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Frank Gerstle

Frank Gerstle



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Cast (feature film)

If He Hollers, Let Him Go! (1968) as Sergeant
Hell on Wheels (1967) as Moonshiners
Two brothers, one a popular race car driver that all the women love and the other a brilliant mechanic who makes the winning possible, become enemies when one messes with the other's girlfriend.
The Wild Angels (1966) as Hospital policeman
Attempts to retrieve a stolen motorcycle land a gang member in the hospital.
The Silencers (1966) as Frazer
In the first Matt Helm adventure, the over-sexed secret agent comes out of retirement to defend a nuclear testing ground.
Young Dillinger (1965) as Watchman
An embittered young convict becomes Public Enemy Number One.
The Quick Gun (1964) as George Keely
A gunslinger helps an ungrateful town fight off a raid by his former gang.
Shock Corridor (1963) as Police lieutenant
A reporter fakes insanity to crack a murder committed in an asylum.
Monstrosity (1963) as Doctor
13 West Street (1962) as Mr. Johnson
Despite police warnings, an engineer takes on a teen gang.
Vice Raid (1960) as Capt. [William] Brennan
A prostitute sets out to frame a cop.
The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake (1959) as Lee Coulter
A family fights against a voodoo curse that marks each member for death.
The Wasp Woman (1959) as Les Hellman
A cosmetics executive's search for eternal beauty turn her into a monster.
Submarine Seahawk (1959) as Capt. Boardman
I, Mobster (1959) as District Attorney
Joe Sante wants to be the big man, and nobody is going stand in his way. In a world full of smoke, molls, shakedowns, muscle, and murder, Joe knows what he wants and how to get it. But can he disregard his poor old immigrant parents who are ashamed of his criminal life? Will he drag his sweet girlfriend into the life of the underworld? And most importantly, can Joe trust his mobster friends?
Inside the Mafia (1959) as Julie Otranto
A mobster out to rule the underworld takes hostages at an international airport.
Beloved Infidel (1959) as Reporter
Toward the end of his life F. Scott Fitzgerald is writing for Hollywood studios to be able to afford the cost of an asylum for his wife. He is also struggling against alcoholism. Into his life comes the famous gossip columnist.
Ambush at Cimarron Pass (1958) as Sam Prescott
Onionhead (1958) as Officer at inquiry
An irresponsible student enlists in the Coast Guard expecting to sit out World War II.
No Down Payment (1957) as Verdun
The marital difficulties of four couples living in a southern California housing development become intertwined. Among the unhappy couples are ne'er-do-well Jerry Flagg and his long-suffering wife Isabelle, flirtatious Leola Boone and her sadistic husband Troy, hard working Herman Kreitzer and his understanding wife Betty, and newlyweds Jean and David Martin.
The River's Edge (1957) as U.S. border patrolman
A thief with a million dollars on him wrangles a Texas couple, the husband being an expert outdoorsman, to guide him across the Texas border and make his escape into Mexico.
Top Secret Affair (1957) as Sgt. Kruger
A female publishing magnate tries to keep a general she hates from securing a prestigious appointment.
Under Fire (1957) as Col. Dundee
On the same day that he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary valor in the European campaign during World War II, Sergeant Joe Dusak (Harry Morgan as Henry Morgan) is charged with desertion during combat by a military court. Also summoned to testify are Corporal Crocker (John Locke), Corporal Quinn (Gregory La Fayette)and Private Pope (Robert Levin), the only surviving members of a patrol led by Dusak. The charges stem from a patrol into the Black Forest of Germany in which Dusak claims the patrol got lost. Sergeant William Hutchins (Karl Lucas) testifies that he ran into Dusak's patrol, and the men were laughing and not lost.
The Proud Ones (1956) as Tim, the bartender
Marshal Silver is run out of town under suspicion of being a trigger-happy killer after shooting a hired gun of Honest John Barrett. A placid life in a new town is interrupted by the reappearance of Barrett, old enemies and the son of the hired gun from years ago, Anderson.
The Steel Jungle (1956) as Kadinski
A convict¿s loyalty to the mob is when they threaten his pregnant wife.
Autumn Leaves (1956) as Mr. Ramsey
A woman falls for a younger man with severe mental problems.
Magnificent Roughnecks (1956) as Chuck Evans
Slightly Scarlet (1956) as David Dietz
Kleptomaniac Dorothy Lyons is paroled from prison in custody of her sister June, secretary to "reform" political candidate Frank Jansen. Ben Grace, associate of crime boss Sol Caspar, sees this as a way to smear Jansen's campaign. But after falling out with Caspar, Ben tries to help June, who he begins to fall for. Sexy Dorothy also has a yen for Ben. June is reluctantly forced to go along with Ben's schemes, but there may be more to these than meets the eye...
Between Heaven and Hell (1956) as Col. Miles
A wealthy, bigoted Southerm man enters the service shortly after Pearl Harbor and learns some lessons about racism and survival from an aging sharecropper.
5 Against the House (1955) as
