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Overview for Lillian Gish
Lillian Gish

Lillian Gish


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Also Known As: Died: February 27, 1993
Born: October 14, 1893 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Springfield, Ohio, USA Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

Remodelling Her Husband (1920) as Director

Cast (feature film)

Mary Pickford: The Muse of the Movies (2008)
Films clips and archival footage tell the story of the first great film star.
TBD (2005)
D.W. Griffith: Father of Film (1993)
A three-part special examining D.W. Griffith's contributions to filmmaking.
MGM: When the Lion Roars (1992) as (Archival Footage)
A three-part documentary series exploring the history of MGM Studios.
Whales of August, The (1987) as Sarah Webber
Elderly sisters try to mend their differences during a summer on the Maine coast.
Sweet Liberty (1986) as Cecelia Burgess
(Com '86). Alan Alda, Michael Caine, Bob Hoskins, Michelle Pfeiffer, Lise Hilboldt, Lillian Gish, Saul Rubinek, Lois Chiles, Linda Thorson. A Hollywood movie crew descends on a small North Carolina college town to make a film about the Revolutionary War which is based on a novel by the town's historical expert, Michael Burgess (Alan Alda). Naturally, the filming does not go smoothly. Written and directed by Alan Alda and featuring silent era actress Lillian Gish in her 105th film.
Hambone and Hillie (1984) as Hillie Radcliffe
Hobson's Choice (1983) as Miss Molly Winkle
The TV remake of the 1954 David Lean movie classic that starred Charles Laughton and John Mills was transplanted from Lancashire, England, of the 1880's to New Orleans of 1914 while retaining its basic story about a cantankerous, carousing shoe shop owner determined not to give his three daughters a
Lillian Gish (1983) as Herself
An intimate portrait of the legendary actress.
Thin Ice (1981) as Grandmother
Another older woman-younger man romance, this one involving a widowed high school teacher and one of her students. The film was made on location in and around Charleston, South Carolina.
Wedding, A (1978) as Nettie Sloan
The wedding day of Dino and Muffin is more chaotic than anyone could have predicted. As the bishop is stumbling through their wedding vows, Dino's grandmother dies in a bedroom upstairs. This news is kept a secret from the two families who spend the reception fighting with each other, looking for s
Twin Detectives (1976) as Billy Jo Haskins
Identical twin detectives use their look-alike images to appear to be in two places at the same time in an attempt to expose a psychic con group, but become involved in a deadly game when a beautiful medium turns up murdered. This unsuccessful pilot for a series marked the TV movie debut for veteran
The Comedians (1967) as Mrs. Smith
American and British tourists get caught up in political unrest in Haiti.
Warning Shot (1967) as Alice Willows
An officer goes on suspension when he shoots a suspect in self defense and the man''''s gun vanishes.
Follow Me, Boys! (1966) as Hetty Seibert
A small-town man dedicates his life to leading a Boy Scout troop.
The Great Chase (1962) as
The Unforgiven (1960) as Matilda Zachary
Indians try to reclaim a rancher''''s adopted daughter.
Orders to Kill (1958) as Mrs Summers
A grounded American fighter pilot is switched to espionage on a special job in which he must kill a small-time Paris lawyer suspected of double-crossing France by selling out radio operators to the Nazis.
The Night of the Hunter (1955) as Rachel Cooper
A bogus preacher marries an outlaw's widow in search of the man's hidden loot.
The Cobweb (1955) as Victoria Inch
Inmates and staff at a posh asylum clash over love and lunacy.
Portrait of Jennie (1949) as Mother Mary of Mercy
An artist discovers his gift when he falls for a beautiful ghost.
Duel in the Sun (1947) as Laura Belle McCanles
A fiery half-Native American girl comes between a rancher's good and evil sons.
Miss Susie Slagle's (1946) as Miss Susie Slagle
Top Man (1943) as Beth Warren
Commandos Strike At Dawn (1942) as Mrs. Bergesen
A Norwegian refugee leads the British in an attack against his country's Nazi invaders.
Commandos Strike at Dawn (To Be Deleted) (1942)
Erik Toresen, widower and fishery observer, leads a quiet life in a small Norwegian town; but after the Nazi occupation, German abuses lead Erik to form a Resistance group. After a killing, Erik flees to the wilderness and finds a secret German air base; he resolves to escape to England with its location.
His Double Life (1934) as Alice
Priam Farrel is a celebrated artist but a social recluse. When his valet dies of a sudden illness, a mix-up leads to the body being identified as Farrel's. The timid artist then assumes the identity of his former servant, but finds himself faced with constant dilemmas as a result.
One Romantic Night (1930) as Alexandra
A princess engaged to a prince falls for her brother's tutor.
The Enemy (1928) as Pauli Arndt
Newlyweds are torn apart by war.
The Wind (1928) as Letty
In this silent film, a sheltered southern girl fights to adapt to the rough-and-tumble life of the wild West.
Annie Laurie (1927) as Annie Laurie
A woman comes between two clans of Scots.
The Scarlet Letter (1927) as Hester Prynne
