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Overview for G. Rex Bailey
G. Rex Bailey

G. Rex Bailey



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Director (feature film)

Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion (1965) as Assistant Director
Animal doctors fight to protect the wildlife of Africa.
The Bold and the Brave (1956) as Assistant Director
An assortment of American types come together in the Italian campaign of 1944.
Dragonfly Squadron (1954) as Assistant Director
A Korean War film with a secondary plot of the training of South Korean pilots, to fly fighters in air defense, by American Air Force instructors,led by Major Brady, a famed and skilled-but-grounded pilot, assigned to the Kongku base. Once there he meets again Donna Cottrell (Barbara Britton), whom he was about to marry a year ago until she learned that she wasn't the widow she thought she was. Her husband (Bruce Bennett), had been a prisoner and wasn't dead, and showed up before the wedding and more or less put a damper on the whole proceedings. He is the base doctor and also keeps a wary eye on his wife and Brady. Not a bad idea considering the short period of grief she went through, after being informed he was dead, before heading for the altar with Brady. But Bruce Bennet, as was par for the course for characters Bennett usually played, does the right thing and gets himself blown up by an enemy bomb (and is certified real dead this time), thereby ensuring the two top-billed players will end up together.
Northern Patrol (1953) as Director
Mexican Manhunt (1953) as Director
Fangs of the Arctic (1953) as Director
Tangier Incident (1953) as Assistant Director
Desert Pursuit (1952) as Assistant Director
Wayne Morris, Virginia Gray, George Tobias, Anthony Caruso, Gloria Talbot, and Emmett Lynn as Leatherface. Three camel-riding Arabs pursue a pair of gold-laden miners across the Death Valley desert in this decidedly atypical western.
Arctic Flight (1952) as Assistant Director
Flight to Mars (1951) as Assistant Director
A newspaper reporter and a bunch of scientists fly a rocket to Mars just to find out that Martians look exactly like us. Mars is running low on one of their natural resources (Corium), and plan to steal the Earth astronauts' rocket and conquer Earth. The Martian underground helps the Earthmen stop the insidious plan.
Life of St. Paul (1951) as Assistant Director
Northwest Territory (1951) as Assistant Director
The Difference (1949) as Assistant Director
Stampede (1949) as Assistant Director
Two brothers sell their Arizona land at a dangerous cost.
The Prince of Thieves (1948) as Assistant Director
Robin Hood (Jon Hall) aids Lady Marian (Patricia Morison) and her brother (Michael Duane)to rescue the latter's betrothed Lady Christabel (Adele Jergens)from her father's house where she is being forced into a marriage against her will. The father recaptures his daughter and kidnaps Marian in the bargain. Robin gathers all of the merry men and a couple of grouches and routs the father's soldiers and slays him and his nephew. Friar Tuck (Alan Mowbray) then performs a triple wedding uniting Robin and Marian; the brother and the now-fatherless Christabel; and Little John (Walter Sande) and a handmaiden named Maude (Robin Raymond.)
Strike It Rich (1948) as Assistant Director
Little Miss Broadway (1947) as Assistant Director
Judy Gibson (Jean Porter), upon leaving finishing school, goes to meet her relatives, whom she believes to be wealthy and socially prominent. Actually, ther are penniless Broadway characters and, in order to avoid Judy learning the truth, they take possession of a Long Island mansion owned by a thief presently doing time in Sing Sing. Judy arrives with her fiance Dick Nichols (John Shelton) and his father (Douglas Wood), an industrialist who tries to sell worthless stock to Judy's family in order to bolster his shaky fiancial status. They give him $200,000, part of the stashed loot they found belonging to the home-owner thief. The latter escapes from prison. Complications arise. Jerry Wald and his band provide music for Jean Porter's singing, and pert-'n-pretty Porter, as usual, carries the show.
