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Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson



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  • A greatest contributor to film of his generation.

    • kevin
    • 2017-05-21

    We're talking film here, not personal mistakes, morals or ethics. Mel Gibson is one of the greatest actors and film makers of his generation and has contributed many valuable works to the archives of Hollywood and our lives. He is akin to Clint Eastwood in contribution, although Mel is a much better actor. I would not presume to cast judgment on his personal life, views, or mistakes, and neither should you, unless you wouldn't mind the world knowing all of your personal affairs, base thoughts, words and behaviors. I doubt you'd like that.

  • what would zanuck or hitchcock do.

    • ruby davis
    • 2014-08-17

    do we throw out the acting talent with the dishwater....... clark gable....boozed it up...ran over people killed them drunk driving loretta young had child of married man marilyn monroe...drugs booze men suicide all stars in rehab huge grant w hooker let him without sin cast the first stone all have sinned all should be forgiven and allowed to work leave their persnal life to themselves...politicians still get elected madoff has money somewhere...who gets to decide....who is worthy amongst us

  • The Passions of the Gibson

    • Syntonic
    • 2009-05-13

    Drum roll...are...violence, blood and himself. The films of The Gibson offer plenty of evidence of all three. It's apparent that modern audiences are less than enchanted with what The Gibson has turned out to be, say and do; and that matters lots to how we view his work. I don't feel it's a good idea to pretend to be able to separate the public personality from his public productions. As a rule we don't do that with other public figures so why would we with show business ones?

  • Handsome is as Handsome does

    • Geraldeen
    • 2009-05-12

    I'm so over Gibson that his after taste is still repugnant. Whomever wrote in the synopsis that he's handsome is thinking surface appearance deep. Under that set of traits is a guy who's got some seriously warped values. Since Gibson's decided to make them so public, I've decided not to enable him.

  • Alienation

    • DavidaH
    • 2009-04-29

    We've been driven away from anything and everything by, with or about Mel Gibson, by Mel Gibson. His passion for the culture of sameness isn't one we can support or be entertained by. Thus, he's alienated us from his world. We don't want our family to hear anything about or by him, it's so offensive.

  • Fanatic

    • 1899bogie1957
    • 2009-04-27

    Whenever I've tried to sit through a film with Gibson in it or directing it, I wind up feeling beat up. He seems to be a blood sport fanatic who's into over-the-top brutality. Whips, chains, guns, knives, even bombs, seem to attract him to films. Those are exactly the things that I like to avoid. A little violence goes a long way. Too much is repulsive. I've already had too much of Mel Gibson for one lifetime. He's become like old 1970's mod clothing: too loud.

  • The Least of These

    • Dani_Canon
    • 2009-04-24

    There are countless reasons why I detest all of Mel Gibson's films that I've seen. Primarily, his overbearing bravado is ever present. I would vote him the most over-rated actor, director, producer, whatever, of all time. I hope to never make the same mistake of viewing anything that includes him in it in any way.

  • Butchy Boy

    • f2008ilmzzz
    • 2009-04-17

    This man and his movies give me the creeps. Sure hope TCM doesn't show his blood-thirsty flicks. I "Max"ed out on him and his hyper-machismo attitude, behaviors and movies. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  • What this Woman Doesn't Want

    • Dani07
    • 2009-04-10

    "What" is Mel Gibson's problem. What he is. What he says. What he does. TCM shows extra good judgement by NOT airing his films. If TCM does, my television will immediately switch channels. Gibson's arrogating verbal violence is a huge turn off that's revealed what lies beneath the surface a skins that seem to seduce others. Not me folks. I've heard enough already to know I have better performers to watch.

  • Skip Him...

    • Calvert
    • 2009-04-02

    Quality of character counts whenever I watch an actor. Gibson's shameless conceit and superiority is such a grotesque turn off that whenever there's anything in the media of his or about him, I skip it. Too bad he turned out to be so arrogating. Before he publicly revealed his true character, I viewed his films. There are far too many finer human beings for me to spend my time or money watching.

