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Wilton Graff

Wilton Graff



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Cast (feature film)

Lonnie (1963) as Mitchell
Sail a Crooked Ship (1962) as Simon J. Harrison
Foolish robbers steal and board a ship they can''''t sail.
Bloodlust (1961) as Dr. Albert Balleau
A group of teen-agers vacationing in the tropics take a boat out to a seemingly deserted island. They soon find, however, that the island is inhabited by a wealthy recluse and his staff. While their host is initially hospitable, he quickly reveals his true purpose: to hunt down and kill each of his visitors, as he has done with everyone unlucky enough to set foot on his island.
Return to Peyton Place (1961) as Dr. Fowlkes
When one of the denizens of a small New England town writes a book--a slightly cloaked depiction of her hometown--she unleashes the wrath of her fellow townsfolk.
Compulsion (1959) as Mr. Steiner
Two wealthy law-school students go on trial for murder in this version of the Leopold-Loeb case.
Tip on a Dead Jockey (1957) as John Rusk
A grounded flier gets mixed up with smugglers in Madrid.
Lust for Life (1956) as Rev. Stricker
Passionate biography of painter Vincent van Gogh, whose genius drove him mad.
The Benny Goodman Story (1956) as Mr. Hammond
The legendary band leader fights to make swing acceptable.
The Sea Chase (1955) as Hepke
A German freighter captain tries to elude the British in the early days of World War II.
Miss Sadie Thompson (1954) as Governor
A moralist sets out to reform the legendary South Seas floozy.
A Star Is Born (1954) as Master of ceremonies
A falling star marries the newcomer he's helping reach the top.
King Richard and the Crusaders (1954) as Archduke Leopold of Austria
King Richard''''s attempts to win back the Holy Lands are complicated by his love of a tempestuous Englishwoman.
So This Is Love (1953) as Henry Erlanger
Opera singer Grace Moore turns to popular music when her dreams of a classical career fail to materialize.
Scandal at Scourie (1953) as Mr. Leffington
Controversy erupts in a small Canadian town when a Protestant couple tries to adopt a Catholic child.
The I Don't Care Girl (1953) as Florenz Ziegfeld
This musical biopic presents the life of vaudeville headliner Eva Tanguay.
Lili (1953) as M. Tonit
A French orphan gets a job with a carnival puppet show.
Springfield Rifle (1952) as Col. Sharpe
A Union officer goes undercover to root out Confederate raiders.
Fearless Fagan (1952) as Col. Horne
When a circus clown is drafted, he tries to sneak his pet lion into the service.
Something for the Birds (1952) as Taylor
A conservationist fights to save the habitat of the California condor and to do it she works her way into the affections of a representative of the oil company that wants the land for their own purposes.
Operation Secret (1952) as Capt. Chiron
After World War II, a Paris court investigates the murder of Maquis resistance leader Armand Dubois. French agent Marcel Brevoort joins a German agent, a British foreign office member, agent Maria and Maj. Letrec to testify about a mysterious American soldier of fortune, Peter Forrester. Their testimony paints Forrester as a reckless but daring field agent, whose actions influenced a mission in which Dubois was involved.
Young Man With Ideas (1952) as Mr. Cardy
A country lawyer moves his family to Los Angeles.
Million Dollar Mermaid (1952) as Garvey
True story of Annette Kellerman, the world''''s first great swimming star.
Night into Morning (1951) as Bank manager
After a fire kills his family, a college professor sinks into alcoholism.
Mr. Imperium (1951) as Andrew Bolton
An exiled king and a film star try to rekindle a romance from the past.
Mask of the Avenger (1951) as Count Dimorna
When his father is murdered, an Italian nobleman becomes an outlaw to avenge the crime.
My True Story (1951) as George Trent
A female jewel thief tries to help the police capture a master criminal.
Girls' School (1950) as Dave Vickers