Monsieur Verdoux (1947) as Assistant Director
A man woos and murders rich widows to support his invalid wife.
Sweet Genevieve (1947) as Assistant Director
Deadline for Murder (1946) as Assistant Director
Rendezvous 24 (1946) as Assistant Director
Strange Journey (1946) as Assistant Director
Reformed racketeer "Lucky" Leeds (Paul Kelly)flees from the police when he thinks they are about to arrest him for a murder he didn't commit. He and his wife Patti (Hillary Brooke) fly to his privately-owned remote island and have to crash land. Also on the island is a group of shipwrecked people, including a German professor (Ftitz Leiber), his daughter (Osa Massen), an English journalist, a wealthy widow, a sailor and a Nazi Agent. Just before the professor dies, he gives Leeds a map showing the location of uranium deposits. The Nazi agent's accomplices arrive by plane, and Leeds and Patti engage them in a gun battle.
A Thousand and One Nights (1945) as Assistant Director
Aladdin tries to make his fortune with the help of a beautiful genie.
Tonight and Every Night (1945) as Assistant Director
An American girl falls for an RAF pilot while performing at a British music hall.
She Wouldn't Say Yes (1945) as Assistant Director
A female psychiatrist who's sworn off love falls for a handsome veteran.
One Way to Love (1945) as Assistant Director
Secret Command (1944) as Assistant Director
A surprise visit from his brother almost blows an undercover agent out of the water.
Nine Girls (1944) as Assistant Director
When a sorority girl is found murdered, her classmates set out to solve the case.
Meet Miss Bobby Socks (1944) as Assistant Director
A veteran becomes a singing sensation.
Kansas City Kitty (1944) as Assistant Director
A piano teacher takes on shady music publishers.
Louisiana Hayride (1944) as Assistant Director
In hopes of becoming a movie star, a country girl follows two con men to Hollywood.
First Comes Courage (1943) as Assistant Director
A Norwegian resistance fighter seduces a Nazi officer to learn enemy secrets during World War II.
One Dangerous Night (1943) as Assistant Director
Michael Lanyard, alias the Lone Wolf and his man Friday, Jamison (Eric Blore), pick up Eve Andrews (Marguerite Chapman), when her car is wrecked. At her place, they discover the body of wealthy playboy Harry Cooper (Gerald Mohr) and are arrested. Inspector Crane (Thurston Hall), who doesn't believe the Lone Wolf has reformed, discovers jewels are missing. Lanyard and Jamison escape. Lanyard learns Cooper was blackmailing Eve, Sonia Budenney (Tala Birell), wife of a famous physician, and Jane Merrick (Mona Barrie), famous actress. He is spotted by gossip columnist Sidney Shaw (Warren Ashe), who agrees not to turn him in if he can tag along. Lanyard learns that Cooper planned to meet a woman at the airport. Hurrying there, he spots the girl and has Jamison trail her. Later, as he is questioning the girl, Patricia (Margaret Hayes), she is shot and wounded. After being turned in twice by Shaw and escaping , despite his promise not to do so, Lanyard and Jamison return again to Patricia's apartment where he learns that she is Shaw's wife.
She Has What It Takes (1943) as Assistant Director
An aspiring actress pretends to be a beloved stage star''''s daughter.
It's a Great Life (1943) as Assistant Director
There's Something About a Soldier (1943) as Assistant Director
Five officer candidates fight to prove their mettle during training.
Let's Have Fun (1943) as Assistant Director
Laugh Your Blues Away (1942) as Assistant Director
The Big Boss (1941) as Assistant Director
The Officer and the Lady (1941) as Assistant Director
Angels over Broadway (1940) as Assistant Director
A playwright persuades a con artist to help an embezzler go straight.
Scandal Sheet (1939) as Assistant Director
By Your Leave (1934) as Assistant Director
A bored couple facing middle-age succumbs to wandering eyes.
The Richest Girl in the World (1934) as Assistant Director
To put off fortune-hunters, an heiress trades places with her secretary.