  • Looking for a dishwasher, anyone?

    • Grouix
    • 2009-04-01

    It may have been better for Gibson to remain a dishwasher. At least then what comes out of his mouth would be kept in the back of a restaurant kitchen, where it belongs. Because of his awful public misbehaviors, I can't watch any more of his films. He's too biased, violent, obnoxious & arrogant for me to forget that as a viewer. Click, off, goes everything that has to do with him.

  • Helplessly in love...

    • Mrs. Max Rockatansky
    • 2008-03-13

    This man is simply amazing. He's handsome, charming, sweet, hilarious, rugged, tough and boyishly adorable. An incredible man all the way around with a sexy accent to match ;) Doesn't get much better than Mel Gibson; he is catnip to women...and is exactly what women want.


    • revel
    • 2007-03-21

    An extraordinary actor and director. He has the most expressive face I have ever seen and is the most beautiful man who has ever lived.

  • New fictional book

    • Larry Villagomez
    • 2007-03-12

    Mr. Gibson, I have just finished my first book of fiction. It is called "A Gor Tale." I would like to send you a copy, but I do not know where to send it. I enjoy your style of epic moviemaking, and thought my book would be of interest to you. I look forward to sending you an autograph copy (ha ha). Cordially, Larry Viilagomez (Pen Name-Anthony Lawrence)


    • 2007-02-19


  • Mr. Mel Gibson

    • Leonel
    • 2007-01-18

    Hi. my name is Leonel Esquivel, I am very please to say that since I started to watching your movies, no matter if was comedy, action, horror or any movies that you were in. I always wanted to see it just by knowing that you were in the movie. you have inspired me to do my best;even though, some people thought I could not act or even be a director. I thank God for giving me that chance to meet people like you because I am about to direct " El ViaCrusis" which is just like " The Passion of the Christ", and I am really excited and nervous at the same time. But I know that with Gods blessings and peoples' help at church its going to be a BANG!!!! The play is going to be in San Bruno's Churh,which is the biggest or the smallest but I am hoping to gather at least a hundred (100) actors or people to help with sound effects, customs- crafts. I am using your movie " The passion ot the Christ" to give me ideas, and I also bought the sound track. to make it more intersting. Hopefully you get to read this comment, so that I can hear from you because I writing the script. Thank You for everything you've done for me and my family, I heard you know my dad's friend Carlos. I have not met him yet, but I am sure, I would love to meet him. God bless you and remember " Each Day is a gift from God " sincerly yours: Leonel Esquivel


    • Lily Rodriguez
    • 2006-12-19

    senor Mel Gibson disculpe no escribo ingles pero quizas alguien le tradizca solo quiero felicitarlo por la pelicula de APOCALIPTO estube al borde del asiento llore como nunca en otra pelicula soy mexicana recien radicada en estados unidos jamas imagine de donde provengo y como eramos antes usted me hizo reflexionar sobre mi cultura y creame que ahora amo mas ser mexicana, lo que usted refleja en ese cinta no esta muy lejos de lo que ahora vivimos la unica diferencia creo es las armas porque antes se defendian con lo que podian no sabe como me hubiera gustado a ver participado en su cinta para estar y sentir la adrenalina que hizo salir de mi cuando mire su pelicula y creame que no sara la ultima vez que la vea ahora estoy segura que tengo el objetivo de leer y documentarme mas sobre lo que eramos antes mil gracias senor gibson por estas peliculas que usted hace me siento muy agradecida por el hecho de que sus pensamientos y sus proyectos fueran dirigidos hacia mexico porque ni los cineastas mexicanos se huvieran aventado esa peliculona mil gracias y que dios lo bendiga y lo ilustre mas para que no sea la ultima atte Lily Rodriguez y disculpeme por no escribirle en su idioma pero no se escrbir aun mucho en ingles pero se que quizas alguien le hara saber lo que pienso acerca de usted.

  • Rating of a Genius

    • Laura Sloan
    • 2006-06-22

    One of the most dedicated & wonderful individuals that we as a public have the pleasure of viewing

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