Peggy Donovan (Joyce Reynolds) enters an exclusive but financially-strapped finishing school for girls operated by Colonel Matthews (Thurston Hall) and his sister Emily (Julia Dean). Student Lucille Farnsworth (Laura Elliot) discovers the Peggy carries $30,000 in her luggage and reports it to the Colonel. She also writes to a Chicago address on the luggage that Peggy is at the school. The letter puts gambler Dave Vickers (Wilton Griff) on Peggy's trail. Peggy convinces the Colonel that the money is rightfully hers and offers to buy up the school's outstanding notes for a partnership. When Vickers arrives, Peggy confesses that her late father was a professional gambler and Vickers' partner. The latter claims half of the money which her father had saved away for her. She is willing to divide the money but when the Colonel learns it was won in a questionable card game, he turns it over to the police.
Fortunes of Captain Blood (1950) as Captain Alvarado
A doctor exiled from England becomes a pirate of the Caribbean.
Convicted (1950) as Dr. Agar
A prison warden fights to prove one of his inmates was wrongly convicted.
Mother Didn't Tell Me (1950) as Dr. Harold Jones
The West Point Story (1950) as Lt. Col Martin
A Broadway producer tries to put on a show at the legendary military academy.
Rogues of Sherwood Forest (1950) as Baron Fitzwalter
Robin Hood''''s son reunites the Merry Men when King John reverts to tyranny.
When Willie Comes Marching Home (1950) as General Jans
A small-town soldier gets a chance to be a hero when he accidentally crosses enemy lines.
And Baby Makes Three (1949) as Root
A woman on the verge of divorce and re-marriage discovers she''''s pregnant by her husband.
Blondie's Big Deal (1949) as Dillon
By accident Dagwood discovers a non-flammable paint. Bad guys Dillon and Stack steal it before he can give it to his boss Radcliffe. To show off his invention, Dagwood paints Radcliffe's house with it and disgraced when the house burns down. Blondie discovers the culprits and saves the day.
Caught (1949) as Gentry
A woman's dream marriage to a multi-millionaire turns into a nightmare when she discovers he's insane.
Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1949) as Nick Donford
A beautiful woman takes over a turn-of-the-century baseball team.
The Dark Past (1949) as Frank Stevens
A psychologist tries to analyze the criminal who's taken him hostage.
Once More, My Darling (1949) as Mr. Frobisher
Movie star Collier Laing is recalled to active duty with the Army Criminal Investigation Division. His mission: to sweep debutante Marita Connell off her feet and flush out her former boyfriend, who's sent her jewels stolen in occupied Germany. Soon it's a question of who's sweeping whom; Miss Connell's nickname is "Killer." But when she wants to elope, Laing begins to have qualms.
Family Honeymoon (1949) as Dr. Wilson
Grant Jordan, bachelor botany professor, marries Katie, a widow with three kids, despite the machinations of Grant's former girlfriend Minna. But on the wedding day, Aunt Jo, who was to babysit, breaks a leg; so the kids come along on the honeymoon. After misadventures en route, they make it to the Grand Canyon, only to find Minna there, still scheming.
The Black Book (1949) as Marquis de Lafayette
Opponents plot to bring down Robespierre during the French Revolution.
The Babe Ruth Story (1948) as Dr. Beldon
A childlike oaf becomes the greatest star in baseball.
Another Part of the Forest (1948) as Sam Taylor
A father and son''''s rivalry shakes the family business.
The Return of the Whistler (1948) as Dr. Grantland
When a woman goes missing on the eve of her wedding, her fiancee hires a detective to track her down.
The Gallant Blade (1948) as Duc d'Orleans
The Gentleman from Nowhere (1948) as Larry Hendricks
The Wreck of the Hesperus (1948) as Caleb Cross
The Mozart Story (1948) as Antonio Salieri, Imperial Music Director, 1750-1825
Who Killed Doc Robbin (1948) as Prosecuting attorney
A Woman's Vengeance (1948) as Defending counselor
Country squire Henry Maurier is patient with his wife Emily, a neurotic invalid, but her brother surprises Henry with his young mistress Doris. The same night, Emily dies of her chronic heart disease, and Henry promptly marries Doris, to the chagrin of neighbor Janet Spence, who loves him. When a post-mortem shows that Emily's death was precipitated by arsenic, Henry is placed on trial for his life. But is he guilty?
A Double Life (1948) as Dr. Mervin
An actor starring as Othello opposite his wife finds the character''''s jealous rage taking over his mind off-stage.
Gentleman's Agreement (1948) as Maitre d'
A reporter pretends to be Jewish in order to cover a story on anti-Semitism.
Dead Reckoning (1947) as Surgeon
A tough veteran sets out to solve his war buddy's murder.