In this silent film version of the classic tale, a single mother in Puritan New England bears her shame alone rather than expose the child''''s father.
La Bohème (1926) as Mimi
In this silent film, a starving artist falls in love with a sickly seamstress in 19th-century Paris.
Romola (1925) as Romola
In Renaissance Florence, Tito, a no-good young man pretending to be a scholar, wins the admiration of a blind man who has long looked for someone to finish his scholarly work. He has a beautiful daughter named Romola. Tito flirts with a peasant girl in the streets, and for fun goes through a mock marriage with her -- but she takes it seriously. Romola doesn't really love him, but marries him because her father wishes it. When the Medici are forced out, Tito joins the new government and rises to be chief magistrate. His evil actions earn him the hatred of Romola and of the people, and he is killed by a mob. Romola ends up with sculptor Carol, who has always loved her.
The White Sister (1923) as Angela Chiaromonte
Thinking her lover was killed in the war, a young woman becomes a nun.
Orphans of the Storm (1921) as Henriette Girard
In this silent film, two sisters, one of them blind, fight to find each other during the French Revolution.
Way Down East (1920) as Anna Moore
A country girl tries to return home after being abandoned by her wealthy seducer.
A Romance of Happy Valley (1919) as Jennie Timberlake
John Logan leaves his parents and sweetheart in bucolic Happy Valley to make his fortune in the city. Those he left behind become miserable and beleaguered in his absence, but after several years he returns, a wealthy man. But his embittered father, not recognizing him for who he is, plans to murder the newly- arrived "stranger" for his money.
Broken Blossoms (1919) as Lucy, the girl
In this silent film, an Asian man in London falls in love with an abused child.
The Greatest Question (1919) as Nellie Jarvis
True Heart Susie (1919) as Susie May Trueheart
Susie, a plain young country girl, secretly loves a neighbor boy, William. She believes in him and sacrifices much of her own happiness to promote his own ambitions, all without his knowledge. Eventually he rises to a position of success and sophistication, and Susie realizes that she has through her own efforts raised him to a level where he is inaccessible to her.
The Greatest Thing in Life (1918) as Jeanette Peret
Jeannette Peret, daughter of a cigar-store owner, leaves her Greenwich Village home for France in hopes of finding there the love which eludes her at home. She becomes enamored of le Bebe, a giant of a vegetable peddler, but his unsophisticated ways disillusion her. Edward Livingston, a wealthy young man from home who had spurned Jeannette, now turns up and realizes the error of his ways. But he, too, has a great flaw, and only the outbreak of war , ironically, is able to lead Jeannette to a peaceful conclusion to her quest.
The Great Love (1918) as Alice Susanna "Susie" Broadplains
An idealistic young American during World War I, itching to fight the Germans and not wanting to wait until the U. S. joined the war, journeys to Canada and enlists in the British army. He is sent for training to England, and then to the front in Ffance, where he is wounded. Returned back to England to recuperate from his wounds, he falls in love with the daughter of an Australian minister.
Hearts of the World (1918) as The girl, Marie Stephenson
In this silent film, World War I threatens the lives of two small-town sweethearts.
Souls Triumphant (1917) as Lillian Vale
Daphne and the Pirate (1916) as Daphne La Tour
A House Built Upon Sand (1916) as Evelyn Dare
Intolerance (1916) as The woman who rocks the cradle
In this silent film, four stories from different eras intertwine to depict man's inhumanity to man.
Diane of the Follies (1916) as Diane
The Children Pay (1916) as Millicent
An Innocent Magdalene (1916) as Dorothy Raleigh
Sold for Marriage (1916) as Marfa
Enoch Arden (1915) as Annie Lee
Seamen Enoch Arden returns home after a long absence marooned on a desert island. At home he finds his wife married to another, and though he loves her, he cannot bear to disrupt her current happiness.
The Lost House (1915) as Dosia Dale
The Lily and the Rose (1915) as Mary Randolph
The Birth of a Nation (1915) as Elsie, Stoneman's daughter
In this silent film, families from the North and the South fight to survive the Civil War and its aftermath.
Captain Macklin (1915) as Beatrice
Lord Chumley (1914) as Eleanor Butterworth
Home, Sweet Home (1914) as His Sweetheart
John Howard Payne leaves home and begins a career in the theater. Despite encouragement from his mother and his sweetheart, Payne begins to lead a life of dissolute habits, and this soon leads to ruin and misery. In deep despair, he thinks of better days, and writes a song that later provides inspiration to several others in their own times of need.
Man's Enemy (1914)
Judith of Bethulia (1914) as Young mother with baby
The Battle of the Sexes (1914) as Jane, his daughter
Just Kids (1913)
Just Gold (1913)
My Baby (1912)
Burglar's Dilemma, The (1912)
A man who is jealous of his own brother strikes him down just as a burglar is entering the house. He calls the police and tries to pin the murder on the young burglar to cover his own tracks.