Four college buddies plot to rob a Reno casino.
Gang Busters (1955) as Detective Fuller
Hardened criminal repeatedly breaks out of Oregon State Prison, eluding police for prolonged periods afterwards.
Tight Spot (1955) as Jim Hornsby
A district attorney tries to get a hardboiled woman to testify against the mob.
I Cover the Underworld (1955) as Dum Dum Wilson
The McConnell Story (1955) as Captain
A man's plans to settle down and raise a family are upset by the Korean War.
Drum Beat (1954) as Officer
While negotiating a peace treaty with North California Indians, a presidential emissary has to fight off a renegade.
Killers from Space (1954) as Dr. [Kurt] Kruger
Atomic scientist Doug Martin is missing after his plane crashes while on an investigatory mission after a nuclear test. Showing up at the base later, he is given sodium pentathol after being caught in espionage activities. He is not believed as he relates how he was captured by aliens who plan on conquering Earth by using giant animals and insects.
The Long, Long Trailer (1954) as Attendant
Life on the road isn''t what it''s cracked up to be when a honeymooning couple invests in an oversized motor home.
Call Me Madam (1953) as Reporter
A Washington hostess takes an assignment as ambassador to the world''''s smallest nation.
The Glory Brigade (1953) as Maj. Sauer
During the Korean War Lt. Sam Pryor volunteers his platoon to escort Greek troops to perform a reconnaissance mission behind Communist lines. Due to his Greek heritage Pryor is initially proud to accompany the Greek contingent but his feelings change to scorn and mistrust when what he believes is cowardice shown by the Greek soldiers and their leaders results in the near annihiliation of his own platoon. An uneasy alliance is maintained between the US and Greek troops as the enemy's true objective is learned.
Vicki (1953) as Detective
Supermodel Vicki Lynn, whose face is seen everywhere, is murdered, and ace homicide cop Ed Cornell cuts his vacation short to take the case personally. In flashback we see how Vicki rose from ambitious waitress to big black headlines, courtesy of clever publicity man Steve Christopher. Now Cornell seems determined to get Christopher convicted in what begins to seem like a bizarre personal vendetta. Is Steve caught like a rat in a trap?
The Magnetic Monster (1953) as Colonel Willis
A new radio-active element could destroy the world by absorbing the planet's energy.
The Neanderthal Man (1953) as Wheeler
A scientist''s experiments turn him into a brutal caveman.
Above and Beyond (1953) as Sgt. Wilson
The pilot who helped drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima struggles with the demands of the dangerous mission.
The Bad and the Beautiful (1953) as Agent
An unscrupulous movie producer uses everyone around him in his climb to the top.
The Lady Wants Mink (1953) as Frank
For her birthday Ritchie Connors gives his wife Nora a coat from the store where he works. His workday gloom is made even worse when their friend from next-door shows up that evening in a mink. To try and make things right Nora goes out and buys four live mink to raise. But the attempt at grow-your-own-coat is none too popular with husband or neighbours.
Young Man With Ideas (1952) as Bill collector
A country lawyer moves his family to Los Angeles.
Strictly Dishonorable (1951) as Charlie, photographer
An opera star risks disaster when he marries a lovesick fan.
You Never Can Tell (1951) as Det. Hyatt
An ex-police/army dog (German Shepherd), named Rex inherits a fortune from an eccentric millionaire. But someone poisons him for his fortune, and he gets to go back to earth as a human detective to bring his killer to justice, and protect the girl who used to look after him.
I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. (1951) as Tom Cvetic
When an FBI agent goes undercover in the Communist Party, his wife and friends question his patriotism.
The Unknown Man (1951) as Reporter
A scrupulously honest lawyer discovers that the client he''''s gotten off was really guilty.
The Blue Veil (1951) as Doctor
Three Guys Named Mike (1951) as Radio dispatcher
A stewardess can't choose among three suitors.
The Next Voice You Hear (1950) as
The voice of God mystically appears on the radio, changing all who hear it.
A Life of Her Own (1950) as
An innocent small-town girl climbs to the top of the modeling business man by man.
My Friend Irma Goes West (1950) as Doctor
D.O.A. (1950) as Dr. MacDonald
The victim of a slow-acting poison tracks down his own killer.

Cast (special)

McGonigle, The (1961) as Captain Amboy
The story of Mac McGonigle, a first class boatman's mate, and Scuttlebutt Baines, a seaman, two mischievous but well-meaning sailors stationed aboard the U.S.S. "Okinawa." In the pilot episode, Mac and Scuttlebutt attempt to arrange a shipboard honeymoon for a fellow shipmate and his new bride. Pilo
On Trial (1955) as Alexander
The pilot film for the series of the same title. The pilot episode dramatizes the case of a Justice Department attorney who is assigned to prosecute a seaman accused of ejecting six refugees from a lifeboat, claiming such action was necessary because the lifeboat was overcrowded and everyone would h

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