Key Witness (1947) as Albert Loring
They Won't Believe Me (1947) as Patrick Gold
A faithless husband is charged with a murder he didn't commit.
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (1947) as Cedric Mason
The Corpse Came C.O.D. (1947) as Maxwell Kenyon
Romantically involved reporters compete to solve a murder on a famous actress'''' estate.
The Web (1947) as District Attorney
Leopold Kroner, formerly of Colby Enterprises, is released after five years in prison for embezzlement. Andrew Colby, claiming that Kroner has threatened him, hires lawyer Bob Regan as a secret bodyguard. Sure enough, Kroner turns up in Colby's room with a gun, and Regan kills him. Then Regan, who sticks around to romance Colby's secretary Noel, begins to suspect he's been used.
Something in the Wind (1947) as Belton
High Conquest (1947) as Douglaston
Shadowed (1946) as Tony Montague
Fred J. Johnson (Lloyd Corrigan) scores a hole-in-one but his next drive, using the lucky, initialed golf ball, soars out of bounds and lands near a spot where some counterfeiters are burying a murder victim. Then begins a series of events in which he is hounded and threatened by the killers. The consequences of his not reporting what he saw to the police lead to a climax in which is daughter is held hostage by the crooks.
Because of Him (1946) as Stage manager
A beautiful young woman, an aspiring actress, trick a famous stage star into signing a letter recommending her talents to a producer friend, with amusing results.
The Unknown (1946) as Ralph Martin
A woman hires two detectives to keep her alive long enough to claim her inheritance.
The Phantom Thief (1946) as Rex Duncan
A reformed thief tries to stop a murderous blackmailer.
Just Before Dawn (1946) as Alec Girard
A criminal psychologist is tricked into injecting a diabetic with poison instead of insulin.
Valley of the Zombies (1946) as Dr. Garland
Dr. Maynard (Charles Trowbridge) tells Dr. Terry Evans (Robert Livingston) and his nurse, Susan Drake (Lorna Grey as Adrian Booth), about the theft of ten pints of blood from his lab. Later, he is visited by Ormand Murks (Ian Keith), a man Maynard had once had committed to an insane asylum and who later died from an operation, and Maynard learns that Murks is an example of living death whose abnormality is counter-acted only by blood. The doctor soon becomes Murk's unwilling blood donor. Murks' brother Fred (Earle Hodgins) threatens to expose him and he too is murdered. Terry and Susan find Maynard's body near an abandoned graveyard and this leads them to an estate where a partially obscured sign reads:"Murks Bros.,Undertakers." Susan is kidnapped.
Avalanche (1946) as Austin Jeremy
Traffic in Crime (1946) as Nick Cantrell
Gangs of the Waterfront (1945) as Commissioner Hogan
Gang Leader Dutch Malone (Robert Armstrong) goes on a hunting trip and is in a car wreck and is confined to the hospital, without the knowledge of any of his gang members. District Attorney Brady (William Forrest) induces taxidermist Peter Winkly (also Robert Armstrong), who is an exact double for Malone,to impersonate Dutch and assume leadership of the gang. Winkly "takes over" the gang and only Rita (Marian Martin), Dutch's girl friend, has any suspicion that he is not really Dutch. But Dutch sees a newspaper showing him out on the town, escapes from the hospital and is on his way to look up the imposter.
Pillow of Death (1945) as Captain McCracken
Attorney Wayne Fletcher and his secretary are having an affair, so when Wayne's wife is found smothered to death, he becomes the prime suspect. As the police investigate the murder, a psychic with questionable motives tries to contact the deceased woman. Soon, Wayne begins seeing visions of his dead wife, and other people involved with the case begin to be killed, one by one.
Strange Confession (1945) as Brandon
Counter-Attack (1945) as Russian officer
Two Russians fight to escape the seven Nazi soldiers trapped with them in a bombed building.
A Royal Scandal (1945) as Russian general
Catherine the Great falls in love with an army officer who is plotting against her.
Earl Carroll Vanities (1945) as Mr. Thayer
An Angel Comes to Brooklyn (1945) as Rodney Lloyd

Cast (short)

The Screen Writer (1950)
This short film focuses on the job of the Hollywood screenwriter.

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