Cast (special)

Lillian Gish: The Actor's Life For Me (1988)
A documentary examining the life and work of Lillian Gish. The "American Masters" presentation includes a personal interview, film clips and photographs of some of her most memorable performances.
Happy Birthday, Hollywood! (1987)
A gala celebration, benefiting the Motion Picture and Television Country House and Hospital, held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in honor of the centennial of the founding of the town of Hollywood.
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1986) as Mrs Loftus
A adaptation of Mark Twain's classic tale of the adventures of the runaway boy, Huckleberry Finn.
Night of 100 Stars II, The (1985)
A star-studded sequel to "The Night of 100 Stars." A celebrity benefit for the Actors Fund of America, featuring music, songs, dances and comedy. Three hundred and eight stars participated in a seven-hour marathon that was edited to three hours for television.
American Film Institute Salute to Lillian Gish, The (1984)
A tribute to actress Lilian Gish, winner of the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award.
Hollywood: The Pioneers (1980)
From the first story films through the epic Birth of a Nation, silent films were much more sophisticated and technically accomplished than most people think. Narrated by James Mason and features interviews with Lillian Gish and King Vidor.
Sparrow (1978) as Mrs Benet
The exploits of Jerry Sparrow, a private investigator with a large detective agency in New Orleans. In this second pilot for a potential series, Jerry attempts to recover the valuable missing bird of a wealthy woman.
Spiral Staircase, The (1961) as Mrs Warren
The story revolves around Helen Warren, a beautiful mute girl, who becomes the target of a mysterious killer who preys on young, handicapped women. Based on the screenplay by Mel Dinelli.

Cast (short)

The Comedians in Africa (1967)
A behind the scenes short film detailing the making of "The Comedians" (1967).
Motion Picture Theatre Celebration (1955) (1955)
This short features theatrical trailers of original musicals released by MGM in 1955 and visits the sets of films still in production.
1955 Motion Picture Theatre Celebration (International) (1955)
This short features theatrical trailers of original musicals released by MGM in 1955 and visits the sets of films still in production.

Misc. Crew (short)

Film Fun (1955)
This short film provides a nostalgic look at film clips from the Silent Era.

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