfather about his days in a military regiment. Vitaphone Release 7497-7498.
This film presents a dramatization of Patrick Henry's speech before the Virginia legislature in which he argues for colonial independence.
Under Southern Stars (1936)
This short film focuses on Confederate General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson the night before he would meet his fate in battle. Vitaphone Release 7792-7793.

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