Producer (feature film)

Sudden Danger (1955) as Associate Producer

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Speedway (1968) as Unit Production Manager
A race car driver tries to outrun the beautiful tax auditor out to settle his account.
Seven Women (1966) as Production Manager
The women staffing an isolated Chinese mission fight to survive a bandit attack.
Thunder in Carolina (1960) as Production Manager
The Persuader (1957) as Production Manager
Crashing Las Vegas (1956) as Production Assistant
When an electric shock turns one of them into a psychic, the Bowery Boys invade Las Vegas.
The First Texan (1956) as Production Assistant
After arriving in Texas to escape a scandal back east, a lawyer becomes involved in the independence of Texas.
Navy Wife (1956) as Production Assistant
Hell's Horizon (1955) as Production Manager
Finger Man (1955) as Production Manager
Treasury agents, desperate to get evidence on syndicate kingpin Dutch Becker, give ex-con hood Casey Martin a in prison or courting sudden death as a government 'finger man.' Finding that his sister is now a drug addict thanks to Becker, Martin agrees to go undercover. Becker's chief aide proves to be sadistic Lou Terpe, Martin's former cellmate whom he can't stand the sight of. And the danger hanging over Martin expands to threaten those around him...
Wiretapper (1955) as Production Manager
The Human Jungle (1954) as Unit Manager
Danforth (Gary Merrill) is assigned to take over the police department in a section of a large city saddled with juvenile delinquency, petty crimes, graft and also a recent unsolved murder of a strip-tease dancer. Recognizing the laxity of the department he implements many changes and soon finds himself under fire by the newspapers, the attorney of a racket leader and the denizens of this human jungle. He calls this a cop's war that is the same as a soldier's war with the difference being that people hate cops. His cause isn't helped when a rookie policeman accidently kills an innocent bystander. And he has to protect police informer Mary Abbott (Jan Sterling) from Swados (Chuck Connors), a killer in the hire of the man behind the petty mobsters.
The Adventures of Hajji Baba (1954) as Unit Manager
In Ispahan, Persia, Hajji Baba (John Derek) is leaving his father's shop to seek a greater fortune, while the Princess Fawzia (Elaine Stewart) is trying to talk her father, the Caliph (Donald Randolph) into giving her in marriage to Nur-El-Din (Paul Picerni), a rival prince known far and wide as mean and fickle. Her father intends Fawzia for Fawzia to marry a friend and ally, and makes plans to send her to him. But a courier brings word from Nur-El-Din that an escort awaits Fawzia on the outskirts of the city and she escapes the palace disguised as a boy. Hajji encounters the escort-warrior (Paul Baxley) at the rendezvous spot, is attacked and beats up the escort with his barber's tools. The princess arrives and mistakes Hajji as the escort until he mistakes the emerald ring sent by Nur-El-Din to Fawzia as the prize to be delivered. In her efforts to escape him, her turban becomes unbound and Hajji realizes that the girl herself is the treasure Nur-El-Din awaits. Hajji promises to escort her and they spend the night with the caravan of Osman Aga (Thomas Gomez), who invites them to stay for the dancing girls, among them, the incomparable Ayesha (Rosemarie Bowe). The pair are overtaken by the Caliph's guards sent to bring Fawzia back, but the guards are driven off by an invading army of Turcoman women, a band of fierce and beautiful women who prey on passing merchants.
Loophole (1954) as Production Manager
Cry Vengeance (1954) as Production Manager
Ex-cop Vic Barron crossed the wrong mobsters; his wife and child were killed and he himself scarred, framed and imprisoned. On release, Vic has but one desire, revenge on still-hiding Tino Morelli. The trail leads to the isolated city of Ketchikan, Alaska, where Vic finds his enemy...also the latter's charming little daughter...and tavern owner Peggy Harding, who's fascinated by the soft-spoken but volcanic Vic. And someone they're not expecting has violent designs on them...
Tangier Incident (1953) as Production Manager
Torpedo Alley (1953) as Production Manager
Jack Slade (1953) as Production Manager
A twelve year old Joey Slade sees his father gunned down in front of him and decides that he will dedicate his life to ridding society of all outlaws. He assumes the name Jack and as an adult takes on hired gun type jobs in order to achieve his revenge.
The Great Commandment (1941) as Casting dir
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) as 2nd asst dir
An idealistic Senate replacement takes on political corruption.
The Cat's-Paw (1934) as Casting dir
Naive Ezekial Cobb, brought up by his missionary father in China returns to America to seek a wife. Corrupt politicians enlist him to run for mayor as a dummy candidate with no chance of winning. Their plan backfires as he wins and embarks upon a reform crusade.

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